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Spoiler alert!

Okay. I’m just finished watching the leak episode of The White Princess, which is somehow surprised me in many ways (except the witchcraft subplot bullshit).

The witchcraft bullshit is back at it again, but Lizzie is doing just fine being queen who does something in her husband’s absence.

And Henry’s becoming more and more stubborn child who believes and trusts his wife more than his annoying mother means the beginning of her end? Margaret’s obviously being possessive mother, and it feels like she and her daughter-in-law are fighting each other to win over him. What a soap opera!

However, the episode to me is absolutely Margaret-centric more than anyone else.

Henry’s clearly trying to be himself and break free from her by wiping away her power and separating her from Jasper by sending him to make peace envoy with Stanley. And she’s shocked by that decision!!

Oh yeah, you know what? He did that because he thought she spent too much time flirting with his uncle! I mean he really did SAY IT.

(what??? they just held hands, was that considered a flirtation to ya? do you know they’ve had kissed? and she referred to you when she was with your uncle ‘our boy’?)

Moreover, Thomas acts just like he’s happy torturing his mentally cheating wife and her lover as well! Like, you of all people, why do you look like a jealous husband when you’re the one who made a decision to never bedded her for the first place??? Come on! I watched the White Queen!

Plus, I don’t know but I always feel like there’s more than possessive between Margaret and Henry, it has some scent of an incestuous relationship and some of mother knows best-weak stupid son complex.

So, it’s canon now that older!Margaret and older!Jasper flirt a lot?? I told ya.