thank you one more time ;w;

I want to give you a little sneak peek of my next fan art :D All I can say is that Stanley is also on the picture ;) (he is the one I still need to finish + details + background, haaaa why don´t I just do speed paints??) 

Alrighty I am gonna need some time to finish it bc I have so much to do now but really I can´t wait to finish it and do more *w* 

stubbron-love  asked:

You are honestly one of my favorite authors. I've reread your AO3 work more times than I want to admit and every time it still feels brand new. I'll Let Him Tell It is such a slow burn and I've been dying, but it's so worth it haha. Thank you for sharing you work with everyone, it's truly amazing. You've made me such a Hamburr lover it's not even funny.

This is….so nice??? Like what the heck??? lol. Thank you so much!!!! I’m glad the slow burn is worth it tho cause like w o w I did not realize just how slow burn it was until I put up the latest chapter. But seriously thank you for sending this it is so unbelievably nice and made my day!!!! :D

🖤 Sweet, Sweet Madness 🖤 page 02 of 13

In the recent “Welcome to the Madness” manga, Yuri references the fact that he bought his WttM outfit while he and Otabek were shopping in Barcelona together. this is a short, fluffy, comic about that time.

if you enjoy my work, and are able to, please consider making a donation through ko-fi! (^ ___^) at the more support i can get for my work here, the less time i have to spend on other projects! thank you! and no matter what, thanks for making this fandom so fun! 🖤

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elementalwolf18  asked:

Hi it's me again! I was wondering if you had any updated info on pricing and when you think you'll open your preorders on the seven dakimakura, as there is also someone else I know who's interested in it. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions!

Hello there, I’m sorry it took so long to prepare it, but I wanna make sure to give you guys the best quality I could ; w ;

I still don’t have the price yet since I’m not sure what kind of Dakimakura you guys want

Would you rather a 1 drawing one ( 1 drawing on both side) or a 2 sides with different drawing?  The 2nd drawing would be a more revealing verson but it may take longer time for me to finish it

^ the 1st drawing

dogedan  asked:

first off before i ask, your art is /so/ aesthetically pleasing it's unreal! and my question is, do you do zodiac characters? like a zodiac based character? (pls yes)

Thank you so much! ;w;

I did two zodiacs. Taurus and Pisces I tried doing more but ended up hating how they looked and scrapped them (have tried Aquarius a solid 5 times apparently, according to the amount of Photoshop files names “aquariusagain#.psd”). >__> Every once in a blue moon I try again. Eventually there will be one more, at least.



  1. Must be following - this is meant as a gift for you guys after all! Please also be respectful and don’t unfollow straight after ;=w=
  2. NO NSFW (this is a family friendly show!!!(plus I’m under 16 lol))
  3. You may reblog as many times as you like - for example 2 reblogs + 1 like = 2+2+1 = 5 entries total, so a higher chance of winning!
  4. 1 prize per account - I’ll be using a random list selector to chose 4 entries, so say someone was chosen twice (because they have more than one entry), only the first time they were chosen would count.
  5. NO HATEFUL ART such as characters saying/doing offensive things etc
  6. Entries after 25th May will not count, sorry!

I hope you have fun, and thank you so much for getting me to 300! I didn’t think I’d get this far, it’s so amazing that for whatever reason that many people are interested in my work! If I could hug you all I would >w<

Prizes will be drawn as soon as possible after the raffle, but please bear in mind I’m only one person and the more detailed ones will take longer! Have a lovely day and stay safe <333

falling asleep on nct dream’s shoulders

Originally posted by yoon-to-the-oh

Request: @elejks said: hello! can u do a reaction of nct dream to their crush falls asleep on their shoulders ? thank u, sorry if u dont understand.

A/N: ok so this is a kind of a reaction thing but at the same time it’s not???zfhekgfhge it’s basically a headcanon thing w all the same subject and in this case it’s falling asleep on their shoulders!!hope u enjoy<33 will put under a read more!!side note for in the future tho: i can do things like this but i probably won’t make them like per group anymore ajfhjhghr so basically just headcanons for one member!!<3thank u for reading

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K ~ Four Seasons of K: Like flowers in a storm

Thanks to the wonderful blueseraphima who I can never thank enough, I have the texts of GoRa’s currently ongoing series of short stories 4 Seasons of K, subtitled ~Seasonal short stories that might have happened~ and published monthly. This is the third story of the series, about Homura’s flower viewing experience.

