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Auston Matthews - Part 24

Explicit content, beginning marked with “~~” as well as when it ends. 

I exhaust myself but finish my kitchen by the time the game starts, thanks to time zones. I hunt down my box of blankets and snuggle down on the couch with my pups. I get the feeling this is going to become a nightly routine when Auston has a game. Not that I didn’t used to watch the Leafs play, I just usually had something in front of me as well, but now I feel guilty if I don’t watch the game in its entirety. They have a few days before another game, getting a little bit of a break after a tough road trip and Auston will be home in the morning, but I doubt I’ll be able to see him until later tomorrow.

               My eyes are getting heavier and heavier as the game goes on, Toronto taking the early lead. By the time first intermission comes on I have to stumble to my coffee maker and down an expresso. It doesn’t help. So instead I set an alarm on my phone to take a little cat nap before the second period. This does work.

               I’m able to make myself stay awake for the entire game and see him score yet another goal. I purse my lips, deep in thought as I eye the blue jerseys on my screen. I remember telling Auston that I would never wear his jersey when I had first met him, I debate a moment if that still stands true. I decide it does. For now.

               Once the game ends, a close three to two win, I barely manage to text Auston about his game and a goodnight before passing out right there on the couch. My first night in my first house and I don’t even make it to my bedroom.

               The morning sun is unforgiving as it come in through the uncovered windows, the only things that I didn’t have were curtains and blinds. Those were the first things on my list to get after I settle in. I have zero food in my fridge so I settle for a poptart for breakfast and dig my phone out from under the couch cushions and there’s a message from Auston waiting and several snapchats.

               Thanks babe, cant wait to c u tomorrow.

               It was sent at nearly two in the morning. I tap through the snapchats from his teammates, one of them he’s smiling at his phone and Will captioned it “wonder who he could possibly be reading.” I compare the time Will sent me the snap to when Auston texted me and it matches perfectly and I can’t help but grin at myself.

               Call me when you wake up.

               I quickly send to Auston and rub my hands together, wondering which room to move into next. I wander upstairs and into the open sitting room that I’ll probably make into an office, which leads to the bedrooms and bathroom. I nudge open the door to my room and I eye the boxes lined up against every wall and cringe. When did I get so much shit?

               I spend the next hour setting up my bed and getting that made, moving onto the boxes of clothes that are the primary thing taking up all the boxes. My phone goes off around eleven and I answer it quickly.

               “Hello,” I say shyly.

               “First time you’ve answered and it doesn’t sound like a question,” Auston’s groggy voice comes through the phone and I know he must have just woken up.

               “Well this time I knew for sure it would be you,” I laugh into the phone and begin pacing the room, just as I always do on the phone.

               “Valid. How’s the unpacking?”

               “Slow. I have a lot more stuff than I thought,” I again eye the boxes I can still see in the hallway.

               “Well you want some help?” He asks through a yawn.

               “Are you going to help or nap?” I quirk an eyebrow.

               “Probably both,” he answers honestly and I laugh.

               “Fine, though I have no food beside fruit snacks and poptarts, so if you’re hungry you better eat at home,” I add, my own stomach grumbles and I wonder if I’m close to any delivery places.

               “I’ll bring lunch, what do you want?” Auston asks and I wonder if he heard my stomach through the phone.

               “I don’t care, I’m not in a sub mood so anything but that,” I say and I wait for him to complain that I’m one of those people who don’t like making decisions.

               “Okay, pizza good?” He asks and I blink in surprise.

               “Pizza’s perfect,” I smile. “I’ll text you my address.”

               “Alright, I’ll be there in about an hour,” I can hear him rustling his sheets and I know he’s getting up.

               “Can’t wait,” I say shyly again, a blush creeping into my cheeks.

               “Make that thirty minutes,” he says and I giggle.

               I say goodbye and hang up, I should go shower but I grab one more box and get set on unpacking the clothes in that one as well. I finish my sixth box when I hear a knock on the door downstairs. I startle and glance at the clock I just finish hanging on the wall and panic. It’s been exactly a half hour and I’m still in the clothes I wore yesterday. I contemplate for a moment before hurrying down the stairs.

               “Coming!” I call and my two dogs come barreling down the stairs with me. I frown wondering how they will react to Auston. I calm them down, taking a collar in either hand before opening the door with my elbow. There standing impeccably dressed and holding two pizza boxes in his hands is the boy I’ve been thinking about since I left Toronto.

               He blinks down at me and eyes my dogs a bit warily and I slowly let them go.

               “Hi,” I murmur, suddenly very aware that my hair is knotted in a lopsided bun on my head, my shirt has holes in it and my jeans are barely jeans, too many rips and holes to count. Then I notice that stupid hat on his head and I know I look better than he does.

               Auston doesn’t say anything but grabs me with his free hand and pulls me to him. I meet his lips all too willingly and his mouth coaxes mine open, at least I brushed my teeth. His grabs a handful of my shirt, causing the back to creep up and expose my skin, I shiver from both the touch and the cold air that hits my bare skin. I place my hands on his stomach and marvel at the solidness of him. By the time we pull away from each other there is not a single breathe left in my body.

               “Hi,” he says against my lips and my face turns crimson.

               “You can take a lot more road trips if that’s how you’ll greet me every time,” I manage to get out, my breathing still out of control.

