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Hey Winchester - Hey Mama Parody
  • Hey Winchester - Hey Mama Parody
  • The Winchesters

So I thought my last post on this blog would be another Supernatural Parody. My voice is horribly shot because of T, but here it is. A parody of David Guetta and Nicki Minaj featuring your favorite boys. Lyrics under cut. Thanks for the good run, guys! 

Deal with a demon, I'mma
Sell my soul
Deal with a demon, I’mma
Sell my soul


Back in Lawrence Kansas
I was just a baby
Azazel fucked me up so when I grew up I’d be ready
Bred to be a leader, his blood was inside me
Gave me psychic powers, you down with that baby?

Best believe that, when I need that
Guilty conscience, I will always have it
Brother is my family so
He cannot die, I will not allow it

Send them to Hell, Exorcizamus te
Ganking those sons of bitches all day
Now all of Heaven and Hell knows my name
Like hey Winchester hey Winchester (Hey)
Sooner or later one of us dies
And so the other must sacrifice
Salt it and burn it and don’t think twice like
Like hey Winchester hey Winchester (Hey)

Deal with a demon, I'mma
Sell my soul
Deal with a demon, I’mma
Sell my soul


40 years of bleeding
40 years of screaming
Getting resurrected just to take another beating
Fucking with the angels, fucking with the demons
Apocalypse can’t keep me from these worthless feelings

Best believe that when I need that
Self-hatred I will always have it
Sammy can’t leave, so please take me
Without him I’m nothing so this life, you can have it

Send them to Hell, Exorcizamus te
Ganking those sons of bitches all day
Now all of Heaven and Hell knows my name
Like hey Winchester hey Winchester (Hey)
Heavy Dad issues, dependency
Fighting monsters since before puberty
Dying, dealing, put it on repeat
Like hey Winchester hey Winchester (Hey)

Deal with a demon, I'mma
Sell my soul
Deal with a demon, I’mma
Sell my soul


You ask me? I’m fine
Just watching porn online
Made some bad mistakes
So I deserve to do time
And without me, Sam’s fine
He always keeps in line
Let me finish this bottle and then it’s murdering time
Don’t want to tell you how I feel
I don’t even think I’m real (Am I real?)
Leave me alone cause I know how to deal
I don’t deserve to be saved, so I don’t care
Take my share, I’ll go down while I’m swinging


So I make a deal with a demon I trust
So I give in to my darkness and lust
So I do anything just to see him again
Carry on carry on, it goes on, it goes on my son

Send them to Hell, Exorcizamus te
Ganking those sons of bitches all day
Now all of Heaven and Hell knows my name
Like hey Winchester hey Winchester (Hey)
Sooner or later one of us dies
And so the other must self-sacrifice
Angels and demons and everything nice  like
Like hey Winchester hey Winchester (Hey)

Deal with a demon, I'mma
Sell my soul
Deal with a demon, I’mma
Sell my soul

r&b/rap poetry playlist

 ~ i’ve been seeing this on my dash lately so i made my own ~ thanks to the poetry side of tumblr for starting this song-lyric-into-poetry trend~

days on the east - drake: i’m terrible / at inviting myself / call me over

comfort inn ending (freestyle) - jhene aiko: say they love you / when you know they don’t

pink matter - frank ocean: since you been gone / i’ve been having / withdrawals

the crying game - nicki minaj:  is it too late / to talk? / did i wait / too long?

two weeks - fka twigs: pull out / the incisor / give me / two weeks / you won’t / recognize her 

poetic justice - kendrick lamar: if i told you / a flower / bloomed in / a dark room / would you trust it ?

3005 - childish gambino: when i’m alone / i’d rather be with you

power trip - j. cole: would you believe me / if i said / i’m in love? 

the worst - jhene aiko: i don’t need you / but i want you 

daddy - emeli sande: he’s out your system / yeah / it took you a while

from time - drake: i love me / enough / for the both of us 

drunk texting - chris brown ft jhene aiko: never wanna be / without you

video girl - fka twigs: the camera loves you / ain’t that enough?

are you that somebody - aaliyah: i’ve been holding back / 

sunday candy - donnie trumpet: take and eat / my body / like it’s holy 

u got it bad - usher: everything in your past / you wanna / let it go

shot for me - drake: you believed / in everything / but me 

bad - wale: is it bad / that i’ve never / made love?

shake it off - mariah carey: the loving / ain’t the same / and you keep on / playing games