Like Flowers in a Storm [*] by Azano Kouhei

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Your Biggest Fan (M)

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Summary: You have loved Jungkook since before you even met him, obsessing over BTS and writing the smuttiest fics about him. But once you two start dating you try your hardest to prevent him from finding out. You’re successful for the first few years, until one night….

Word Count: 6,595

Genre: Fluff, Light Smut (who am I kidding this is definitely smut)

Content: masturbation mention, oral sex, Jungkook attempts to be a dom but isn’t very good at it, a little bit of bondage, Jungkook letting you call him Oppa, attempts at dirty talk, Jungkook being the squishy bun that he is

Sneak Peak: 

You sit down next to him, mortified, as you watch him reading in silence. “Are… are you actually into this kind of thing..?”

“I.. uh.. I—” you stutter, not knowing how to answer his question. “I mean I guess..?”

“It just seems so rough, so vulgar… Does— doesn’t that hurt?” He asks, pointing to a particularly rough portion of your fic.

“Nothing could be as painful as this right now.”

Originally posted by mayfifolle

My first BTS fic omg and my first smut. This is for @qweentae who made this imagine and I just had to write a fic about it 😂😂😂. I’m a fanartist not a writer I hope it’s not too bad. Here we go~

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sarcasmgalore  asked:

I just got my package today and I wanted to say thanks! It's all amazing and I love it! It was my first time buying a doujin, but I'll definitely be buying more, especially if you make a sequel. Have a great day!

Aaaawww, reading such warm messages in the morning is how to start the day right. :D Thank you for this beautiful message. I’m glad the package got to you nice and safe and that you like it as well. 

Thank you so much for your support. I hope to continue producing more artwork for you guys. THAAAAAAAAAAAAAANKS! >w<

Ki-bo’s #2 FTE (Kaede)

Kaede Akamatsu: (Today I’m also chatting with Ki-bo-kun, but…)

Ki-bo: …Akamatsu-san? What is the matter?

Kaede Akamatsu: N-no! It’s nothing.

Kaede Akamatsu: (Actually, I can’t concentrate on the conversation because I’ve been curious about something for quite a while.)

Kaede Akamatsu: (There’s a switch on Ki-bo-kun’s nape, but… What’s that?)

Kaede Akamatsu: (I’m curious about it… That switch… I’m dying to press it…!)


Ki-bo: Hmm? What was that noise just now?

Kaede Akamatsu: (Ki-bo-kun turned around to the noise, which it’s timing seemed to be planned.)

Kaede Akamatsu: (In other words, it means Ki-bo-kun’s vulnerable nape is exposed in front of me…)

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(((Honestly, thank you so much for supporting my weirdness ahahah!<33 I’ve always just enjoyed drawing guys in girl’s clothes, idky but I will not question it! I’m so happy people are enjoying or at least getting a kick out of this blog as well, it’s not dead btw, I’m just busy with work and with having to come up with an idea for each ask, sketch it out, outline, color and edit; it takes time! But I really enjoy it all and I really hope everyone else does too<33 I also read the fuck out of tags, THEY REALLY MOTIVATE ME AND MAKE ME REALLY HAPPY SO THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU~!!!! Although I really miss getting new asks, I’m still keeping the askbox closed until I can get some more done ‘cause I get overwhelmed easily ;w; please bear with me heheh, thank you again everyone, hope you like this one<333)))

Re-designing my Pink Diamond concept, of course based on the mural from the show, I think I finally got that crazy hairstyle to work out in a way that I like XD

Just a quick break from working on my VERY short film (just 30 secs)

Its like 11 pm here but I dont mind going to bed a little later than usual, haha

ALSO I havent forget about…


College is a true bitch especially if you have two major classes during the quarter and when you’re a lazy procrastinator, but Im happy that at least I will get four entire months of summer break after I finish this one, I should be more active then so I should most likely do a giveaway and answer the messages that have been piling up like crazy (unlike the one week of spring break which I spent sick 80% of the time).