               Auston gives me a grin and steps into the house once I step back, my two dogs dancing in circles around him.

               “At least they like me,” Auston says, keeping the pizza above his shoulder.

               “I think it’s the pizza, bud,” I laugh and show him into the kitchen. He follows behind, his eyes roaming around my house. “I’ll show you the house later. I’m starving.”

               I grab two plates and slide them onto the counter, balancing myself on a bar stool, Auston sits next me and we dive into the boxes. I let out a groan of satisfaction and close my eyes.

               “Warm food!”

               Auston laughs beside me, “You’ve been here less than 24 hours…”

               “Seems like 24 years,” I groan again, taking another embarrassingly large bite.

               We sit in comfortable silence for a few minutes, I devour two pieces by the time he finishes his first and I’m already reaching into the box again.

               “How was your trip, besides the hockey part,” I ask, wiping at my face with a napkin.

               “Better now that I’m home,” Auston shrugs and I frown.

               “What do you mean?”

               “I enjoy going to different cities, but I’m always happier to come home, this time especially,” he glances at me and my face heats up again.

               “So you did miss me,” I nudge him with my foot and he rolls his eyes.

               “Don’t get a big head,” he mutters and I giggle.

               “Nah, yours is big enough for the both of us,” I reply, taking another bite and Auston raises his eyebrows at me, a smirk playing on his face. “What?” I ask through a mouthful and then the double meaning hits me like a rock and I punch at his arm. “Stop that!”

               Auston laughs and finishes his second piece. He eyes the almost empty box now. “Glad I got two.”

               I wonder if I should be embarrassed but I could not care less. “I told you I was hungry!”

               Auston laughs and down his third piece, matching me.

               “Alright, tour time,” I say, going to the sink and rinsing my hands off, drying them on a towel. “Come on,” I touch his arm and step around him.

               He follows behind me as I take him into the dining room that has a table and chairs with about twenty boxes on and around it.

               “I don’t know how I’ll ever get everything put away,” I scowl at the boxes, wishing they would unpack themselves.

               “Was there anything in the house before you came or did you bring everything?” Auston asks, his eyes darting around still.

               “Not a single thing but the barstools and big kitchen stuff, like the fridge and stove,” I run my hand along the table and lead him into the adjourning back porch room, enclosed with windows on three sides, I’m surprised it’s not very drafty. There’s another bathroom and what could be used as a bedroom aside from the living room which Auston already saw.

               I bring him upstairs and through the two spare bedrooms and a bathroom before walking into my bedroom and I automatically go to the box that I had been working on when Auston got here.

               “My room,” I say obviously and suddenly feel unbearably shy and busy myself with organizing my socks into their rightful drawer.

               Auston remains silent as he wanders around the room, half unpacked. I peek at him in the reflection of my vanity mirror, his expression unreadable and I squirm a little. He steps in front of my T.V stand, which was what I started with earlier because it was the easiest. Picking up one of the photos that I placed there just an hour earlier. I know it’s the one with my parents and Auston’s parents at my high school graduation.

               Like always, he seems to feel my stare and his eyes raise to meet mine the mirror. I give him a sad smile and look back down at my hands, trying to make myself put the socks that I’m currently holding into the drawer. They don’t listen. I’m too busy trying to keep back my tears.

               Within seconds one of Auston’s hands is on the small of my back, his face just below mine as he kneels on the floor beside my stool.

               “Hey, don’t cry. I didn’t mean to make you sad,” he says gently and he grabs my chin, making me look at him. His eyes are soft, just like the small smile tugging the corner of his mouth.

               “I know you didn’t,” I whisper, willing the tear that’s threatening to fall free to stay right there.

               “Then why are you so sad?” He runs his thumb across my bottom lip and my lips part under his touch.

               “I just forgot that on top of being far away from my parents, I’m now an additional five hours away from Alex,” I whine and the tear finally falls. Auston is quick to wipe it away and I can tell he’s trying not to laugh.

               “Oh Y/N,” he says gently and gets to his feet, pulling me with him and against his chest. I don’t sob, but I do cry.

               “I’m an emotional person, okay,” I say, my voice muffled by his chest and I inhale deeply, remembering how much I missed his smell.

               “I gathered that,” Auston muses and with very little effort, he gently lifts me and he carries me to my bed. Lying me down and then sprawling out beside me. I wiggle myself back over to him, nestling into the crook of his shoulder, he rubs my back gently and I let my tears dry themselves. My eyes wander to his face and he continues staring up at my ceiling, I can see wheels turning in his brain. I take the distraction as a moment to appreciate his beauty, I look at his neck and notice a few freckles I hadn’t before, along with a small cut just under his jaw.

               My eyes travel to his mouth and the surprising fullness of his lips fascinates me. I realize I’m staring much harder than I initially thought when the corners of his mouth quirk up and my eyes flash to his, an amused look in his brown eyes. I blush and he laughs out loud this time.

               “You blush a lot,” he says and I roll my eyes, embarrassed.  

               “It’s in my genes, my mom blushes constantly too, don’t flatter yourself,” I snap at him which makes his laugh harder and the whole bed vibrates. Though for some reason he doesn’t stop laughing, most likely finding my embarrassment hilarious. I scowl at him and wait for him to quite laughing, but he doesn’t.

               “Auston…” I say after a good ten seconds.

               “Auston!” I snap again, lifting my head off his shoulder and glaring at him.