Characters from Luke Cage and Lyrics from rap song that I thought fit

Luke Cage: “What a god to a non-believer” (No Church in the Wild)-Jay Z and Kanye West

Misty Knight:”Everything these haters do just to degrade ya,Only made me stronger so thanks for the favor.“ (All Good)-LIL’ Kim

Mariah Dillard: “You can be the King,but watch the Queen Conquer” (Monster Nicki Minaj Verse)

Herman “Shades” Alvarez:“Cause we’ve been through the worst times and the best times,But it was our time, even if it was part-time” (I’m Real)-JaRule ft J.Lo I couldn’t resist

Claire Temple:”I am woman, hear me roar,Comin’ out fresher and flyer than I did before”-(I am Woman)-MC Lyte

Cornell “Cottonmouth” Stokes: "Watch the blimp read, ‘The World Is Mine.'” (If I Ruled the World)-Nas ft Lauryn Hill

Willis “Diamondback” Stryker: ”Catch me if you can like the GingerBread man- (Struggle) Biggie Smalls

Henry “Pops” Hunter: “God is smilin’ on you but he’s frownin’ too,Because only God knows what you’ll go through” (The Message)-Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five

Occasionally Rafael Scarfe especially when he killed Chico,and That one guy who didn’t want to save Luke even though Misty ask him to: “Fuck the Police” (Fuck the Police)-NWA

If anyone disagrees ,or got suggestion the floor is yours.
The Ultimate Eric R. Bittle Pre-Game Mix: Volume 1
My boy Bitty has excellent taste in music.

My first Check, Please! inspired playlist! I like to think this is what Bitty would listen to before a game to get ready. 


212 ft.Lazy Jay- Azaleia Banks….Rock This- Santigold….The Motto ft.Lil’ Wayne, Tyga- Drake….Cockiness (Love It)-Rhianna….XO-Beyonce….1991- Azealia Banks….Titanium ft.Sia- David Guetta….Wildest Dreams- Taylor Swift….Y.A.L.A- MIA….I’m Really Hot- Missy Elliot….Get Me Bodied (Timberland Remix)-Beyonce….Craziness- Nicki Minaj

This playlist contains a good deal of explicit lyrics so it’s probably NSFW. (at least if you’re not wearing headphones…)

Credit for cover art, all characters, for the choice of tracks 1,7,11, and inspiration goes to Ngozi:

Huge thanks @ziimbits for making the cover art for me using Ngozi’s awesome art.

I Lied - Requested (Ashton)

Hello, this was requested by Anon ( Heeey.! I love all of your guys’ writing and I know you have a lot of requests but I was wondering if anyone can write one based on ‘I lied’ by Nicki Minaj? Please and thanks you!) , So again, i haven’t really used much of the lyrics, i kinda mainly used the meaning behind them, and went with shit after the song, hopefully you like it, ENJOY!!!

‘Shit, Ash just got here’ Calum mutters to you, you nod a little shrugging, he laughs shaking his head, ‘You can’t hide from me, I know you too well’ he reminds you, you shake your head as he walks off, probably to greet Ashton, you move through to the kitchen, resting your back on the counter, you take a couple of deep breaths, before taking the cup to your side and downing it, you cringe as the strong taste hits you and shake your head a little. ‘Oi hostess people are looking for you out there’ Jenifer laughs stumbling into the kitchen making you laugh, ‘Yeah, yeah, I’m coming’ you wave her off, she nods, before tripping, her whole body crashing down, you jump forward to help her but she shakes her head, waving her hands, ‘I’m gonna rest right here’ she tells you patting the floor making you laugh as she lies her head down.

You walk out of the kitchen and over to Calum, ‘Calum’ you interrupt his conversation with Ashton and some girl you haven’t seen before, ‘Jenifer has fell asleep on the kitchen floor’ you tell him, he pulls a face. ‘Tell Luke’ he tells you, you roll your eyes, ‘I dunno where he is’ you point out, glancing around the full house and he rolls his eyes, ‘I’m always looking after his fucking girlfriends’ he mutters walking past and handing you his cup making you laugh a little. ‘(Y/N) this is…’ you turn away from Ashton and head in a different direction not listening to him.

You drink the rest of Calum’s cup and put it on the coffee table, you head for the back door, sitting down on the bench with Michael, ‘Sup bitch?’ you asks him and he laughs, ‘Nothing, waiting’ he tells you, you frown glancing around, ‘For?’ you asks and he laughs, ‘I invited someone’ he shrugs. ‘And what?’ you frown a little, ‘Well I don’t wanna be drunk when she gets here’ he explains, you nod a little, ‘You don’t want her to turn up and see you sitting on the bench on your own like a loner either’ you point out, he laughs throwing his arm over your shoulder. ‘I’m not alone now’ he winks.

