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Motivational Mango

Hello, I am Mango, birb of the internet, and I have heard that you have a sad. 

Did you know that I am professional sad fighter? It’s true! Mango will show you the way. When you has a sad, you may feel like doing this: 

As you can see, Mango has been there too. But I can offer you some solutions. 

Sometimes it can help to talk to a friend. It can be hard to reach out, but sometimes expressing how you feel and commiserating makes you feel less alone. Hiding in hair is optional. 

You can talk to friends online if that makes you more comfortable. Computer is also good for viewing birbs. Good for combating a sad.  

If you’re having a rough time, it’s ok to take a break and enjoy a favorite activity. Don’t feel guilty! We can’t be 100% work 100% of the time. You’re allowed to have fun! 

You could get some rest, take a walk, or fix yourself a favorite snack! Sometimes you need to treat yo self. You deserve it because you’re awesome. So remember to be good to you. 

You just take that sad and you give it this look to let it know you mean business: 

You examine this sad and tell it that it has no power here. Give it a real good look with your birb eye and remember that you are worth more than any momentary despair this sad could bring. Here, Mango show you how: 

If all else fails, Mango will get real puffy at the sad for you to ward it off. Sad has no room when Mango is poof. 

But of course the best cure for a sad is looking at pictures of birbs. 

Hang in there, birb! You’re gonna make it. 

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Can you maybe draw a smiling happy Ryouta (maybe with Impostor and Tsumiki with him)? These children deserve happiness and safety and none of the bad things. Thanks! Have a nice day! (◕∀◕✿)

(ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧ I hope you have a nice day, too!! 


When Magnus and Percy meet, I want Percy to just go “So you’re the newest victim of a prophecy. Lemme tell you this now - them gods will never leave you alone.”
“Percy that’s not encouraging.”
“I’m just giving him the cold, hard truth. You’re screwed Magnus. There is no way out of this.”

4,000 followers scoob doob

I did say my next FF post wouldn’t be until 5k but this took a lot longer to reach than I was expecting. A lot of stuff’s happened to me since I said that and I lost all my motivation post anything for a few months so the follower count (understandably) dropped pretty heavily during that time.

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone the stuck around when I was doing jack shit here and to everyone that’s stopped by since.
My only regret is that I don’t seem welcoming enough and I know people are nervous about talking to me because of it. I’m really sorry about that but trust me it does make me happy when people want to chat so feel absolutely free to.
Believe it or not i’m actually pretty friendly!

As always, Mango luvs ya and keep being lovable! xoxo

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I wanted to do a couple of sets of shoutouts but this is already longer than i’d planned so i’ll put a read more here so this doesn’t clog up any more of your dash! Here’s a list of the cool people i’m glad I got to meet through here and who i’d recommend you check out if you asked me. 
This was rushed and i’ve almost certainly missed plenty of people off here.
Let me know if i’m a muppet and left you out and i’ll publicly shame myself in repentance/ fix my mistake!

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this video has given me the powers to live forever

Tano and Kenobi: A Profitable Exchange

Previously on Tano and Kenob…

Captured by pirates, Jedi Knight Ahsoka Tano and Padawan Learner Obi-Wan Kenobi lead their fellow prisoners to freedom. Now in possession of the very ship that boarded their own cruiser, and surrounded by the rest of the pirate fleet, Ahsoka Tano must strike a hard bargain with the pirate matriarch Mama Ohnaka if she and Obi-Wan want to make it back to Coruscant and the Jedi Temple in one piece.

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“I’m listening, Knight Tano. Tell me more.”

Let’s hope this works, Ahsoka thought to herself as she stepped forward to face the viewing screen, noticing out of the corner of her eye Obi-Wan stepping up next to Hondo in case he decided to try anything foolish.

She wasn’t sure if Obi-Wan was fully capable of handling Hondo at fifteen but she didn’t have time to worry about that right now.

“I would like to propose an exchange, Mother Ohnaka,” Ahsoka said, holding open her hands. “You see, we both have something the other one wants. Your son’s pirates have control of my ship, and I have your son, his ship, and his crew.”

“You are a Jedi,” Mama Ohnaka snickered, waving a dismissive hand. “It is against your Code to harm an innocent like my precious little gorka berry.”

Obi-Wan frowned at that. “What is a gorka berry?”