               I don’t bother saying his name a third time. Instead, I reach other and grab his chin, angling his face to mine and I cover his mouth with mine. Finally, he shuts up.

               Auston’s lips respond to mine and soon enough I’m getting a better taste of his intoxicating mouth, he tastes just like I remember; fruity with something sweet. I tell myself to pull away before this gets out of hand, but my body doesn’t respond. Instead I let him push my back into my pillows, he rolls to his side, hovering slightly over me and trailing his hand down to my hip.

               Again, I tell myself to stop it but I don’t listen. I grab a handful of his shirt and shimmy my way farther under his body. Slowly running my hand down to the waistband of his pants, I find the end of his shirt and raise my hand up underneath it, my fingers grazing his stomach. He makes a noise above me and my resolve completely breaks, I’m aching for his touch.

               “Auston,” I breathe, my lips leaving his and brushing against his jaw. “Touch me, please,” I whisper. His body goes still above me and a grin breaks out across his face.

               “What was that?” He asks and I know full well he knows exactly what I said.

               “Touch me,” I whisper again, tugging at his shirt impatiently.

               “Only took two weeks for you to ask,” he mutters, his lips finding mine again, this time much more roughly.


               I tug once again at his shirt, this time be obliges and breaks away from me for just a moment to pull the shirt over his head and toss it to the side. Auston’s mouth then goes to my neck as I take my time exploring his skin with my hands. A moan escapes my mouth when he nips at my neck and I can’t even focus long enough to blush. Auston seems to take that as encouragement because his hand too sneaks under my shirt and up my stomach to my chest, undoing my front clasping bra faster than I would have thought possible. Oh!

               My breathing is erratic as I try to focus on anything else besides his hand moving against my bare skin. I finally get my body to respond to my wishes and I grab a handful of his hair, forcing his lips back to mine. He wastes no time and nudges my legs father apart with his knee, settling himself between them and holding his upper body up with his free arm. I raise one of my knees and rest it against his side. My hand seems to get a mind of its own and wanders back down to a place that I’ve become quite familiar with.

               “Nuh uh,” Auston scolds, taking his hand from out of under my shirt and taking my wrist instead, bringing it to his hand that’s holding most of his body weight off of me.

After making sure I couldn’t wiggle my wrist free, he turns his attention back to my mouth and his now free hand snakes its way down my side to my hip again, shifting his weight slightly so he’s against my side. I can feel him against my hip and I resist the urge to try and wiggle my hand free.

“Remember what I told you,” Auston whispers against my lips. “Payback is a bitch.”

My breath gets caught in my throat as his hand brushes against the waistband of my old, ratty jeans. I can feel his smile against my neck as I shiver with anticipation. He makes good of his word and takes his time brushing his fingers against my bare skin right above the button of my jeans and I instinctively react which makes him smile every time.

“Auston,” I whine and he finally gives in.

He quickly makes work of my button and zipper, dipping his hand down the front of my jeans and I moan, though he hasn’t even touched me yet, still intent on teasing me into oblivion.

“You suck,” I manage to get out, closing my eyes and turning my head away from him. He only laughs against my throat and inches my panties to the side. Auston seems to think that it’s now safe to let go of my hand he was holding prisoner and uses it to bend my knee up against his side again. Using this new leverage his finger brushes against me and my hips move on their own accord. After a few more teasing strokes he slowly slips a finger in.

I let out a moan at the same time he lets out a low hiss in my ear. I claw at the bed spread on either side of me as his starts a slow, rhythmic movement. I turn my head to the side, hiding my face against his chest and pulls my hair to make me look back up at him.

“Not as fun being taken advantage of in an emotional state is it?’ Auston asks me, his breath tickling my face and I refuse to answer him, only giving him the satisfaction of another small moan as he adds a second finger. My pulse hammers in my chest and I don’t understand how it doesn’t lift me out of my bed.

“Auston,” I whimper, all pride gone. I just need relief.

“What?” He asks and I don’t have to look to know there’s a smirk on his face.

“Please,” I whimper again and he roughly kisses my mouth again, pressing his thumb down as well as quicken his movements and I rocket into space. My moan is muffled by his mouth and he continues his movement until I float back down from the clouds, kissing my cheeks and jaw gently until I’m able to open my eyes again to give him a lazy smile.


“Now you really can go on road trips as much as you want as want,” I murmur up to him and he laughs.

“I don’t think I’ll be spending any more time out of Toronto than I can manage from now on,” Auston says and I grin at him. I glance at his still bare chest and grin.

“I still got more clothes off of you than you did me,” I tease.

“Yeah? Do me a favor and sit up,” Auston quirks an eyebrow down at me and I go to sit up and remember my bra.

“That doesn’t count,” I mumble, and quickly clasp it back.

“I think it does,” Auston laughs and leans down, placing a gently kiss on my lips.

I let him and then push him onto is back, climbing on top of him.

“Now that you’ve had your fun,” I breathe down at him and his eyes narrow. “It’s time…” I lean down farther, my lips at his ear. “To get to work,” I finish and bound off of him, grabbing the closest box and setting it on his lap, making him grunt.

               “I think I have my work cut out with you,” Auston says under his breath and I’m not entirely sure I was meant to hear.


Sorry this took an extra day to come out! I just recently got busier and as of this Sunday, I doubt I’ll have much time to write for about a week! My parents, uncle and aunt are coming to visit me.

