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           To the sweetest, most caring and loving puppy person i’ve had the luxury to know,
           Happy Anniversary!


I Bet That You Look Good on the Dance Floor - Arctic Monkeys

Okay, here it is!! My first ever taunt video! I would like to love and thank @c-3pno for the clips, you are such an amazing friendo and I love you so much!

Any way, I hyped this up so much because I was so excited, but I apologise if it is terrible (it is my first one, give me a break)

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I didn’t give up with the timing at the end what are you talking about…

i am crying bc i just love my best friend so much

/ quick reminder that the design of your tags  ,  your theme  ,  whether you use small or fancy font  ,  whether you use icons or not  ,  whether you spend most of your time on mobile or not  —  does  not  dictate how great of a RPer you are  .  y’all are brilliant  .

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Hi it's your lyrics anon again. Thanks for the reply. I tend to agree that white men are awarded the possibility of writing stories rather than having for their work to be directly correlated to their actual life. This fandom though, we selectively choose what we believe is their true story based on whether we are Larries or antis. For instance, I'd love to believe Home is about his experience with Harry. How do you parse that out for yourself? I enjoy reading you answers! Thanks for responding!

I do think there’s an element of your pay your money and you take your choice with this band.  We don’t know everything that’s going on with either their lives or their songwriting - so we can’t know how they map onto each other. And the way they talk about the relationship between the two isn’t necessarily that informative (’tell us about “If I could Fly” Harry’ - ‘I really like pianos’).

I think Home is a deeply personal song about liking men.  There are a few reasons for that - some are external to the song.  Louis was the one who tweeted most about the song.  We also got soft confirmation that we’ve got a picture of Louis in front of a computer while they were writing it.  The song has very much been presented as Louis’ song in lots of different ways.  But this has never come with a story - Louis’ involvement wasn’t being used to sell a particular understanding of the song (explicitly - it might have been happening implicitly).

Then there are the lyrics themselves - there’s an ambiguity about Home which totally fits it’s subject.  It’s a very queer song.  The contrast between ‘her’ and ‘you’ very much speaks to the experience of realising you’re attracted to men when you’ve been told you should be attracted to women.  And the fact that the gender of ‘you’ is not explicit - makes it even more resonant of gay experience - hiding in plain sight.  Then the song itself is buried on the b-side of a single.  Everything about the song speaks very deeply to a particular experience.

I don’t think that a songwriter has to have experienced something in order to write a song that speaks deeply to that experience.  But it’s not like gay coming of age stories are common tropes in our society.  You don’t have to have felt heterosexual love to be able to write it - because society is dripping with it.  But if you’re straight you have to try really hard to write gay love stories.  

I don’t think that Home is incontrovertible proof that Louis is gay (it’s the ankle tattoo that is incontrovertible proof) - but Louis is gay and that’s a gay love song and there are so many ways that a straight person would have to work really hard to write something like that.

The final thing, which made a huge impact on me, is I remember the afternoon Home leaked (it was one of many times when NZ worked quite well as a timezone).  And I knew it was Louis before the songwriting credits came out.  The emotional directness of it really reminded me of Strong and No Control - the songs that were most associated with him.

There’s so much contrast with Love You Goodbye - which was deliberately sold as an Elounor break-up song and is quite an easy story to write way into even if you haven’t experienced it.  

I don’t think it’s an song about Eleanor - because that song has like 5,000 times the sexual chemistry that they ever did.  And it’s certainly not a break-up song between Louis and Harry - because if they had broken up before MitAM neither of them were able to walk out of the other’s life.

I think it’s a story song - and probably a story song that was deliberately written to sound like a break up with Eleanor.  I think it could include the experiences of some of the songwriters - including Louis (the couplet about unforgettable love for example). I think there is emotional honesty in there. But their experiences are put together to tell a specific story.

You say you want to believe - I’m not trying to force you - I may be wrong about all this.  Pop songs are an ambiguous genre - that’s part of their charm.  I don’t know for sure it’s about Harry. 

But I think there are really good reasons to see Home as a gay song.

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Hi! I am in LOVE with your otayuri fics! I think you write so beautifully! I was wondering if you have any suggestions for more otayuri fics? Thank you!

Thank you! I don’t read much outside of what my friends post these days because school is sucking the life from me. 

I suggest 

Hashtags by @abrandnewheart (kind of the quintessential angstfic in the fandom tbh)

@altisetsky does good AUs the most recent one will break u though

@draco-rys posted a oneshot that was beautiful but almost broke me. 

The Otayuri installment of the Stargazer series is fantastic and my fave 

Sonata in A Major by Lumieres is good 

I also like Plainly Clearly by pindenial (bottom otabek is life) 

@muspellssynir writes a lot of Otayuri 

Honestly these days i’ve been subsisting on a lot of HC’s from @daddybek for nsfw. Don’t fukkin tell anyone. 

I’m open to recs too because i’m honestly super behind what’s going on in fandom? Like ever since the semester started I’ve read next to nothing. 

cutestrology is now 2 years old! 🌟🎉

I’ve had this blog for 2 years now!! (well, technically the anniversary was on the 19th but time is an illusion shhhh)

Thank you all so much for following me, liking and reblogging my posts, sending me asks, telling me your opinions and stories, and for just being a part of my life. When I made this blog 2 years ago I never thought I would be here today, more in love with astrology than ever and being a part of the astro community. This blog is very important to me, and so are you. No matter how long you’ve been following me, whether it’s been for years or months or even a few days, thank you for being you and being a part of my life. I love and appreciate you all so much! Now here’s to another year of talking about astrology, selfies, crush stories, and awkward moments. Love you!

