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Glowy Mane Six Series Compilation!

Twilight Sparkle | Rarity | Fluttershy | Rainbow Dash | Applejack | Pinkie Pie | Starlight Glimmer | Sunset Shimmer

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Happy Yukyung Day!

Happy Birthday to Elris’ adorable main dancer, Lee Yukyung! I hope people treat you well and make you feel like the princess you are today! Congratulations on your many achievements this year, and thank you for being a part of Elris…Happy birthday Yukyung! 🎉💕

EXO Reaction: Their S/O is being cuddly all the time.

Request: GAHH! I love your reactions so muchhhh, may I have a reaction for EXO? As in they react to you being cuddly all the time? Thank you have a good day, don’t stress, and be healthy ^^

A/N: Thank you so much cutie pie, sorry this took so long (revision and exams are a pain in the bum) but this has been an absolute pleasure to write. I hope this was worth the wait, so so so sorry you had to wait!!


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I can’t see Xiumin being a huge fan of PDA but when you two were alone he’d love how cuddly you were and the way you’d rest your head on his shoulder and stare at him with big doe eyes. Most of all, he’d love how you respected his boundaries in public too, knowing he’d only hold your hand at most.


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Luhan would usually be cuddly himself so to have a S/O who not only reciprocates his cuddles but actively seeks them would be a good match for Lu. Overall his favourite would be when he could wrap you up in his arms with an oversized hoodie on and squidge your precious little cheeks.


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Kris would love your cuddly and affectionate nature as there wasn’t often a time where his hands weren’t on you in some way. Although he loved your cuddles, he would often be the one to initiate it into more and an intimate kiss wouldn’t be out of the ordinary.


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Suho would appreciate your cuddles more than anyone after a long and stressful day of looking after his kids. In your arms he felt more supported and it was like his stress melted off. Sometimes if he was really exhausted he’d even ask you for a massage, appreciating how your touch seemed to lift his worries.


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Yixing would be a big fan of bedtime cuddles and would love nothing more than waking up to the birds singing, the sun peaking through the blinds and feeling you wrapped in his arms, your face totally at peace and your eyelashes fluttering gently. That was his all time favourite where there was no doubt he was in love with you. 


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As if you couldn’t have him wrapped around your little finger anymore, whenever you would shuffle over to him with that ‘I want cuddles’ look on your face I swear he would melt into the sweetest and most caring boyfriend, taking your hand and kissing your forehead before pulling you toward him gently. 


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In the rare moments of peace in your manic relationship shared between his idol life and your constant pranks and jokes, Chen would adore cuddling you, it was a special time that reminded him that through all the jokes and teasing he was utterly besotted with you and that while you were his best friend, you were also the love of his life.


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I think this precious tree would be the biggest cuddler, his height giving him the perfect cuddle advantage for anyone. It didn’t matter where or when, if you wanted cuddles he would always be more than happy to give them, his head resting on yours and his hands running up and down your arms soothingly.


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When you tried to initiate PDA he would never be one to shy away from it. He’d blush a ton, be a tad embarassed but low key he would be super pleased that you were so proud to be his S/O. That little bit of contact would mean a lot to him although he’d never say it, he’d also appreciate that you never went too far.


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I imagine Tao to usually be very passionate so when you just wanted to cuddle for him it would be a welcome change of pace. Overall he wasn’t too fussy, as long as he could show his affection in some way he was more than happy to, but he did love your cuddly nature for sure.


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Kai would be a massive fan of PDA, whether it be holding your hand, having his arm around your shoulder or a hand on your waist, he would have to have you close to him at all times and so the fact you appreciated it and loved the physical contact would make him feel all the better.


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He’d love it, but love it 1000x more when it was in front of the members. It made him feel super manly to have such an affectionate S/O and made it all the more clear that you only had eyes for him, something he really appreciated surrounded by his hyungs.

Cas scrubs a hand over his face tiredly as he makes his way to his front door. Which idiot thought it was a good idea to ring his doorbell at ass o’clock in the morning anyway?

He yanks the door open furiously but the sight that greets him has his foul mood evaporating in seconds.

“Hey, man,” Cas’ ridiculously handsome neighbour says. “I accidentally made too much pie and since I haven’t done the whole welcome-to -the-neighbourhood thing yet, I thought you might-” he waves his hand about absently “-I don’t know, like to have some?”