Hondo rolled his eyes and leaned over to mutter to Obi-Wan. “A sweet fruit my mother favors above all others save peaches from Naboo. She thinks it is a charming nickname.”

“Hondo, I can hear you!” Mama Ohnaka shot back, her beady eyes narrowed at son. “Oh, what happened to my sweet little boy? Where did I go wrong? How could you have fallen prey to Jedi of all people! They do not know the value of credits! They do not even like credits!”

Obi-Wan and Hondo exchanged looks and wisely went silent.

“Mother Ohnaka,” Ahsoka interrupted what looked like the start of a long tirade against the Jedi with a forced, bright smile. “While it is true that we Jedi are taught to eschew the search for credits for credits’ sake, we do understand that there are some things that are worth more than credits.”

Mama Ohnaka scoffed at that. “Oh? Like what?”

Ahsoka activated her blade in a bright flash of blue and held it up to Hondo’s throat. “This.”

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For my fourth birthday, Waffles, Mango, Torty, and Blue @wafflesworld sent me a beautiful card with the best stickers ever, plus extra hugs and kisses from my sweetie Mango!

Best of all, the front of the card has a big picture of Mango.  I spent a long time admiring how beautiful Mango is!  Then I tried to nom the fruit Mango clearly got for me, but it turns out silly humans haven’t figured out yet how to send noms through pictures.  Get on it, humans!

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Your mango is too cute!! I love the Sammy mango. A smol and fluffy mango

Thank you for the support~ I’m finally back home, and I’m so happy to have my smol, fluffy mango back. <3 :)

Chirps from Sammy~

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I work at a small locally-owned grocery store in Michigan. This older man with a southern accent comes up to me and asks where the mangos are. Since we weren't busy I offered to show him where they were. I led him to the mangos and he shakes his head and says "These aren't mangos! Mangos are green!" He looks around, points to the green peppers, and says "Those are mangos! Thank you anyway, young man!"

Hi everyone!

((OOC: Hi! I’m writing here to show you that I’m still alive! I’m really sorry for this long absence, but I had a lot of stuff to do between university and work, and I couldn’t organize my time as I’d wanted.

But don’t worry! More slowly, but I am returning here! I really enjoy drawing for this ask, and I’m really happy that during this months you have kept supporting it! I received a lot of messages of people asking if I was alive: you were all really kind, I am really grateful for your support ❤

Unfortunately, The Hammer Of Thor hasn’t been published here in Italy yet, so I have to wait until the end of November to keep up with you all. I’ll do my best in the meantime to reply to all the questions I still have!

Again, a massive thank you to you all ❤))

Magnus: Heh, you can’t get rid of me ;^)

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how about some fluffy pre-family au. these two dumb college boys just started dating and keith takes his new boyfriend on a cute picnic date (or vice versa) like trying to catch grapes or candies the other person is throwing with their mouths and all that cute shit. at first it's a bit awkward since the relationship is still really new but then they remember they were friends before and realise it's stupid to be so nervous around each other. basically they're adorable dorks in love <333

[The Voltron Pre-Family] So, last night Shiro—Keith’s best friend—confessed to him. Long story short, they were together-together and Keith was freaking out.

He didn’t know anything about relationships, more so, what you do in it. Who knew having a boyfriend could bring so much unnecessary dilemma to him? He could be reading a book and yet here he was googling something dumb. 

Keith Kogane: Shiro. You up for lunch together later?
Takashi Shirogane changed Keith Kogane to ShirosLoveOfHisLife.
ShirosLoveOfHisLife: What the actual ef
ShirosLoveOfHisLife: Did you seriously just change my name?
Takashi Shirogane: It’s the truth! You can change mine if you want. 😉
ShirosLoveOfHisLife changed Takashi Shirogane to Shiropoop.
Shiropoop: That’s a typo right? You were meant to type Shiropoo?? Right?
ShirosLoveOfHisLife: Nope. I didn’t. Cause you’re so full of shit sometimes.
Shiropoop: Now that’s just really mean. ☹️
ShirosLoveOfHisLife: Beggars can’t be choosers.
Shiropoop changed ShirosLoveOfHisLife to RedBean.
RedBean: W H Y
Shiropoop: Because you love red and I love beans and I love you. 😁
Shiropoop: Keith, you’re making those weird noises. Are you alright?
Shiropoop: Oh my gosh. YOU’RE BLUSHING! 
RedBean: Say that again and I’m going to break up with you.
Shiropoop: You can’t do that! 😰 We’ve only been together for 7 hours! BUT WHO’S COUNTING!? 😤😤
RedBean: Just. Let’s have lunch together later ok?
Shiropoop: Why do you act all so shy? 😏 We always eat lunch together.

