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Adam and Ronan spend New Year’s Eve together at the Barns, and it’s a dream come true.

general audiences
3.8k words, set post-trk
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electriicity  asked:

For the OC kid ask, Sydney/Parrish!!

ahh thank you so much, this was super fun!!

  • Name: For spoiler central reasons, probably Natalie after Sydney’s mom!
  • Gender: Female
  • General Appearance: Strawberry blonde wavy hair like Syd’s, she’s got Parrish’s nose and ears with Sydney’s full lips and wide eyes, and the basic facial contour of Parrish
  • Personality: She’s a little more up-tight than Syd but she’s still got that fiery, free-spirited attitude. Her first instinct is to protect those closest to her which can come off as controlling. She wants to be the Mom Friend of literally everyone. Genuinely worries herself awake at night with the well being of others. Just generally a sweet lil bean that has a really dirty sense of humor.
  • Special Talents: Juggling!
  • Who they like better: Parrish, cuz she’s a total daddy’s girl
  • Who they take after more: Probably Sydney
  • Personal Head cannon: Nat is almost always referred to as ‘Jelly Bean’ in the Martin household because when she was little she got into Lydia’s junk food drawer and ate an entire bag of Jelly Belly’s (including the cinnamon ones)
  • Face Claim: Madelaine Petsch

send me a pair name and I’ll tell you what I think it would be like if they had a child

I am sitting next to a tbr pile the size of Mount Kilimanjaro and guess what I pick up to read….The Raven Cycle….again…for the fifth time…..since October. 

I think I have a problem.

new headcanon: ronan’s gifts for adam get smaller, more practical. a handful of change in the hondoyota’s glove box that adds up to the exact price of a coke or adam’s favorite candy bar. an extra box of mac and cheese in the pantry. extra light bulbs. a couple of pens and pencils, an empty notebook, things that adam would use on a daily basis.

adam finds out when on his birthday there’s enough change in the car for several candy bars, three blank notebooks on his desk, four boxes of macaroni, and a slightly squished birthday cake that says “fuck you”

You know what really gets me about that first pynch kiss? It’s the way it’s described so so beautifully, that it’s almost like you can feel exactly what adam is feeling. Idk if anyone else has ever willingly stood still and been soaked in the rain before but let me tell you, as someone who loves the rain, it’s one of the nicest feelings in the world. It’s such an uncomplicated, unburdened feeling, where nothing else matters except the cool water on your skin. To feel that in a kiss sounds so amazing, and man i’m so glad adam got to feel something like that 

I wanted to thank you all who started following my art blog after the JonTron animation collaboration. I’m completely overwhelmed with joy by the wonderful and genuine comments and private messages telling me how much they enjoyed my work. When I first started on the shot, I was a little concerned how people would react to it after not animating finished shots since I graduated college in 2014. But those worries were washed away after so many people complemented my scene. You guys gave me the drive and motivation to start animating again! Big hugs for all my peeps!

Thank you all again! <3

Also thank you to Ryan Langley for creating a gif of my animation! :D

I was thinking about this again, so a thing happened. Who’s here for all the hazy and aimless late night car trips? I am. Special thanks to actualwizardbillykaplan for being patient and great and filling my inbox with a constant deluge of feelings to work from.

Adam is counting backwards from a thousand, one number for each of Ronan’s shallow exhalations. When he reaches one he opens his eyes and peers over Ronan’s shoulder to the cheap clock radio on his floor and its glaring red numbers that read 1:59. He’s losing the night, caught in that blink of time between acceptable insomnia and something being actually wrong. It’s that period that feels like alchemy, like anything is possible. Ronan being tucked up against him does nothing to dissuade Adam from feeling the sheer possibility of the hour. Ronan himself is the very essence of 2AM alchemy.

Adam still isn’t sure how they’re supposed to fit together, if they should work into each other’s lives differently than they had before, but they’ve been leaning toward each other for so long that it’s a relief to finally be able to fall and know someone will be there to hold him up and hold him close. To reach out and make the contact Adam feels like he’s been starved of his whole life.

Ronan is stretched out on his back at the very edge of the mattress. Adam shifts closer to him. He runs his hand lightly up Ronan’s side in the valley between his chest and his arm. When he reaches Ronan’s far shoulder he tucks his arm around it, feeling the stubborn weight of Ronan against him, and settles his head against the shoulder closest to him. 

“Go to sleep,” Ronan says. His voice is thick in his throat.

“Sorry,” Adam whispers.

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  • gansey: [sneezes]
  • adam: bless you
  • gansey: thank you so much adam parrish, you are such a good friend, you are so kind, i don't deserve to be blessed by you, you are the best human i have ever known and i just need you to know how much that meant to me, i will never forget this for the rest of my life, you truly are an angel sent down to earth to spread your purity, you are so kind and considerate, i owe you so much for this, i would never even have in my wildest dreams thought you would be blessing me, thank you adam, you are so lovely and angelic and pure

One thing I really love about marrish is that when Lydia said she isn’t afraid of Parrish he didn’t go all “you should be I’m a monster!!!!!” shit on her, but just casually said that even he is afraid of himself. 

Also when she asked if he was afraid of her he didn’t go all “of course not baby you’re an angel and perfect and blah blah” but instead he told her the truth that once he kind of was.

I just love marrish and the way Parrish treats her like a human being because Lydia deserves someone to treat her like that