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Consider this: soulmate au where a person has their soulmate's thoughts about them scribbled over their skin and changing over time (bonus points if it's Pynch) (also you're a wonderful writer)

Consider this: my death (raking in the bonus points) (also thank you so much!)

  • Part of the reason ronan is so angry is because he constantly has the word asshole written down his arms while everyone else has cute things like beautiful and honest and kind
  • adam isn’t much better off with loser scrawled down each finger like a tattoo exclaiming to everyone exactly what he is
  • over time something starts to appear on ronan’s jaw, becoming more and more clear each morning when he looks in the mirror.
  • eventually he manages to make it out: thoughtful
  • adam is also having problems of his own, causing him to constantly ball his hands into fists or pull his sleeves down over them in embarrassment
  • people are always trying to look at his hands now seeing as across the side of his neck it reads beautiful hands
  • by this time ronan is getting jealous of adam’s soulmate… he enjoyed admiring adam’s hands and now he can’t because adam is hyper-aware of anyone’s eyes on them
  • adam agrees that ronan is both thoughtful and an asshole and constantly watches people watching ronan, hoping to catch them out
  • one morning ronan wakes up feeling very insecure… beautiful mind just doesn’t feel right etched across his chest
  • a week later adam’s hands shake and tears blur his vision as he stares at the word independent repeated all the way down his left thigh
  • when they finally discover each other’s feelings… things get a whole lot more embarrassing.
  • ronan now has great in bed imprinted on the back of his neck like a brand of overexposure while adam has filthy mouth written over his collarbone (ronan like to kiss him here more than anywhere else)
Afraid and Happy -- 5 times Ronan came out to the Gangsey, and 1 time Adam did.

hello!! i have been writing this fic for ao3 for the past few weeks now, and it is finally done!! i posted a teaser of it a little while ago and it did well on here, so i supposed i would upload the rest of it? fair warning: this is about 10k words, but it’s worth the read! if you prefer to read it on ao3 it is here

Part 1—Ronan had always known he was gay. He may not have known it in words, but the thought was always there, pressing somewhere in the back of his mind, waiting until Ronan was ready to fully reveal itself. When he did put words to the music playing dully in the back of his mind, he kept it to himself.  Ronan told himself that he wasn’t embarrassed, or ashamed. He pretended that he was just waiting for a better time to make himself known, if there ever was such a time. Ronan thought that maybe his life would always be too full of dead fathers and night terrors to have room for such nonsense ideas as sexualities. Whatever excuses he came up with for hiding himself, it was all the same: he was afraid.

Those were the thoughts that clouded Ronan’s mind as he sat at a Nino’s booth with Noah, Gansey, and Adam on a Wednesday evening. The three of them were all talking of a homecoming dance, Ronan excluded.

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turn it off || stiles stilinski

word count: 4309

warnings: none?

prompt: based on 4x09

author’s note: i’ve had this idea in my head for a while, but i finally wrote it so here it is! Y/G/N = Your Grandmother’s Name


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Adam and Ronan spend New Year’s Eve together at the Barns, and it’s a dream come true.

general audiences
3.8k words, set post-trk
(read here on ao3!)

Partner -Stiles Stilinski Police AU

Originally posted by allpeopleareincredible

Summary: A murder in town causes Y/N to tell Stiles a secret, while he tries to tell her about his feelings for her.

Pairing: Female reader x Stiles Stilinski

Word Count: 1,293

Warnings: Death, sadness

A/N: I rewatched the first episodes of Chicago P.D and got inspired.

“Put your hands in the air” you ordered, pointing her gun at the man. He slowly obeyed and you were quick to put the handcuffs on him.

“Nice job” Stiles smiled at you, putting away his weapon. 

“Thanks partner.” you smiled back, before the two of you brought the man to the car. 

“I’m hungry, are you up for breakfast?” you questioned while you placed yourself in front of the wheel. 


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music blasting an electronic beat, but nothing beats as fast as my pulse under his lips, mouth trailing down my neck.
his hair is short underneath my fingers, and i tug ever so slightly, as his tongue tangles once again with mine.
there is only darkness and lips, my hand tangled in his tshirt, his palms against my back pulling me closer over the console of the car between us.
my mouth tastes of fire and of heat, desire turning my cheeks a brighter shade, because of him. him. him.

his hands leave whispers of wanting across my stomach and i ignite, tugging him closer, dissolving any space that existed between us.

i am a wildfire. he is gasoline.

