thank you pizza anon

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Hello! How was your day today? :)

It was good, anon! Thank you for asking. I have a frozen pizza in the oven and chocolate milk to curb my hunger before I eat haha. Work went well, though I did get a little irritated with someone in another part of the store lol

Other than that, my boss gave me lots of high-fives and I got lots of sales 😊

How was your day? ❤

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So Death I think your awesome. Anyways I heard you had a little trouble getting good food so I made a little detour went to Chicago and got you some Pizza. You're welcome

Death:  Thank you, Anon. I hope you’ll stick around to have some with me.  Contrary to what people might believe, I do hate to dine alone.

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Modern!Berk Teens eating habits/ preferences? For some reason, I see Tuffnut being a pizza addict.

Hiccup: a careless eater.  It’s not that he doesn’t have an appetite or is a picky eater, he’s just distracted. He doesn’t really think about eating.  He’ll mindlessly pop food into his mouth as he’s working in the garage if someone leaves a plate near him.

Astrid: Healthy.  Three times a week she’ll do a nutri-bullet for breakfast.  She’s careful about staying hydrated and ordering health-concious foods… but she also loves dairy and can really kick back with a tub of ice-cream sometimes.

Snotout: Protein shakes and snack foods.  Chips and wings and heaping helpings.  Snotlout isn’t really healthy, he’s living off his youthful male metabolism but he’s going to have to change his habits someday… something Astrid prods him with all the time.

Fishlegs: a hearty eater, but a healthy one.  He’s used to eating full meals, all his fruits and veggies… though he does have a sweet tooth.

Ruffnut: Doesn’t eat red meat, actually.  Rarely will eat white.  Lacto-ovo-vegetarian.  She can pick at her food.  She eats often but never really finishes her plate (but her brother will for her)

Tuffnut: Yeah, he loves pizza.