“It’s not like you were obligated to,” Cas says in (faux) dismissal even though he’d been hoping the man would introduce himself. “But thank you for the pie…”

“Dean,” the man says, holding out his free hand. “Dean Winchester. I live over at 4A.”

“It’s nice to meet you, Dean. I’m Castiel.” He bites his lip in contemplation and asks if Dean would like to come in and share the pie with him.

Dean happily accepts, and Cas thinks he mutters, “Man after my own heart,” but he’ll never be sure.

“Cas.” Dean pokes at Cas’ shoulder for the second time in under a minute.

“Dean, I love you, but it is too early to be awake.”

“It’s already 10,” Dean points out.

“On a Saturday,” Cas groans, rolling over and burying his face in Dean’s chest.

“You know what today is?” Dean whispers into Cas’ hair.

“Yes, Dean,” Cas says, with a long-suffering sigh. “It’s our anniversary.”

“It’s also the day I woke you up at ‘ass o’clock’ in the morning to give you pie.”

Cas hums in acknowledgement and Dean is silent for a while.

“Hey, Cas?”


“I gotta tell you something,” Dean says and Cas gives up on going back to sleep.

“What is it?” he asks, propping himself up on his elbow so he can look at Dean.

“I lied.” Dean smiles up at him cheekily. “There was no extra pie.”

Cas raises an eyebrow at him questioningly. “No?’

“Nope,” Dean confirms, grin only getting bigger. “I only made the pie so I had an excuse to talk to the stupidly gorgeous new guy.”

Cas laughs, remembering how he’d secretly wished Dean would come over. “In any case-” Cas kisses his husband “-I’m glad you did.”

gigiree  asked:

30:) because I'm a basic bitch. Chlonette or Love square

from this list 

30.  Too quick, mumbled into your scarf; chlonette

Thick winter air blankets them with frosty chills and quick sunsets. They cuddle close to each other, hand in hand, as rays fade into deep indigo, stars only powered by electricity remain.  

Chloe has grown taller over the years, more slender, more sleek. But her heart has softened too, kinder than before as she walks Marinette home with their fingers interlinked. 

Theirs is a journey that began as blistering as dawn’s fire to cooling as night’s moonbeams. They began as opposition, but like a solar eclipse, they crossed paths and never stopped looking back.

It took just a little understanding. 

(Okay, a lot of understanding.)

Marinette’s house comes into view as they slow down, their footsteps soft echoes by her back door. 

“Well, as you can see, I’ve been a good girlfriend and walked you home,” Chloe declares with pride. 

She stands straighter, waiting for her expected praise. 

Marinette rolls her eyes. “Chlo, I walk you home nine times out of ten.” 

She huffs, pouting. “It’s not a contest, love.” 

Marinette shakes her head but throws her arms around her girlfriend with affection. Chloe’s laughter rings in her ears as her perfume lulls her into a moment of familiarity. It’s mundane, it’s perfect, it’s–

“–I love you,” Marinette mumbles into her scarf.

She says it so easily, as if it is breathing, but in some regards, it is. Loving Chloe comes as naturally as breathing, as accepting that sun rises and sets, that her days are defined by moments Chloe’s presence and absence. 

Marinette stills when realization catches up with meaning, her face turning bright red. She lets go awkwardly, her arms hanging at her side. 

Chloe doesn’t seem to have heard her. “Marinette?” 

She gulps, Chloe’s icy eyes freezing her where she stands. Her heart hammers in her chest, warm and loud against her ribs.

“I’ll see you tomorrow!” she shouts.

She jumps up to her tiptoes and presses a quick kiss to Chloe’s mouth, not even leaving time for her to kiss her back. Just a quick kiss caught on words of concern before she swiftly turns away and slams the door. 

Marinette leans against the door and slides down, forehead to her knees as she crouches in her family’s foyer. One breath, then two. 

Her phone vibrates in her pocket and she sees that she has one new message from Chloe. 

I love you too 

Marinette is positive that she’s smiling brighter than the sun, her heart melting as she scrambles to open the door once again to chase after the girl who captured her heart.

AU meet cute for Zimbits.

Tater the barista makes Bitty a coffee and says it’s from the guy in the corner.

Jack is the guy in the corner and Tater’s friend, he is working on his dissertation at the coffee shop and always gets distracted when Bitty comes in, so he always glares at him since he doesn’t know how to deal with his attraction.

Tater does this for a week. Jack has no idea.

Bitty bakes him a thank you pie; Jack is too flustered to correct the mistake.