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So after a job promotion, a full-time but far more manageable schedule, and now that the holidays are over… It’s time to open up some commissions!

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Goto Rara’s Ameblo 170717

“Tomorrow’s the flying get day! +.゚(La*´∀`la)+.゚”
2017-07-17 22:07:17

Good evening, everyone!!

Everyone say Lalalalai!
Everyone smile Lalalalai!
I am a cupid who delivers smiles,
I’m Team E’s
Lala, Goto Rara

Thank you for coming to the handshake events on Saturday and Sunday 😊😊

Since it was an ordinary handshake event for the first time in a while,

I really couldn’t remember how I should shake hands at first,

But before I knew it, I got the hang of it 🙌

Thank you so much for waiting in line!!☺️

Did you have a fun time??

I had fun ☺️

There were some people I met for the first time too.

Things like seeing me on Twitter and thinking I’m interesting,

Or seeing my English phrase videos on Instagram,

Or watching a theater performance.

Without realizing it, I’ve had many opportunities to get new fans 😊😊😊😊

In particular, I was happy to see so many more people saying “I went to see a theater performance!”, so I feel like working even harder ☺️

After a long time, I came back to Nagoya.

It’s so close to Igai ni Mango’s release date!!!

The time went by so fast!!!

Since I have an amazing reaction to mango lol.

Things like mango ice cream, or dried mango (^_^)

By the way, lately I’m hooked on mango flavored yogurt lol

I’ve been eating it every other day. lol

I think there are things that will touch your heart up until the end of Igai ni Mango’s music video.

So I hope everyone will watch it soon, and I want to hear what you think of it☺️

And please remember Oretoku too 🙌

You absolutely need to watch Oretoku!!!


I think you’ll be surprised 😊😊

The Zepp event is in just a little bit,
So I’ve got to practice~

Well then,

See you later!!!

son-of-rome  asked:

Since you roller derby I'm sure you've thought about this, do you think any of the PJO girls would?


  • ANNABETH WOULD LOVE IT TO DEATH. The athleticism, the strategies, the ever evolving method of gameplay, HITTING PEOPLE. She’d be the walking, talking team rule book and the one who was always thinking of ways to bend the rules to their advantage. She’s her team captain, and can play pretty much any position. She’s a force of nature when she jams so WATCH OUT.
  • Reyna would also be a team captain, and is the absolute last blocker you want to find yourself facing down in the wall. She is RELENTLESS and will destroy a jammer’s hope. Just when you think you’re free of the pack, WHAM, there’s Reyna and you’re back to where you started. When she and Hylla play together, there is no stopping them. (Hylla’s derby name? GLAMAZON PRIME.)
  • Clarisse consistently fouls out of bouts because she’s totally brutal and enjoys knocking the shit out of players on the opposing teams. She is the girl you pray you do not have to play against. Annabeth constantly tries to reign her in because big hits are SLOPPY and a WASTE OF ENERGY when you can just park your ass in someone’s gut and sit on them clarisse. It is useless. Oh well. At least she’s terrifying. (Derby name? LA RUE THE DAY.)
  • Hazel’s a jammer only. She’s quick on her feet and really tough to hold back because girl can move. One minute she’s on the inside the track, the next, she’s on the outside, hopping on her toe-stops, avoiding the block and breaking free of the pack. She’s so much fun to watch.  
  • Piper can skate, but prefers to man the bench if they have enough players. She’s good at keeping everyone calm and the bench in order, which can be hard with as many big personalities as she has on the team. Rachel probably mans the bench with her because she is not athletically gifted. 
  • Thalia’s also a jammer. Her derby name is Grace Lightning BECAUSE WHY NOT.