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hello, this is the muji pen refill + uni style fit anon! i can't link the video where i got the information from, but if you look up on youtube "tokyopenshop custom multi matrix," there's a video where they discuss and demo several different multi pen and refill combinations, including the muji + uni style fit one. hope this helps! just be sure that your muji multi pen is the "muji select color pen" ^^

ahhhhh thank you so much, anon! i think that i might have to get the uni style fit barrel though because i broke my fingernail trying to get the muji topper off the refill :(((( thank you for taking the time to send this tho! the video was very informative :’)

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What do you use to edit your photos to bring out tones and things? Thank you!

I use photoshop.  For color editing, I use selective color and curves.  With selective color, Ill make yellows more cyan/blue, and reds a bit more pale.  This makes grass/leaves/plants more muted and cold, and skin more pale and less vibrant.  Then with curves Ill add a bit of contrast, and do slight split tones with red/cyan and blue/yellow!

Demonic Mansion

“There are other ways than conventional doors to get around my house,”
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Seriously Edited Friday

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“Seriously Edited Friday” - Sunday Reblog

“The color selection makes the scenery look like a horror film. It makes you want to guess what’s going on inside this mansion. “

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hello!! i love love love you'r art!! esp. the colors! do u have a color pallet of any sort you usually use? or like a selection of your favorite colors??

thank you ! hm not really, i think i just like to shade with strong (?) colors…

so, this is the base

and then i travel down the wheel counter clock wise and pick a darker color (to the right of square)

i mean i guess i use blues and pinks a lot (?), but i don’t really have a favorite palette

i tend to use these a lot: