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Harry Hook - Best Friend

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Requested By: Anon and @starwarsphantomlover

Request: Jealous Harry.

Authors Note: To the Anon that requested it end in fluff, I hope you’re okay with the ending! It’s not all that fluffy, but it’s all I could come up with, especially with putting two similar requests together! But I still hope you enjoy! Also, I’m very aware that the ending of this is kind of rushed and I apologize!


“Thank you SO much Gil! I really appreciate you taking over my shift!” You exclaimed, your hand reaching out and taking your friends hand as you made your way off the lower part of the dock.

“No problem, Y/N!” He smiled, his voice so full of enthusiasm that it sounded as though he was going to burst. “You’ve been put on watch every night this past week. I think you could use a break.”

You laughed, your shoulders bouncing in a ‘what can you do’ type shrug before slouching in acknowledgement. “Well, I guess that’s what happens when you start a fight with Uma.” 

Gil let out a giant laugh, his eyes lighting up in childlike innocence before nudging you in the side.

“Yeah, I guess.” He agreed, quickly taking his sword out of his belt and laying it on his chair. “But you better be careful. She might try to throw you overboard next time, and I don’t think Harry would be able to stop her.”

You rolled your eyes playfully, the image of Harry even trying to stand up to Uma roaming your mind and making you laugh. 

“Harry would let Uma throw me overboard without a second thought.” You joked, not once meaning your words, but knowing that Gil would find them hilarious. 

Gil let out a small giggle, his shoulder nudging yours once again as he led you back into Ursulas Fish and Chips and toward your dorm. 

“Anyway, thanks again, Gil! I really do appreciate this!” You proclaimed, your arms wrapping around Gils’ waist in a friendly hug. “I promise I’ll pay you back somehow.” You playfully winked, the joking nature of your friendship with Gil as innocent as it was flirty. 

“With what? Candy? Popcorn? Candy AND popcorn?” 

“All of it you can eat.” You replied, a small laugh escaping your lips before gently pulling away from him and making your way into your room.

You let out an exhausted sigh, the air heavy against your skin as it warmed you from the cold wetness of the dock. Breathing in deeply, you removed your belt and walked towards your drawer, your hands reaching down and removing you shirt as you prepared to change out of your ‘watch’ clothes. 

Then, suddenly and without any type of warning, a loud bang rang through your room, the sound catching you off guard and making you stop in your tracks. Lifting your shirt so that it covered your barley covered chest, you reached down and grabbed your sword, immedietly pointing towards the entrance and at whoever dared to barge into your room without a reason. That’s when you saw your best friend Harry standing at your door, his eyes staring straight into yours as he completely disregarded the fact that he had walked in on you in a personal state. 

“What the hell, Harry!? I could have killed you!” You shreiked, immedietly throwing down your sword and putting on your shirt.

“C’mon, love. You and I both know that that would never happen.” He slurred, his accent thick and rich in your ears as he made his way inside and shut the door behind him.

You rolled your eyes, quickly making your way over to your bed in order to take off your shoes. 

“Yeah, whatever. What are you doing here?” 

Harry breathed in deeply before making his way closer to you, his eyes showing an intense amount of anger that you weren’t used to seeing from him. 

“What’s your problem?” You questioned, a light giggle leaving your lips as you assumed he came to rant about something Uma made him do.

Harry cocked his head to the side, his lips curling into a playful smile as he stood mere inches from you. 

“Are you and Gil dating now?” He questioned, anger and sarcasm heavy on his voice as his darlky outlined eyes bored straight into yours. 

“No.” You laughed, immedietly pushing him out of your way and heading to your closet to put away your shoes. 

You had never even considered the idea of you and Gil dating, and you didn’t understand why anyone else would either. Gil was one of your best friends, and you did seem to playfully flirt with him a lot, but still. Everyone on the Isle knew that you’ve had a thing for Harry for years now. You were in love with him and it was completely obvious.

To everyone but Harry, that is.

“Really?” Harry suddenly continued to question, the glare from his hook bouncing off the wall and shining into your eyes as he made his way over to you. “Then what’s with all the hugging, huh? And the flirty comments?” He asked, leaning against the wall beside you. “I saw you just now, and people don’t talk like that with people that are just friends.”

“Then you obviously don’t have very many friends, do ya stud?” You joked, a small shrug leaving your shoulders as you heard him give you an angry sigh. “I don’t know what you want me to say, Harry. Gil and I aren’t dating.” You continued, not understanding why he would care so much about it in the first place. “Besides, why is it any of your business who I date?”

Harry looked at you in disbelief, his eyebrows furrowed in a strange mixture of shock and anger before he leaned away from the wall and hovered over you.

“Damn, Y/N. Are you really that blind?” He seethed, his voice so full of venom that you felt as though you’d been bitten.

“Hey, back off.” You demanded, completely confused as to what had made Harry so mad at you all of a sudden. You and Harry had had plenty of fights during your friendship, but he had never been angry at you. Not like this. 

But the fact that he was angry at you wasn’t even the problem. It was what he was angry about. He had no reason to question you about your completely non-romantic relationship with Gil, and if anyone had a right to be mad, it was you for his complete inability to see that the only person you wanted to date was standing right in front of you.

“What the hell’s your problem, Harry? Why are you questioning me all of a sudden?” You asked, quickly walking over to him and poking him in the chest. “Besides, you may be my best friend, but you don’t have the right to get angry with me about something as personal as dating. That’s none of your business.”

“Best friend? Just…seriously, Y/N? Don’t you see that that’s the problem!” He scoffed, his eyes becoming glassy as his anger turned into disbelief.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” You asked, confusion filling your face as you questioned why your friendship was suddenly a problem for him.

“Because…” He started loudly, his voice fading to a whisper as he realized what he was about to say. “Because I just…” He continued, not being able to find the right words as his eyes traveled across your confused stricken face. “Oh, screw it.” He breathed, his hands suddenly reaching out and bringing his face towards yours.

Letting out a surprised squeal, you couldn’t help the shock that crossed your face as Harry’s lips connected with yours. You were frozen for a moment, your eyes wide open and looking into space before you finally gave in and kissed him back.

The kiss was slow at first, the deep flavor of sweat and saltwater heavy on your tongue as you pulled him closer to you. Harry pressed against you softly, his hands quickly leaving your face and wrapping around your waist as he lightly dug his hook into your lower back.

Giving you a relieved sigh, Harry removed his hook from behind your back and pressed you against the wall, his hot tongue immedietely making its way towards your lips as your nails ran diligently down his sides.

Letting out a gasp, you pulled away, the need for air becoming too strong as your mind tried to register what exactly was going on. 

“I…I um…” You started, your speech completely gone as you tried to figure out what to say.  “I..I -”

“That,” Harry interrupted, his face mere inches from yours as he continued to press against you. “That’s why I wanted to know.”

Protection (Gaston Imagine)

Request:  Could you do a Gaston one where the reader is being teased and every time it happens he comes to her rescue until he finally admits he loves her?- @lunarwolfspn

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Something weird was going on. Every time something bad was happening to you Gaston would suddenly appear and ‘save’ you. It has happened a couple of times now and it was starting to get old.

First Time

The first time wasn’t to bad just a couple of girls being rude like always.

“Look at her dress. It looks so hideous.” One of the bimbettes laughed and pointed at your (f/c) dress. The other two looked at you and started laughing as well.

“It looks like it was made by a child.” The shortest one elbowed the tallest one as she giggled. “Can you believe she left the house wearing that?” The last cackled.

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Eight (Daveed Diggs x Reader)

AN: I fucked myself up writing this lmao

Warnings: smut

Request: Anonymous- Are you still doing requests? Cause I would like to request a Daveed Diggs x female reader where it’s the reader’s birthday and he gives her a (sexy) gift? Thanks 😊

Word Count: 2,375


“Good morning,” Daveed murmured, his voice thick with sleep. You groaned quietly and turned your head in his direction, keeping your eyes closed.

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Obsession {Part 2}

Writer- @myhellyourstories

Requested- Anonymous

Request- Hello!! Can I please request a Harry Hook imagine with a female reader as Mal’s younger sister who Harry has an obsession with and he just loves her but she doesn’t like him back and he maybe kidnaps her? Anything you want in the story though! Thank you!!

Disclaimer- I do not own any of the Descendants characters, all credit goes to the creator and producers of Disney’s Descendants. All I own is my story.


Pairing- Harry Hook x Fem! Reader

Summary- Mal’s plan doesn’t work out very well, (Y/N)’s and Harry’s past is revealed.

Warning(s)- Kidnapping, Cursing, Hating Uma, Talking about abuse.

Words- 2178

A/N- I’ve decided to make a part 3 or maybe even a miniseries, idk which one yet.

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💖 Preferences #4: How they react when you’re resurrected [Requested] 💖

                           💖 How they react when you’re resurrected 💖

                                   💕(requested) - happy readings babes💕   

Jon Snow: Jon Snow would be a rollercoaster of emotions. He would be relieved and ecstatic that you’re alive, and he hugs you, refusing to let you go. He’s constantly whispering apologies in your ear, as he still feels guilty about not being being able to protect you, despite you reminding him that it’s not his fault. He tells you how distraught he was when you died, and how promises to never let you go again. The two of you cuddle by the fire, and talk about all the things you’ll do together once you’re fully healed. He doesn’t let you out of sight for weeks on end, until he’s gotten over his shock and anxiety of losing you, and once he does he makes sure to spend more time with you, as he’s now paranoid about losing you again.

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Robb Stark: Robb Stark would be absolutely overwhelmed with relief. He holds you close and buries his face in the crook of your neck, as if to make sure you’re really alive and not just a fragment of his imagination. He hugs you for the longest time, and strokes your hair and constantly whispers, “I love you” in your ear. When he has to complete his duties as King in the North, he makes sure to check on you every few hours, just to make sure you’re feeling okay, before kissing you and promising he’ll be back soon. He’s constantly showering you in affection, placing kisses on your forehead and cheek, and makes sure you’re always by his side once you’ve healed, whether it be a ride in the woods or a small council meeting, even if it’s to his bannermen’s dismay. He loves to make you feel happy, following the incident, and loves to bring you small things like flowers just to make you smile.

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Jaime Lannister: Jaime would be thankful that you’re alive again. He’s kisses your forehead or cheek, and refuses to let you get up from your bed until you’ve fully healed, and stays and cares for you as best as he can, with some help from the maester. He’s constantly asking questions such as, “Are you comfortable?”, or “Are you thirsty?”, and “Are you sure?”, until you laugh and reassure him that you’re fine. He sometimes blurts things out like “I love you”, or “Thank you for coming back to me”, before looking away slightly blushing and embarrassed. Once you’ve fully healed he’s makes sure you’re always with him, and when he can’t be by your side he makes sure to double the guard around you, as he’s worried about losing you again.

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Khal Drogo: Khal Drogo would be ecstatic and eager to have you back by his side once more, despite his khalasar’s fear and anxiety, as they believe your resurrection to be blood magic - which is forbidden within the Dothraki. He punishes anybody that spread any ill-word about you after you’re resurrected, especially those calling you a witch or a bloodmage, and refuses to let you out of his sight, and is constantly showering you in affection, placing sloppy kisses on your forehead, stroking your hair, whispering “Moon of my life” into your ear as you’re hugging/sleeping, or even surprising you with new jewellry and a new Dothraki leather vest as small gifts, just to make you feel valued and loved, trying to make you forget about your helpless incident.

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Petyr Baelish: Petyr Baelish is shocked and content. Losing you took a huge toll on him as you were the only true love he ever had, so having you resurrected and come back to life was a shock to him. Firstly, he was shocked at what had even happened, as his whole life he had always thought magic and resurrection were simply made up tales, but once he realised you really were alive once more, he was astonished. He cares for you himself for days on end until you’ve fully healed, and refuses to let anyone see you apart from immediate family. He’s constantly spoiling you - having maids bring you food to your chambers to break your fast, or having baths run for you every morning and evening, or simply cuddling with you and stroking your hair, kissing your forehead, whispering things in your ear to comfort you. Although he’s not used to these emotions, he tries his best to make you feel happy and loved, trying to make the horrible memories of your death to go away, and go back to a healthy, stable relationship.

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Tormund Giantsbane: Tormund is startled. Your death had hit him hard, and when you are resurrected and alive again, he’s very loving and sweet, trying to make you laugh as you’re still in bed healing. He’s constantly cracking jokes and doing stupid stuff just to make you giggle, and loves to tickle you when you’re hugging, and enjoys placing sloppy kisses on your forehead once you’re asleep. He’s always asking the maester about you and your condition, and when the maester doesn’t have a sure answer he quickly loses his temper, threatening the maester that he’ll die if he doesn’t make sure you heal fully, before you have to calm him down and reassure him that you just need to rest. When he calms down, his attention is back on you, and he’s still floating round your chambers trying to think of new ways to make you smile.

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Sandor Clegane: Sandor Clegane is perplexed, and slightly anxious. Your death was hard on him, especially as he blamed himself the most for not being able to protect you, so he’s slightly anxious that you’ll resent him, or if you’ll reject him now that you’ve been resurrected. He’s completely relieved, however, when he finally sees you again. He holds you close, and you reassure him that it wasn’t his fault as he mutters apologies in your ear, before standing up straight and barking orders at every maester in the room to help you, and glares at anyone who looks useless. He makes sure to always stay in your chambers, as he feels that you’re safe when he’s with you, and is refuses to leave your side, even when the maesters ask him to step outside when you need rest. He sits by your side as you sleep, watching over you, thankful that you’re alive.

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Jorah Mormont: Jorah is absolutely dumbfounded. He’s an emotional wreck after your death, and once you’re alive once more, he doesn’t let you out of his grip for minutes on end, constantly mumbling sweet things like “I love you”, or “I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you” and “Thank you for coming back, never leave me again”, and swears that you’ll never come to any harm ever again. He rarely even leaves your chambers as you’re healing, and takes refuge by a chair next to your bed, and holds your hand in his, constantly trying to comfort you, and asking for things he could do to make you feel better. Once you’ve fallen asleep he likes to kiss either the back of your hand or your forehead, before falling asleep in his own chair beside you, dreaming of the life the two of you hope to have in the future.

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                               💖 Gifs aren’t mine - Credit to owners 💖

Behind Closed Doors
Donald Pierce/Reader

Words: ~ 3k 
Warnings: Smut, like so much smut, unprotected sex, swearing

Transigen. You didn’t know what that company actually did, they said cancer research, but something didn’t seem right.

You only worked in an office or had to get files from A to B, so you never got to see any actual patients.

But you had needed a job and this was a job that paid surprisingly (and suspiciously) well. To be honest, you would’ve taken anything, because you were two months behind on rent and just really needed the money.

You had only really talked to a few nurses and through some small talk you tried to get information out of them but they were tight lipped, but the look in their eyes told you all you needed to know.

Something was off. Big time.

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War P.2 - Winchester Sister

Warnings: Suicide, depression, pissed off reader, Sam and Dean being asshole of brothers, swearing.

Word count: 2,374 (what.)

Part 1

Okay so ya’ll wanted this so badly so I wrote it ASAP and here it is!

Glancing down at his phone as soon as it started ringing. Y/n’s name popping up at the screen as he shook his head, choosing to ignore his little sister’s call and tossing his phone in the back like it was useless until he heard her voice.

“Hey Dean, it’s your least favourite sister.” Rolling his eyes as he grumbled, at the current moment, she really was. She was silent for a moment, before taking in a deep breath she continued on. “I’m sorry.. It’s my fault, I know I’m a disappointment. I get that you hate me, and it’s okay, don’t worry. I hate me too. But you won’t have to worry about me anymore, okay? Take care of Sammy for me, just like you always do. Because he’s more important than anyone else, right?” Never in a million years has Dean Winchester ever heard his sister sound so vulnerable. And taking care of Sam? What was all this about? He already took care of both Sam and her. And him being more important? Sure, sometimes Dean needed brother to brother time because Sam was the only guy, but it didn’t mean he didn’t love his baby sister. “I love you Dean. No matter what. I’m sorry for everything.” And with that she hung up, hearing a small click as Dean furrowed his eyebrows. Confused at the voicemail she had just left. “Dammit Y/n.” Turning the car around, Dean started heading back to the bunker hoping to find her there.

“Y/n!” He yelled, walking into the bunker straight to her room and opening the door. “Listen, I-“ He stopped. She wasn’t even there. Maybe she was with Sam? Quickly walking down the hall, the door flung open, revealing Sam leaning on the doorway as he sighed. “Is she with you?” “No.” “Dammit! Where is she?” “She’s at the motel in town, I tracked her phone as soon as I got her voicemail.” Dean raised an eyebrow. “You got one too?” He nodded. “Show me.” Both of the hunters walked out to the library, Sam placing his phone on the table on speaker with her message.

“Hey Sammy..” It was silence until she sniffed and continued. “I’m sorry for everything.. You getting hurt because of me, it’s all my fault. I’m not worth it, I don’t know why you did it. Thank you for being my big brother, even when you weren’t there for me when I needed you, you were still my big brother. And I could never hate you. I’m sorry. I love you.” Sam’s eyes were glistening with tears as he furrowed his eyebrows, looking up to his older brother with concern. “What’s she talking about?” “I don’t know.” “Maybe she ran away?” “I don’t know Sammy. But we sure as hell are gonna find out.” “Alright.” Both men got up as Dean shook his head. “You’re staying here.” “Dean, she’s my sister too. I deserve just as much as you to go find her.” A sigh fell from Dean’s lips as he gave in. “Fine, but it’s your funeral.” He grumbled, turning to leave him in the room as he rushed to the steps and outside with Sam following behind. “She’s probably fine Dean.” “She better be.”

Both brothers quickly exited the Impala, rushing to the front entrance of the small Motel. “Hey, we’re looking for a girl? About, yea’ high?” Dean said, holding up his hand to around your height. “She’s our sister, E/c eyes, H/c hair, wearing a red flannel maybe?” Sam butted in, wanting desperately to find his little sister in hopes nothing bad has happened to her yet as the man raised an eyebrow. “Yeah, came in just about twenty five minutes ago, room twelve.” Dean ran off, leaving Sam to smile and mutter a quick ‘thank you’ to the man before rushing off along side him.

Both of them came to a halt, room twelve directly in front of them as Dean gently rapped his knuckles against the wooden door. “Y/n? Sweetheart you in there?” There was no response as Dean shrugged, looking up at Sam who had furrowed eyebrows. “Let me try.” He said, pushing his brother out of the way who dramatically threw his arms up in the air. “Y/n, it’s me, Sam.” Again, Sam also knocked on the door. With no response once more, Sam backed up. “Screw this.” Dean muttered, kicking at the door as it fell off its hinges to the floor. Both hunters rushed into the room, gun in hand as they skimmed the empty room. “Y/n?” “Dean..” Sam whispered, continuing to stare into the bathroom as Dean walked over. “What is it?” There. Laying in the bathtub was their baby sister.

“Y/n?..” He mumbled, quickly rushing over and picking her up out of the tub as he shook her limp body. “Y/n!” Tears were forming in his eyes as Sam ran his hand through his hair. “Sammy call an ambulance..” “Dean-“ “I said call an ambulance dammit!” Sam didn’t protest anymore, leaving the room and quickly calling for an ambulance like his brother requested. “Y/n sweetheart open those pretty eyes of yours for me..” He whispered, clutching her body close to his chest with tears starting to slowly run down his face as sirens were heard in the distance. Glancing around the room, looking for the cause of whatever happened. His eyes landing on a small prescription bottle of painkillers as Sam came rushing into the bathroom. “They’re here, c’mon.” Dean quickly stood up, lifting his sister in the process and rushing outside while medics swarmed them, taking her away as he started to panic, reaching out to try and hold her again until a female medic came in front of him. “Sir, sir. Please calm down. Can you tell me what the cause of this was?” There was no reply. He was too lost to speak, too broken to function. But yet, he managed to force the words off his lips. “Suicide.”

You were instantly rushed to the hospital, being sent to the emergency room right away while both brothers waited in the waiting room for any response of your health.

“It’s all my fault..” “Dean, it wasn’t your fault. We’ll talk to Y/n when she wakes up…” “I yelled at her Sammy. I told her she only slowed us down.. What kind of a brother does that make me?” “Punishing yourself isn’t going to get us anywhere Dean, Y/n wouldn’t want that.. If anything, it was both of our faults. We didn’t watch or pay attention to her like we should have.” After that, both brother’s sat in silence. Both weren’t ones for praying, but hell, did they pray.

“Winchester?” Both Sam and Dean’s heads looked up from where they were, instantly rushing over to the nurse. “How is she?” Sam asked, furrowing his eyebrows as Dean nodded while the nurse pursed her lips. “She’s in critical condition, we were able to revive her just in time, you boys are lucky you got to her in time.” “R-Revive her?” “As in.. She died?” The nurse nodded. “Died. Yes. She’s just in a coma right now, doctor doesn’t know when she’ll wake up, but he says to give her some time.” Can we see her?” “Of course.” She nodded, walking down the hallway with them trailing behind her as she came to a stop. “This is her room, be very cautious please.” Both of them nodded, with a smile the nurse opened the door for them. Seeing as the two brothers slowly stepped into the room, their breaths hitching in their throats at the sight. IV’s attacked to you, tubes down your throat as well as a heart monitor. “T-Thank you.” Sam mumbled, glancing back at the nurse who nodded. “Take your time.” She replied, closing the door quietly.

Dean dragged a chair over to beside her, gently taking her hand in his as he gently gave it a squeeze and kissed her knuckles. “Hey princess.” Sam followed after, sitting on the other side as he took her other hand. “Your big brother’s are here for you Y/n.”

Days went by, weeks went by. Just two an a half weeks, and Sam and Dean even dare to ever leave your side. Sam would sit there, reading to you. And Dean would talk about your favourite Tv show, and how how the nurses and doctors were and how he wished you could be there to see them yourself. “You know, it’s getting kinda boring without you around sweetheart. I mean, Sammy’s great and all. But, you know.” Dean chuckled bitterly, giving off a sad smile as he brushed the hair out of your face. Sam came walking back into the room, two cups of coffee in hand as he handed one to his older brother. “Anything yet?” He sighed shaking his head and taking the cup. “No, nothing.” “She’ll come around Dean, she’s strong.” “Yeah but that’s not the point Sam, we failed her. Not just to be there for her, but as her brothers.” Mid conversation, your eyes twitched, hearing the voice of Dean, was relieving. But, where was Sam? Forcing yourself to slowly open your eyes, you started at your two bickering brothers as you went to speak. Only for the breathing tube down your throat causing you to choke on it and gasp for air catching the attention of your two brothers. “Hey, Hey, Y/n, just calm down, relax. I promise you’ll be fine..” “We need some help in here!” Dean yelled, having a nurse run into the room and remove the tube from your throat, allowing air to fill your lungs as you sighed with relief. “Thank you..” You croaked, voice still hoarse from days without anything to drink. “Here,” Sam mumbled, grabbing a cup full of water and placing it to your lips as you wrapped your hands around the plastic and downed every last bit. Nodding your head for another thanks, your brothers stared at you with furrowed eyebrows and concern. “Y/n why- what happened?” Swallowing a small lump in your throat, you gazed down at your hands. Tears filling your eyes as Sam reached out to hold your hand. “Hey, it’s okay we’re not mad.. Just..” “Scared..” Dean muttered. “Yeah, scared. Just like Dean said. We’re scared for you.” Glancing up at your brothers you bit your bottom lip, enough to probably make it bleed. “Why would you care?” Dean furrowed his eyebrows “What- What do you mean ‘why would you care?’ You’re family, we love and care about you.” “Is that the only reason? Because I’m just your useless little sister?” Tears started slowly running down your face as Sam stood up sitting at the edge of your bed. “Hey.. No, who told you that?” “Nobody had to tell me for it to be obvious..” You mumbled softly, glancing back down at your hands just wanting to numb out the pain. “ “Listen, Y/n I know I’ve been kinda of a dick lately-“ “Lately? Dean you’re never there.” “What’re you talking about?” Busted. A sigh fell from your lips as you closed your eyes. “Y/n answer me.” Well, here goes nothing. “I just don’t feel wanted from the both of you, It’s always Sam and Dean, or Dean and Sam. You don’t let me on hunts, you don’t attend things I invite you too. You even skipped my birthday to go hunting.” Both boys mentally hit themselves. Did they actually forget their baby sister’s birthday? “This isn’t even the first time you’ve done it so don’t apologize.. And every time I ask for one thing I get blown off like I don’t matter, or interrupted in a conversation like I wasn’t even there and I’m so fucking tired of it!” By now, tears were streaming down your face, you were tired of it all. Of being treated like you were just a doll to be taken off the shelf when needed. “I listen to your problems all the time, that you two bet I don’t even have any myself. I light myself on fire for you and you just watch me burn like I was meant too. Well I’m not, okay? You think you know me so well that you can’t tell the difference if I’m happy or sad because I’m always wearing a mask just to make the two of you happy. And I’m tired, I’m done and I’m giving up. I can’t do this anymore..”

By now, the room was silent. Your brothers staring at you like you just revealed you were dying. And mentally, you were.

“Sweetheart I’m so sorry.. W-We never knew..” “Of course you didn’t.. You never asked.” Sam licked his lips and hung his head, it was as if someone had just kicked a puppy.

“Y/n I know there’s a war going on in your head..” He mumbled, gently reaching out to hold your hand. “And we’ve all been there, I promise. And I’m sorry Dean and I couldn’t have been there when the war started for you, but we’re here now, okay?” Dean nodded grabbing onto your other hand tightly. “Sammy’s right, I mean. We’ve been terrible brothers, we’ve failed you in every way possible. But let us make it up to you, let us in. Tell us what’s going on, and that war in your head that Sammy was talking about? We’ll help you. Because you’re our little sister, and we care about you so much sweetheart, and so far you’ve done an amazing job taking care of yourself.” Tears fell down into your lap as you slowly glanced up at them. Tears glazing their eyes as a small sad smile appeared on Sam’s face. “We’ll face this war together, okay?” Licking your lips, you slowly nodded your head. For the first time, you had two brothers who loved and wanted you. For the first time, you could speak your mind and not have to worry about it.

For the first time, you weren’t alone in this war. This war in your mind, isn’t everlasting. No. Because all wars, must come to an end.

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Omg!! You know that episode on Riverdale where Betty goes on that date with Trevor and Jughead gets all jelly!!!! what might happen if he went all extra!! I really wanna see a Drabble about itttt

hey love! sorry this took forever!!! Anyways it is here now and I hope you enjoy it. Jughead wasn’t overly extra in this one just because i feel like he’s introverted with his emotions. But anyway it is definitely a drabble and basically the missing scene after the date. :) 

Is this the beginning of our chapter?

Betty found herself letting out a small sigh of relief as her street came into view. It wasn’t that the date had been bad necessarily- Trev was a lovely guy- it had just felt strange. After garnering the information she had desired about Polly and Jason they had proceeded to share some fries and engage in medial chatter. And while it had been pleasant enough Betty found her mind just wasn’t quite focussed on the boy across from her. The conversation although, not bad was rather forced, each sentence disrupted by awkward silences and many apologies and asks for repetitions of questions on her part.

Betty did feel bad about her clear absence of presence throughout the duration of their date, unable to miss the disappointed sheen in Trev’s eyes after the fourth time she had spaced out. He was trying and genuinely nice and there she was falling into her subconscious. Once they had finished their fries rather than order more drinks Trev had offered to walk her home, evidently down trodden. Betty had agreed, having enough to sense to make an excuse about feeling sick and a distracted by the revelation about Polly. Trev had offered her a sympathetic look of understanding and insisted he didn’t mind.

She couldn’t help the flush that had ridden up on her cheeks then, feeling partially thankful it helped to sell her illness excuse, but mostly guilty and embarrassed about her lie. Because the truth was while she was feeling the sting of the truths revealed about her sister, the majority of Betty’s preoccupation had been with a certain raven haired, beanie wearing, and sardonic boy.

Jughead Jones.

Every time the door had chimed she found herself peering over her shoulder hoping to see him. And every time she did not her hope sunk and she instigated a barrage of berating comments at herself. She tried to convince herself it was because he always hung out here, but if she was being honest she knew it was because she had stupidly allowed herself to believe he had been jealous. His biting comments in the Blue and Gold earlier evoking a herd of butterflies to erupt in her stomach and a stupid grin to erupt on her face.  

“Well ah, goodnight,” Trev uttered, shifting his weight from foot to foot as they reached her drive way.

Betty called upon her ‘girl next door’ smile, shining it brightly in his direction while placing a delicate hand on his arm.

“Goodnight, thank you for tonight and for walking me home. Sorry I was a bit distant.”

“It’s fine Betty, I’ll see you at school,” he said, and Betty was both grateful for his manners and for the fact he didn’t try and push any physical embrace upon her.

Once the defeated boy had turned his back on her and started down the street again Betty allowed herself to let out a huff of frustration and scrub her hands over her face.  She found herself thanking god her parents were working late at the Register again, meaning she could avoid the sure fire round of questions her mother would shoot at her.

“I’m no expert on teenage social practices but can I safely assume that the fact you are home by 8:30pm means your date didn’t approach Nicholas Sparks’s territory?”

Betty startled at the drawling voice breaking through the night air. Her eyes widening as she turned in the direction of the Andrew’s house to find none other than Jughead seated on the porch steps.

“What’re you…” she began as he stood up, taking lazy steps toward her.

Jughead shrugged, feeling a tinge of embarrassment at his current situation. He hadn’t really meant to wait for her, he never wanted to be that guy. But he couldn’t deny the ugly shade of green that had tainted his being as soon as she had spoken the words “it’s a date” to another boy. And being the homeless social outcast that he was, Jughead wasn’t left with many other options that night while he had been avoiding Pop’s. So he had ended up at the Andrew’s using the guise of taking steps to repair his friendship with Archie while really just taking advantage of the location to see her.

“I was just leaving when you guys got here,” he easily lied, pushing down the bitter taste of it in his mouth because it was Betty he was lying to.

The blonde girl nodded, feeling her heart beat a little faster in her chest. She wondered if he had been waiting for her, and again found the word “jealous” clinging on to her desirous reaction from him. She quickly pushed that down though, fighting the blush along with it. It was strange to be feeling such things because of Jughead, but what was even stranger- she liked it.

“So was I right?” he pressed after a moment of silence. It wasn’t awkward, but the air held intensity previously unknown to them.

Betty titled her head in confusion, taking a moment to process the question while Jughead’s eyes scrutinised her.

“I’m sorry?”

“The date, was it good?” Jughead clarified, trying to keep his tone casual, despite the war of emotions raging within him; jealously, distain, hope, anxiety.

Betty bit down on her lip to fight the smile rising on her mouth. She had known Jughead long enough to know the difference between his natural casual, apathetic tone and his practiced one that he utilised to shield his true emotions. And even if she was still hazy on what those emotions could be and the butterflies reared again, making her body feel light and warm. Maybe she had been right.

“It wasn’t a date Juggie,” she whispered, soft and sweet like the pink shirt she wore. Except the words and her tone of voice didn’t feel practiced and deliberately employed like her shirt did.

Jughead let out a visible sigh of relief and Betty had the sudden urge to wrap her arms around his shoulders and lean into him. Her mind startled at that. They had always been close, but lately things between them felt different. Maybe it was because the world was no longer hidden beneath a rose coloured tint. Maybe it was because he was black and she was turning charcoal recently. Maybe it was because he was stead fast becoming her constant. Maybe it was because he had grown and his shoulders were broader, his smirk more charming, his eyes so blue…

Jughead rubbed the back of his neck-his nervous twitch- at his obvious show of feeling, suddenly experiencing an exposure he tried hard to shy away from. The monster in his chest settled as a moment of calm settled upon his being.

“Good,” he uttered quietly after a moment, offering her a boyish smirk, eyes peering up at her from beneath his lashes, head slightly bowed.

Betty couldn’t fight her smile any longer, the grin breaking across her face and her cheeks feeling tight with the force of it. Her eyes shone brightly and Jughead couldn’t bring himself to feel embarrassed any longer because any level of discomfort and openness was worth bringing out that smile. He was temporarily blinded by its radiance and it was a glow he would happily bask in forever.

“You weren’t jealous were you Jug?” Betty asked light and teasing.

Jughead rose his brows at her sardonically, his chest feeling lighter in her presence and her almost flirty demeanour making him feel slightly less intimidated by the question.

“Please Betty don’t flatter yourself,” he joked back, nudging her arm lightly. The blonde’s face fell at that and panic flashed in his expression, the dark haired boy stumbling over his words to right himself.

“Well goodnight then I guess,” Betty offered, dialect back to her usual politeness and the touch on his arm less intimate than her words had been moments ago.

Jughead mentally kicked himself. Because yeah he had been jealous as hell, he just hadn’t thought she had wanted him to be, or even would have registered it really.

Thankfully his mind caught up to the alarming situation with a plan of appeasement just before her feet could carry her through her front door.

“Hey Betts?” he called out and she stilled, key poised in the lock.

“Yeah?” Betty threw back not turning around.

Jughead took a deep breath.

“Say hypothetically I was jealous… What then?”

Her breath caught.

The tension in her shoulders deflated, her lip drew between her teeth began as her heart pounded against her rib cage.

“You’re the movie buff, come writer… you tell me,” Betty turned toward him now, a shy smile fighting its way back on her face.

Jughead watched her with appraising eyes, his own heart skipping a beat at the sight of the girl next door looking at him like he was a mystery she wanted to solve and inviting him to write their story.

And as she disappeared inside her house and the door clicked shut behind her, Jughead found himself thinking for the first time that maybe he had a shot with Betty Cooper after all.

heartbeat | l.h.

pairing: luke + reader

word count: 2007

summary: everyone can hear their soulmate’s heartbeat since they were born, but as long as you can remember, you couldn’t hear any heartbeat.

a/n: this writing is dedicated to maria, @lukesafallingstar


Someone was calling you at 3 AM.

At first, you had ignored the buzzing of your phone on the bedside table, turning over in your half-awake-half-asleep state. You assumed that it was a prank call or a call from a wrong number, but the person seemed to be adamant on making sure you would pick up, calling again after their first attempt had failed.

On the other hand, Calum and Luke was outside your door. The Maori boy was tipsy and exhausted, desperate for you to pick up.

Luke had been a handful the whole night, and no one didn’t bother to help Luke go home; either they were too wasted or just didn’t want to handle him.

“C’mon, pick up,” Calum muttered, tightening his grip on Luke’s shirt sleeve when he tried to pull away from Calum. The drunk boy made grabby hands at the elevator, whining about how he wanted to drink more. He pouted when Calum shook his head at him. Luke’s head was buzzing with alcohol, and he was unable to think clearly.

At the third attempt of the call, you gave up trying to ignore it. You realised that whoever was calling was just not going to stop no matter what, so you sat up, furrowing your eyebrows in frustration. You glanced at your dim phone screen, seeing that it was Calum who was calling.

“There’d better be a good reason as to why you’re calling me at 3 AM, or I’m kicking your ass,” you groaned as you answered the call, and you could hear Calum snickering from the other end.

“Why—” Your words died on your tongue as you heard someone that wasn’t Calum. More specifically, Luke. He said something incoherent from the other line, and your eyes widened at his voice.

“Is that—” “Yeah, that’s Luke, and we’re outside your door, so open up!” Calum interrupted you before you could finish your sentence. He abruptly ended the call, before bringing his hand up to knock at your apartment door. You got out of bed, lightly patting Petunia as you walked out of your bedroom to open the door. The moment you had opened it, you were greeted with the sight of Calum holding on to Luke’s sleeve tightly, with Luke whining.

Calum let go of Luke’s sleeve, gently pushing him in. He stumbled in, and you caught a hold of his arm before he could trip and fall. You let go of his arm, and he starts to carelessly pull off his shoes, weariness evident in his actions. Petunia ran over to him, and you saw his eyes light up. He sat himself down onto the floor, giving Petunia all the attention he could give.

Calum saw the fond smile on your face as you watched Luke hugging and patting Petunia.

“Right! Take care of him, will you?” He smirked, and you rolled your eyes at the expression that was on his face. For the past two weeks, he had been insisting that you and Luke were soulmates for sure, but you didn’t believe his words.

Everyone had a soulmate, and everyone was able to hear the heartbeat of their soulmate. When they do meet their other half, their special one, they wouldn’t be able to hear their soulmate’s heartbeat anymore.

Some people thought that the reason why people couldn’t hear their heartbeats once they met them was because since they already met, they already have them by their side. No need for a heartbeat in their minds, because whoever they are would already be with them from then on.

But, you couldn’t hear any heartbeat.

And you were so certain that the universe probably did you dirty, leaving you alone with no soulmate with no one to love. Left alone for the rest of your life.

Coincidentally, both you and Luke couldn’t hear any heartbeat. You were grateful, because at least you had the greatest best friend right by your side.

You two had been best friends since you were babies, spending almost all your time together. Heartbreaks and failed attempts in trying to date someone; you both were there for each other. For some reason, Calum was so sure that you two were meant for each other, and he kept saying that the reason why you two couldn’t hear any heartbeat was because you two had met each other since you two were babies.

Calum’s theory did make sense, but you never did bother to ask Luke about it because there was such a high chance that you just do not have a soulmate, and that you don’t have anyone to be with. You left that thought in the back of your mind, afraid that you’d embarrass yourself if you ever talked to Luke about the whole soulmate situation.

“I’m heading home now, and no, don’t even try giving him any more alcohol. He’s gonna wake up with the worst headache tomorrow. And just kiss him! I swear that you two are soulmates. Don’t have to thank me once you do realise,” Calum said, as he gave you a sly wink. You rolled your eyes at him again. He smiled and gave you a small wave, before turning around to leave.

You gently closed the door, letting out a tired sigh as you turned to face Luke. He stopped petting Petunia, and pulled himself up. He immediately pulled you into a hug. You relished his warmth, as you turned your head the side, your ear against his chest. You could hear his heartbeat, and in all honesty, it could lull you to a peaceful sleep.

“Hey you,” he elongated the ‘you’ part, and you hummed, reluctantly pulling away from his hug. You had always loved hugging Luke; the way he pulls you in and holds you tightly, and the way his warmth seeps in and makes you all sleepy. He gave one of the best hugs, and it was always so comforting.

“Lu, you should probably go to bed, yeah?” You asked rhetorically, and he nodded sleepily, turning around to walk to your room, stumbling slightly as he struggled in taking off his shirt.

By the time you had reached your bedroom, Luke was already in your bed, eyes closed, seemingly already asleep. When he heard your feet padding softly on the floor, his eyes fluttered open and he reached his hand out, making grabby hands at you.

“Cuddle?” he mumbled, exhaustion lacing his tone as you got into bed. Luke placed his arm around you, and you buried your face into his chest, breathing deeply. His scent filled your nostrils, and you could hear his heartbeat.

His warmth engulfed you. You closed your eyes, Luke’s faint heartbeat almost lulling you into a deep and peaceful sleep, until you’d heard him mumble out something. At least, you thought you’d heard him say it.

“I love you. Not in a friend way.”


You woke up to the smell of burningp>

It was alarming, and you initially had thought that your house was on fire.

“Oh fuck!”

In the kitchen, Luke had burnt his second pancake, due to him getting distracted with Petunia and leaving the pancake on the stove unattended. The pancake had blackened, and he wasted more pancake batter than planned. He switched off the stove, hearing footsteps behind him.

“Luke?” You asked, walking over to pet Petunia before raising an eyebrow at him and crossing your arms.

He smiled sheepishly at you, pointing at the plate of pancakes on the countertop.

“I was making pancakes and I kinda burnt two of them,” he chuckled, grabbing the plate of pancakes and cutlery before setting them onto the middle of the table.

You stared at the stack of pancakes, unable to get the thought of Luke saying “I love you” the night before, and you weren’t even sure if you were just hallucinating and that your mind was just playing mean tricks on you, or that he actually said those words and meant it.

You wanted answers, and the million-dollar question was right at the tip of your tongue.

It was really a make it or break it, because it may have been just your mind playing tricks on you; which would mean embarrassing yourself in front of Luke.

Or, Luke really did say those words.

And yet, even if he really did say those words, you weren’t sure what you’d even do or react if Luke admitted that he said “I love you” to you.

And then you realise, that you weren’t even prepared for both the outcomes, and both outcomes were pretty terrifying.

“Do you remember what happened last night here?” You blurted out.

Oh, fuck. This is where it ends. You thought, and you wanted to hit yourself in the face so badly, because you’d just blurted out the question without even thinking about the two possible outcomes, in which only one of them would happen.

Luke shook his head. “Uh, it was all vague and fuzzy. Wait, did I do something questionable or stupid last night?” He asked, and he seemed oddly calm about the possibility of him doing something stupid the night before.

“I-I guess questionable would be the right word…?” You trailed off, unsure of whether you should bring it up or not. Luke smiled, and he seemed like he was holding in laughter. You furrowed your eyebrows, giving him a weird look as he pushed the plate of pancakes to the side.

You thought: This is it, this is when he’ll tell me that whatever he said was just a joke and that he doesn’t love me in a not friend way and in like the normal best friend way and I don’t have—"

“So you heard me say those words right?” His voice broke into your train of thoughts, and you slowly nodded your head. He gave you a ‘so?’ look, and you bit your lip, confused as to what he was trying to say.

“Yeah. B-but we’re not soulmates, ya know, like it may not even—”

And he kissed you.

You were caught off guard, and your eyes widened the moment his lips touched yours. Weirdly, you did feel shocked at the sudden kiss, but at the same time, you also felt at home. Like as if you were used to him kissing you, like as if it was nothing new, like as if it was what you were meant to do.

People would ramble and talk about the first time they met their soulmate. They’d talk about it with sparkles or with a burning passion in their eyes. For years, you had absolutely no idea as to what they were saying.

They’d talk about how meeting their soulmate changed their life from better to worse.

They would say how they felt entirely changed, almost like a new person.

Some people would talk about how they finally felt complete, like finding a missing piece to a puzzle you’ve never been able to complete, and fixing that missing piece of puzzle into the hole felt like a victory, and that the puzzle would be like both of them, a masterpiece only completed with the other.

Others would describe it like fixing two broken hearts. A broken heart that couldn’t even be heart, considering that it was broken into two and it was just left in half, all broken and torn up. Patching them up, which made them feel complete, filling up all the empty holes and healing all the scars.

But to you, it was like coming home.

Most people take years to find their soulmate, whereas you literally had your soulmate right by your side all these years, spending time with you, making memories. Kissing him was like as if you’d come back to the place that you’ve wanted to be in for the longest time.

Luke pulled away, grinning wildly. “Was that enough to make you believe?” He asked, and you nodded your head eagerly.

Like what they all say, “Home is where the heart is.”

“Umm... how about that number?” G.D

Hey guys! So I was very excited about writing this request by @danglydolan and well, here it is! I kinda changed the plot a little bit but I just hope I still did it justice haha. Let me know what you think!

Summary: “Grayson meets you for the first time at the pool or beach. He’s all blushy and shy but still tries to ask for your number” 

Warnings: None

Words: 2,000 words

It was a beautiful Saturday morning, and usually I would still be curled up in my bed, dreaming my third or fourth dream right about now. So why was I up this early you might ask? Well… because it is simply impossible to sleep while living in a war zone between both your parents. As soon as the screaming picked up right where it left off the night before, I ran out of there as fast as I could and went to the one place where I always ended up in times like these; the beach. 

The beach has always been my sanctuary, my getaway whenever things got bad; and I guess I’ve already established that things at home were pretty bad. I was tired of hearing about how unhappy they were with one another, how they wished they had never gotten married, how they even wished they didn’t have something tying them to one another; and that something was me. Till this day, I don’t think they know I heard that argument, or maybe they do and they just didn’t care…

But, the beautiful sound of the waves crashing, the smell of salt from the water, the sun shining brightly on my face, these were the little things that relaxed me when I needed it most. 

I must have walked and walked for hours, clearly deep in thought, because I hadn’t realized how many more people were at the beach now. I sighed and kept walking, trying to find a more secluded area away from all these people, when all of a sudden; I was knocked to the ground by what felt like a solid wall. 

You’ve got to be kidding me…

“I’m so sorry!”

As I tried pushing myself up, I felt someone grab a hold of my arms to help me get back on my feet. I looked up and saw a guy about my age looking down at me. 

“Are you okay?” he asked. 

“I’m fine” I answered before I wiped the sand off my shorts and kept walking. 

I heard him yell he’d be right back to someone before jogging up to where I was. “Look I really am sorry” 

“Yeah, you said that already” I said as I kept walking. 

“I’m Grayson by the way” He said as he stepped right in front of me with a smile on his face. He began walking backwards once he saw I had no intention of stopping to talk. “Let me buy you something… t-to make it up to you, you know?” he asked as a light shade of pink filled his cheeks.

“I think I’ll pass, thanks for the offer though” I said as I tried to step around him but had no luck since he blocked my path yet again. 

“Come on, please? I feel really bad” 

“Really? For a second I thought you were trying to hit on me and looking for a way to ask me out” I said, crossing my arms over my chest.

I felt bad for being so rude to the guy when he was just trying to be nice, but I wanted peace and quiet and he wasn’t letting me get it; plus, the look on his face once I said that was priceless. He looked like a fish out of water, opening and closing his mouth, not knowing what to say. 

“W-what? No I was just- er… I felt bad for knocking you down and I-I just wanted to make it up to you” he said, his cheeks growing redder as he talked.

“Look, I just want to go somewhere private and peaceful okay? Plus, don’t you have people over there waiting for you? You should just go back” 

“They can wait,” he said smiling, “And okay, you want to go somewhere private and peaceful? I know the perfect place, at least let me take you” 

I narrowed my eyes at him as he looked at me with a hopeful expression on his face. “You’re not going to give up are you?” 

He shook his head, “No, and I don’t know how you said no this many times. I usually don’t have to beg girls for anything” he said with a confused look on his face.

“Wow, so pushy and conceited” I teased. 

“I didn’t- I didn’t mean it like-” he stuttered and I couldn’t help but laugh at his shyness. He ended up laughing too and I swear, it was the most beautiful and contagious laugh I had ever heard. Snap out of it Y/N!

“Okay let’s get going” he said once his laughter died down. I nodded and saw him jog over to a small group of guys to tell them he was leaving before we began heading to his “secret” location. 

The whole way there, we got to know each other a little more but I chose not to tell him why I had been upset earlier, even though he had asked. We even played a small game of I spy, which I said no to at first because I thought it would be too childish, but it was actually really fun and it took my mind off of everything at home. 

Once we got there, I noticed we were on top of a beautiful waterfall. The view from up here was absolutely breathtaking, the trees, the water, everything was absolutely beautiful. And the best part was that it was only the two of us here, nobody else around to bother us. 

All of a sudden, I see Grayson remove his shirt and it took my whole attention away from the breathtaking view we had right in front of us. I had to admit, this guy looked like he was sculpted by the gods. He looked about my age, had the most beautiful hazel-brown eyes I had ever seen, short and yet wavy brown hair that you just wanna run your hands through, the sharpest jawline to ever exist, the cutest freckle on his chin, the most delicious looking plump pink lips, everything about him was perfect.

It wasn’t until I heard him say “hey you okay?” as he waved his hand in front of my face, that I realized I had zoned out this entire time and full on stared at him. I let out a groan and hoped he hadn’t noticed I was checking him out.

“U-uh yeah… yeah! Just admiring the view” I said as I stepped around him to keep looking at the water from up here. 

“Okay, well I had asked you if you were coming down with me but you never answered” he said with an excited look on his face, it was adorable. 

“Yeah! what way do we go?” I said as I walked to the edges, looking for a path down. 

He chuckled and walked over to the edge with me, “that way,” he said as he pointed down to the water. “We’re diving right in” 

“NO” I said as I shook my head profusely, “No way Jose. NOPE! I’m am not jumping in there!” 

I saw him start giggling at my outburst and it almost made me crack a smile, but I needed him to take me serious. I was NOT jumping down there. 

“Come on, you can hold my hand if you want” he offered, the light shade of pink growing on his cheeks once again. 

For a second, I actually considered it, but then my smile grew as I spotted something a little further down. “Go ahead and jump, I’ll meet you down there” I said as I started climbing down a rocky path. 

“Where are y-”

“Just go Grayson!” I interrupted, and a few seconds later, I saw him fly past me and fall into the water. I waited a few seconds until I saw him resurface, and boy was that an even better view. I bit my lip as I watched him push his dripping hair back, water running down his chiseled chest. 

“Are you coming or what?” he yelled, snapping me out of my thoughts. I nodded and went over to a rope that was tied to a tree nearby. “Are you jumping in with your clothes on?”

“Yes! I’m not about to strip and be half naked in front of you Grayson!” I yelled back, leaning back a little before jumping into the air and letting go of the rope, falling into the water. 

Once I resurfaced, I saw him with his head held back and his eyes closed, his boisterous laugh being the only sound that surrounded us besides that of the waterfall. “How was it??” he asked excitedly once his laughter died down. 

“It was amazing!” I felt adrenaline still running throughout my body and I honestly had not felt this good in such a long time. I suddenly found myself wrapping my arms around Grayson’s neck as I pulled him close, “Thank you Grayson” 

I could tell I took him by surprise since he tensed up a little at first, but then I felt him loosen up a little and wrap both arms around my waist. “It’s no problem, I’m just glad you’re not all grouchy anymore” 

“I was not grouchy!” I retorted but then gave in once he gave me the “are you kidding me” look. “Okay fine, maybe I was. But it’s because… I was already having a bad day and it was barely the morning. All my parents do lately is fight and I was fed up with it already”

He nodded and gave me a sympathetic smile, “No I get it. But hey, don’t think about it anymore. I like you better when you’re smiling” 

Now it was my turn to have the pink shade growing on my cheeks, “Okay Mr. Cheesy Pants, thank you.”

He rolled his eyes and threw some water at me, “Why do you have to ruin it?” 

“Ruin what?” I asked with a laugh as I threw some water back at him. 

“Never mind,” he said, shaking his head. “You know, I never got your name…” 

“Uh-huh, and what makes you think you’re getting it?” I teased, a smirk plastered on my face. 

“Oh come on, just tell me. What’s your name?” he whined. 

“Fine! It’s Y/N” I confessed and rolled my eyes at the satisfied look on his face. 

“Y/N” he repeated, and I swear it sounded so much better when it came out from his mouth. “I’m actually feeling pretty lucky right now since I got you to give me your name so easily” 

“Oh yeah? Well what else do you want?” I asked, my stomach feeling a little sick because of how nervous I was suddenly getting. 

“Well… umm… how about that number?” he asked and groaned as soon as the words left his mouth. “That sounded so much better in my head…”

I couldn’t help but giggle at how embarrassed he looked. It made my heart melt and all I wanted was to give it to him, but I was going to wait a little longer just to torture him. 

“W-what I meant was, I really wanna take you out. O-only if you wa-”

“Yes” I interrupted, taking him out of his misery. 

“Yes? Yes to what?” he asked looking confused. 

“Yes to both” I said as I swam closer to him. “Yes you can have my number and yes I’ll go out with you” I said as I wrapped my arms around his neck once again. 

I felt him wrap his arms around my waist and pull me against his body once again as a smile filled his face. I rested my head on his chest and smiled to myself as he began telling me about other places like this that he wanted to take me to. I couldn’t help but think about how this day had begun as probably one of the worst but ended up being one of the best days of my life; all thanks to Grayson.  

hope you enjoyed!

“I scared you away.”

Pair: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Prompt: “I scared you away.”

Warning: Language, making out, mentions of sex, brief violence, some crying Bucky.

Word Count: 1492

P.S ~ May or may not be typos. It might suck, because it’s my first Bucky one-shot. 

P.S~ To the anon who pointed out the inconsistency of the pronouns you and I, thank you for letting me know. I wrote part of the story for a Creative Writing class, and tried to get rid of the inconsistencies as much as I could, but I’m only human. 

Credit to the owner. Gif is NOT mine.

Originally posted by caps-bucky

Here you were in a dark, and dimly lit room once again, he was there with a blank stare. You thought about the many times the two of you have been in this position. Trying to not make it noticeable that you’re always trying to figure him out, that you’re studying who he is. Today, you were thinking about when he was basically an experiment, they use to re-boot him, like he was a robot…no a toy. How could you make a human being into a toy, someone who once had feelings, was diminished to nothing but an object of their dirty deeds.

“Aye, I’m talking to you.” A familiar voice says, before a sharp pain is felt across your right cheek.

“Did you just slap me?” You yell, looking towards him.

“I was talking to you and you wouldn’t respond.” He says, the venom of anger seeping from his every word.

“That doesn’t mean you just slap me.” You retort, more calmly this time. “And with your metal hand at that.”

“Your father told me to train you, so that means you are not here to daydream.” He says anger evident this time.

“You’re not my father’s puppet, you’re not anyone’s puppet.” You say, trying to reason with him.

“Listen just get ready to spar.” He says going over to the cage in the middle of the room. “NOW!!!”

Walking over to the cage you give Bucky, one last glance before walking inside.

“Since you’ve already wasted 10 minutes of my time and practice time.” He pauses closing the gate door. “The rules are different first to tap out loses.”

“Whatever.” You say rolling your eyes.

Five minutes into this so called sparring match, and your back was already pressed against the metal of the cage, with Bucky’s forearm pressed against your neck, cutting off all oxygen to your airway.

Tapping his shoulder signaling you had, had enough.

Letting you go, he goes over to the other side of the cage grabbing a bottle of water, first drinking from it then pouring the rest of the contents on his head, and down his body.

He was a legit work of art, built like a Greek god.

WHAT THE HELL, you curse yourself, not two minutes ago did this man have his forearm pressed against your neck now, you’re fantasizing about him. But who wouldn’t, the way his metal arm contracted and the deadly look in his eyes, created pools of wetness in your panties.

“You ready to go again.” He says, walking towards you, the wet tank top clinging to his body outlining every muscle, and with each step you felt your knees go weak.

Before your body took over and you pounced on him, you exited the cage and walked out of the training room. With your back pressed against the door, you let out a sigh of relief, quickly getting up and sprinting to the elevator when you heard heavy footsteps and Bucky’s cursing draw closer.

Once you’d finally made it in the elevator, you pressed the button to your floor quickly, leaving the doors to close just in time.

Making it back to your room, you close your door and head straight for the bed, flopping down on it.

You sat like this for what felt like five hours, sighing and screaming into your pillow. Getting up from your disheveled state, you head to your walk in closet and go to where you keep your undies, then straight to the bathroom, where you ran a nice relaxing bath.

Sitting in the bath, contemplating probably every life decision you’ve made since Bucky’s been in your life. Like you should definitely hate him for some of things he puts you through in training yet, you sit here fantasizing about the man. Though…you are mad at him because he won't…open up to you. He’s been here for 6 months and has warmed up to everyone EXCEPT you. What was wrong with you.

A creak of the door breaks you from your train of thought. Looking over your shoulder, you see Bucky standing there with unreadable eyes, but his emotions you could feel. Anger, Lust, Pain.

And once he notices you’ve noticed him he scurries away from the door, quickly getting out and putting your underwear on, as well as your robe.

You enter your room to see Bucky sitting on your bed, with his head in his hands.

“Buck, what’s wrong?” You ask, sitting beside him, putting your arm around his broad shoulders.

“N..nothing, it’s nothing.” He says trying to get up only for your hand to stop him.

“Bucky we both know you’re lying, now tell me what’s wrong.” You say, feeling his hand relax, in yours.

“I hurt you, I didn’t mean to, and I scared you away.” He explains, before sitting in the position he sat before. “That’s why I keep my distance so I can protect you.”

“You di…didn’t hurt me Buck.” You say, with a sincere tone. “I just had a lot on my mind and needed a break.”

“NO!!! Admit it you think I’m a monster, and it’s true, I am.” He yells sorrowfully. “And it’s all I’ll ever be.”

“Buck that is not true. You’re an amazing guy, and personally the kindest trainer I’ve ever had.” You say trying to calm him.

“You don’t even know half of things I did in my past.” He says, silently sobbing in his hands.

“And I don’t need to know anymore than I already do, because when I look at you I see Bucky, not The Winter Soldier, because that wasn’t you, Buck… this is you.” You say as you grasp his face in your hands.

Looking at him you could tell he was speechless, trying to find words to refute your argument, but he couldn’t because when he looked at you he could see the sincerity in your eyes.

Then it happened a kiss was planted on your lips, it was gentle but passionate. It was something you’ve only ever dreamed of.

When the kiss was over, he looked at you searching for an answer in your face, quickly getting one when he sees the smirk spread across your face.

“I’m still a bit rust…” He tries to finish, only to be cut off by your lips smashing into his.

This time instead of a gentle kiss, it was more passionate more lust filled. Before you know it you’re straddling his lap, playing with his hair, while his hands wander over and across your body. You moan as his hands make their way to your ass and start to kneed and grasp at each cheek, giving your ass a quick but effective slap, every now and then.

In response you grind your hips into the the growing erection in his grey sweats.

“Ahh..Bucky fuck.” You curse as he pulls away and starts leaving marks only any exposed skin he could find.

Both of you break away when you here a knock at the door, leaving you two a heaving mess.

“Aye, Sergeant Barnes in there with you?” Your eldest of two brothers asks, from behind the door.

Getting up from the position you were in, on Bucky’s lap, you go and open the door letting Y/B/N in.

“Oh good, well Buck dad needs you.” He says.

“Okay.” Bucky says, getting up quickly and going towards the door not before stopping, turning around and giving you a smirk.

He then proceeds to leave the room.

“Did you fuck Sergeant Barnes?” Your brother asks, with a smirk on his face.

“No, you fuckface.” You say, smacking him on the back the head.

“I don’t think my face is the one that’s going to be fucked tonight.” He says, before bursting into laughter.

“You know most brothers would be mad that their sister is involved with an older man.” You say giggling at how odd he was.

“Everyone knew it was going to happen, so much so we all placed a bet.” He says, fiddling with the teddy bear on your nightstand. “I had $100 riding on you two lasting for 3 months, but you know you screwed me over.”

You two were now laughing hysterically.

“So I have to know, who won?” You ask through fits of giggles.

“Uh..I think dad did.” He says, throwing the teddy bear at you.

“Dad!! Placed a bet.” You say shocked and in disbelief.

“Come Y/N, as soon as you two saw each the sexual tension filled the room.

“Shut up.” You say, sitting at your vanity.

“I will give you some advice.” He says, before beginning to exit your room, “Make sure you use protection, I don’t think I’m ready to be an uncle.”

“Shut up.” You giggle.

As you try to do your make up, all you could think about is Bucky and the make out session. Ugh, and that smirk. Gosh… this man is going to be the death of me.

END NOTE ~There might be a part two.~

In This Moment - Part Two

Request: Hi. Can you write were y/n and shawn meet on a vacation? thank yu!

Word Count: 2,305

In This Moment - Part two

Shawn had been a gentleman and put his jacket around my shoulders, as we were walking down the beach. I think, he’d noticed, the little goose bumps on my body, therefore hurried to wrap it around me.

“I love it here” I said, looking at the water.

“Me too, it’s so peaceful” Shawn agreed with me.

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Boss - Yoongi l 04

genre : mafiaAU, smut, angst
words : 4,7k
01 l 02 l 03 l 04 l 05

“Nice to meet you”, Lee Tae Hwan said solemnly, bowing slowly before you. You gulped, returning the words sternly, looking at Yoongi who stood behind him. So here he was, your new body guard, the one that you boyfriend assigned to protect and defend you. Apparently, you couldn’t take care of yourself on your own, even with all the training you’ve followed with Yoongi and Hoseok, even with all the weapon you’ve triggered, even with all the hits you’ve received; you couldn’t, according to him. Hence the necessity of a bodyguard.

You should have been fine with this, it was for your safety, for your security. But when you laid your eyes on him, you had a different feeling as you felt the strange aura that wafted from him, and the look you witnessed in his eyes didn’t help your resentment. However, that was the gaze Yoongi, and all the other members you were close to, had when they had an important mission; and you were his important mission. Besides, you knew that he had to be serious in front of his boss, maybe he would relax a bit more when he’d be with you only. “I’ll be with you almost all the time from now on”, he alleged, his jet black irises finally meeting yours as he rose his back to stand straight.

His voice woke you up from your reverie, and you nearly jumped when he broke the heavy silence of the room. You offered him a small and shy smile, but he didn’t give you one back and kept neutral features on. Your eyes fell on your boyfriend’s frame, gazing him, silently asking him to speak up or actually do something to ease the awkward atmosphere. You sighed in relief when he began to take a few steps towards you, to eventually stand next to you.

“He will be by your side all the time; from the moment you leave this house to the moment you come back. He will drive you to college, take the same classes, eat with you, drive you back. Do you have questions?”, he avowed as he put his warm hand on your lower back, the small gesture aiming to mollify you.

“He needs to be registered in the university book to assist to the classes, how will he do that?”, you asked, your eyebrows frowned questioningly. “You do not need to worry about such details.”, he answered, giving you a one-second apology look. You replied with a little “okay”, knowing you would be able to ask all you needed to wanted and have the proper answers the night, when you’d be alone with your boyfriend.

“Also, when I won’t be home, he will guard the house, either outside or inside. He will have to call me beforehand and I will tell him where to be. That’s pretty much all, so you can go to school now if you don’t have any more questions.”. You unconsciously clenched your jaw. You didn’t like the idea, but throwing a fit here wouldn’t help anything because you knew he wouldn’t concede to anything you would ask here, so you’d have to wait, again.

Lately, it seemed that all you did was wait for Yoongi, but you couldn’t complain, you had chosen this way of living, you could only blame yourself for this.

You sighed at the thought, your eyes on the floor, not looking at him and directing yourself to the main door. “Does he really even has to eat with me?”, you scoffed as you stopped in your tracks and looked back at your boyfriend, eyes flicking with hope. “Yes. I’ll see you tonight”, he said loud and clear, yet kind of softly, enough for all the people (which could be resumed to you, Tae Hwan, Yoongi and two of his men) to hear. You looked at him over your shoulder, giving him a sad smile through pouty lips. “Yeah, see you tonight”, you replied in a whisper, exiting the large house.

You eyed your new bodyguard, who was walking beside you down the path that lead you to the road, “Do we take my car?”, you asked quietly, hoping for a positive reply. You noticed how his eyebrows frowned, as if he wasn’t really understanding your question.

“The Boss said that I should drive you to college, and he told me that I should use one of our cars in case something bad happens. He said you would understand”, he told you as he opened the door of the black Audi A4 for you. “Yeah of course, thanks”, you sighed, entering the car. He gave you a small smile, before slamming the door shut. You, once again, let yourself get lost in your own thoughts as your chauffeur started to drive out of the calm road, leading the both of you to your university.

However, a light buzz in your coat’s pocket distracted you. You raised an eyebrow, taking your phone out to see who would even try to contact you at such an hour in the morning.

[7:19] Yoon’ 👀💞 : Send me a message when you’re in class, and when you’re home, please.

[7:19] Yoon’ 👀💞 : Sorry for putting you in this position.

[7:20] Yoon’ 👀💞 : I love you.

A small smile adorned you lips at the sight of the last text, and you chuckled lightly to yourself, your cheeks blushing a bit. You weren’t feeling especially good when you left the house, but these messages warmed your heart, knowing your boyfriend would do anything for you (and even break the “I don’t send messages with hearts or ‘I love yous’ Y/N” rule that he set himself, as if he needed to fit with his whole Boss image with you).

[7:21] You : Okay. It’s alright, this way I’m safe, right?

[7:21] You : I love you too Yoongi

For the first time in a long time, you were in advance for class. You easily found a seat in the large room, nearly empty of students at this hour in the morning –it was only 7:38 in the morning on your watch, and students didn’t desire to arrive just yet and patient here. After sending a reassuring message to your boyfriend, you looked around you, trying to find some familiar faces, but of course the few friends you had wouldn’t be there. There were only this group of stoners in the back of the room on the far left, and some persons dispersed around the room. You sighed at the fact before you: today was going to be a long day.

“Are you alright?”, Tae Hwan asked, yet not looking at you.

“Yes, yes. What about you?”, you replied, eyeing him from the corner of your eye and observing what he was doing; which was mainly scrolling through his phone. You frowned when you realised that he wasn’t paying attention to his surroundings, you could notice that he wasn’t even aware of your sight; nor noticing your suspicious eyes.

“Yes”. His brief and almost cold response made you raise your eyebrows, just a bit, wondering if this kind of behaviour was linked to his personality or the actual situation he was in. He could just have been his usual self, but something in the back of your mind made you doubt it.

“How long how you been working for Yoongi?”, you questioned, eyes still turned to his face, lips pursed. You were focused on his facial features, trying to read his mind through them. However, at the sound of your question, you didn’t see any change, any muscle contract, any blink of an eye; nothing. “For about 2 years now”, he said, finally turning his head to you, diving his eyes in yours. Goosebumps creeped up under the skin of your arm, making your body hair lift a bit, when you saw how dark and cold his sight was, and you gulped, not daring to look away. “Why?”, he asked, leaning towards you a bit, his arm brushing past yours.

“I was just wondering”, you noted, drifting your eyes to the front of the class.

“Are you scared of me?”

“No”, you replied instantly. This time, you were the one to have hard traits on. You waited a few seconds before looking back at him in the eyes, and you both stared at each other for a while, not speaking, just observing the other in the blank of their eyes. “I am not afraid of you”, you began, nearly startled by your own boldness, “I just don’t trust you”, you established impassively, not backing away.

“Why? Don’t you trust Yoongi?”, he questioned, tilting his head to the side with a sly smirk plastered on his lips.

“I do trust him, but I don’t trust anyone else”, you said as you frowned your eyebrows. He should have known you’d replied something similar to this, because right after you spoke up, a mocking chuckle filled up the now-not-so-empty room. “You’re cute”, he blatantly said, earning wide eyes from you. Before you could say anything back, he decided to speak again, “I can trust me, you have no reason not to, I can assure you that”, he stated as if it was the most obvious thing on the planet.

“I have every reason not to trust you. I have death threats against me. I can only trust myself or the people I’ve known for a long time”, you vouched, eyes collectedly planted in his own. He simply chuckled again, his head dramatically falling backwards. You could see how his Adam apple slowly moving as he laughed, and for an unknown reason, it pissed you off. “Why are you laughing about?”.

“Do you remember what happened 2 years ago? It was in October, and when you were on your way to the H.Q., alone, and some crazy crackheads tried to mug you. You screamed really loudly, and even more when one of them tried to attack you with a bladed weapon”, he narrated, smirking at your frowned eyebrows. “The one who came and shot them, it was me”. He flashed you a cheeky smile, the disclosure leaving you eyes wide open, mouth agape.

“I- I can’t believe this”

“You should though”, he continued as he turned his face to the main board in front of you, “Ever since then, I’ve been especially trained to security detail, to know how to react as a bodyguard; under Yoongi’s specific orders. It seems like he has planned from a long time to keep you secured”.

“What do you mean?”; you asked with eyebrows nearly knocked together. You didn’t understand what he was implying. Yoongi has never told you any of the things he was saying, you were positive about this. He wouldn’t have hidden it either, why would he?

“I’m just saying that Boss has organized you a protection the moment he knew you’ve first been assaulted”.

You stared at him, trying to find any kind of expression that would involve him lying. But when you studied his features, you didn’t notice any trace of lie, any suspicion; you found none of them, nothing suspicious. Your eyes flicked from his eyes to his mouth, and back to his black and dark pupils. He didn’t seem to be lying, and that was something that scared you because it could mean two things. Either he was the best liar of all time to lure you into something you didn’t know about –yet-, or Yoongi lied to you, breaking the promises you’ve made –believing in each other no matter what, not lying, for the good of your relationship; and your safety.

After what felt like hours of reflexion, you wanted to ask questions out loud, not just in your head, you wanted answers; about how it has been for him or why you never have seen him before. Though, when you opened your mouth to let out all of your thoughts and worries come to live, your Chinese history professor tap his microphone a few times to silent the room, startling you at the same time. You gulped as you realized that you wouldn’t be able to earn not even one response, Mr. Ling not allowing gabbing in his class.

For the first time, the lessons of your teacher didn’t reach your mind, now impervious to his usually entertaining words. You simply couldn’t focus on the board, or even on transcribing Mr Ling’s speech about how Confucius or Kǒng Fūzǐ if you decided not to use the Latin version, on many aspects, had developed a philosophy that lead the Chinese people –because of his principles- to accept, in the future, Maoism and communism, because of a solid system of structured family and all. But no matter how interesting the class was, you couldn’t focus.

No, you just couldn’t focus at all, you were too taken aback by the revelation your bodyguard told you that you didn’t even want to follow your teacher’s runny words. For the two whole hours, your eyes were barely blinked, fixed a point on the board with a sullen look, letting you think by yourself about the situation you put yourself in. However, that time enabled you to think straight and calmly, not under the pressure of your twisted emotions.

When you saw everyone standing up, realizing that the class was eventually over, your eyes drifted to your right side, staring at the onyx hair man sitting beside you; still browsing through his phone and not paying attention to anything else. A light sigh passed though your lips, and you decided that it was better to get to your feet rather than waiting for him –he would follow anyway. Once you were at the door, patiently waiting in the line to exit the room behind the other students, you felt his presence in your back, way too close to your taste –which made you roll your eyes and clench you jaw discreetly.

“I want to go home, I’m not feeling well”, you stressed when you were finally out of the auditorium, following the path that lead outside, to the parking lot.

“Are you sure? I thought you wanted to keep going to your classes?”, he stammered weirdly, not understanding your sudden change of mind.

“Yes. But I’m not feeling well so I want to go home”, you said, raising your eyes to your left to look at him. You narrowed your eyes when you noticed his frowned eyebrows and annoyed gaze, but you didn’t say anything about it, preferring to walk calmly instead.

“Well Boss told me to escort you to all your classes, I don’t think that it is a good id-“

“I don’t care”, you cut him off straightly, “If I want to go home, I will, and you will bring me back. Yoongi won’t mind, I think he’d rather have me home than here. So we’re going home”, you commanded harshly as you adjust your bag on your shoulder.

“Sure”, he hissed, obviously irritated by your attitude. He probably wasn’t excepting you to be so bold; after all, he’s always seen you kind of quiet, and reserved in the back, behind Yoongi. He sighed loudly –showing you his annoyance- when you stopped by the restrooms, walking inside without warning him. You weren’t going easy on him, and he wasn’t prepared to that. He thought you would be a –maybe blah- lamb. How wrong he was.

You left the lavatory a few minutes after, only to find him run his fingers on his phone, vehemently typing something. He surely didn’t see you, because when you stood by his side, peaking a sight over his shoulder to read what he was so heartedly writing, he flinched, only allowing to see a brief “it won’t be easy” written.

“Who are you texting?”, you asked with one raised eyebrow, letting a flat feeling coming from your eyes.

“None of business”, he quickly replied, messily burying his phone in his pocket. “Let’s go”, he suggested, already walking outside the massive building, not waiting for you. You studied the situation for a moment, weighting up the pros and cons, and running away would be far less safe than letting him drive you home, so you decided to follow him, thinking that it wasn’t an option for the moment –no matter how much you didn’t trust him at all now, if you wanted to put the best luck to your side, you had to go with him.

[10:41] You : I’m home, I wasn’t feeling well. Please come home as soon as you can, I need to talk to you.

You stared at your phone for a few seconds after sending the text, hopelessly waiting for an immediate reply –which you knew you wouldn’t have, so you threw your phone on the bed, laying your head next to it on the cold layers of your duvet. You sighed, contemplating the white ceiling with tired eyes, exhaustedly analysing your current situation. You were basically forced to remain home, at least until things calmed down, and you didn’t like that. But the most annoying part of it was that Tae Hwan guy. Ever since he drove you back home, he had kept a close eye on you, only leaving you alone when you told him that you had to poo, and just thinking about it made you roll your eyes to the back of your head.

However, a light buzz above your ears detached you from your thinking. You smiled the second you understood Yoongi had replied, for once, almost right after your message.

[10:45] Yoon’ 👀💞 : I’ll try. He called me and I told him to stay outside from now on (he told me he followed you inside, but I think you’d rather be alone). Stay safe, and please princess, just do not run away or something like that, please.

[10:45] You : I would never do that

[10:46] Yoon’ 👀💞 : as if you didn’t already think about the idea. Do you think I don’t know you?

You giggled when you saw his reply, shifting on your bed to eventually land of your stomach, your foot still dangling from the edge of the mattress. You smirked as you thought about what he just wrote; he just knew you too well.

[10:47] You : I don’t know what you’re talking about Yoongi.

[10:47] You : anyway, work fast and come home fast please.

[10:49] Yoon’ 👀💞 : Ok. I left some chocolate in the kitchen. See you tonight angel.

[10:50] You : Thank you!! See you tonight Yoon.

You spent your day home, as requested by your boyfriend, and you couldn’t say that you did much –homework, a hundred pages of The Waves by Virginia Woolf and food. And now that it was around seven in the evening, you couldn’t help but be bored in your room, rolling your body on the bed as you tried to find a comfortable position to read the rest of the book you started this afternoon. Yet, unlike earlier in the day, you couldn’t concentrate on the black ink wisely placed on the leaf of the book, too lost in your own thoughts.

Your mind was wandering somewhere else the moment you realized that you haven’t seen Tae Hwan. Yes, he was supposed to wait outside, yes, you didn’t want to see him or talk to him, yes, you were better alone; but he was your bodyguard, wasn’t he supposed to check on you, at least once? You definitely didn’t like him, and your anger was fuelled by your hunger, which made you hate him even more.

Listening to your growling stomach, you decided that you had to eat, and stood beside your bed, stretching your arms as a long yawn passed by your lips. After waking yourself up, you let your feet guide you to the bedroom door, lazily dragging your frame out of the room. But just when you finally opened the door, the small light in your room switched off on its own, without your help. You narrowed your eyes at the lamp, trying to turn on the lights again. Yet, after a few flicks, you realized that there was a power outage; however, it was not possible. Even if there was one, the courant was supposed to come back ten seconds after with the emergency electric generator.

The ten seconds definitely passed; it was probably around 30 seconds now.

You looked at the doorknob, your fingers still wrapped around –ready to pull it down to open the door. You thought about it, something must be on. The power couldn’t be cut this long, you were sure of it. Something was definitely happening. You groaned lightly in the darkness of the room, deciding to eventually lock your door quickly. You rushed to your bed, rapidly unlocking your phone to call Yoongi.

Your phone still against your ear, you ran to your desk, difficultly holding the chair to put it by the door; aiming to block any insider for a moment -if they tried to force themselves in. Just when you walked to your wardrobe, Yoongi voicemail echoed in the speakers of the phone, and you let out another groan as you started to feel some stress growing inside your stomach, forming a painful pit. You put your phone down and took an old backpack, throwing inside a few clothes, and –of course- the secret emergency kit that Yoongi hid, “just in case”.

It wasn’t just a simple emergency kit: inside seated some medicine, plaster and water, but above all a charged gun, 2 charges of weapon supplies and two knifes. You gulped as you took the main weapon in your hands, taking a long breath in before sliding between the skin of your back and the belt you were currently wearing. You throw the rest of the kit inside your bag, zipping it fast before standing on your feet again, putting an old leather jeans jacket on and some very used sneakers. You sighed again, trying to build up some courage.

You took your phone in your hands again, violently tapping your fingers on it as you directed your body to the bathroom adjacent to your bedroom.

[19:23] You: The power went out more than 10 seconds.

[19:23] You: I’m sure something is happening.

In the middle of your third message, your fingers froze on the screen of your phone when you heard some footsteps in the stairs, no matter how lightly they hit the marble steps, making you gasp silently. You covered your mouth with your palm, trying to muffle the noises you weren’t even making in the first place, just to reassure yourself. You felt your heart race incredibly fast, almost trying to get out of your chest. The pit in your stomach felt heavier, and your eyes became watery. You were panicking. Someone was here for you for real, they were here to get you. You had to get out of the room now.

You got a hold of yourself just when the noise reached the corridor. After shaking your head, implicitly waking your mind in the process, and close the bathroom door quietly after entering it in only seconds. Rapidly, you rushed silently to the sinks, opening the cupboards to take some large towels, tying them by the corners. After making sure they were tied and approximatively secured, you walked to the big window that stood right beside your shower, and opened it the most quietly way possible, making sure you made not even a single noise.

You felt the light cold breeze caress the skin of your cheeks and you shivered, both from the cold and the fear of being caught by the kidnappers. You turned your head when you heard the sound of someone trying to open the bedroom door, some groans leaving their mouth when they didn’t manage to –because of the chair you placed here beforehand, and you thanked yourself for this idea.. A shaky sigh left your mouth as you tried to block the improvised rope in the coin of the window, letting the rest of the thread fall down messily along the wall of the house. The sound of the heavy sound of the chair crushing down the floor startled you, and it was all you needed to eventually pass through the hole, tugging at the weak towels to land down on the grass in weak seconds.

You lifted your head up, gazing the window, analysing if you could take the long cord off. However, your reflexion was suddenly stopped in its tracks when you saw a small beam lighting the room, meaning that at least one person managed to break in. Realizing that you probably couldn’t escape from them if you didn’t run right away, you took the gun previously stuck in your jeans and began to run to the back of the garden, knowing there was a hidden door that would lead you on another main road. It was the only solution you could think of.

So you ran, your feet hitting the floor heavily, and your breath coming out puffed and scared as your fingers wrapped themselves tighter around the metallic weapon. Yet, when you finally reach the dreamy spot, after running about ten or so meters with a tumbling body, you froze at the sight before you; a devilishly smirking Tae Hwan with horribly piercing eyes. You eyed him for a few seconds, before weakly holding your revolver up, targeting him with shaking hands –earning an ironic laugh from the devil embodied standing right in front of you.

“What are you doing?”, he asked, the annoying smirk sill plastered on his face that made you want to puke.

“I should ask you the same question”, you stated, shifting your body slightly to the right to have a better sight of him, who was still masked in the darkness provided by the wall, hiding from the moonlight.

“You’re smart enough sweetheart, you know why I’m here”, he chuckled, taking some steps to close some distance between you two, only for you to step back at the same moment, not wanting to condone this very little space.

“I knew I couldn’t trust your fucking ass, dammit”, you hissed, “What are you going to do, asshole?”, you asked, not daring to move your gaze from him to catch each of his future actions. You felt some kind of relief knowing that you were right in the end, but, the pit in your stomach made you want to faint from the stress, fear and insecurity you were currently in.

“I?”, he questioned, pouting his lips and dramatically pointing his index finger at himself as if your question didn’t make sense to him, obviously mocking you. “I am not going to do anything”, he laughed crazily, hitting his knee in the process. You looked at the mad man, dumbfounded at the sight in front of your eyes; he was genuinely laughing at his own reply, and it scared the shit out of you.

“Why are you laughing?”, you asked –more to yourself than to him-, feeling your arms weaken from holding the gun. Your eyes widened when he suddenly stopped, standing straight on his feet again, his facial features weirdly harsh now. “I am not going to do anything, but believe me, you’re going to suffer”.

And just when he finished his sentence, and as you felt a light buzz in your pocket, strong arms locked themselves around you from your behind, making you lose the grip you had on your weapon and forbidding you to make any move. You saw Tae Hwan moving closer, now standing just right in front of you. You witnessed how hard his traits were, how dark his gaze was, and your eyes became watery, tears starting to form in the corner of your eyes. Yet, when something smooth brushed on the skin of your nose and on your lips, your vision becoming blurry, and before everything became black, you could see his lips moved slowly and slyly, and heard his threat.

“Believe me, you’re going to suffer for all the shits your fucking boyfriend did to us”.


© 2016 Wang-banana. All rights reserved.


“If you’re so smart (L/N), then why aren’t you dating me?” Sirius asked, a smirk playing on his face. It was just your luck that the Sirius Black decided you were the next girl to conquer. Especially since he was standing in the doorway to your charms class, making sure you couldn’t get through without answering to him. You rolled your eyes as you held your potions textbook closer to your chest, trying to side step around the tall boy with wild raven hair. His friends stood behind him, James sniggering directly at you. Sirius stepped in your way, that horridly attractive smirk of his playing on his lips. Although you tried to deny it, he drove you insane in the loveliest way possible.

“Because I’m not dumb enough to be another name on your long list,” You replied nonchalantly, finally shoving him out of the way as you attempted to enter your charms class. Sirius continued to lean in the doorway, not making any attempt to let you through. You would never admit it, but Sirius always sparked an interest in you.

“Will you just let me through you twat?” You asked exasperatedly. Sirius grinned at you before lifting his arm, allowing you through the doorway. You quickly pushed past, ignoring when his friends started chatting with him once they had also taken their seats. Although you were one of the many Ravenclaw’s in the joint class with Gryffindor, you took a seat next to Lilly Evans, who seemed to be your only friend in the entire school.

“Sirius trying to ask you out again?” Lilly asked without looking up from her book as you opened your textbook up.

“Certainly is, you still getting trouble from James Potter?” You responded quietly, trying to casually hide you glances at the group of four troublesome boys with your (H/C) hair.

“He seems to think it’s a joke when he’s with Sirius, but when it’s just the two of us in the common room he seems genuine,” Lilly sighed, causing you to turn your attention back to her. You nodded in understanding, before turning to the front of the class where the teacher began to call the role. The work seemed to be extra hard today, possibly because you had O.W.L.s coming up. The lesson soon ended and you muttered a quick goodbye to Lilly before dashing off out the door, hoping to avoid Sirius. Sirius watched as you dashed out of the classroom, a frown on his face. He turned to talk to Remus, who only gave him a knowing look in return before answering whatever question Peter had just asked him. Obviously, Sirius was going to have to come up with a fantastic plan for you to even think of him in a positive light.


Staying in the library until late wasn’t your best idea, especially since you had lost track of time and it seemed everyone had gone to bed. You exited the room full of books, careful not to make a noise, hoping not to disturb the caretaker.

Sirius had luckily decided to take a late-night stroll with James’ invisibility cloak, and as if fate decided it, you were tip toeing through the corridor, not noticing the lantern light coming down the corridor around the corner. Seeing his chance to swoop in, Sirius ran as quietly as he could before you reached the corner and pulled you in close to him, making sure the cloak was well over both your heads. You went to gasp at the contact but Sirius put a singular finger to his lips, signalling silence from you. You held your breath as you saw the lantern light appear and then disappear. The two of you stayed silent for a solid two minutes once the light had disappeared before you broke the silence.

“Thank you, Sirius, now my house won’t hate me for losing them points,” You muttered, relief spreading across your features.

“Ah, it was no problem really, I saw a damsel in distress and thought I’d help her out,” He grinned in reply, dropping his smirk completely, making your breath catch in your throat. It was gorgeous, his face illuminated by the moonlight, his grey eyes trying desperately not to stare into yours.

“Ah well, thank you again, I best get back to my common room,” You replied, going to move away.

“Let me walk you back, wouldn’t want you to get caught, now would I?” He asked, the same grin playing across his lips. You smiled lightly in reply, nodding to confirm his statement as he held your hand, keeping you close to him as you walked back to the Ravenclaw common room with him. Once you reached the door he dropped the cloak, gesturing with his arm for you enter. Stating the correct password, you watched as the door swung open.

“This is where I leave, see you tomorrow (Y/N),” He smiled lightly as he turned around to leave.

“Sirius wait!” You gasped out, grabbing his arm. He turned around, giving you a playful questioning look. You drew in a breath before kissing his cheek.

“Thank you for helping me out tonight,” You muttered, turning around and dashing into your common room before he even had a chance to reply. Sirius’ hand felt the cheek you had just kissed, a grin crossing his features.

“She is a strange one,” He whispered adoringly, before throwing the cloak back on and heading back to tell Remus the good news.

I know it’s not my usual but I just felt like something (Or Someone) a little different.

Face Cast: Ben Barnes

Roses in Thorns (Part 3)


Being apart of the countries greatest mafia families had its problems; enemies grew from every thorn and you were one of the greatest roses to target.

You didn’t expect the greatest thorn to prick you to be he who was assigned to protect you- Jeon Jeongguk.

Genre: Angst, (the good type), drama, suspense, fluff, future smut in story line.

  • BodyguardJungkook, Mafia

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

2k (shorter chapter before the really moving stuff)

Originally posted by sugutie


Part 1 Part 2 

“I’m a Jeon, as you correctly guessed.” Jeongguk said, running his hands through his hair in frustration as he blew his first identity.

“A Jeon. An actual Jeon.” You said out loud in astonishment, just to make sure he was telling the truth.

You laughed hysterically.

“Let me get this straight. A Jeon is my bodyguard.” You said, unable to believe the situation that was unfolding before your eyes. Jeongguk cast his eyes down and ran his hands through his hair at your reaction. He was clearly uncomfortable.

“Yes, a Jeon. Don’t let it get to your head, princess.” He finally said, looking back up to meet your eyes again.

“I’m sorry it’s not everyday a family that rivals mine decides to put their son in as my protector.” You blurted out, still in a midst of how surprised you were by your circumstances.

Jeongguk sighed in frustration.

“So, how’d you end up here with me?” You asked still amused, getting down to the heart of the issue that was in the back of your mind.

“I…my family think I’m getting trained to take over by my uncle abroad.” Jeongguk said, and you waited for him to carry on since it wasn’t half the story.

“And?” You pressed on.

“Really, there’s not much left that’s exciting. I was with some of your fathers men at your friends party, shots were fired, I saved you, your father offered me a job. I like having to stand on my own two feet for once.”

If you were smarter, you would have questioned why Jeongguk was with your fathers men in the first place but you weren’t smart. You were a girl still unwilling to act on her infatuation with Jeon Jeongguk who was right in front of you. Your infatuation had suddenly increased ten fold, as you were sure of one part of Jeongguk’s personality: independance. He wanted to stand on his own two feet, be free in some sort. For once, you felt like someone understood you.

“You wanted to be free.” You said, more of a statement than a question.

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Two. Months. Left. ARC contest winners + newest teaser!

I can’t believe that in just two months, this book is going to be out. I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am for you to read it, and there’s so much STUFF happening behind the scenes that I can’t wait to tell you about (Events! Pre-order gorgeousness! And more……..)

But real talk: the contest winners. You’ve been waiting. I’ve been hunkered down and writing, and there were so many entries in all of the categories that I wanted to appreciate and read and watch myself and also share with others to help choose where the little ARCs will go that it took me a bit longer than I’d hoped. So there’s something extra special I’ll be posting on 9/8 that I hope everyone will enjoy, that’s also a hint of things to come. 

And now, here we go:

First place winner of the signed ARC for ART: 

It was a tie. There were so! many! entries in this category, and I loved them all, but the sweetness, the effort and the detail involved in everything about TastyYouth’s entry blew me away.

Since this first category was just flooded with beautiful things, I knew I’d have to get another ARC. And I did. And it’s going to…Sam/Graywarene, for the stunning Tarot cards. You were so on point in the summary of your submission about the characters, and the pieces were made with such consideration–I love everything about them.

Second place: Ayaninja_z! This was one of the first entries I saw, and it was so adorable and dead on I laughed out loud.

Third place, Artscapade. All of the entries were incredible, but this painting stood out for being so haunting and atmospheric and dark. It looks the way (I hope) The Becoming of Noah Shaw feels.

Next, FILM! 

This one had many, many entries too, and they were all so wonderful it felt impossible to choose, but it had to be done so we did it! First place for the film category goes to: 

Jenna Clare. 

Something you probably didn’t know about me-I love to sing. But I can’t write songs/music for shit, so I’m extra in awe of people who can, and do, so beautifully. Not to mention the fact that the art direction and aesthetic was so creative and lovely. 

Second place goes to CrashAgainstMySkin!

YES to those fancasts. YES to that Halsey song. So much time and talent went into this, it was just yes all around. 

Third place in the video category went to another song, this one by the lovely JovvainCanada! But I’m not sure if the link submitted was supposed to be public, so I’m going to leave it up to her about whether she wants to share it. I loved it. It’s splendid. 

Next up, we have the writing category! This one had the second most submissions, and they were all so wonderful I couldn’t have chosen winners if I hadn’t had help! In first place, this poem, which is beautiful and moving and personal, so I’m going to let the writer keep herself anonymous if she chooses:

Only three years ago I had
No idea that only words on a page could make me sad,
Happy, desperate, and so much more at the same time.
Ever since I read the first words, I knew that everytime
I would think about Mara’s story, it would
Still blow my mind like no other story could.
Even after days and months and years have passed,
I can’t let this be just a thing of the past.
And even if I cried because of these books for an entire day,
”Thank you” is the only thing I have to say.
Because when I was only four years old,
And this is a story that I’m still afraid to unfold,
My dearest uncle took my small hand
And wrapped it around his… And on command,
I started moving it back and forth, having
No idea what I was doing.
Now I’m sure you can imagine how my face went white
When I found out what Jude did to Mara that one night.
I was shocked and I hated him with all my heart,
And I thought that if I kept reading, I’d fall apart.
But still, I kept going,
Watching as Mara was still growing,
Still living, still going through things,
Still flying through life as if she had wings.
She slowly became my biggest inspiration and the proof
That I, just like her, can be bulletproof.
Mara’s story is the one that made me realise
That anyone, no matter what they’ve been through, can touch the skies.
And for years and years I’ve dealt
With suicidal thoughts, but when I read about what Noah felt
When he thought that he was gonna die,
All I could do was cry.
Because, for the first time since I can remember,
I knew that someone’s words would be with me forever.
When I read about how he spent his whole life wanting death
But then he wanted to hold his last breath
Just to spend a few more seconds with the girl he loved,
I finally wholeheartedly believed
That maybe, just maybe, there’s something good out there,
Waiting for me. I just have to dare
To live.And I want to thank Michelle from the bottom of my heart
For teaching me lessons like these, that, trust me, are hard
To learn. I wan to thank you for being such a talented writer,
For teaching me how to be a fighter,
For teaching me what true love looks like,
For teaching me that people who are alike
And meant to be together
Will find each other, sooner or later.
I don’t know if these words will touch you as deeply
As yours touched me, but surely,
You will read them and you will know
That there’s one girl out there who just wants to say ”Hello,
You can call yourself
The angel from my bookshelf,
Because when all I wanted to do was quit,
I put my life in your hands and you saved it.”

Second place goes to BetweenthePage! As I said, I love songs and am always so impressed by people who write them well! 

And now, for the random category!

First place: coreypetereed, for this tattoo. 

“The Evolution of Mara Dyer tattoo on the back of my upper arm to honor Noah Shaw. One of my favorite quotes from the trilogy, “You will love him to ruins.” It’s part of my book sleeve :)”

This is commitment. It’s amazing. 

Speaking of commitment–a reader made a dress and SHOES out of the books (!), but I’m having a hard time finding that post! Dear reader, if that was you, please come forward and claim your second place prize!

And third prize goes to: Bookrendezvous!

This was technically submitted under the art category, but it feels like such a unique object that I thought it worked as well as things like dresses and tattoos for this category, too. The construction is just incredible.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who participated in this contest. I did not even remotely expect the wave of submissions and was a bit overwhelmed by it all, to be honest, and HAD to make sure I got another ARC because there was just no way four were enough. I wish I could get even more, but on the upside, no matter what, it’s just TWO MORE MONTHS until you get to read the book!

In the meantime, if you saw your entry listed here, here’s what you do to claim your prize: Get in touch via the Ask button, tell me which entry was yours, and let me know your address so it can be mailed to you ASAP! There’s a major hurricane affecting a lot of us, right now, so try to be a bit patient, but my brother in New York is going to be helping to make sure prizes are mailed out to the rightful winners ASAP! 

That’s him, on the right. Meet Josep–I mean, Jeremy. You should follow him on Instagram & Twitter @ JeremyHodkin, but only if you’re interested in MADNESS teasers and exclusive sneak peaks. Only then. 

Once again, thank you guys SO much for entering. I couldn’t do what I do without you.I can’t tell you how inspired I am by your art every single day. 


Monsta X Scenario: Meeting you at a fan signing

Hey guys! This is my first Monsta X Reaction/Scenario writing (I’ve been thinking of doing this for a while but was very hesitant about doing it but I did!). It might be very low quality because it is my first time writing but I hope you guys enjoy it anyways because I did try my best. Thank you so much ♡ - Iman 

PS: There are members that have reactions might a bit longer than the others and that might be because I got carried away towards the end (Remember I do love the members equally)… so my apologises in advance. 

Shownu: The second he sees you, he becomes very shy. He turns very hesitant as he’s unsure of what to say to you. However, it changes once you start talking to him as you try to break his shy shell by talking about the things you both love. His dad jokes are passed around the table, giggles and laughs are heard throughout the whole venue because of them. “Thank you so much for coming to the fan meeting today and thank you for sharing such good laughs with me. Hopefully, we can meet again because you are such a sweet and fun girl.”

Originally posted by blackpinkinmyoreo

Wonho: This boy gets really cocky once he sees you. While you’re waiting in line, he tries to make eye contact with you and when you two do make eye contact, he tries to impress you in every way possible. You let out a few giggles here and there when you see Wonho trying you gain your attention (and he definitely gains you attention). He leaves the room for a quick bathroom break and when he returns, you expect him to return back to the stage and continue with the fan signings. However, he had other things on his mind. Instead of making his way to the stage, he makes his way to you. “Since your beauty and light attracted me, you’ve now got my undivided attention, my dear.”

Originally posted by warmwonho

Minhyuk: Minhyuk, the ball of sunshine. Seeing you got him very hyped up. Once you got up to the stage and met up with him for the signing; he asked for your name, tried to be funny with you, sang his songs together, played around with the animal headbands and took pictures from every angle with every filter on Snapchat. He tried to make this meeting something memorable for the both of you, and it definitely did. Once the fan signing came to an end and when you were making your way home, a notification went off on your phone. You see a familiar picture from Minhyuk’s fan cafe, a selfie of you and Minhyuk with a dog filter with a caption; “I would like to thank Y/N for such an amazing time at the fan signing. She made such supportive and sweet comments that made me so motivated and excited for Monsta X’s future. Thank you so much, Y/N. ♡”

Originally posted by monsta-texts

Kihyun: Once he meets your eyes, he calls you up to the stage with a smile: “Ya! You in the back, come and make your way up here.” You look around you just to make sure if he was talking to you or someone else and then you look at him and point to yourself, he nods and gestures to make your way up to the stage. You walk up to the stage hesitantly but he reassures your nerves by sweet talking to you. He asks you about your day, if you’re going to the concert later that night, asks you if he’s your bias and grins when he sees you blushing while looking down at your feet. Cheesy pickup lines are stated by Kihyun which makes you blush and the other members cringe behind his back. The whole fan signing with Kihyun was such a great opportunity, you left the fan signing venue with a big smile on your face. While you were waiting outside of the concert venue, you looked through your album once more and a particular paper fell out. You read it with a smile; “Y/N, thank you for making your way up to fan meeting, it was such a pleasure meeting you. However since you were an hour late, you need to stay one more hour with me after the concert. - Kihyun” (The quote is similar to the ‘Who’s the Best at Dating’ video, I bet you all know what I’m talking about)

Originally posted by strawberry-peach-tae

Hyungwon: Fan signings can get really tiring a while especially if they continue till the evening. You came in a bit late because of your tight schedule in the morning. Starbucks was your first stop before the fan signing venue. You had this feeling that your bias, Hyungwon, was worn out at this time of day so you decided to buy him a coffee to help energise his tiring day. Entering the venue you see a crowd of monbebes and the 7 boys at the top of the stage, on the far right of the stage you see Hyungwon slowly dozing off. You make your way up to the stage and lightly tap Hyungwon out of his unconscious state. He looks up to see you with a bright smile and a coffee in hand. “Here, I thought that you’d be a bit tired at this point of day so I decided to buy you something energising.” you say with a smile. He gladly accepts your kind gesture and asks you to take a seat. You guys talk for a while about various things on your minds, play with the bubbles that Wonho was blowing, drinking coffee, watching the boys trying to make a heart with their arms and so on. Before you leave, you give him another gift to show your love and support for him. He takes your hands and says “Y/N, thank you for the small sweet gestures, they mean a lot to me. The next time we meet, I promise to pay you back the same way to did; returning sweet gestures and supporting you in every way possible.”

Originally posted by hyungwvn

Jooheon: Aegyo, aegyo and aegyo ♡ Did I mention aegyo? You’d expect the boy have that rapper vibe the second you met up with him but you thought wrong. Jooheon showed you the new version of his Kuku Kaka song and it warmed your heart to the point you squealed in front of him (fangirl instincts kicking in). You two decided to go full on aegyo; conversation were now no longer spoken in a normal manner. All the other members and monbebes found the action as something very cute as they got to see Jooheon lighten up from his usual cool, laid back rapper figure. Towards the end after the aegyo meltdown came to an end, Jooheon signs the album you brought to the meeting and adds a little extra information… “To Y/N, thank you so much for bonding with me through aegyo. It was really nice to bond with someone who accepts my aegyo without cringing or leaving the room ㅋㅋㅋ. Maybe next time for my mixtape instead of rapping, I could invite you to the studio show that we can create a new aegyo song! From Jooheon (his phone number)”

Originally posted by gainsbourg17

IM: Changkyun tries to make the fan meeting/signing as professional as possible however when you make your way up to the stage and take a sit right in front of him, he gets really awkward and flustered. However, you had the same feelings/emotions as him which slowly calmed him down. You shyly talk about his new mixtape, Who Am I, and tell him how much you are in love with his skills and talent. The whole fan meeting with Changkyun started off nerve-wrecking however after you two warmed up to each other it basically became a place where you two talked about your favourite rappers and his mixtapes. “It’s nice to know that there is someone who has the same personality as me and has the same musically interests” he thought to himself. Before you left, he made you listen to his new mixtape and asked you for your opinions. In the end, you left the venue a sweet note from Changkyun in your signed album and a link to his mixtape album on SoundCloud. 

Originally posted by kihyeun

I’m not Him

love him.” Requested by @the-redhead-who-writes:  Hi there! I love your writing, especially your Anti and Dark pieces! Your possessive and flirtatious Anti fic was awesome; could we have something similar for Dark, please?

A/N: Of course I can! Also thank you so much! It means so much to me to see people enjoy something I made! Also, this started a Dark fic and turned into an Ego fic so I’m sorry xD 

“Why exactly do we have to be here?” Dark grumbled as he sat next to you at a table filled with your family members. You rolled your eyes at him and ignored him. He sighed loudly, causing people to look over. You glared at him.

“We’ll be right back, Mark here needs some air.” You say grabbing Darks’ arm and walking to the hallway. “Please just act nice! My sister was kind enough to invite us to her wedding! Even after the dog incident!” 

“That dog had it coming!” You crossed your arms and were about to reply but was interrupted, “I hate going out! You know that! I also hate that you call me by his name.” His voice lowered and you could see his eyes darken. You knew it was wrong, you forced your demon boyfriend to pretend to be Human. To be Mark. You knew that Mark was gone and you had to accept that. It had been 3 years since Mark allowed Dark to take control. 

“I’m sorry Dark, but you know my family can’t see the real you. They still believe I’m with Mark!” You held Darks hand and looked up at him sadly. “I know you hate it when I bring him up but you have to understand that I will always love him,” Dark growled a bit at that. 

“You hate your family so why do you care what they think about you? I’m not human and never will be! Marks gone, get over it!” Dark tightened his grip on your hand and your breath hitched. But before you could react Dark began to shake. His eyes fluttered and you gasped. 

“M-Mark?” You stuttered and looked at the man in front of you, you could tell just by his posture that it wasn’t the dark entity in front of you. 

“Y/N? Are you okay! I felt his anger and I couldn’t let him hurt you!” Mark wrapped his arms around you and pulled you into a tight hug. You were frozen and tense. Mark noticed and let go, “I know this is weird for you but you deserve to know the truth! Dark has been keeping us trapped in some type of pit!”

“Us?” You questioned, you looked around and pulled Mark into a vacant room and locked the door. 

“There’s more of us! Dark is lying when he said I was gone forever, he forced me down with the rest of them and it was hell!”

“Did they hurt you?” You asked concerned. 

“Oh god no! They just are so annoying!” Suddenly a light appeared and out came Mark in pink suspenders and had a pink mustache.

“Awe Markimoo! I thought we were friends!” You looked between the two men in awe. “The name’s Wiford, Wilford Warstache.”

“How many Marks are there?!” You asked frantically.

“According to my calculations there are 1,532,736 Marks in the US with the name, would you like me to expand my search?” You jumped and turned around to see Mark in a blue shirt with a G on it. 

“What on earth is going on!” You yelled looking between the three men suddenly the light began to flicker. 

“I told you all to stay away from her.” There stood Dark in his true form, his eyes were sunken and looked tired. You gave him a concerned look and walked towards him cautiously.

“Dark, is it true? You were the one who took Mark away from me? You told me he let you in? I thought I could trust you, but I was wrong.” Dark sighed and slouched, the others looked at him perplexed, he looked so broken. Dark stepped to you and looked at his feet.

“I had to get rid of him, you would have never loved me with him around. It’s not fair, I saw you first but of course, he got to you first. He had you for so long and never once did he tell about us! We were forced to hide! I had to put him in his place! So, I managed to break the barrier he kept us in and force him to suffer the same fate I had.” Dark explained, every so often he’d glare at Mark. You looked to Mark.

“You knew about all of these Marks and never told me?” You weren’t mad at him but you felt something deep down. The truth was you knew 3 years ago before Dark came along you and Mark were drifting apart. But then Dark showed up and you felt a connection with him and it made you feel guilty. Mark nodded and you frowned. 

“I-I have to be honest too.” You stammered and looked around the room, you sighed and grabbed Marks hand. “I think deep down we both were growing tired of each other, when Dark showed himself to me he told me you were gone and I was hurt. I thought you left me forever and I always dreamed that you would come back.I thought if I were to see you again I would fall in love like we were in the beginning. But now that you’re here, I feel nothing. I can’t imagine myself with you anymore. Even if I didn’t love Dark I still think I wouldn’t be with you.” Mark smiled sadly and squeezed your hand.

“Honestly, I think I’m madder that Dark stuck me in a pit than him stealing my girlfriend.” 

“I’m sorry you were put through that.” You said honestly, you knew Dark would never apologize to Mark so you did it for him. Dark was standing in front of you still looking at his feet. This was the first time you’ve actually looked at him. He looked like Mark yet he wasn’t. There stood a demon who would kill to get power, a demon who would bring other demons to your house but would stand up for you when they got out of hand. You stepped closer and let go of Marks’ hand. Dark looked into your eyes and you knew at that moment you were in love. “I love you Dark, only you, but you have to let them all go.” Dark looked to the others who were watching from afar. 

“Okay.” With a snap, you were all in your house. You furrowed your brow and looked at Dark.

“Why are we at my house?” Dark sighed and suddenly your living room was filled with different types of Marks. Each one of them looked around and started to chatter all at once. Mark began to clap causing the rest to become silent. 

“Alright listen up! You’re all out of the pit but that doesn’t mean you can go wild! You’re all still apart of me! Okay?” Wilford smirked and put his arm around Mark.

“Now why would we ever leave? Look at this place! It’s huuuge! Come on boys! Let us go settle in!” Your eyes widen as the ‘Marks’ all started walking down your halls and stairs. You heard a crash from the basement and cringed. 

“I’m going try to calm them down a bit.” Mark said walking towards the hallway, he stopped, “Thank you Dark. You did the right thing by letting us go.” Mark proceeded to leave the room. 

“He’s right you know?” You said looking back to Dark. “You should’ve just told me the truth rather than kidnap Mark.”

“I’ll admit my plan wasn’t thought out.” You smirked and kissed his lips. Dark smiled and wrapped his arms around you. “I’m sorry for lying.” 

“I know you are, just don’t ever lie to me again.” Dark nodded and kissed you once more. Before things could get heated you heard Mark yell from the basement. 


“That’s why they stayed in the pit,” Dark said and all you could do was groan and make your way to the basement. “Hey, you said you always wanted kids!” You flipped Dark off and left. Dark stood watching you leave and grinned.

A/N: I really love the egos and felt like Dark would be jealous of them. Also, I have a headcanon that the Egos are like Marks kids and he has to take care of them :P