I’ve got a few more ideas but please do send in any imagines or such that you have!


Summary: A wise lover values not so much the gift of the lover but the love of the giver. Jack Lowden/Reader

Warnings: Teeth-rotting fluff…

“Jack Jack.”

Jack smiled and turned. “Aye, hennie?”

She paused, looking vaguely like she was melting, before smiling, hands behind her back. “Why is saying ‘aye’ so sexy?”

He laughed. “Ah dinnae ken.”

She pouted. “Now you’re just doing it on purpose.”

He leaned over and kissed her, arching to try and see behind her back. “Wha’ ye go’ there, lovie?”

“A gift…”

He grinned. “Ye are a gift. No need to buy me anythin’…”

She made a face. “You are so corny! But if you don’t want your gift then I suppose I can return it.”

“No’ so fast, love. Always rushin’ off t’conclusions an’ such…” He arched over her again and she stepped back so he couldn’t see. “Hennie… don’t tease.”

She pulled her hands out from behind her and held them up, revealing two tickets to a nearby football match. “I seem to remember my gorgeous boyfriend saying something about this-”

Jack stared and she had a moment of panic.

Maybe he didn't… maybe I misunder-

“Ye didn't…” He still wasn’t smiling, but his baby blues had gone wide and he looked about twenty years younger. “M’love, ye didn't…”

“I did.” She winced. “Shouldn’t I have?”

His hands were on her face a moment later and she was suddenly overwhelmed by him. He guided her, ever so gently, back against the wall behind her.

“Ye’re amazin’, lass. Jus’ bloody fantastic.”

She smiled into his next kiss, moaning softly as he slowly grinded against her. “I’m glad you like them-” gasp “-Jack.” She managed to blindly set the tickets down on the armoire to her side, before sliding her hands up under his shirt. “I am so glad you like them..”

He grinned against her skin, head dipping to mouth at her neck. He grunted and pulled back quickly. “Yer so small.” He chuckled and wrapped an arm around her and lifted her, with seemingly little effort, holding her against his body.

She laughed throatily and wrapped her legs around his waist. “Am I so small or are you so big?”

He returned to leaving hot, open-mouthed kisses on her neck, detouring to nip at her collarbone. He pulled back and caught her eye. “Ah dinnae ken.”

She groaned. “Why is that so hot?”


She snapped a picture of the pitch and started typing up a message.


“Do you not like football, Y/N?”

She looked up and leaned forward to see pass Jack. “Hmm?”

Tom smiled. “You look bored.”

Jack glanced at her. “Are you bored, lovie?”

She shook her head. “Nope, I’m sending a photo to my cousin.”

“So you like football then?”

“Yeah.” She shrugged. “I prefer basketball, but I like sport in general.” She sipped her Guinness.

“Does your cousin like football?”

“Well he plays for Galaxy.” She smirked. “I assume he likes football.”

Harry gaped. “Your cousin plays for the LA Galaxy?”

She nodded.

“With David Beckham?”


“Jack, did you know this?” Harry turned to Jack.

“O’course.” He nodded, eyes on the game, and sipped his beer.

“Oh.. ‘O’course.’ As if it were obvious.”

“How do you reckon I got my hands on so many tickets?” Y/N shrugged and leaned on Jack’s shoulder. “I think it’s obvious.”

Jack chuckled and kissed her forehead, setting his hand on her knee.

“Thanks for all this, hennie.”

She smiled against his shoulder. “Anytime, pretty boy. Wanna take a selfie?”

He grinned and leaned down to her. “Always, hennie.”

She smiled and pulled up instagram when the pictures had been taken. Choosing her favorite photo, she typed out a quick caption.

Took Pretty Boy to a match. #thankscuz #footiematch #myrooster


She set her bags in the foyer of her new London flat-

Shit I moved to London!

-and jumped out of Jack’s way as he followed her in.

She didn’t move here for Jack-

I totally did…

-but as the Director of Photography for Chris Nolan’s new project, it just made sense.

It does make sense.. but also Jack is here. At least we’re not cohabitating… that would be moving too fast.

“Where d’ye want these, hennie?”

She glanced at the bags in Jack’s hands. “Just stick them in the bedroom, baby.”

He nodded, spared a couple seconds to study her face. “Ye okay, m’love?”

She sucked in a breath and nodded.


She looked up and smiled. This was Jack, she could always be honest with him. “This isn’t too fast, right? I mean I know I moving here for work too-”

He kissed her. “If ye hadn’t moved ‘ere, I woulda moved there.”

She shook her head, trying to smile. “Don’t be silly.. you’d melt.”

He set the bags down and framed her face in his hands. “If ye hadn’t moved ‘ere, Y/N, I would’ve followed ye te wherever ye were.”

“Why? We’ve only been dating for three months, Jack… only three months. This is craziness.”

He shrugged and kissed her. “So what? I want te be where ye are as often as possible.”

She stepped fully against him and buried her face in his chest. “I want to be where you are too.”

She felt his chin on the top of her head and felt more than heard the answering rumble in his chest. “Yeah? Then who cares what anyone has te say about it, eh, hennie?”

She nodded. “Right, rooster.”


Y/N opened the door and stopped in her tracks.
Sitting just a few feet from her was a little, blond puppy. The puppy’s little tail was going a mile a minute against her wood floor and suddenly he barked and she jumped.