Thank you all who have bear with me till now ;w;

Ta-da, here you go! My notes of the audio glitches from NITW #4. I’m sure I missed some, these are just the ones I found. Also, for a few of the glitched words, I couldn’t really make them out so I just lipread and guessed. no it didn’t take me nearly 3 hours what are you talking about

And I think it goes without saying that this contains spoilers for the episode.

1. 3:48 “This game is reall—-d [really weird]”
2. 8:48 “I really am dy—- [dying] to find out”
3. 9:48 “Don’t worry ab—- [about] it”
4. 10:48 “I mean I ——eally [can’t really] talk”
5. 20:48 “where is e—-ybody [everybody]”
6. 27:35 “From this vantage point I do spy a—-p [deep] hollow” (during the reenactment thing)
7. 27:48 “Blessed are we, Brother Steven, for truly my throat is parched from these long and ar—-us [arduous] travels”
8. 29:48 “Who will help a poor t—-ler [traveler]”
9. 33:35 “And who can say what l—-eth [lieth] in the world to come”
10. 34:35 “for who know—-at [knows what] may lurk in the darkness”
11. 39:48 “Also—–ve [I have] a splitting headache”
12. 41:35 “and we owe them more than it’s w—-th [worth]”
13. 43:35 “Thank y— [you], thank you”
14. 43:48 “Alright, I’m going to get —–g [going]”
15. 47:05 “…specific to autumn or anything,—–s [it’s just] like do a crime in this time”
16. 49:05 “Still kinda p—–ng [putting] it together” (jack also makes a ‘crazy’ sign near his head)
17. 54:51 “We actually have one of the n—-cer [nicer] ones around”
18. 56:51 “Th—-d [third] floor”
19. 1:00.05 “He walked through a ch—–k [chain link] fence”
20. 1:03.51 “Well i—- [it’s] actually a pretty cool old house”
21. 1:05.05 “History ——n’t [that won’t] stay history”
22. 1:07.05 “but she made it w—–k [work]”
23. 1:13.05 “Dude, actual s——–ned [stuff happened] this time”

Notice how regular the timestamps are. They all end on 48, 35, 05 or 51 seconds. At first I thought it was a freaky coincidence before I realized that the likely cause was a processing or rendering error. It then made it easier to predict when the next error would be, so I wasn’t hunting in vain.

The actual words that were glitched out, near as I can tell, were: “really weird”, “dying”, “about”, “can’t really”, “everybody”, “deep”, “arduous”, “traveler”, “lieth”, “knows what”, “I have”, “worth”, “you”, “going”, “it’s just”, “putting”, “nicer”, “third”, “chain link”, “it’s”, “that won’t”, “work”, and “stuff happened”. But again, I can’t really find any connections here. It was pure errors and not a scrambled hidden message like I went into this thinking.

Feel free to analyze this how you will!



perdizzion  asked:


@castiel-left-his-mark-on-me said: So glad to see to back! We missed you! 💜💙💚💛 (Me especially).

@to-my-beloved-fandoms said: HeLLO!!! Welcome back my glorious artist! We missed you so much!! Lots of love to you too!!

@soupernabturel said: So glad to hear you’re doing well! omg yes, academia is a real time killer and butt kicker XD Loved the latest art updates btw!! Your Cas one destroyed me (and by that I mean had me choking on my cuppa tea XD) <3


Anonymous said: I’m so, so happy that you’re alright and back! I hope troubles left your sunlike soul and everything in your life is nice and great!

AAAAAAAA THANK YOU FOR ALL THE KIND WORDS, IM ALL FINE AND HUNKY DORY UNI WAS TAKING UP MY DRAWING TIME, im doing 2 animation courses and a graphics media course so my brain is mush and my hand hurts lol ;W;;;;;; but 2 more weeKs tO GO TILL SEMESTER ENDS THEN VINNIE GOES BACK TO REGULAR DRAWS 

anonymous asked:

I'd just like to let you know there's no rush on your comics. Obviously we all love them and your style is absolutely amazing but don't push yourself too hard, we'll wait, and love each one just the same when it comes out. Thank you for all the hard work you're putting in!