—  “drop a match, i go up in flames.”
(m.b, a pynch poem)

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could you please do lygerastia for pynch, please? ps: you're awesome :)

[ the condition of one who is only amorous when the lights are out]

Adam wakes to silence, darkness, a breath that stirs the hair at the back of his head and tickles his skin.  Warmth rises within him, slow and molten, and when he turns he finds Ronan inches away, watching him in the moonlight.  Adam doesn’t say anything, choosing instead to take in the familiar lines of Ronan’s face.  They’re softened here, like this, in a way Adam would call deceptive if he didn’t already know how gentle Ronan Lynch can be.

They lie there, looking, breaths passed between, for a handful of seconds or minutes, Adam isn’t sure.  The clock is counting down to fall, to university.  To change.  For now, though, there’s this.

It’s quiet in the Barns, the world asleep and still around them.  Adam still within save for the steady pounding of his heart and the way its tempo changes when Ronan’s fingers brush the back of Adam’s hand between them before moving up, up, to brush the lower curve of his bottom lip.

A breath inhaled, and Ronan’s lips are parting and Adam doesn’t have to hear whatever it is Ronan’s finally found the courage to say.  Adam chooses closeness over distance, action over words.  He fits his mouth against Ronan’s parted lips and does his best to show him that he knows, that he feels the same.  That he will always come back.

Ronan’s hand at Adam’s hip, his fingers at Adam’s jaw, his breath caught between them; they’re all the proof Adam needs that Ronan understands.

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If your still doing the hc things can you do one about how Adam can't fall asleep sometimes unless he's in a car and it's driving and like things about how the gangsey drives him around to help him fall asleep or at least get tired before he had his own car

ok ok!!! this is. so cute. i love this concept. here you go – it’s a little long and pretty pynch-heavy, oops, i hope you like it!!!

  • adam spends so little time asleep. every day of his life was overbooked and tended to overflow into evening hours – school, work, magician work, homework, and friends whenever he had even a moment to spare; rinse, repeat – and even when he finally did get to lay down and rest, it was hard to actually sleep. silence and heavy darkness created the ideal environment for worries to fester, and the lack of outside stimuli provided an opportunity for cabeswater to inundate his senses with desperate messages and directive pleas. 
  • most of adam’s nights were spent in an anxious, hazy in-between – a restless rest. 
  • cars, though, had always been a reprieve of sorts. in the daytime, they were something to do – working on cars out back had been a beautiful excuse to get out of his house and avoid his family back when he’d lived in the trailer, and his work at the auto shop was his favorite of all his jobs. in his memories, they marked friendship – had he not helped gansey fix the camaro that first time, where would they all be right now? in his dreams, cars were freedom – a car of all his own, to take him away from henrietta and his history, to take him anywhere in the world. 
  • so it’s not surprising that, at night, the rumble of an engine and the gentle bumping of tires over asphalt helps him decompress. 
  • ronan finds out that adam falls asleep in cars after a late-night adventure with the rest of the gang. gansey is driving the pig, blue is in the passenger seat, and he and noah each have a window seat in the back, leaving adam squished between them. 

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I am haunted by the fragments of chaos in my eyes.
I am afraid that one day I will turn the heights of Rome to rubble and my own two hands will be all that’s left.
A phoenix, once again, desperately grasping at the fire inside of me and trying to become something living.
My reckless heartbeat leads me to danger and wildness against my will, it leads me to fear and villainy and darkness, where things are taken from me I can never get back.
Somehow, amidst it all, you remain, the only fortified wall of the cathedral that once crumbled beneath my fingertips.
Maybe we will be holy again.
The forest sings to me and I hear your voice in the darkness, calling me home, reminding me that I am more than this monster they have made me to be.
—  “When the cathedral crumbles, you are there to help me pick up the pieces.”
(m.b, a Ronan Lynch poem)
  • gansey: [sneezes]
  • adam: bless you
  • gansey: thank you so much adam parrish, you are such a good friend, you are so kind, i don't deserve to be blessed by you, you are the best human i have ever known and i just need you to know how much that meant to me, i will never forget this for the rest of my life, you truly are an angel sent down to earth to spread your purity, you are so kind and considerate, i owe you so much for this, i would never even have in my wildest dreams thought you would be blessing me, thank you adam, you are so lovely and angelic and pure