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So this hellish year is finally coming to an end so why not make a sappy list of all the people that I love? This year was the game changer for me and this blog, that went from 92 followers to 1643 in the course of a couple of months. I will be forever grateful to all of you and my friends, without whom I know for sure my life would be an awful mess. You guys kept me going and you cared for me, and for that I cannot thank you enough. Thank you for your encouraging words not only on my works (ff, gifsets, etc.) but also on my life and my rants. It means a lot to me. Anyways.

I don’t want to get too sappy with long messages, so I’ll make a list of the people that are the closest to me and that I kind of owe my life. If you’re here, I love you with all my heart! If you’re not, I still love you!

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And that’s it. Thanks you so much for everything and I hope everybody has an amazing 2017!!

Dear FNAF artists,

I sincerely thank you for your lovely presence in the fandom. Thanks to you, we can constantly be entertained by your lovely imagination being brought to life, in silly or serious situations. What you do for this fandom is create content that makes people feel happy to be associated in a fandom with such a skilled, talented person. Your creations are fabulous because you could talk visually anything and draw it, you have no limits. This applies to both traditional, digital, and 3D artists! (SFM, MMD, GMOD, etc.) You can do things outstanding, and I applaud you for taking time out of your day to do it.

We love you, FNAF artists!

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I've been following you since I got into kpop last summer and for some reason when I saw your posts about b.a.p I thought they were one of those huuuge groups with a super huge fandom??? idk why??? but then seeing your latest posts I realized they are so unappreciated and I decided to check their "Rose" comeback aND I LOVE THEM SO MUCH I REGRET NOT LISTENING TO THEM BEFORE THANK YOU FOR CHANGING MY LIFE okay sorry for the caps and also thank you for loving Winner and Taehyun, ily xxx

well they were very famous back then but you know, after the lawsuit happened they lost their fanbase… etc, they deserve more recognition and support! AND YES ROSE IS A MASTERPIECE!! KINGS DID THAT WITH ONLY 3 SONGS WHEN WILL ANYONE EVER FKCLSKLCKLS 

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Yo, sorry if this is a weird one but its for this story idea. Ok, how would SF/US Papyrus, UT/MT Sans, and UT Grillby (why not) react when they find out their crush is actually dead, the "representation" of a concept [Judgement, Justice, Life/Death, Peace, Purity, Etc.] and they fight evil [Other wordly beings that cause destruction, hatred, etc]. Thanks! I love your writing!

Thank you so much.  This Idea is actually really cool.  If you don’t mind could you send me a link when you finish the story?  Thank you!


Sans:  His mind can not stop comparing you to Chara.  He knows that Chara was dead and then came back because Frisk’s twisted determination fed theirs.  He assumes that you fight things like Chara and wants to know how you work.  He only asks his questions out of necessity and the most important one is How do you have a body?

Grillby:  He had a feeling that something was off about you but now that you explained everything he understands. He is very understanding about the whole thing. He doesn’t care how you came back from the dead. But he lets you know that he is glad you are here with him and he wants you to try and stay safe. Even though he knows how hard that can be, a fight is a fight and sometimes they don’t end well. He will always be there to help you recover, and get back on your feet.


Stretch: Can’t help but compare you to Frisk. It only lasts a second but he could have sworn you looked just like them right then. He tries to brush it off and listen to the rest of your explanation. By the end he has the impression that you are like like the Angle sitting on peoples shoulder and something like Frisk is the devil sitting on the other shoulder. He will low key worry about you but he tries to keep it hidden.


Saffron:   You’re a what?   Just kinda stares at you, it will take him a while to understand what that even means.  But once he gets used to the idea he is going to be a lot like a doting housewife.  He worries about you constantly and nothing you can say is going to help.  But he never asks you to give up your fight.


Sans:  Finds out before you tell him.  Well, he finds out part of it and then confronts you about what he doesn’t understand.  He knows that you had a death certificate, you fought people on the sidelines, and that you seem to have some form of magic.  When you explain everything he is shocked.  It is more than he could have ever thought.  It takes him less than a second to determine that he will do his best to help you.  No matter what.

