thank you rowling


“Well I didn’t approach him although he was approached with my full blessing because I thought he’d be amazing in the part. I can’t say much because there are surprises in the movie. But I’m really happy with his performance and I think fans will be too.” - JK Rowling on Johnny Depp in ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to find Them' [x]

Although there were several moments when I wanted to say ‘Avada kedavra’ to this piece, I’m quite happy how it turned out. =) Thank you J.K. Rowling for inspiring me and so many others with the stories of these enchanting characters. 

This will be available on my etsy shop withing the week. I’ve got to get everything ready for the ‘Outbreak Expo’ at Frank&Sons this weekend first though. *laughs* Hopefully I’ll see some of y’all there!


‘Harry Potter’ and ‘Fantastic Beasts’ producer David Heyman on Johnny Depp’s casting: Any form of abuse is unacceptable, it’s central to Jo’s writing. But I don’t think any of us know what happened. I don’t know what happened, and I don’t think it’s fair for me or us to judge.’

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This is such nonsense, it makes the whole thing look like JKR is making this up as she goes. This is not HP, where she had a plan for the series and knew how it would end, could tell Alan Rickman Snape’s endgame. Ugh. Why would they not want him back? By all accounts he is lovely to work with. Even more importantly, why not think through such a huge and gaping plot point? If they want to run with the story that Grindewald created Graves, it makes MACUSA look like idiots

Yes to all of this. As I mentioned before in one of my rants, ALL the other cast members accountably LOVE him, and I’ve never heard anything contradicting that in one of his other works???

And you are absolutely right about JKR. The sad thing is, she had so much time to create this, to plan it and think it out. She said herself how much she loves Newt and started to write about him, no?

But we are talking about the woman who name-dropped the Hog’s Head in book 1 to pick it back up in book 5. Who had the first horcrux in book 5. This woman’s work is what I turn to for exemplary use of red herrings and subtle foreshadowing (I can’t believe I’m using this phrase unironically…) Sure, there were little things in HP that did not completely add up in the end. That’s to be expected by a series of that size. But you cannot tell me that they looked at the gaping plothole that would be Percival Graves’ (non-)existance and just say “eeehh…I guess we’ll be alright not covering that”. By the by, you probably mean MACUSA looking even MORE like idiots than not recognizing their boss/co-worker got hijinked by Mr. Rebel McRevolution…?

so i just read the trainwreck thats harry potter and the cursed child

and despite its absolute shipostry, there are still some good/hilarious things in it

harry calling out dumbledore on his bullshit

a perfectly accurate summary of the entire book series

this priceless exchange between ron, hermione and draco

what follows

draco being a dad

ginny being a good wife & mom and calling out harry

ron calling out jk rowling

this tomfuckery here

hagrid giving me feels

and probably the best dialogue with the boy who lived that ive ever read

My family
  • Mother: *forces gender norms on me* *makes nasty comments about people who don't follow said norms* *gagged at the sight of gay couple kissing* *dismisses my anxiety*
  • Father: *makes homophobic, racist, and transphobic jokes *makes negative comments on my appearance and body* *also gagged at the sight of gay couple kissing* *makes fun of people with disabilities* *also dismisses my anxiety*
  • Grandmother: *makes homophobic comments* *only talks about herself and is inconsiderate of others* *also forces gender norms on people and comments that "I'm not like most girls"
  • Me, the gay daughter who is forced to live in the closet with family: How did I turn out this good?
We fucking deserve this.

We deserve this.

We deserve the joy, the happiness, and the enormity of this news today.

After being put through hell for MONTHS by a few plastic cunts and their brainwashed followers (in and out of the media), we deserve this.

We deserve this brilliant show of solidarity and loyalty.

We deserve to hear the message that this casting has sent out, from a notoriously fickle industry: ‘We will not bow to you liars, you thieves and you scammers. We value truth and integrity. You may manipulate the masses but you will never manipulate us.’

We. Deserve. This.
He. Deserves. This.

Thank you, Warner Brothers. Thank you, David Yates. Thank you, J.K. Rowling.
Thank you for believing in him.

So I just went and saw Fantastic Beasts again, and had an epiphany. It is mentioned that Newt was friends with a Leta Lestrange. After doing a bit of research and confirming my theory, Lestranges are one of the Sacred 28 pureblood names, and one that practiced the dark arts and believed in blood supremecy. So all things point to Leta being a Slytherin. And Newt was a Hufflepuff. SLYTHERIN-HUFFLEPUFF FRIENDSHIPS ARE CANON. AND VERY STRONG BECAUSE LETA DID AN EXPERIMENT (which went wrong and injured a student) THAT NEWT TOOK THE FALL FOR, CAUSING HIM TO BE EXPELLED. THANK YOU ROWLING.

JK Rowling writing the sectumsempra scene
  • <b> JK Rowling:</b> maybe this will stop the drarry shippers from continuing to ship them<p><b>Drarry shippers:</b> ITS SO CUTE AND TRAGIC IM GONNA DRAW FAN ART AND WRITE FANFICTION AND CRY OVER THIS SCENE THIS SCENE HAS MADE MY NEED FOR DRARRY SHIPPING SO MUCH STRONGER<p><b>JK Rowling:</b> whAT NO-<p><b>Drarry shippers:</b> YES THANK YOU JK ROWLING WE NEED DRARRY<p><b>JK Rowling:</b> what have i done<p><b>Drarry shippers:</b> *rewrites scene so that harry is crying over draco’s bleeding body*<p><b>JK Rowling:</b> why did i do this<p>