“Jack?” She called and the puppy stood and moved closer to her, stopping just by her feet and rolling over.

She melted and scooped the little guy up. “Oh, hello! You’re so cute! But where did you come from?”

The puppy licked at her chin.

Jack leaned against the foyer door. “I don’t want ye here alone when I’m gone. S’not safe, love.”

She shook her head and rested her cheek in the puppy’s fur. “I practically live in Mayfair, rooster.”

He shrugged. “I also though’ ye might like a friend. Te help with th’homesickness.”

“What about my landlord?”

“Already checked wit’ him an’ paid the pet deposit. Ye’re free an’ clear. Only th’best for my hennie.”

Her eyes misted and she sniffled, holding out her free arm to him.

He grinned and gathered his girl and the new puppy against his chest. “I’m glad ye like him, hennie.” She nodded against his shoulder and the puppy licked at her wet cheeks. “He doesn’t like t’ see ye cry. Tha’ makes two of us, eh, bloke?”

She laughed and wiped at her face. “What’s his name?”

Jack looked aghast. “I wouldn’t name yer dog fer ye, Y/N!”

She leaned up and kissed him. “Then help me come up with a name. I don’t know what to call him.”

He nodded. “Alright then, hennie.”

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Special Delivery

can you do an imagine with you giving birth to roman’s baby and dean being with you when your water breaks and he’s frantically looking for roman? thanks! i love your blog!


Roman falls out in the delivery room

“Dean! Would you stop harassing that poor girl?" 

Babies R’ Us was a shopping trip gone mad with my husband’s best friend tagging along. He’s been holding up this newborn onesie to his chest that says, "Mommy Takes All My Crap” with tiny diapers decorated around the caption. I overheard the sales associate laugh uncontrollably when he asked if they carried one in his size. Typical Dean I tell ya! 

“Hey! I’m wardrobe shopping for me and the kid. We’re gonna have matching outfits and take loads of pictures.” Dean observes the onesie, “Then we’ll mail them to everyone for Christmas." 

"Oh! And here I am thinking you were just buying something sexy to put on for Renee?” I smirk with a raised brow. 

Dean looks at me with mock disgust, “She actually prefers me in a bib and Ninja Turtle slippers. Thanks." 

My laugh couldn’t have been any louder, as the sales associate joined in. "Oh how romantic!” I sarcastically clasp my hands together, glaring at him with starry eyes. 

“She’s just jealous that my bro Ro doesn’t wear that for her.” Dean says low to the sales associate. 

“Actually, I prefer your bro naked.” My sheepish grin makes Dean roll his eyes.
He walks over to me and points at my stomach, “And she’s the result of preferring him naked. At least with a bib —”

I pop his shoulder, giggling. “Shut up!" 

"Mrs. Anoa'i?" 

I turn my attention towards another sales associate, Jonathan, that was helping me earlier. "Hi, yes?”

“We have the stroller you were looking for. Would you like us to bring it to your truck when you’re done shopping?”

“Oh God, thank you! Yes please!” I squeal. “I’ve been searching everywhere for that stroller!" 

"Not a problem, ma'am!” He smiles and walks off. 

Dean places his hands on my colossal belly, smoothing his fingertips on the sides. “How long have you been hibernating in there, little piglet? You know you have to show yourself eventually." 

I smile at his nickname for my baby girl. Piglet. He’s already gotten her a plethora of outfits, bottles and a pair of pink shoes that had the cute character from Winnie the Pooh etched on them. Sometimes Joe and I would joke about Dean being more excited to be an uncle than we were to be parents. But one thing for sure, he was damned right about her hibernating. I was now 9 ½ months pregnant, one more week until ten. I didn’t know how far my stomach could stretch to hold my love, but she had no intentions on leaving any time soon. The load was starting to get too heavy for me to even stand for long periods of time. My maternity shirts were overly stretched. I was eating more than my usual preggo appetite, gaining more weight by the week. Joe’s mom would tell me that I’ve made it too cozy for her to leave. "Nana is waiting for you, my dear angel. Come out, already!” She would say to my belly when we’d go over for family evenings. 

As Dean was still talking to her, I had a sudden urge to pee really bad. This wasn’t out of the ordinary for me, but this tingle was a peculiar one. A little strong. 

“Hey, Dean. I have to use the bathroom. Could you pay for the stuff and help them with the stroller?” I grabbed my debit card out of my clutch. 

He takes it, “Gotcha covered.”

I waddle tirelessly to the bathroom, immediately rushing to pull my dress up and damn near collide on the toilet. As the sound of my release pours through the stall, I felt a small contraction follow shortly after. My heart froze mid beat. Blood rushed to my brain in pure shock, as I suddenly felt a little light headed. Once I regained my focus I took a few small breaths, still listening to the liquid seep from my body. Another small, but more intense contraction came through. It seemed that the temperature in the rest room suddenly rose to 80 degrees. Then it hit me. My water broke! 

I quickly got myself together, washing my hands in three seconds and waddling with more speed towards the entrance. As Dean was approaching the same entrance, he stopped in his tracks with a look of alertness. 

“You good?” He quickly assessed me, seeing my right hand cradle my stomach.

 "You remember how to get to St. Marjorie’s right?“ I head towards the truck. 

