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If Nelliel and Nel were locked in a room...

Nelliel and Nel meeting requested by anon. :) 

This list wasn’t specifically requested for this series, but as it involves two people meeting, I’m going to shoehorn it in. So, let’s say that Nel (the child form) and Nelliel (the adult form) somehow found themselves in a room. How might that conversation go? 

Nelliel: Hi.



Nel: Y-you have Nel’s mask!

Nel: [frantically feeling head]

Nel: Nel….also has Nel’s mask?

Nel: W-who are you?

Nelliel: You don’t have to pretend that you don’t remember, not around me.


Nelliel: Aw, come on! We have the same mask!


Nelliel: We have the same hair color! The same face markings!


Nelliel: We are wearing the same dress!

Nel: That’s not true! Yours is a two piece! Nel’s is one piece!

Nelliel: Yeah, well, I’m a bit taller than you. Tearing happens.

Nelliel: Anyway, I know you remember.

Nelliel: You recovered your memories when you turned back into me.

Nelliel: You didn’t lose them, just because you’re back in child form.

Nel: Big Nel is right…

Nel: But Little Nel doesn’t like to remember! Hurting is only fun when it’s fun!

Nelliel: I hear you.

Nelliel: Listen, I wanted to thank you.

Nel: Why?

Nelliel: For surviving. I know it was difficult, after everything. But you did! You survived! And thanks to you, I survived.

Nel: N-Nel had a lot of help!

Nelliel: Yeah, Pesche and Dondochakka were great! But still. Nothing they did would have mattered if *you* hadn’t decided to survive.

Nel: Nel remembers that she got them hurt.

Nelliel: We shouldn’t blame ourselves for what Nnoitra did.

Nelliel: Nnoitra is a giant dickbag filled with dicks.

Nel: Dickbag?


Nelliel: I probably shouldn’t teach child-me words like that.

Nelliel: Anyway, I’m not done thanking you yet!

Nel: You’re not?

Nelliel: Of course! You also turned back into me to protect Ichigo. Thank you for that too! 

Nelliel: It would have been easier to stay safely in your memory-less state, right? But you turned back into me - and everything I know - because you wanted to help your friend. That’s how you know we’re the same person.

Nel: Nel had to protect Itsygo! Itsygo always protected Nel!

Nelliel: Exactly!

Nel: Nel wants to thank you too!

Nel: Thank you for coming to help protect Itsygo!

Nel: Nel knows you wanted to stay lost!

Nelliel: Sorta yeah.

Nelliel: But I have to admit, being back has its benefits.

Nelliel: Like food!

Nelliel: Man I missed food.

Nelliel: Plus it’s kinda great to be able to turn into a centaur again.

Nelliel: Not to mention being around to wrap my arms completely around Ichigo!

Nel: Is Big Nel going to date Itsygo?

Nelliel: Um

Nel: Little Nel thinks Itsygo is great!

Nelliel: Uh

Nelliel: I mean….if you want to date anyone, you’ll have to stay in your adult form. And you seem to prefer being the kid.

Nelliel: I mean, if you had to choose between ‘being in your adorable child-form’ or 'getting to ask clueless Ichigo out,’ which would you choose?



Nel: Nel doesn’t need a boyfriend right now.

Nelliel: My thoughts exactly.

anonymous asked:

Nel is pregnant :O!! I followed you when she was just borned :( pictures are so cute is things in the box photoshop?

she is but she’s still my little baby;-;; i don’t think it’s really going to be real to me until the baby is actually born and i can like post pictures of them. we’ve already seen what the baby looks like (my lil squishy face) and i’ve taken a bazillion pictures already hahah. thank you so much! everything in the pictures in the box and the balloons etc i meshed specially bc dylan is a big star wars fan :3


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