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Lose Your Keys, Find A Man

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Prompt: For the anon who sent in “Can you do a Derek Morgan x reader where she’s being harassing by some guy who won’t take a hint and he comes to her rescue?” 

A/N: Ah! I do love and miss my beautiful Derek Morgan so much! (Do I sound like Penelope yet lol? XD) This one is for the awesome anon who requested it and all the Morgan girls out there, not enough fics for him exist and I am happy to add to the collection. Enjoy :) Also, I’m still taking requests so if you want to hit up that asks box!

Note: (Y/N/N): your nickname

Word Count: 1.7 K

Rating: PG (maybe PG-13 if you really squint)

“Just one more drink she said, it’ll be fun she said! More like she’ll become a pain in the ass who can’t stand up,” you muttered as you dragged your friend Elizabeth out of the club with the help of your other friend Molly. The three of you had met your freshman year of college at Virginia Tech. Other than having one freshman english class, the three of you had polar opposite class and career tracks. You were a corporate lawyer, Molly was on the fast track to being a neurosurgeon, and Elizabeth was an aspiring painter. The three of you became inseparable and still shared an apartment, six years later. And it was times like this where you were glad you all had that kind of history else you might have killed the two of them by now. When you went out, you usually assumed the duty of being designated driver and “mom” of the night, while your two friends chose to drink ‘til they dropped, literally. 

“Look on the bright side, you can give her hell for this and shine a bright light in her eyes in the morning,” Elizabeth mumbled, stumbling slightly due to her drunk state and Molly’s extra weight on her shoulder. 

“Yeah right,” you snorted, “We both know that I’ll be handing out ibuprofen and coffee to you both in the morning and saying, ‘poor sweet baby’”. 

“True, but hey at least I’m not as much of a pain to handle,” she replied, as you hailed a cab. 

“Don’t even go there,” you said playfully bumping her shoulder. The passing cab came to hault and with you and Elizabeth’s combined efforts you managed to settle Molly inside. You reached in your purse for your wallet to ensure you could pay the fair and made a horrible discovery. “Shit, I think I dropped my keys,” you groaned.

“Just run inside and go find ‘em. We can wait.”

“No, it’s fine. I have no idea where I dropped them and this could take awhile. You need to get her home before she gets sick in the car.”

“Ok, just be careful. See you at home,” Elizabeth said. You closed the door of the cab and watched them drive off. You quickly walked back into the bar, not wanting to be outside for two long. You weren’t paranoid, just cautious. You’d heard too many horror stories women getting kidnapped outside of bars late at night. You quickly started scanning the room for a thick wad of keys as you walked back in. Not immediately catching sight of them, you trudged over to the bar. 

“Hey, Nick. Has anyone turned in a set of keys in the last ten minutes?” you asked the bartender, who you’d gotten to know since your friends loved this bar. 

“Afraid not (Y/N). Only things back here other than little old me are the drinks and a couple of notepads,” he replied cheekily. 

“Ha, well that was worth a shot. I’m going to go look over at the booth where we were sitting but if I can’t find them and they get turned in you’ll let me know right?”

“I’ll holler if they turn up.”

“Thanks,” you replied sadly, and dragged your feet over to the booth where you’d been stationed with your friends for the past three hours. You could kick yourself right now. All you wanted was to go home, but instead you were stuck at the bar looking for keys that you weren’ t even sure were there. You looked under the booth, then crawled in and stuck your hand down in the seats hoping maybe the keys had slid down in between. 

“Hello, pretty lady. Come back for more already?” some guy slurred as he stumbled toward you. You glanced at him out of the corner of your eye and immediately recognized him as the man who’d spent the majority of the night trying to pick you up. And in turn, you’d spent most of the night trying to get away from him and his awful breath that stank of alcohol, which signalled to you that he’d had way too much to drink. 

“Just trying to find my keys,” you replied, casually and kept sliding your hand around the seats. 

“Well, maybe I could help you with that,” he muttered, in as sultry of a voice as he could muster up and slid his hand up your thigh and onto your ass. 

“What the hell are you doing?” you growled and flipped around, after ripping his hand off you.

“Just trying to get a little play baby.”

“Well find someone who wants to play with you.”

“Aw c’mon, pretty lady. I seen the way you and your friends dance with anything that moves. I just want a little of that attention.”

“And as I have politely told you all night, I’m not interested,” you snapped, using your foot to push him back a few feet. The man glared intently at you and you instantly regretted that last move. 

“Now listen here you-”

“Hey buddy, the lady said no so why don’t you back off,” a voice said from behind the man as a hand landed on his shoulder. You flicked your eyes up to the owner of the voice and you savior. Tall, muscular, and handsome as hell. Honestly, he looked more like he belonged in a movie than here in real life rescuing you from some guy. 

“Why don’t you mind your own business buddy?” the drunk man sneered, shrugging the foreign hand off of his shoulder. Your hero (as you had labeled him in your head) stepped between you and the drunk.

“It is my business when men like you are harassing a woman. So why don’t you scram before I have the other FBI agents in the room book you for attempted assault and harassment?” he replied flashing a gun and credentials. The man took one last look at you over his shoulder before stumbling off toward the door. “Well, that takes care of that,” he muttered straightening up before turning to you and offering a hand to help you out of the booth. “You alright?” 

“Yes,” you replied, taking his hand and pulling yourself out of the booth to stand in front of him. “Thank you so much, I’ve been trying to shake that asshole all night.” 

“Sorry I didn’t notice sooner.”

“It’s ok. He wasn’t being that ballsy earlier.”

“Well, no woman deserves to be treated that way,” he said. “Didn’t I see you leaving with your friends a few minutes ago?”

“Yeah, I put them in a cab to head back to our apartment once I realized I had dropped my keys somewhere in the bar earlier,” you told him as you did another scan of the bar. “I was trying to see if maybe they had slid down into the seat when the drunk bastard started creeping on me again.” You turned your eyes back to your companion and found him kneeling on the ground, pulling your keys out from under the booth. 

“These what you’re looking for?”

“Yes, thank you so much…”

“Sorry, manners slipped my mind. Derek Morgan,” he replied, handing you your keys. 

“(Y/N) (Y/L/N), and given that you just essentially rescued me from some creep minutes ago I’m pretty sure your manners are fine,” you teased fiddling with your keys. 

“Like I said, it’s not right to treat ladies that way, especially one’s with smiles as pretty as yours,” he said, flashing a dazzling smile at you. You grinned at him and tucked your hair behind your ear. You were suddenly very aware that you were being watched. Glancing over your shoulder, you noticed a table full of people who were trying to nonchalantly watch the exchange going down between the two of you. 

“Well, I think I’m going to get going. I’ve got to drunks to take care of at home and I wouldn’t want to keep you from your friends any longer, but you might want to tell them to try being more discreet if they plan on watch people,” you chuckled. 

“I can walk you out if you want,” Derek suggested.

“You’ve been nice enough already, and the bartender is a friend so I’ll ask him to. It was nice to meet you, Derek,” you replied. 

“Nice to meet you too, (Y/N),” he said and sauntered off back to his friends. You sighed dreamily and walked up to the bar. 

“Success,” you declared, leaning on the bar, and dangled your keys for Nick to see. 

“Awesome, now I don’t have to scour the bar for those when I close,” he replied washing glasses. 

“Nick, would you mind walking me out to my cab? It’s kind of late,” you asked, slipping said keys back in your purse where they belonged. 

“Didn’t Derek offer to walk you out?”

“How did you know that? And second question, you know him?” 

“First, I’m a bartender I hear everything. I was about to step in for you earlier, but Derek was ordering a drink and said he would handle it. Second, I don’t know him per say, but the crowd of FBI agents over there are regulars,” Nick explained as he set the glass down and picked up another. “He’s a big hit with girls, but I don’t think he’s seeing anyone.”

“I know what you’re implying, and knock it off. He’s way out of my league,” you shot back. 

“C’mon, (Y/N/N). You, my friend, are a catch and he’s a great guy who knows how to treat a woman right.”

“What do you want me to do, Nick? Walk over there and drop my number on a napkin in front of him?”

“Or you can give it to him now since he’s walking over here,” Nick mumbled, suddenly very busy cleaning that glass. 

“(Y/N),” Derek said as he walked up beside you. 

“Hi again,” you replied. 

“Stop me if I’m being too forward, but I was wondering if I could maybe take you out to get a coffee?”

“Like right now?” you asked, raising an eyebrow at him. Derek nodded. “It’s almost one o’clock in the morning.”

“Well, I am a man who believes in living in the present,” he replied chuckling, “but I do see your point.” 

“You know what, I know a great diner that makes a mean cup of coffee and a fantastic milkshake,” you mentioned adjusting the strap on your purse. 

“Well, Miss (Y/L/N), let’s go,” he said grinning as he offered you his arm. You giggled as you took it. Who knew you’d find your knight in shining armor as a result of losing your keys under a booth? 


A/N: ok so when I was writing the first part it suddenly hit me what the conversation with the team would be like after Morgan saves the reader and goes back to the table, but I couldn’t figure out how to work it into the story so I’m including it as a bonus scene. Enjoy :)

“Nice to meet you too, (Y/N),” Derek muttered and strolled back over to the table the other BAU members were perched around, still thinking about (Y/N)’s beautiful eyes and smile. 

“So, is she prettier upon closer inspection?” Rossi teased as Morgan leaned against the table. 

“What are you talking about?” Morgan asked, snapping out of his stupor. 

“Derek, c’mon you are sitting which a group of profilers. Don’t think we haven’t noticed that you’ve been staring at her since we got here,” JJ replied, waggling her eyebrows at him. That was true, the team had arrived about an hour ago to continue their night of bar hopping and that was when Derek had noticed (Y/N). She had thrown the BAU’s resident player off of his game, big time. Instead of approaching and mingling, he’d decided to take the road of observing watching the way her smile lit up her face as she laughed with her friends and swung her hips. 

“We also agreed never to profile each other and I haven’t been staring,” Derek grumbled. 

“Right, so what’s her name?” Penelope asked leaning toward him. 


“And I’m assuming you got her number, so when are you seeing her again?”

“I didn’t get her number,” he replied. A collective groan spread around the table, while Spencer smiled in the corner and extended his hand. 

“Told you, now fork it over all of you,” he said victoriously, taking a ten dollar bill from each member of the team. 


“They bet that you’d have a date and her number by the time you walked back over here, and I noted the fact that you were ‘off your game’ as you would say, so I bet them you wouldn’t and I definitely won,” Reid explained, smiling smugly. 

 “Chocolate Thunder, bet aside I expect you to march back over there and score yourself a date else I hack her phone and call her for you,” Penelope threatened, poking his chest.

“I’ll show you who’s not off his game,” Derek grumbled, downing one of the shots that had been for the table before spinning and marching toward the bar where (Y/N) was chatting up the bartender. 

“Atta boy!” Prentis shouted.

“WHOO! GO CHOCOLATE THUNDER!” Penelope cheered.

Caramel Kissed- A Submitted Imagine

​A/N: This is an absolute gem that someone had submitted to me earlier today. I hope you all loved it as much as I did!! Thank you so much, anon. It was awesome! 

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Remus was once again at his favorite candy store and as soon as him and his parents walked in, the boy went straight to the chocolate aisle. it was the week before Hogwarts and he wanted to stock on his favorite muggle chocolates as well as get some new ones to try. His eyes scanned the bars and he got some of his well known ones, quickly glancing through some he hadn’t seen yet. Some names caught his attention and he selected a few more, being careful not to go overboard otherwise his mother would never allow him to continue with this habit. 

Honestly Lupin was lucky his mom even let him keep such a vast collection of sweets, but who can say no to a boy who studied so hard and asked for nothing else in return? Thank Merlin she never got to know about the trouble he got in with the marauders otherwise he was sure he would never be allowed even a little candy ever again in his life. 

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Imagine: Finding Out You’re Pregnant, So You Try To Leave Beacon Hills. (Part 3)

Peter Hale x Reader

Humming, your eyes scanned the flyer in your hands, crossing your legs as you sat behind your desk. Officers were scattered around you, doing their work as you sat soundlessly behind your new desk. In your hands was a flyer from the school, encouraging parents to come to the small ‘activity fair’ (Daughter’s/n) class would be having. It was just going to be a few hours filled with activities that both the child and parents would enjoy together. Smiling, you wrote down a reminder on a sticky note, before sticking it on the corner of your desktop computer in front of you. Lightly tapping the keys on your keyboard, you glanced around your desk, trying to find something to do.

“Hey,” a voice called from in front of you, making you look up. Jordan Parrish stood in front of you, giving you a small smile, holding out a brown paper bag. Furrowing your eyebrows, you gave a small smile before grabbing the paper bag from him.

“It’s a muffin, the lady at the coffee shop gave me an extra one for free,” he explained, leaning onto the counter above your desk with a bored sigh.

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Grasping onto each other’s hand as we once again fight through this life, this fate, together. Always together. ♥

Requested and dedicated to our fandom’s radiant star, the brilliant translator, @lavenduladream  ♥

anonymous asked:

If it's not too much, could you have each male class react to just barely saving their s/o from being taken over by the Dark El?

Elsword falls to his knees and hugs them.  He doesn’t care if they’re both in danger right then, he doesn’t care if the Elgang sees him being weak.  Almost losing his s/o made him realize just how important they are to him, and he whispers a promise that he’ll never let them go that far ever again.

Raven tries his absolute best to act like nothing is wrong.  But his golden gaze lingers on his s/o for seconds too long, and he walks closer to them than normal, making sure again and again that they’re alright and that the Dark El is fully out of their body.  Once they’re back to safety, he likely shoves his s/o into bed and forces them to rest.   He knows how much it sucks to be mind controlled - he knows the heavy burden that puts on a person - and he’s so relieved that he saved his s/o from that fate.  He might even slip into their bed and cry into their shoulder that night from relief and post-event anxiety.

Chung lets out a shaky breath and turns away from his s/o, his shoulders shaking with tears as he sinks to the floor.  He might hold himself together until they’re out of danger, unlike Elsword, but the breakdown is going to happen.  Chung has lost family to the Dark El.  If he lost his s/o too… Just thinking about losing them makes him anxious and scared, and his s/o will have to hold him and comfort him, reminding him that he’s a hero and that he saved them and that he can save his father, too.

Add hovers.  He makes sure his s/o is alright, then he checks again, and again, scanning the s/o time and time again just to make extra sure there’s no Dark El left in them.  He likes his s/o just the way they are, thank you very much, and if he’s being honest with himself, the thought of losing them scares him to the core.  So he acts like a helicopter parent until his s/o manages to assure him that they’re completely fine - and even then, once they get back, he might demand to examine them again just one last time.

Ciel only gives his s/o a cursory once-over after he’s saved them.  Then he leaves them in Lu’s care and goes to hunt down and murder the bastards who dared do that to his precious s/o.  He is half demon, after all, and has at least picked up one of Lu’s values and reinforced it with his own - anyone who hurts his family or those he cares for will come to a slow, painful end.  But once he’s done with that, he lavishes all the care he could possibly give on his s/o - making them cookies, baking for them, bringing them their meals in bed so that they can rest up.  He even keeps Lu away from them so that she doesn’t disturb their rest.

Ain laughs it off.  What else would he do?  He’s an angel of Ishmael, sent to serve divine purpose - he can’t be getting worried over a mere human, even if they are in these human terms “dating”!  If you know him well and you look closely, though, you can see his hands trembling as he realizes he could have been compelled to kill his s/o, and his green gaze seeming far away as he contemplates what might have happened without them at his side.  That night, you’d likely find him slipping into his s/o’s room, watching them sleep and trying to come to grips with the emotions roiling in his heart.

After all, you never truly know what you have until you almost lose it.

Cam-Boy (Exo Drabble Series) 03. Yixing

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Genre: Smut

Word Count: 1,574

Summary: Four college friends without a dime and school fees biting at their feet decide to take an Interesting part time job.

01. || 02. || 03. ||04.||05. || 06.

03. Yixing uses his cam show for some very helpful studying.

A/n: Part three! Yixing is my sweetheart, I feel bad for making him so dirty. /)///(\ Then again, I don’t. Won to USD time! 100,000 won is about 87 dollars. If you guys have any suggestions for pairings you’d like to see lemme know. I’ll be using ot12, but Kyungsoo, Baekhyun, Lay and Sehun will be the only Cam boys…or will they? hm.. :) anyways enjoy!

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~Sucker for Pain~

TITLE: Sucker for Pain


AUTHOR: bookwarm85



FIC SUMMARY: Jai meets a girl in a black dress, who is a sucker for pain, and he’s got her right where he wants her.


WORDS: 2,336

NOTES/WARNINGS:  This was a requested piece, I think @iammarylastar requested it. So please enjoy, and I hope you notice the SSquad reference. Love you skwaddies!!

@iammarylastar @frecklefaceb @mimigemrose @sparklemichele (long live the queen) @thihaf @badassbaker @anditcametopass @insertamazingwords @societalfailure @ashtotes @oddsnendsfanfics @shortstoryimagines @audasia25 @jaijacked @clublulu333

If I forgot to tag someone I’m sorry, and if you want to be tagged in my next piece then let me know and I’ll add you to my list.

You were very excited to be meeting your favorite actor Jai Courtney, he had stolen your heart as the cruel and heartless Dauntless leader Eric in “Divergent”. You remembered seeing him die in “Insurgent”, where you cried your heart out, even though he was kind of a sociopath, he was a hot sociopath. 

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Military Ties

Read on AO3

Alright - so this is literally like almost 5 months late, but it’s finally done.

Happy SUPER belated birthday to @the-flame-and-hawks-eye (like embarassingly belated but alas).  Shay, you are an incredible person, really.  You are so talented, and nice, and smart (VET SCHOOL), and I appreciate all you contribute to the fandom, and how just seeing your blog on my dash brightens my day.

I was that ‘sneaky anon,’ however I don’t feel I did justice, so maybe I’ll rewrite it sometime.  Anyways, happy belated birthday, stay incredible, and I love you so much owo

(also oh my god I finally wrote something over 2,000 words long, 2,011 but still)

Also: PLEASE CHECK OUT THIS INCREDIBLE PIECE OF ART WHICH REALLY INSPIRED ME AND @minmeiz thanks for the accidental collab <3 owo

Roy tugs at his tie as he casts his gaze around the vast room once again, scanning the crowd for a familiar figure.  It had become a habit in the past half hour to search the room every few minutes, continuously hoping to see who he was looking for.  Apparently Havoc had noticed.

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Caught in the Rain ~ Sungyeol

This is for Anon! I hope that you like this! Thank you for the request and please let me know what you think!

Request: Here

Clouds started to slowly mask the sun, with the light finding it harder to fight through the dense clouds that held billions to droplets of water. The once cooling breeze brought a chill over your skin causing goosebumps to form. Shuffling your simple black sneakers across the bamboo floor, you pushed the glass doors close to keep the draft from coming into the warm store. Lifting your eyes to the ominous clouds over head, you turned on more lights around the small bistro. Grabbing a tray you walked around the shop and gathered the empty glasses and dirtied plates before you carried them back to the sink.

“Ms. Gong I have some more dishes” You announced as you came behind her and slipped the plates carefully into the warm bubbly water before you grabbed the washing gloves and started to slip them over your hands.

Wrinkled hands with almost a leather look to them caught your attention as the gentle touch was just like your Grandmothers’.

“Let me do that dear, you can go wash the tables and sweep then you can leave a little early today” She smiled at you, the wrinkles beside her eyes just made her old brown eyes sparkle with wisdom.

“Thank you Ms. Gong” You bowed to her as you handed her the gloves.

Grabbed a towel, you ran it under warm water before you walked out to the tables. Starting at one end of the bistro, you carefully wiped down the table and chairs before moving around the shop while humming to the songs that played lightly over head.

The whistling wind blew against the window panes causing a breeze or two to blow through the seems before you shivered lightly as you moved to another table and watched the sky darken further. Florescent lights shined off of the clean tables before you heard the jingling of the bells hit the glass door as a costumer came through the glass doors.

“Welcome, I will be right with you” You stood up and turned around as a tall man stepped into the shop.

The glass door slid into its place as the bell jingled gently as it locked into place. A smile spread on your lips once your eyes moved around the slender figure. Standing upright, you moved the rag in your hands while turning over to greet the man properly.

“Can I take your order?” You smiled looking up at the familiar face of your boyfriend while you balanced on your toes.

“May I have my girlfriend along with a kiss and a hug please?” Sungyeol smiled down at you while his hands slipped out of his pockets of his black jeans.

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Cheer You Up

request/summary: Hi again! I have a new request. Can you do one, Buckyxf/reader, based in this draw? ( @mimisari234 )

(the drawing is at the end if you’d like to take a look. drawing is by the person that requested it up at the top and is vvv adorable)

Warnings: nada

Pairing: Buckayee x Reader, a little bit of best friend Sam x Reader because Sam is awesome and I love birdman

A/N: This drawing is so cute omg, thank you. But here’s the reader trying to cheer up Bucky.

There were days when Bucky Barnes wasn’t the slightest of happy. Today being one of them.

“What’s gotten grandpa all grouchy?”

Sam scoffed from his seat on the floor. The two of you were playing mario cart on the ps4, eyes glued to the big screen in front of you. You watched from the corner of your eye as Bucky walked into the kitchen with his rather normal serious face on, looking through the fridge.

“Bad day?” You shrugged, leaning to the left with your controller in hand. “Final lap, here we go..” You muttered to yourself.

“Isn’t every day a ‘bad’ day for him?” Sam shook his head. “And how could you not like Thursdays? It’s almost Friday, for crying out loud.”

“Sam…” You warned, now up on your feet trying to block his way. “God dammit!” You yelled, throwing your controller on the couch.

“Never fails.” He laughed as he took a seat next to you. “Why don’t you see what’s up with him?”

“Why can’t you?” You whined, changing the channel to regular television.

“He don’t like me, and I don’t like him, obviously You do.” Sam nudged your back lightly with his foot, trying to push you off of the couch. “You’ll cheer him up.”

Sam knew about your slight liking for Bucky, finding him interesting and quiet. You were intrigued with him. He made you feel tingly and giddy, even though the two of you never really had interaction with each other. This is one reason why Sam didn’t like Bucky too fondly.

Groaning, you got up from your seat of the couch. “You’re so caring about your best friend, I love it.” You winked.

You walked over to the kitchen to meet Bucky as he poured a glass of a shake he was making. You felt bad for him ever since he moved into the tower, courtesy of Steve. He was quiet, only lively around his best friend but made conversation here and there. You never really talked to him because you wouldn’t want to disturb him, nor he would want to disturb you. He was unusually quiet.

“Hey, Bucky.” You smiled, leaning on the counter opposite of him. “What’re you making?”

You were never really the best with making conversation with anyone, but if it was with someone like Bucky, you were an expert, being the only one to get words out since he never really said anything but a sentence.

Expecting an answer from him, instead he showed you the now empty glass of the blender, putting it away in the sink. Yes, I know exactly what that means. Good talk.

“Okay…” You laughed. “You seem mad. Wanna tell me why?” You asked, using upper body strength, you lifted yourself up to sit on the counter as he prepared a sandwich.

“Dunno.” He sighed, shrugging as he looked down to prepare his meal.

“Alright…Hey, wanna go to SoHo with me today? We can go shopping?” You offered. 

“No thank you.”

“Really? You can even hold my bags?” You laughed. “We can steal Stark’s credit card.” You wiggled your eyebrows at him, watching as he made his sandwich. You caught a glimpse of a slight side smile he gave you, just a very small one but it was there.

“I appreciate the offer, Y/N, but it’s best if you left me alone.” Was the only thing he said before walking away to his room.

You watched as he walked away, disappearing into the hall. Groaning out, you lay on the countertop. He’s so confusing.

“Any luck?” Sam came in to join you.

“Nope. Not even a reason why.”

“Maybe you should give the guy some space - I don’t know. I don’t know how to deal with you women and these things, but-”
Sam wasn’t the best at advice, which made you laugh.

“I will try to crack a smile on Bucky Barnes.” You groaned, slipping off of the table and into your room.

And so that’s how it started. Throughout the day, you tried to cheer up the soldier by cracking jokes, making funny faces, sending him memes - only to have him leave you on ‘read at 4:57 p.m’.

You sighed on your balcony, looking at the people of New York from your view of the tower. This is when you wondered things. Is Bucky allergic to peanuts? Does he have allergies? What goes through his mind all day? Does he like flowers?


Maybe the way to cheer the former Winter Soldier, ex assassin, current Avenger was to simply just give him flowers.

You smiled down at the small flower shop at the corner of the sidewalk. Pulling the door open from your room, you walked to the elevator doors, telling F.R.I.D.A.Y that you wanted to go to the main hall. She did so, dropping you off at the right section.

You walked out the glass doors of the tower, approaching the lady by the flower shop. Walking inside, you were greeted with the fresh smell of organics, smelling the familiar scent of what smelled like Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, those stores.

Admiring the flowers plastered along the walls, the owner walked up to you, asking for what you’d like.

“Uhm..See, I’m trying to cheer up this friend of mine.” You smiled, holding your money out to the lady.

“I know just the thing.” She smiled back, grabbing a few strings of twine and numerous flowers.

After a minute or so of waiting, the lady brought you a small bouquet of white tulips mixed in with small wax flowers. You smiled as she brought them to you, admiring how beautiful they were in your hand. The flowers were simple, not overwhelming you too much as there were six large lilies clustered with the wax flowers.

“Thank you so much, ma’am.” You thanked her, paying your fee. Walking out, you made you way back into the tower. Stepping into the elevator again, you waited before F.R.I.D.A.Y notified you that you were on the 57th floor.

You took this time to google what the flowers meant, scanning through the number of flower website there were. Once you got to your floor, you smiled as you held the flowers up to Sam who was still in the living room, silently muttering a ‘what the hell.’

Skipping along the path of everyone’s quarters, you knocked on Bucky’s door at the end of the hall. You made sure to hide the flowers behind the wall with one of your hands, awkwardly holding them in the air to hide them from his view.

Leaning along the frame of the door, Bucky answered, only dressed in a black workout tank top with sweats. You gave him a bright smile.

“Hi?” He said, sounding more like a question.

“Bucky, ma maaan.” You leaned more awkward now, as he noticed your arm held to the right.

“Is your arm alright?” He sighed, not looking amused at all.

You frowned. “Course it is..” You said. “Hey, are you still having a bad day?”

Bucky sighed. “I was never having a bad day, Y/N. You’re just wasting your time. Go aw-“

“Surprise!” You said, now holding the flowers to his view as you smiled. His eyes widened at the sudden surprise interruption from you.

“What’s th-“

“Stopped by that flower shop down the street. Thought of you while I was there.” You explained, pulling out your phone. “Look, you were having a bad day so I was like ‘hey why not get Bucky some flowers?’ so here I am now. Please accept them. They cost $20. - I even googled what the flowers meant.” You laughed.

Alriiight. Okay so Tulips stand for royalty and a regal nature, wax flowers are just for riches, I don’t know. - and Tulips again, let’s see…” You scrolled through your screenshots. “Undying and passionate love and I thought of yo - ohh…”

Bucky now gently took the flowers in your hands, the blush on his cheeks now very evident. “Thought of me?” He smirked.

“Yeah, sorry I didn’t really…You know, read through the descriptions.” You laughed nervously, until you saw the slight smirk/smile on the man’s face in front of you. Your heart nearly skipped.

“I uh, really appreciate it.” He said, holding the flowers and tipping them towards you. A smile crept on his face now. “Thank you, you know. For thinking of me.”

“No problem.” You rocked on your feet and smiled. “You know, a smile looks good on you. You should really wear it out often.”

“I only smile when good things happen to me, you know. Things like you, so..” He shrugged.

You were starstruck by now. Normally you’d be blabbering on, but Bucky Barnes just had that effect on you.

Before turning away, Bucky stopped you by lightly holding onto your wrist. “Hey, I’m sorry for acting like such an ass earlier. Something came up which caused me to cancel some plans I had for the evening.” He explained.

“Oh, It’s no problem. And I’m also sorry for getting into your business. I’m just, you know. Nosey sometimes.” You smiled.

“Not an issue.” He smirked now. “Hey, I should really repay you for giving me these.”

“You really shouldn’t.” You laughed out. “They’re a gift for you.”

“Not just that, but for being so closed earlier.” He walked into his bedroom to set the flowers on the table. “Normally a guy would do that for a girl, but how about I buy you some flowers tonight, and we can go shopping down in SoHo?” He repeated your offer from earlier, a blush now evident on your face.

“That’s amazing!” You smiled. “Yes-sure. Of course. I’ll go and get ready.”

“I’ll even hold your bags for you.” He smiled.

“A date it is.“

Giggles- Frank Iero smut

I would like to mention, this isn’t my best one. Thank you for requesting!

Also would like to say I didn’t mention very much bodily parts in this particular once, just because of the context of the request! Thank you for reading, guys

You and Frank had been dating for about a year now, but you haven’t exactly been on a date in a while, and that’s exactly what frank was thinking. “Y/N, Do you maybe want to go out tonight? I made reservations for this really fancy restaurant down the street.” He walks into the living room with confidence. “Yeah, of course. What time?” You ask, closing your book, and smiling. “Around six-ish, babe.” He replies, “Wear something fancy.” He winks, and disappears into the basement once again. “Something fancy, huh?” I you cock an eyebrow, and look down at your shorts and a t-shirt. You sigh loudly and drag your feet into the bathroom, deciding to shower.
You step out of the shower, the humidity of the room creating a fog in the air, and condensation on the mirrors. Quickly, you grab your towel and dry yourself off, and wrap it around your body, grabbing another for your hair, bending over slightly to wrap it up turban style. You quickly grab your tooth brush from the medicine cabinet, and spread toothpaste across the bristles.
Your breath was minty fresh, you unlocked the door, and slipped into your bedroom, and opened the closet door. After a great amount of force applied on it, the door creaked open. You dive in, pulling dress, after dress, after dress out of your closet, until you had found the perfect one. It was about knee length, and red…usually you would never go for something so form fitting, but it felt appropriate for tonight.
You quickly applied makeup, and brushed through your hair, tugging through snarls. You blow dry your hair, and style it. You turn to look at yourself in the mirror. “I’ve never looked this good…” You mumble as you scramble to find some shoes.
Six came around agonizingly slow, but when it swung around the corner, Frank helped you outside, and into the passenger seat of his car. The car ride was short lived, as the restaurant was not even a mile away, but you would rather not walk down the street in the freezing cold of winter.
You climb out of the car, and walk to the doors of the building. Frank opens the door for you. “You’re such a dork.” You giggle at him, and shuffle through the door, kicking snow off your black pumps. “Reservation for Iero.” Frank says to the small man at the podium, as he snakes his arm around your waist, pulling you closer. Without a word the man stomps from behind the podium, signaling you to follow him down the isle. He stops abruptly, and both you and Frank nearly rear him, as you were breath taken by the scenery of fairy lights, and greenery.
You sat down at the table, after Frank had pulled your chair out. He was acting like a gentleman today, and it wasn’t… abnormal, but it defiantly is weird. You giggle once again at him, as he shuffles his way to his own seat. You grab the menu, and scan it, after a while you decided to just get a Caesar salad.
After your food came, you took your first bite, and even as it was just a salad, flavor bursted inside your mouth, making you crave even more.
Frank smiled seeing you eat as much as you had, and looked at your empty bowl. “You were hungry, glad I took you out.” He laughs. “Thank you Frankie.” You grin widely.
Frank insisted he paid, so you gladly accepted.
He helped out at of your chair, and back out to his car after he paid. The car ride was swift, just as the last time. You made your way back home, and found your keys inside your purse, and got out of the door for you to unlock the door.
How could you ever repay Frank?
You manage to unlock the door, and the first thing you do when you walk into your warm house, is kick off those killer heels and walk straight to your room, without a word to Frank. “Babe?” He asks, peering around the corner.
“Yeah?” You whisper.
“I love you.” He smiles cheerfully back.
“I love you too…” You reply, as he sits next to you in the dark room. “Thank you, Frankie, for taking me out.” You giggle and peck his lips, quickly and make an attempt to move away, but he catches your neck in his hand, keeping your face centimeters away from his, you could feel his breath on your face. He leaned in, and connected his lips with yours once again. You did nothing but kiss, no exaggerated movements at all, until Frank decided to bring you closer. Your hands automatically reach towards his button up he wore to the restaurant.
Frank slid his hands down, holding you at your waist. “Frank stop, it tickles.” You giggle, pulling away from his kiss. He just smiles back at you, as you push him down on your bed, straddling his waist. He presses his lips to yours again, all while you work on undoing the little white buttons on his shirt. You pushed his shirt off his shoulders, making him do the rest by shaking it awkwardly off his arms. “God damn it Y/N I can’t get it off!” Frank laughs. “You’re a dork.” You reply, and pull it off his flailing arms, and chuck it on the floor. You both chuckle quietly.
Frank’s fingertips trail themselves up and down your back, slow, too slow for you to handle. He stops at the zipper on your dress, and he slowly unzips it, separating the material, and pulling the sleeves down your arms, and the entire skirt, up and over your head. “Oh my God.” Frank breathes. This was the first time that you had slept with Frank, and the overall experience so far, was embarrassing and exciting all the same.
You blush, and look down. “Y/N you’re stunning.” Frank giggles, grazing his hands up and down your curves. “No.” You say, dragging out the vowel sound. “I love you.”
As if being nearly naked in front of your boyfriend was awkward enough, you could feel him through his pants, poking at you.
You lean down, and press your lips to the scorpion tattoo on his neck, trailing down to his collar bone. Franks stomach rises and falls quickly as a giggle escapes his lips. “That tickles, Y/N.” “Good.” You answer, laughing back. You unbuckle his belt, and pull it off, setting it down on the floor next to the bed.
Layer by layer everything fell off your bodies, until you both were left completely naked in front of each other. You and Frank had switched positions, he was now hovering above you.
Frank pushes into you. You breathe in sharply. “Damn it Frank.” You scrunch your face up. He laughs at you. “You’re cute.”
He pushes all the way in, leaving you with the weirdest and most pleasurable sensation ever. You wrap your arms around his neck, holding your head back. “You like that?” Frank asks awkwardly, and you literally laugh out loud, from his attempt to talk dirty. “Frank just shut up and kiss me.” You giggle. You both meet in the middle, and his lips travel down the front of your neck.
You squeal loudly, as Frank picks up his pace, almost rolling your eyes back at the pleasure you were feeling. You look up at him, he had his mouth open, eyes shut, and he let out a moan from deep in his throat. How can he go from the most adorable thing ever to this? You think to yourself. A tight feeling was growing in the pit of your stomach as you climbed your way to a climax, you were inching closer and closer, as Frank hit your g-spot over, and over and over again.
You hang on to frank for dear life as you climax around him, clenching your walls. This sent him over the edge, picking up the pace bit by bit until he finally pulled out and released.
He collapses next to you. “That. Was. Amazing.” He says, trying to catch his breath. “It better have been, because it was with me.” You tease. “Shut up Y/N” He chuckles. “I love you, Frank.” “I love you too, Y/N.”
You cuddle into him, resting your head on his chest, nuzzling into his neck. His chest rose and fell as you fell asleep listening intently to the pound of his heart.

Kuro Fes! - Hayama Kotarou's Profile

For nucleardesolation and the anon who just asked me for it, since it appears no one translated Hayama’s profile yet after all. Again, this is just the basic profile and not the whole page.

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disaster date

Plot: Nat has been setting you up with people for ages and nothing quite clicks. This time she promises to be different. Boy was she right.

First half inspired 100% by this song 

Warnings: Language, extreme fluff, innuendo

A/N: It’s not Shakespeare but here’s the first part of my song series.

  Have a song suggestion or request?

“Come on Y/N, Just go out with him!” Natasha pleaded. “If it’s bad I’ll come get you. Promise.”

You stared at her like she had grown a second head. “Nat, the last three dates you have set me up on have been disasters. And not like regular bad dates. One of them was literally evil.”

“Hey! That  wasn’t entirely my fault. We still hadn’t flushed HYDRA out of S.H.I.E.L.D. How was I supposed to know he was a double agent?”

Again your look was less than courteous.

“Maybe because you’re the best spy in the world? You know, with the ability to hack files to check up on the random people you are setting your best friend up with.”

“Alright. I’m sorry, but this guy is actually pretty normal. Plus, it’s just coffee. Please?” She turned on her best puppy eyes.

“Ugh. Fine.” You said, throwing your hands in the air. “What am I wearing?”

After an hour of trying on clothes you ended up in jeans and a sweater to combat the chill in the air. Nat french braided your hair and you left your make up light and natural.

You made your way in to the shop and waited for your date to show up.  Natasha had given you a pretty detailed description of Adam and you scanned the faces in the shop. Not here yet. You ordered a french vanilla cappuccino and sat at a table near the window.  As the time ticked by you pulled out your phone and started typing out a message to Natasha.

This guy isn’t here yet?

You phone chimed a moment later.


Yeah. He’s got three minutes before I leave. >:(

Two minutes later a tall, dark haired man entered and started looking around. His green eyes locked with yours and you stood up to properly introduce yourself.

“Hi, I’m Y/N. You must be Adam.”

“Yeah, Hi.” He scratched the back of his neck nervously. “Natasha told you this was a date, right?”

“Um, yeah…” You trailed off, confusion coloring your tone.

“You just don’t look like you’re on a date. Shouldn’t you be dressed nicer?”

Oh Natasha was going to get it. This guy shows up 20 minutes late and has the nerve to comment on what you’re wearing. What a tool. You rolled your eyes and sat down at the table.

“Well, that’s not very lady like” He said.

This was not going well. You sent another text to Nat hoping for help, an emergency phone call, an important team meeting, a giant alien army invading, literally any excuse to get out of this.

She texted you back quickly.

No problem your help will be there in about five minutes. ;)

Adam continued to chatter as you gazed out the window, looking for your escape.

“You know, I thought going out with an Avenger would be more intimidating. I mean, a female superhero? That’s absolutely insane! At least Black Widow had the sense to do something normal for a while. What do you think she did as Tony Stark’s ‘assistant'” The intent of his words were clear. Natasha would have killed him on the spot if she would have heard him.

You stood up quickly, coffee cup swaying in your haste.

“ What?” He asked, clearly seeing how offended you were.

“Thank you for your time but-” You started.

“Oh your just going to leave? You don’t even know if you like me yet.” He said.

A motorcycle squealed into the parking space in front of the coffee shop. You saw Bucky put down the kickstand and swing his leg over the seat. Thank God.

“Look, I was going to try to be nice about this but I’m already tired of wasting my time. Say what you want about me, but Natasha is my best friend and if you ever so much as mention her name again I won’t hesitate to black your eye.” Bucky walked through the door and scanned the room for you. When you locked eyes you turned back to the man cowering in his seat. “Now, as it turns out, my ride is here. I’ll give you a pass this once. And maybe the next time you take a girl out you’ll be more of a gentleman.” Bucky’s hand landed softly on your shoulder.

“Everything okay here?” He asked.

“Yeah. I’m ready to go.”

