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You’re nb?

(Posting these together as they were sent together and its easier that way)

Lmao yep! I can’t fault you as I don’t exactly shout it from the roof tops, but yea I suppose now’s a good as time as ever to like…. mention it officially for the friends that follow me on here that don’t know. Small disclaimer that it’s not that I didn’t want any of you knowing, it’s just not the type of thing you casually mention and me having that slight social anxiety just couldn’t figure out a time to bring it up.

Anyways, point is yes, I’m nonbinary. I guess you could technically say agender, though my problem with that term is when I first heard of its use, it was in reference to someone being both male and female, rather than neither. Which is like… the opposite of what I am… I’m not sure if the term’s meaning has changed since, hence why I don’t commonly use it for myself.

So nonbinary, nullgender? Gendervoid always sounded rad af, bc You Are The Void, but I digress. I’m… not sure of the most simple term for not having a gender. There honestly seems to be a ton, but none that are overly popular that also click. Not that labels insanely matter to me? Like they’re nice, but I know what I am and don’t care that much about them past that. I’m nonbinary. Saw gender and went ‘thanks, I hate it!’, and now use they/them pronouns when I can. 

To wrap it up, this is also why I usually just call myself gay rather than bi. Like, mainly aroace, but with enough of a weird sense of attraction to people of varying genders in the past and present to slip in an asterisk with ‘gay’ attached.

Sorry for using your ask to just get all my feelings on the topic out, anon! I never get to talk about it so I saw this ask and just figured! Perfect time to come out and explain some of my thoughts.

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If it makes you feel better, I would happily eat the "fun pizza". Maybe slightly disappointed that it was not a pepperoni pizza packed with cheese and pepperoni goodness, but the fun pizza also looks delish. So there.

Thank you for the support anon!! Please do not feel bad for me, I am secure in being the Whitest, Most Suburban white suburban mom. :)

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Modern!Berk Teens eating habits/ preferences? For some reason, I see Tuffnut being a pizza addict.

Hiccup: a careless eater.  It’s not that he doesn’t have an appetite or is a picky eater, he’s just distracted. He doesn’t really think about eating.  He’ll mindlessly pop food into his mouth as he’s working in the garage if someone leaves a plate near him.

Astrid: Healthy.  Three times a week she’ll do a nutri-bullet for breakfast.  She’s careful about staying hydrated and ordering health-concious foods… but she also loves dairy and can really kick back with a tub of ice-cream sometimes.

Snotout: Protein shakes and snack foods.  Chips and wings and heaping helpings.  Snotlout isn’t really healthy, he’s living off his youthful male metabolism but he’s going to have to change his habits someday… something Astrid prods him with all the time.

Fishlegs: a hearty eater, but a healthy one.  He’s used to eating full meals, all his fruits and veggies… though he does have a sweet tooth.

Ruffnut: Doesn’t eat red meat, actually.  Rarely will eat white.  Lacto-ovo-vegetarian.  She can pick at her food.  She eats often but never really finishes her plate (but her brother will for her)

Tuffnut: Yeah, he loves pizza.