Another year has passed and you’ve done such great things as Mavi Campaign, Balmain Campaign, editorial Only Lovers Left Alive,  Väter & Söhne for GQ Style Germany,  Client Magazine Cover, editorial and cover for FV Magazine, Editorial for GQ Italia , Editorial for Harper’s Bazaar  Serbia, a lot of runaway shows , etc, etc…

Happy Birthday boy! You are such a kind and amazing person everyone needs in their life. Wish you all the best, you are successfull enough but wish you more and more success in your career and life. You’ve got an amazing and lovely family and you’ve got some great news recently and it makes everyone so happy! 

Just stay and be who you are right now. You’ve got everything you need to be a good person and thanks God you use them right and are being such a wonderful person. 

Thanks for being Francisco Lachowski and thanks God you were born. The world and fashion industry need you to live longer and longer.

With Love,

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hi, tumblr user cammie morgan, i really love your graphics. just wanted to put this out there can you pls make us a set about gallagher girls being ~30 yrs old and still being awesome on the field while balancing a domestic life and being nostalgic over throwbacks to school time etc? thank youuuu

and i love you too tumblr user cobaltrose <333 and ofc siiri your wish is my command also this is going to be so much fun bless 

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Hi, I've just read about your mom's illness and I'm sending her, your family and you of course, all my love and support! <3 <3 I don't really know what to say except stay close to her so she can gain strenght from you, stay hopeful and know that you're not alone in this :)

Oh gosh, thank you, mom will be amazed by all the lovely messages I‘ve received! <3 Thank you for messaging me. Mom’s like the most resilient superhero, she can get through anything (and she’s been through a lot of crap in her life) but she’s also frightened, anyone would be in this situation. She told me she’s scared of vomiting all over the nursing staff, of losing her hair, feeling like crap every day from the treatments, getting surgery in a hospital she’s not used to, etc.

But I’ll be there with her every step of the way and hopefully she’ll gain straight from me, as you’ve said. Right now I’m reading up on everything breast cancer related, I need to be informed about every possibility.

Thank you again! <3

중력폭포가 다음에피랑 다다음에피 나오고 끝이나네요.
방금 알렉스허쉬의 트윗을 보고 너무 충격먹었어요.
2시즌이 끝일줄은 알았지만 두개 에피 그리고 끝이라니.
i wasn’t ready for this. two more episodes and that’s it?
well, what can i say. Thank you GF staffs. Thank you all.
GF was like, i never fangirled hard this before.
I did all kinds of things for the first time. like buying official things, buy expensive doll and make it like GF characters, read fanfics, draw fanarts this many, etc. My life was GF. And I began watching this show this summer. 
I love you all, i just wanted to say i was so happy loving GF and right now i feel like my lover just left me saying they’ll be dead tomorrow bc of cancer or something. wow.. yes i’m so sad now. I don’t think i can handle this but i will T_T um.. 모르겠다..사랑해요 많이많이

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So I was rereading your killugon with the fire alarm and realized you spelled it tang top but I'm like 99.999% sure it's tank top idk I just thought I'd bring it to your attention lovely

Hahahahaha is it really??? I’ve been saying it wrong for my entire life then XD whoops

Thank you for the correction!!!


this here is my best friend Hannah. we met over instagram because we both have YouTube fan accounts. we instantly became best friends and she only lives about 2 hours away from me. a few days ago I finally got to meet her. after almost 3 months of waiting. we got to watch horses run and take selfies and just have fun:) because of Mark Jack Matthias Felix etc.. I got to be able to meet her and I’m so greatful. if you guys see this, thank you. thank you for giving me this beautiful girl to have in my life. I’m so thankful. this community is such a beautiful and amazing group. I’ll never love anything more than all of them

does anyone else just have this feeling of overwhelming appreciation for bands, youtubers, artists, author etc. as in just what they do… like dan&phil, twenty one pilots, j.k. rowling. It’s just one massive overload of ‘thank you’ and ‘thanks for saving me’. You just can’t seem to describe how much you love them!? just my love has no limits thank you ?? you guys are hella cool and you make life better??! I hope they know how great they are


10 years ago was released one of the bests films ever made (in my opinion), not just because I’m a Batman fan, but because someone pick it up the idea that I’ve always loved on the character. The idea of being something more than just a person, sacrifice yourself for something more, fighting everyday to become more than just a man, trying to “become a legend, Mr.Wayne”.
The film in all aspects is great, photography, art concept, script, and the idea of the film is tremendous. Changed all my life in every aspect. I just have to say thank you for Christopher Nolan and for who helped him to do this master piece, like David S. Goyer, Nathan Crowley, Jonathan Nolan, Emma Thomas, Wally Pfister, etc. Thank you!