Thanks for being so understanding ;w;
I feel a little bad at times…seeing that my blog is mainly asks now and very little art ^^;
But at the same time, art just takes a lot of work, and I am getting it done, but it takes time :O
Hopefully will be able to draw a bit more ^w^
Thanks for your kind words, I’ll try not to stress myself out about stuff <3

I’ve got a 101.5 degree fever and I keep on thinking like,,, what if Matt and Neil get on the same pro team. (I say, needing to finish up the ghost au and fill @mac-noa‘s prompt. i’ll get on that when I’m feeling better this is just entirely self-indulgent)

  •  Matt hears Neil is transferring to his team and does a happy dance bc that’s his bro son
  •  He offers to share his flat w/ Neil bc Dan is coaching another team farther away and so he lives alone in a place that two people could share
  •  And Neil is like “Sure!” bc that’s his bro dad 
  •  And suddenly 90% of all of Matt’s social media is pictures of Neil Josten 
  •  And just general Neil Josten Appreciation Posts bc he loves his auburn-haired child
  • the other 10% is selfies and pictures of Dan
  • bc in this fandom we’ve always got to include the other 10%
  •  Bc of this, the Brosten tag is trending and tons of fans ship it 
  •  They’re so pure they don’t realize they sound like they’re in a relationship
  •  Neil’s Instagram features a video of a drunk Matt pouring orange soda into cereal and they take that as a confirmation bc the rest of his ig is just exy gear and cats 
    •  “I fear Matt may leave me for Neil”-Dan
  •  Then the minyard-josten rivalry starts and Matt starts the #teamJosten tag 
  •  He gets t-shirts and those foam-hand things
  •  He’s so into this 
  •  The foxes are laughing their asses off and Neil and Andrew are having the time of their lives messing with the press 
  •  In an interview with Matt, he’s asked about the rivalry between his roommate and the goalie 
    •  “Oh yeah they h8 each other, they were always going at it in college.“ 
    • "Oh rlly?" 
    • "Mmhmm, you could hear Neil’s yelling from the next room." 
    •  (Neil turns the color of his hair when he watches this interview)
    •  (No one lets him live it down) 
  •  When Neil finally transfers to Andrew’s team, there’s quite a few tearful goodbyes 
  •  To both Neil and his cats 
  •  There’s pictures/videos on his ig that’s Matt on his knees reaching out to Neil at the airport while he walks away 
  •  #heartbroken 
  •  When Andreil finally comes out and ends the rivalry Matt’s the first one to support them
  • he goes on twitter and tells the haters to fuck off bc and Andrew didn’t ask for your opinion pls and thank you
  • Neil is kinda disappointed for not being able to tell them off himself but now that Matt’s done his duty Neil has more time to cuddle w/ Andrew so it’s still a win

 It’s just v happy and I’m v high (101.5 so maybe not too high) and I need the Brosten Brotp someone talk to me about this

anonymous asked:

hihihihihihihihihihihi hey um UmmM can you continue the Touch fic?? w theatre phil and popular dan. and if you have,can u direct me to it?? bc it's so pure and i love it thank u

yes buddy 

Touch ; part two 


time for some more wholesome d&p kids

Phil watched Dan with his eyebrows softly furrowed as the boy dug through his bag. Phil hadn’t realized it, but Dan had been wearing a backpack this whole time; a small yellow one that matched his sweater. 

He really was something. 

“Ah!” Dan exclaimed, pulling out a small… object and tugging at the wrapping. It was pink, and heart shaped. Dan popped it into his mouth. 

“What is that?” Phil asked quietly, letting his head fall to the right in question, like a puppy. Dan grinned widely. 

“A lollipop. Want some?” He held it out in Phil’s face, like a toddler, and wiggled his eyebrows. 