"Uh, yea. Why what’s wrong?” He immediately ran to my side, helping me into the seat. 

“Piglet’s coming.” I try to catch my breath. 

Instantly, Dean’s face lit up like a Christmas tree. “Holy shit!” He looked at my belly, “Holy shit!" 

I weakly smile, "Yes, now get your ass in here and drive! We’ll call Joe on the way." 

Dean nods frantically. "Right, okay!”

After speeding into the street, Dean pulls out his cell and puts it to his ear.
“Hey, Ro! You need to pick up the phone bro! Tasha is in labor and we’re headed to the hospital right now!” He spoke to the voicemail. 

A hard contraction caused me to grip the sides of my seat. “Dammit!” I hiss, “he’s at the damn gym.”

A grunt came from Dean as he tried to call Joe again. We both know that when he’s at the gym, his phone is either on airplane mode or he’s ignoring everyone until he’s done. Fortunately, he didn’t have his phone on airplane mode. So if Dean kept calling I’m sure he’d eventually pick up. After the third time trying, he called Lisa, Joe’s mom. 

“Hey, mom. Look, we can’t get a hold to your son to tell him his child is on her way. Could you please ring him in case I don’t get through?” He nods, “Yea! She decided that her mom was taking too long shopping, so she did us both a favor and found a way to get her out of there.” He glanced over at me on a sneaky grin.

“I hate you!” I painfully laugh as another contraction ripped through me. “Calm down, baby girl. We’re almost there.” I calmly say, as I rubbed my belly.

Dean looked at his phone noticing a call coming in, “Okay great! We’ll see you guys there!” He clicked over, “Yo! Get your ass to the hospital now! I’m sure your arms are ripped enough to have more panties thrown at you, but right now there’s a baby coming from the panties you’ve married. So yea, it’s that time Uce!" 

I toss my head back on the head rest, taking deep breaths. My body felt hot, small beads of sweat forming around my neck and my temple. I spotted the hospital only a few seconds away, Dean sped into the ER entrance. He rushed out of the truck, making his way to my side and snatching the door open. 

"WE NEED ASSISTANCE OUT HERE! BABY ON THE WAY!” He yelled to the medical personnel that was passing through the electric doors. “HELP, PLEASE!”

Once a nurse caught site of me bent over from a hard contraction, I was being planted into a wheelchair and Dean was left to park the vehicle and grab my bag. Soon, I was being escorted into a delivery room with the nurse checking my vital signs and heart beat. When I was dressed into my soft pink gown as I requested, my body was carefully laid onto the bed as the contractions slowed for a short time. I couldn’t believe this was finally happening. A mild sheet of panic washed over me, as I remembered that Joe wasn’t here yet. I couldn’t do this without him, I needed my husband by my side. He was supposed to be the one driving me to the hospital, but there’s no way he could’ve known I would go into labor today. I’d been so far overdue that we lost our excitement for her delivery weeks ago after her due date had passed. But it’s back now, and I didn’t want him to miss another second of it. After the doctor came in and reassured me that she wouldn’t be far if I needed her, she pointed to the emergency button by my bed. I nodded in response, trying to bring down my heart beat with slow breaths. 

As if on cue, my Samoan giant dashed past my room until Dean grabbed him by his shirt. 

“Uce, she’s in here!” Dean shoved him into my room.

Relief painted his handsome face. “Shit!” He ran over to me, immediately clouding my face with anxious kisses. “Oh my God, Tasha I’m so sorry baby!" 

I wait patiently for him to stop kissing me, rubbing my thumb across his lips. "No, no it’s not your fault, babe. It was a surprise. You’re here now.” I wipe the sweat from his forehead, “That’s all that matters." 

"How are you?” He caressed my face, “Tell me what to do.”

My heart warmed into my cheeks, “Despite the contractions, I’m fine.” I manage to smile, “I just need you to be strong for us." 

He sat in the chair by my bed, bringing himself face to face with my belly. His hand started to caress the top, while he planted kisses around it. I watched him grin, watching her small hand make an imprint that grazed his nose. Whenever she felt him near, she made herself known. Either it was a hand reaching out to him or a series of excited kicks.

"Yes, daddy’s here. Mommy tells me you’re finally ready to see us. Is that true?” He placed the padding of his finger inside of her palm. 

Her hand pushed further into the wall of my side, trying to flex her fingers around his in response.

“We’re ready to see you too.” He spoke softly, “I’m ready to hold you in my arms and never let go. Protect you. Love you with all my heart." 

She curled up into my side, causing me to wince from the shift in my rib. She loved hearing him talk to her. Joe brought his other hand up to massage my rib as always when she curled into that spot. These moments were more than special to me throughout this whole pregnancy. I would get super emotional from seeing that Joe was so delighted to be a Dad, I knew that my baby girl would be so blessed to have him. I could also tell they would be two peas in a pod, she was showing early signs that indeed she’s would be a Daddy’s Girl. Although she would love me dearly, her papa would come first in many occasions. I shake my head and smirk at the thought of him being the favorite parent. 

As I was listening to Joe, my eyes grew heavy. I had been up since this morning and it was now 6:00. I yawned, causing Joe to look up at me. 

He grabbed my hand and kissed it. "Get some sleep, babe. I’ll be right here.”

“Okay.” I yawned again, “I love you.”

“Love you more." 

I felt a swift kick in my side.