You turned to leave when the man whispered “stuck up bitch” under his breath, You decided to ignore him and just leave. That was until you made it to the bike and Bucky wasn’t behind you. You looked around for him and spotted him through the window of the shop. He had his metal arm holding Adam to his seat and an intense look on his face as he spoke words you couldn’t hear. Adam was pale, his eyes wide. Bucky leaned in for a fraction of a second and then turned and walked out.

“What was that about?” You asked as he straddled the bike.

“Oh that, it was nothing. Just explaining how to treat a lady.” He said casually as he kicked the bike to life.

“Oh”  You smiled and you situated yourself behind him.

“You know, I don’t understand why you go out with these losers.”

“Nat keeps setting me up” You rolled your eyes.

Bucky just nodded.

After a few minutes on the bike you realized you weren’t heading back to the tower.

“Where are we going?”

“To get lunch. My treat, that guy was a creep. You look like you could use a pick-me-up. How’s pizza sound?”

“Yes!” You said, genuinely excited for the first time all day.

The trip was just long enough for you to settle into the dip between Bucky’s shoulders. He smelled like leather and oil and you wished that you could bottle the way it mixed with his natural scent.

When he pulled up to the little pizza shop Bucky helped you off the bike and walked with you to a table near the window. A waitress came up smiling as she asked for your orders. You both ordered a slice of pizza and a drink and talked through most of your meal.

“I don’t know why I keep letting Nat set me up. I’d rather spend my time like this anyways.”

Bucky smiled at you and it was like the sun peaked out from behind the clouds.

“She just wants you to be happy.”

“I am happy, I don’t know why 'Miss Love-Is-For-Children’ is so worried about it. I’m tired of trying to fit into this mold they expect from me. Yes, I work with the Avengers. Yes, I showed up to our date in something other than my stealth suit. No, I’m not going to sit around while you bad mouth my best friend.” You put your head in your hands.

“Fuck them.”

“Excuse me?”

“Fuck them, you’re great. Beyond wonderful. If they can’t see it, they aren’t worth your time.”

You smiled at Bucky, how did he know exactly what you needed to hear?

“Thank you, Buck.”

Bucky grabbed your hand from across the table.

When dinner was finished you snuggled in to Bucky’s back and he sped off towards the tower. He held your hand as you walked into the living room. You flopped on to the sofa and started pulling off your boots.

Bucky crashed on to the couch next to you, you couldn’t help but notice the way he rested his arm on the cushions behind your back.

“So, do you want to watch a movie or something?” Bucky asked.

“Sure. You pick and I’ll make popcorn!”

You popped off the couch and bounded into the kitchen. You tossed a bag into the microwave and hunted down a bowl. “Do you want anything from the kitchen?” You yelled as as you poured the bag in to the bowl.

“A beer from the fridge would be nice.” he called back.

“You made your way in to the living room. “Already two steps ahead of you, Barnes.” You said as you laid out the snacks from the kitchen. “What are we watching?”

“Some scary movie about dolls or something.” He said absently.

You lightly smacked his arm. “James Barnes! You know I think dolls are creepy!”

“Want me to change it?”

“No, it’s fine. You’re just going to have to walk me to my room tonight.” You half joked.

Bucky pressed play on the remote and smiled as you pulled your hands up to your face. You watched the first 20 minutes of the movie through your fingers. Bucky’s arm settled comfortably around your shoulders and you found yourself snuggling in to his side. He took a sip of his beer and a drop of cold condensation rand down the bottle and fell on your face. You jumped and squeaked, Bucky’s hand reached around and wiped the drop off of your face.

“Sorry.” He said looking away from the screen long enough to smile at you.

Butterflies erupted in your stomach. Oh no.

You could barely pay attention to the movie pressed against Bucky’s side. His breathing was soft and relaxed and you felt yourself dozing off before the climax of the movie. Bucky paused the movie and softly shook your shoulder.

“Hey, Doll, wake up.” Your eyes fluttered. “Come on, honey. It’s time for bed.”

You stood up and Bucky walked you to your room. “Thank you. For tonight. For everything.”

“Anytime doll.” He leaned down and kissed your hair.

“Why did you do all this for me today?”

“I just wanted to show you how a lady should be treated. And I really Like you, Y/N.”

You leaned up in your toes and left a soft kiss on his lips. Bucky went stiff before placing his hand on your cheek. When you finally pulled away his face lit up in a breath taking smile.

You turned and walked in to your room.

letsnotsaygoodbyethistime-deact  asked:

Bellarke: Bellamy takes Octavia shopping for a homecoming dress, and Clarke is the salesperson who helps them? Hope it's ok, i'm terrible at coming with prompts :)

Of course! This is a very fun prompt, thank you so much for it! 

“This one’s pretty! Right, Bell?”

Bellamy turned away from the rack of sparkling dresses with price tags way to high for him to even consider looking at, and turned toward Octavia. The dress she was holding was pretty, the fabric vibrant and glossy, a bright purple that would contrast her skin in a way he was sure would make her look even more beautiful than she already always did, but his eyes couldn’t help but flash toward the price tag.

“It’s really pretty,” he agreed. Bellamy pushed a smile onto his face, feeling a sense of elation at the huge smile she shot back, but his heart clenched at the thought of having to break it to her that he most likely couldn’t actually afford the thing.

“I won’t commit yet, of course,” she replied, pushing a lock of hair behind her ear with a small shrug. “I’ll have to try a few more things on.”

“That dress is lovely,” came a voice from behind the rack, “but everyone is doing it this season. I’m sure I can find you something as unique as you are.”

The girl finally stepped into view, an overly exuberant smiled stretched across her face and a badge hanging from a lanyard around her neck. She was short, already evident from how easily she had slipped behind the rack unnoticed, with curls of blonde locks running down her back.

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