“No, thank you,” Phil said nervously, licking his lips. He honestly didn’t understand how Dan could eat in a situation like this. They were stuck… didn’t he get that? Dan was trapped with a spazzy, much less popular theater nerd in the boy’s bathroom. 

They had already been here an hour. How much longer would it be until they called off the drill…?

And what had even happened? Was there a shooter out there, right now?

As if he had read Phil’s thoughts, Dan snickered, flicking out his tongue to lick his candy like a lizard. 

He was adorable. 

“You think there’s a killer or something out there, right now?” He asked, and laughed lightheartedly. “Or maybe a monster! Will you protect me if there’s a monster, Philly?”

Phil had always marveled at how casual Dan was; how confidently he talked to people he met not long before, like they had been friends their whole lives. He had always been jealous. 

But right then, it wasn’t exactly appreciated. 

But then Dan giggled, and took another lick of his candy, and Phil was falling even deeper in love. 

He sighed. “Don’t say that.”

“Why not?” Dan’s words were muffled by the lollipop, and he turned to look at Phil. “Does it bother you? I’m sorry, humor is my coping mechanism.” 

“I noticed.”

Dan smiled brightly, his eyes lighting up, and turned back to the bag. 

“I think I have some gum in here…” 

Phil was silent, letting Dan dig for the gum, soaking in his panic and trying not to cry. He wanted to go home, or to the auditorium. He was supposed to have rehearsal today… would he miss it? What if everyone else got out, and he was still trapped here? Would anyone even notice?

Phil bit his lip, glancing at Dan. They would notice he was missing. Everyone knew Dan, almost every damn kid in their school had a crush on him. He could understand why. He was energetic, cheerful, honest, confident. Everything Phil wasn’t. No wonder everyone liked him, and Phil was a loner. 

Phil was too shy to ever be like Dan. 

“Here,” Dan said, holding out a slip of paper, pulling Phil out of his head. “This will give you something to focus on, right? Other than impending doom?”

Phil smiled gratefully, nodding and taking the bubble gum from him. “Thank you, Dan…”

“No problem, cutie.”

Phil swore, every time he said that, Phil nearly had a heart attack. And he said it so casually. He was killing him. 

“Let’s talk about something,” Dan said, standing up so he could undoubtedly bounce around the room rather than squirm where he was sitting. Damn, he was hyper. “What do you wanna talk about?” 

Phil thought about that for a moment. How about ; how can you fuck with my feelings this bad, Dan Howell?

“How about we play twenty questions?” Dan asked before Phil could say anything. 

Phil nodded. Dan hummed in thought, rubbing his chin. 

“What’s your favorite color?”

“Blue,” Phil said immediately. “A soft blue, like the sky.”

Dan nodded in approval, spinning on his heel just to still be moving. “Mine’s yellow. Your turn.” 

“Favorite… animal.”

“Dog,” Dan practically shouted, his eyes lighting up, and then cleared his throat. “Sorry, I mean, dogs. You?”

Phil thought about it. “Cats, I think. Even though I’m allergic. And they all hate me.” 

“You know, I’m all for cat-on-dog friendship,” Dan said, dreamily, playing with his curly hair. “I think anyone can be friends. And cats and dogs are just so cute together, though not yet accepted by society.”

Phil stared at him. 


“I’m also all for dog on dog or cat on cat marriage, if you know what i’m saying.” Dan winked, and giggled. 

“No, I really don’t.”

Dan shrugged, plopping down next to him cross-legged. 

“I’m bored. Lets play truth or dare.”

Phil nodded slowly, agreeing. Whatever he had to do to keep Dan talking to him. 

“Truth or dare,” Dan asked happily. Phil shrugged. 


Dan bit his lip thoughtfully. “Yeah. You seem like a truth person. Have you had your first kiss?”

Phil immediately blushed darkly, turning his eyes away from Dan to try and hide it. “No…” he swallowed. “Have you?”

You’re such an idiot, Phil. Of course he has. 



“I’m saving it,” Dan added, hugging his knees to his chest, giggling. 


Phil nodded, eyes wide. “Er, how many relationships have you been in…?”

“That’ll be zero,” Dan said lightly, and laughed. “You?”