"Ow!” I giggle, “Love you too, beautiful." 


Two hours of peaceful dozing was soon ended when I heard a familiar voice radiate the air. It wasn’t until I heard Joe mumble "Mom” that I slowly opened my eyes. 

“Oh my God! Sweetie, I didn’t meant to wake you!” She placed her small hands on his back, rubbing across his shoulders. 

He leaned back in his chair, stretching before pulling her close to his face and kissing her cheek. “How long have y'all been here?" 

"We came shortly after you arrived, but we went for something to eat and came back.” Lisa cast an endearing smile my way, walking over to me and placing a kiss on my forehead. “How are you, darling?”

“I’m fine, thanks. Glad you guys could make it." 

"Of course, we wouldn’t miss this for the world! I’m just so excited she’s finally coming!” Her hand landed on top of my belly, “Your papaw and I have been patiently waiting for you, angel! We just can’t wait to see you!" 

"Mom, please don’t.” Joe chuckled, wrapping his long arm around her small waist. 

Lisa slid two fingers under her glasses to catch the fresh tears. “Oh, I’m sorry! I’m just so overwhelmed with joy. My baby boy is finally having his first baby! And it’s a girl!” She wrapped her arms around his head, kissing the top of it. 

He hugged her back, caressing her lower back. “I know mom. I feel the same way." 

"Okay you two cut it out. I don’t need to be more emotional while I’m contracting over here.” I slightly lean to the left from a small pain below. 

Lisa giggles, wiping more tears from her cheeks. “Oh, sweetheart I love you so much and I’m so happy that you’re having my granddaughter.” She releases Joe and plants a kiss on my belly. 

“Love you too, Ms. Lisa.” We hug before she heads towards the door. 

“Okay,” she composes herself, "I’ll leave you two and be waiting in the room with the others. I’ll let them know everything’s fine." 

"Thanks,” Joe and I say in unison. 

I peer down at my husband, "Does it seem to you that everyone else is more excited than we are? Or am I trippin?”

Joe laughs, “Definitely not trippin, babe. I almost feel bad, like I can’t match their excitement." 

Suddenly a strong contraction ripped through me out of no where, causing me to bolt straight up. 

"OH!” I shouted, feeling another contraction follow behind. 

Joe became alert, “Is it time?!" 

I produced shallow breaths as I waited for the next contraction. I frantically nodded, pointing a trembling finger towards the emergency button. He jumped up, pressing the button quickly as he held on to my hand. In record timing, my doctor, Dr. Pamela and two nurses rushed in. One nurse gave Joe his scrubs and head cap to put on in the bathroom across from my bed. The intensity of my contractions were doubling, I felt her shifting from my side and hitting against my rib. The pain was becoming unbearable, as the nurses propped my legs open onto the handles. Dr. Pamela slapped on her gloves, ordering the nurses to check my blood pressure and how far I’d strength so far. 

"She’s now eight centimeters, blood pressure is stable.” Nurse 1 removed her stethoscope from my chest, “Continue breathing, Mrs. Anoa'i, okay?" 

I nod frantically but slam back into the bed, as another contraction occurred. "UUUUGGGHHHH!!!!" 

"Tasha! I’m here!” Joe rushes to my side, clothed in his pink scrubs and cap. “Breathe, baby, breathe!" 

"She’s dilating fast!” I hear a nurse alert Dr. Pamela, who grabs her seat in between my legs. “Mrs. Anoa'i, be ready to push in a minute!" 

"Eleven centimeters!” Nurse 2 called out. 

A heavy pressure circulated my pelvis, as the stretching in my vagina was almost unbearable. I refused to have an epidural, for fear of any chemicals from the shot damaging my little girl. So I decided to endure everything that this delivery was bringing me; crazy right? Joe was counting every 5 seconds for me to breathe in and out, every now and then wiping my forehead with a cold, damp wash cloth. 

“I think she’s ready!” Dr. Pamela announced, “Okay, Tasha when I tell you to push give me everything you’ve got!”

I squeezed Joe’s hand and clutched the mattress with my other hand. “Oh, God!" 


With all my might, I pushed as hard as I could. Feeling a foreign object breach my vagina. I drew in a big breath, arching my back off the bed. 

"Good, good! Now PUSH!”

“Come on, baby! You’re doing good!” He dabbed my face with the cloth. 

I did as I was told, grunting through the pressure weighing on my pelvis. 

“There’s a head!” Nurse 1 peered at me, while rubbing my right leg. “You’re doing great, Tasha!" 

"A head?!” Joe frantically dropped my hand, rushing to Dr. Pamela’s side. His eyes freeze at the site of a bloody, hairy sphere slowly inching out of me. “Holy shit.. That’s her head!" 

Through my intense breathing, I reached out for him to come back to my side but he was rooted to the floor. Unable to take his eyes away, I saw his chest rise at a fast pace. "Oh my God.” He whispered. 

“JOE PLEASE COME BACK!” I pushed again at Dr. Pamela’s bark. 

“Mr. Anoa'i! Your wife needs you!” Nurse 1 tried getting his attention. 

“I.. I can’t belie—”

“SERIOUSLY?!” I grunt on a yell. “GOT DAMN, JOE!”

He passed out… HE PASSED OUT ON ME! I couldn’t freaking believe it! 