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Nsfw Saeran headcannons??? i just saeran in my life THANK YOU 💓💓

Woah… I’m back from the dead… does anyone even care about my blog anymore? Anyway thank you for the ask I’m sorry I’m so late on the answer!!

-his favorite thing about foreplay is eating MC out
-he loves looking up at her face while he pleases her
-his favorite position is cowgirl and doggystyle
-he loves watching MC ride him and touching her boobs while she does
-he really enjoys doggystyle cause he can yank her hair and look at her ass
-saeran really enjoys aftercare because he can take care of MC and she will take care of him
-his favorite body feature is the butt cause MC thicc

Thicc MC is goals, and also I’m sorry I’ve killed my blog by being inactive, do any of you still love me ;-;


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agustinabertero I love you mi negra hermosa, always there, wherever we are, always together, forever! Thanks for being there with me every moment of my life. I love you with my whole soul @antoroccuzzo88

antoroccuzzo88 @agustinabertero always ♥

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(Noora anon here) Thanks for answering my ask. I'm sticking with the season like you suggested. It's been a while since I saw s3, so I forgot the way Skam puts you in the character's headspace - so diff than typical American TV. Thanks for reminding me - now I can appreciate the show once again. even if I don't always love Noora's behavior, I can sympathize with her again. On the fence about William though. Ugh

hey!! im happy you’re gonna stick with it! <3 <3 (and don’t get me started on william haha - my personal values/morals/life experience make it really hard for me to excuse him and like him. i rlly dont like his arch and story overall. but u know, suffer thru william to see all the other great content. its really worth it!!)

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Yo, just wanted to say that I love your art(thanks for following me!!!) and that I hope you have a good day! You seem like a great person! Keep going with life and keep making beautiful artwork!

aaAHH Thank you so kindly! ahh that means ever so much! I think you’re super neat and cool and things You seem super great to me! I am happy to follow! I hope your day is fantastic! like you! – I doodled and I hope it is okay. they seem super cute.


One Year!

Today marks one year since I posted the First Entry of Before He Fell!!!!!

Originally posted by asdarknessfell

Despite all the stress and anxiety and sleepless nights I’ve had since I started posting, I still love the fact I did start. I’ve met amazing people, made friends, learned new things, become a better person in the last year.

This blog and all of you have been a large source of pride and a huge boost to my self-esteem since this all began.

I thank you, my Fall-owers, for staying with me and putting up with all my shit posting, rants, random updates, and hiatuses over the past year.

Thank you for being there when my life hit new lows when I lost my job and most recently when my medical issues went into overdrive.

And most of all, I thank you - Kaitogirl @hiimtryingtounderfell​ for being an amazing friend, fan, and supporter. Thank you for that day over a year ago when I mistakenly messaged you instead of re-blogging since I was new to Tumblr and still learning and you replied and talked to me. Thank you for convincing me to start posting Before He Fell and thank you for loving every line I’ve written - even when you’ve read it before.

Thank you for your love. All of you.

Here’s to the next year and the hope it will be much better than the last.

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Reading Solve for i and then Under my skin gave me the strenght to come out to my best friend. I have her and you to thank for the best night of my life. Truly, thank you! Here's to a better future

Eyyy! I love to hear happy endings! It’s so fantastic it went well for you, dude, and I’m so glad to have contributed towards giving you the courage to take the plunge. Good luck! :D

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I just wanted to tell you that I love so much your Choukei drawings omg they're so cute! I love protective Oso and you give me life drawing him like that. Also, I love that Kara can let his guard down around Oso, it's so lovey. Aah! Thanks for being awesome!!

aaahhhhh you’re very welcome!! thank youuu~ \(‘♡’)/

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So I was going to suggest "Wish That You Were Here" by Florence + the Machine as a Shallura inspo song, but listening to it again and it's pretty much just the story of Allura's life so far. Why is her life so sad? Good things better happen for her in s3! I love that girl!


also, allura: yes, especially the first two verses. talk about heartbreaking, my poor bby girl </3

A little thanks?? (From Nima:))

Either from my side blog @animefeels or on here, I want to say thank you to you folks for being in my life :)) @brumble-tunges-scrungles-cumbis@cluelesslester@rufuckingsirius@yellowmarissa@anonbubbletea@sparklyraccoon@vio-lenxe@phanicornundertherainbow@tis-the-anime-girl@arfrona@duadecimal@onceuponaphan-lockedtardis @theq I’m sorry if I missed some of you. I’m queuing this so I’ll add to it later ??

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15, 37, 44, 45 and 68..? Idk if its too many, if so just do the ones you want to answer :P thanks ilysm

15. Favourite song?

Listen to literally any Panic! At The Disco song and then come and talk to me.

37.  Favourite swear word?

If you know me in real life you can’t possibly keep track of how many F-Bombs I drop throughout the day. 

44.  Do you have a strong accent?

Not really, it depends on what you think a strong English accent sounds like. I’m quite well-spoken if that makes sense.

FUN FACT - My accent is not a ‘British accent’ even though that’s what it’s referred to as Great Britain is made up of Scotland and Wales as well as England. When I was on a multinational camping trip over the summer the Scots were very angry that my accent was called a British accent.

45.  What is your favourite accent?

Probably Italian because it’s REALLY fun and I’ve gotten pretty good at it having watched a lot of Hetalia for over a year.

68.  Favourite school subject?

Art, naturally.