Phil shook his head as an answer, his heart going crazy. Oh. Dan was just as inexperienced as he was. 

Dan sighed. 

“What do you think kissing someone is like?” Dan asked dreamily, playing with a yellow string from his sweater. “I’ll bet it’s nice. Lips are so soft…” He stuck out his bottom lip slightly. “Boy’s are so pretty.”

“Agreed,” Phil hummed, trying to keep his voice from breaking. 

Fuck. He was so romantically frustrated. 

“Truth or dare?” Phil asked finally, his voice soft. 

“Dare,” Dan said immediately. 

Kiss me. 

It was on the tip of his tongue… but, no. He couldn’t do it. 

“Actually, no,” Dan said, letting his head fall on to Phil’s shoulder. “I’m sleepy. Truth.”

Phil wasn’t surprised. He must have worn himself out. 


“Pansexual,” Dan muttered. “I just really like people. What about you?”

Phil bit his lip. “I don’t really like labels. But if I had to choose, I’d say pan is accurate.”

Dan nodded slowly, his cheek squishing against Phil’s shoulder, his eyes falling shut, and his eyelashes fanning over his pale skin. 

“Kiss me?”

Phil thought he heard him wrong at first, freezing up. 


Dan turned his head slightly, opening his eyes. “Kiss me,” he repeated, searching Phil’s eyes. Phil blushed. 

“Are you-”

Dan cut him off by pressing his lips against Phil’s, hard, and then a little gentler. He kissed with force, as if he was scared Phil would just float away if he didn’t hold him down with his lips. 

Phil’s heart was on fire, and his eyes were wide in shock. Dan was kissing him. Dan was kissing him

Phil wasn’t sure what to do, where to put his hands, so he settled with resting them on Dan’s hips, pulling him closer gently. That was when Dan opened his mouth. 

He slowly parted his lips, moving to straddle Phil’s lap, and Phil mimicked his actions, trying not to think too hard. And they were making out, on the floor of the boys bathroom, their breath mingling and Phil’s fear melting away, replaced with want. 

The school bell rang. 

another part ??

so I went to see panic! at the disco the other day & I am Purified 

  • misterwives
  • me to zoë: “ok ok if I get the shirt with their symbol on it , is it worth it with the amount of old people who are gonna think I’m tryna summon something” FOLLOWED BY THEM HAVING A COUNTDOWN WHERE EVERY 2 MIN. ONE OF THE TINY SYMBOLS LIT UP BC WE WERE LITERALLY SUMMONING THEM
  • brendon singing gratuitously high notes & runs throughout the night like how does the boy still have a throat but Also Thank You
  • “What a shame the poor groom’s bride is a–” crowd: “W H O R E” brendon: “WHO SAID IT , NOT ME”
  • brendon: *singing don’t threaten me with a good time* “who are all these people ??” *turns to the crowd* “WHAT’S UP”
  • also his lil strut when he got to the “but I make these high heels work” part gave me 3 more yrs of life
  • brendon is a shambling mess of floppy arm/ shuffly feet/ flippy hair dancing and some truly unwholesome hip movements & I am wholly grateful 
  • flames . there were so many flames . the stage kinda caught on fire for -2 seconds & what a journey it was
  • brendon playing the piano on a slowly turning & rising podium surrounded by cellphone fairy lights & cascading glitter for “this is gospel”
  • girls/ girls/ boys & bohemian rhapsody as Pride songs , with rainbow lights in the crowd (he also mentioned it was a fan idea to have the lil rainbow heart cut outs to make rainbow lights & he was having feelings about it it was lovely)
  • brendon plays drums ?? he plays drums to Bitch Better Have My Money
  • brendon: “saying thank you just isn’t enough . soooo ,,, wanna makeout ?”
  • so many unnecessary spooky skull graphics & I adored every dam one of em
  • look
  • look
  • 12 yo me & 22 yo me’s tiny dream came tru in the span of two hours & one small part of my heart has been salvaged

Artist:  じょる
Translation: by me
Characters: Kageyama & Kindaichi

Permission granted by the artist, do not repost or remove source. 

Full size part 1 / part 2 / part 3.

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