  • Eddie Vedder: As you might know, I'm anti-war. If you're anti-war it doesn't mean that you're pro one side or the other in a conflit. However it makes you pro many things ...
  • Crowd: [*holds thousands of cards saying things like "peace"; "eddie for president"; "pro love"; "anti war"; "love", etc.*]
  • Eddie Vedder: Oh, you came prepared. Nice! I'm not alone! So, anti-war makes you pro many things...Pro peace, makes you pro human, makes you pro evolution, makes you pro comunication, pro diplomacy, pro love, pro undertstanding, pro forgiveness and also people don't understand... it makes you pro solider. If you're anti war, you're pro solider because you don't want the solider to be put in a arms way to hurt himself. I have a lot of friends in the army. Incredible people and...and...they understand this and I'm not sure why...but sometimes you speak out and people will misunderstanding and take things for a certain way or another, but if you don't speak out, you don't know. It has to be some kind of meaning otherwise is bullshit.
Sowing Seeds of Gratitude

Farmers start sowing the seeds in their fields soon and look to harvest a plentiful crop in the fall.  It’s always so amazing to watch how something so small can turn into something so bountiful with a  little hard work and lots of love.

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Giving thanks sets the wheels in motion for receiving positive energy in return.   When you are regularly grateful,  you are giving the universe the energy it needs to give you everything you need and want.  It is simply the law of attraction.   What you focus on, you will attract more of into our life.

Daily gratitude is key to a happy and bountiful life.

So each day, we want you to pick 1 thing to give thanks for.  It can be anything.  A person, place, thing, event, etc.  (we’ll post some ideas of things you can give thanks for if you’re completely stumped). It can be as simple as a cup of coffee, a sunny day or the air you breathe, or as complex as having a healthy relationship or accomplishing a major goal. 

Every day, we want you to make a post discussing why you are so grateful for what you chose.  This post can be a simple statement or it can be an in-depth discussion…. maybe even a realization of something you’ve been taking for granted, or turning something that might appear to be a negative situation into a positive one (just like Val explained in her 12,222 promo recently).  Finding the good in a ‘bad’ situation is the ultimate expression of gratitude and a sure way to keep joy in your life.

Pictures are encouraged!  Take a picture of the thing, person, or place you’re grateful for each day and post it along with your explanation. It has been shown in studies that adding an ACTION (like taking a picture) to your daily gratitude practice really helps keep the grateful neurons in your brain firing and growing at a faster rate than just thinking about it.

You are also encouraged to keep a Gratitude Journal and create a routine for when you go through the process.  It can be a simple notebook, a binder with some pages inserted in it, or a text document on your computer or smartphone.  The point is to make it something you can go back and look at later.  Physically writing it down makes it more intense of a energy exchange (and goes back to the ‘taking action’ thing). Personally, I think having a really pretty journal dedicated solely to your gratitude practice makes it that much more enjoyable.   

Ideally, you should document your gratitude first thing in the morning.  This sets your day off right - with love and good energy.  Then, at the end of your day,  just before bed, you should give thanks for the day you had.  Think of your day and what amazing things happened for you.   But aim for at least once a day to really sit and think about what you are grateful for and make that post.  It doesn’t have to be long.  Maybe over coffee, or maybe before you even get out of bed for the day.  Take that 5 or 10 minutes to document what you are thankful for in that moment.

No goals to set or aim for. No planned extra challenges. 

Just make the effort to say “thank you” every day for this life you have and all the abundance in the universe.  If the universe knows you are grateful for what you have, then you just might find that you’ll attract even more abundance to your life.

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@fatgirlgetsfitatlast and I ( @mybigfatfitlife)   will be your hosts for this month (I don’t want to call it a challenge per se - more like an event)

We will be posting miscellaneous things in this blog ( @sparkingthefire ) regarding gratitude - quotes, activities, videos, articles - so be sure to be following it (you are not required to follow Val and/or I).  We’ll be watching the tag #STSOG (short for: Sowing the Seeds of Gratitude) and tagging everything that way as well, so you can follow along there to see EVERYTHING.   We’ll have random reblogs of your posts through the day!

We hope you will join us!  Share with us what you are grateful for each day and we will share the energy with others.  Do what you can and as much as you would like.  The ultimate goal is to just get that train of gratitude going so you can start receiving that amazing life-changing energy back. 