“Call someone in here to revive him, ASAP!” Dr. Pamela snapped, tossing a pity look at the 6'3 useless man I married on the cold floor. 

“No, no! Get Dean, his best friend! He’s in the waiting room!” I barely ordered to Nurse 1, through a strained push. “He’ll know how to get him up.”

When the nurse got back into the room, Dean ran behind her; spotting Joe motionless on the floor. 

“Ro, you have got to be kidding me! 

He smacked his face a couple times, before taking a final quick jab to his hard chest. Suddenly, there’s coughing and wheezing coming from Joe who shoved Dean out the way to signal he’s fine. 

"You good, bro? Because in case you need me to refresh your memory, your wife is still in labor and she’s going to beat your ass once this is all over.” Dean stood, helping Joe up to his feet. 

“YOU GOT THAT RIGHT!” I shout, burning holes into Joe as he stumbled back to my side. “WHO TOLD YOU TO LEAVE MY SIDE?”

Joe shook his head, as if gathering his wits. “Sorry, babe. I’m so sorry!” He grabbed my hand, kissing the back of it. “I’m not gonna anywhere, I promise!” He kisses it again.

“Dean’s right. I’m going to beat your ass when this is over.” I say through gritted teeth. 

“We got the head out, 1-2-3-PUSH!” Dr. Pamela ordered. 

I struggled to sit up, while pushing. Joe told Dean to tell the family our girl is coming and Dean dashed out of the room. I pushed again and again and again, until finally I heard a noise that would bring tears to my already stained eyes. The wailing cry of my love echoing through the room, causing my heart to beat faster. She was here. My ray of sunshine was finally here! Dr. Pamela handed her to Nurse 2, who wasted no time in bringing our daughter to me. I reached my arms out, as I clutched her to my chest. 

“Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs Anoa'i!” Dr. Pamela stripped out of her gloves, nodding at the nurses. “I will be back in a few minutes, in the meantime they will take care of y'all.” She padded my knee, “You did so well to say this is your first." 

She grinned at Joe, "Wish I could say the same for this guy, huh?” She slapped him on the arm, and we all chuckled. 

Joe shook his head in mock shame, “Yea, yea laugh it up ladies.” He looked down at our crying angel. “Glad you could join us, beautiful. We’ve been waiting for you.”

“Here, you can wipe her face with this.” Nurse 2 smiled, handing me a small cloth. 

“Thank you”, I smile back, wiping the debris from her tiny scrunched face.

As if Joe couldn’t wait any longer, he leaned down and kissed her tenderly on the forehead. Her little arms were still moving about until one wet hand landed on my chest; the other grabbed her daddy’s nose. He remained in that position, kissing her continuously until she was somewhat calm under us. When he leaned back up, I saw his face was red and wet from crying. My beautiful husband was at a loss for words, but his tears spoke volumes. I raised my right hand to softly brush the tops of his cheeks, as he sobbed some more. 

“Joseph, come here.” I smiled, bringing his face to me as we shared a long kiss. “I love you so much." 

He sniffs, "Tasha, I don’t think you know how much I love you.” His eyes burned into my soul, “You really don’t have any idea.” His thumb smoothed the edges of my temple, “I finally have my family.”

He looked back down at our darling baby, still crying a little in my arms. “I can’t wait to bring her home.”

“Same here, baby.” I peer down at her, “Same here." 

"Would you like a few more moments before we clean her?” Nurse 1 came forward. 

I soon realized that she was indeed still covered in my fluids and needed to be cleaned. “Oh no, you can take her now." 

She retrieved her from my arms delicately, "We won’t be long. Will we, precious girl?” She rocked the baby, as they made their way to the cleaning table. 

“You did so good, baby. You’ve made me the happiest man alive once again. God, she’s so beautiful!” Joe looked over at the nurses cleaning our bundle of joy. 

“Thank you, my love. She’s the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.” I sigh in bliss. “We did it, babe." 

"Yes, we did.” His smile was permanent.

“But let that be the LAST time you pass out on me. Got it?” I narrowed my eyes at him, looking as serious as I was tired. 

He kissed my forehead, chuckling. “Loud and clear.”

Lika Kalani Maria Anoa'i
October 3, 2015
9:43 PM
6 lbs, 7 oz

The room couldn’t have gotten any smaller, as our family members from both sides poured in to have their feel of the new edition. I caught site of her dressed in a pink onesie with a baby piglet holding a rattle on the front. The pink and white striped cotton cap that matched, neatly covered her head. Her little hands and feet were covered in matching socks and mittens that matched the outfit. It had ‘Uncle Dean’ written all over it. Immediately, she stole everyone’s hearts. Pictures were taken of her every move, while Lisa sat next to Sika as he sang her a Samoan lullaby. My parents were conversing with Joe, as my mom held my hand. I couldn’t have asked for a better support system. The love being showered over our princess was almost too much to soak in, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. She was blessed into a huge family on both sides that will love her unconditionally and be at her beck & call. I don’t think anything could’ve prepared Joe and me for this moment. We occasionally looked at each other with a renewed love. A love that will be shared nonstop towards our beautiful, darling Lika.


what if stiles and isaac are both really into comics, and scott’s thinking thank goodness, maybe they won’t fight as much now that they have something in common

except as it turns out, isaac likes marvel and stiles is a total dc fanboy

and they get into a screaming match over which is better that ends with isaac picking up stiles and almost throwing him out the window