You notice James, one of the guys from work staring at you and you nod, ‘You are now pumpkin’ you tell him, patting his thigh as you push yourself up, you walk over to James, smirking a little and he steps a little closer realising your heading for him. ‘We should dance’ he tells you and you nod, wrapping your arm through his, ‘We need a drink first’ you tell him, waving your empty hands and he laughs.


You squint even though your eyes are already closed, the light hurting your head through your eyelids, you groan, rubbing your forehead as you force your eyes open, you squint looking around noticing you had at least managed to get to your room. You sigh lying back down in a different position, you turn in the bed and freeze when your knee hits something hard, and you open your eyes to see the all too familiar curls. You sigh shaking your head as you rush out of the bed, picking up joggers when you realise you only have pants on, you look a little more but don’t see any of your shirts lying around so you pull one out of the draw. How had you still managed to end up with him?

‘Where you going?’ his groggy voice making you freeze in your tracks but you push yourself to move closer to the door after a second. ‘You going to ignore me again now?’ he asks, his voice alone making a lump form in your throat, you open the door and head out, looking around to see the mess from the night before and the bodies lying all around. A hand grabs your wrist, pulling you in the opposite direction; you spin to see Ashton in only his boxers pulling you back to the room. ‘Ashton fuck off’ you spit, pulling your hand as much as possible but not being able to free yourself until he lets go once your back in your room with the door closed.

‘You’re not leaving this fucking room until you tell me what’s going on’ he tells you harshly, you shake your head huffing as you sit on the edge of your bed, you notice him pick up his jeans and pull them on. ‘Did we have sex?’ you ask casually causing him to scoff.

‘Of course that’s what you think, because spending the night with me alone isn’t good enough right?’ he asks, you feel the sting behind your eyes and swallow hard. ‘You know I should be the one giving the silent treatment right?’ he asks, ‘Because you’re the one that turned, I’m the one that was humiliated, I’m the one that put it all on the table to be crushed’ he snaps, his tone is harsh and you can’t get your body to move, you wanna look at him, hold him but you can’t, instead you stare down at your floor.

‘You’re not the fucking victim’ he shouts, you jump slightly shocked by his annoyance and you try not to speak, biting your lips. He moves until he is in front of you, hands roughly grabbing your shoulder and he pulls you up. ‘Fucking talk to me’ he snaps.

‘I have nothing to say’ you shrug as casually as you can. ‘You had plenty to say the other day’ he sighs, dropping his hands and stepping back. ‘You have no right to be mad at me, you know that right?’ he asks but you ignore him. He scoffs again walking away from you. ‘You bought another girl’ you speak softly, like your voice is being held back.

‘WHAT?’ he yells throwing his arms up, ‘You told me to leave you’ he is angry, annoyed and he has every right, ‘I wanted you, I told you I loved you and you pushed me away, you fucking laughed at me (Y/N)’ he speaks, moving back in front of you now. ‘You said you didn’t love me, didn’t need me and not to touch you’ he repeated your words. ‘YOU SAID THAT’ he yells pointing at you.

‘I KNOW’ you scream,, ‘I know what I said you fucking arse hole, I know what I said’ you repeat, looking him in the eye now as you try to calm yourself, ‘But I didn’t mean it’ you sigh, ‘I lied to keep you from breaking my heart’ you tell him, dropping your eyes to the floor, not wanting him to see the hurt.

‘Why would I do that? Why would I break your heart?’ he asks, ‘You bought someone else’ you tell him weakly, ‘AND I ENDED UP WITH YOU’ he yells frustrated.

‘Look where I am, I’m here, right here with you, I came with another girl and I ended up in bed with you, I spent the whole fucking night watching you with James, right up until you went to the bathroom, I followed you and I held your hair while you were sick, I carried you to bed, I stayed with you the whole fucking night (Y/N) because I’m in love with you’ he tells you, taking your face in his hands, forcing you to look at him.

‘I miss you’ you whisper and he nods, ‘I miss you too’ he agrees, bringing his lips to yours, it’s a soft kiss, him holding you, his hands move to your waist, ‘Say it’ he tells you, his forehead against yours, his breath on your lips, you swallow hard, ‘I love you’ you whispers against his lips, he smiles, before lowering you onto your bed.

From Chelsea