YOU’RE GROWNN BOO🎈🎈🎈HAPPY BIRTHDAY💗 Thank you for being such a positive image in my life, who would’ve thought we’d be where we are now✨ thank you for being there whenever I needed you to talk, rant, vent, advice etc. I miss you soooo fucking much and I can’t wait to see you in a little bit💓 I hope your birthday is everything you wanted and more bbygirl💕 I love you💞


Thank-you Carmilla

This feeds in from my original post

So here it is -the official post for a video project dedicated to our favourite cast and crew of Carmilla. These guys have put in so much effort to giving us something amazing, something that started off small and became huge. Season 3 is approaching and I know it’s very sad for everyone but I want to do something good, something to share the love we all feel. 

I am making a thank you video, with lots of little videos that people can send in. Videos no more than a minute/a minute and a half long. Tell us your favourite thing about Carmilla, how Carmilla has affected your life, why you love the cast, why you’re thankful, anything you want about Carmilla and it’s cast/crew 

What I need:

-Videos from fellow Creampuffs talking about what Carmilla means to them

-Thank you messages to the cast/crew

-Any fanart people want to send in

-Messages of love and support etc

-Personal stories

-Signs, posters and/or pictures of anything Carmilla related or in any way a thank you or appreciation for the fandom, the cast, the crew, Carmilla itself.

*If people just want to take selfies wearing Carmilla merch that’s good too! :-)

-For people to spread the word and try to get as many people involved as they can

If you do not feel comfortable speaking in front of the camera then you can write a message and hold it up or take a picture of the message and send it to me. If you make a video and then want me to blur out your face then I will do so. No-one will be pressured into doing anything you don’t want to do for this project. It is something fun and something that I feel like I need to do so if you want to contribute then please do, if not then that is perfectly fine and it is your choice!

You can send me your videos, fanart, messages etc from now onwards. The closing date will be the 12th of September. (This is because I am on my summer vacation from university and I will need the footage to edit with during my time off!)

Please send all things to my email address (below) or submit it to my tumblr, or message me on here sending me your pictures and such.

My email address: 

I have already spoken to some of you and I’m really excited to see people feeling so positive about my idea!



Thank you to anyone who has already sent me things, I appreciate it all! Please remember that I may have a lot of people’s things to edit so try and make things as concise as possible. Messages can’t be too long and the same with videos. So just try and make them relatively short :) Also if people could send in things as soon as possible that way I have more time to sort through everything and organise it so I can edit efficiently!

Hope that’s okay, if there are any more questions then let me know and try to submit mainly or email me your stuff!

Thanks again!


I HIT 60,000 FOLLOWERS! is this even real?? what is life??? i love you all and thank you for following me! it’s time for a promo!

  • Must be following me imgonnamakeachange
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Thank you all again. None of this would be possible without you guys <3

Hello! :D Happy Halloween for everyone! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

It’s so hard to believe that time passed so fast, but two years ago few days after Halloween I created my blog! :D so I thought it’s a good moment to do my first follow forever and say thank you to everyone. :D (tho I’m  so sorry it is sooooo super simple, I’m really not too good in edit stuff and etc. >/////////<)

During these two years I have met soooo soo so many amazing, lovely people and find soooo many sweet perfect friends . :* :* :*  Who make not only my tumblr experience better but overall make my life fluffier and happier and full of warmth and love. :*  I LOVE you all!!!!!!!!!!! (hugging :*)  Thank you for being here. :* 

And I also want to say big big big thank you to all my lovely followers. :* thank you for dealing with me by all this time. :* :* *: Love you love you. :* :D  omg I’m so clumsy with words when i’m full of feels >////<, so sorry >/////< (blushing in my corner) 

Happy Scary Halloween for all of you. :D   Halloween Huuuuuuuuuuuugs!!!   ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

So here sweet fantastic people who make my dash pretty and fluffy by all these months. :* Thank you everyone. :* And ah >/////<, if someone is missing here i’m really sorry sorry :* (cuddling) i’m such clumsy girl and some of you changed your urls and stuff >///< so it was easy to miss someone (really sorry sorry if something like that happened :*)   but I love all your blogs very very much. :* Sorry for my blabbering. :* >//////<

Italicized are my favourites :* 

Bold are my cute friends :*


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Once again thank you! :*