Hours later, Keith texted the location where they would meet after Shiro’s microbiology class. He had it all prepared and he hoped it wasn’t too cheesy. 

“Oh my god, this is so cheesy!” A new voice caught Keith’s attention.

He looked up and saw Shiro walking towards him. He had a black blanket laid on the ground and a picnic basket on his side. He glared at his boyfriend who sat down beside him.

“I mean, it’s not a bad thing! I love it! I love cheesy things!” Shiro held both his hands up in surrender, then his face softened into a smile. “This is wonderful, Keith. I didn’t peg you to be the kind of guy who liked eating outdoors while observing nature. So what do we have for lunch?”

Keith just rolled his eyes and turned to the side to place the basket between them. He took out two tupperwares and handed one to Shiro, “I cooked us spaghetti simply because I wanted that.”

“Of course,” Shiro chuckled softly, opening the container. “Hmm, smells delicious. As expected from Master Chef Keith.”

“And then I have fruits. I got us grapes and oranges because you love grapes and I love oranges.” 

“How considerate, thank you.”

“And lastly, mango juice boxes because I have to be practical. I can’t have liquids spilling all over my basket,” he placed both on the blanket. 

Shiro’s face lit up upon seeing them. “I haven’t had a juice box since I was in elementary!” He examined one back to back with such delight. Then he looked at Keith who was sitting cross legged, observing him while playing with his fingers. Shiro must’ve noticed that something was on Keith’s mind but if ever he did, he chose not to voice it out.

They ate and they chat like they usually do, except Shiro sat really close to him and their thighs bumped each other, again, no big deal or so Keith tried to think so. It wasn’t until Shiro started throwing grapes at him for his mouth to catch that Keith started to feel a little awkward. He might have noticed that people began staring at them and it didn’t help either that Shiro was looking at him with that love struck face as if it was just them in the school amphitheater. Keith didn’t know when the place started to get crowded. 

“Keith, look at me,” Shiro’s voice disrupted his thoughts. He took Keith’s hands and as soon as their eyes met, he continued, “Is it getting too much for you?”

Keith shook his head. “It’s just—,” he paused to look at their hands. “We were just best friends yesterday morning and right now…,” he paused again to let out a deep breath. “It’s… it’s a lot to take in. It’s really kinda weird to get feelings reciprocated. I mean, obviously, Starfire can’t return my feelings since she’s a fictional character and—”

The gentle squeeze he received from Shiro made Keith look down at their hands once again. He looked up at Shiro and he was just smiling at him.

“You’re rambling again,” his boyfriend said. “I know we started as friends who didn’t have romantic feelings for each other, so doing couple things together might be a little weird and awkward for you first. This is your first relationship after all. But you’re doing great so far, Keith,” Shiro paused to bump his finger on Keith’s chin which made him smile. “You thought of this great lunch picnic and I’m not sure if it would matter, but no one had ever done this for me.”

“Man, you had really shitty girlfriends back then,” Keith chuckled, feeling somewhat a little better. 

Shiro just shrugged it off, “Well, they obviously had nothing on my boyfriend, who can cook great pasta and is apparently cheating on me with Starfire.”

“Oh, shut up,” Keith rolled his eyes fondly. “She was my first love.” 

After they cleaned up their place, they headed to their next classes together. Shiro’s room was nearer, so when they reached the door to his class, Shiro pulled Keith into a goodbye hug. “Thanks again for lunch. Also, if you’d like, we can take things slow. Go at your own pace.”

“Yeah,” Keith nodded. “I’d very much like that.” 

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Hello! The recent Steven Universe episode made me track down a local Filipino bakery near me. Other than an ube roll, is there anything other dessert you would recommend? I've also been eyeing the mango halo halo and butter mamon! Thank you!

Mango Float, Ube Rolls, Halohalo, Maja Blanca, Taho!

Pancit Malabon and Palabok too if they sell it, though they’re more of small afternoon meals than snacks~