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AGF Origin 2017 Tsukiuta

>Kisaragi Koi…even he is cute!! Lately, he is very handsome!!!! So tiresome!!! The gap sprout was impressive!!!
= =
Koi: Thank you! Those words will keep me living until next year!
Iku: The effect is tremendous! www
Rui: Ikkun is handsome, too.
Iku: Ah, that lengthen my life span, too. Lol.
#.Air Stage Origin

>Yoru-kun who came across Aoi-kun’s thing rarely with curtain coat was so cute!
= =
Yoru: Were you being seen…(lol) but Aoi-kun is poking my wings in the waiting room
Aoi: I was seen (lol). This time’s costumes & accessories looks simple and a must-see because of the great pick
#.Air Stage Origin

>Passing by a woman who looks like Arata and a man who looks exactly like Aoi-kun, but maybe they are a big sister and a big brother!? I wonder if I could see it…
= =
Arata: You mean, Chi-chan? (Aoi’s brother⚫Chihiro)
Aoi: You mean, Yuka-san? (Arata’s sister)
You: Right? My two elder brothers met and they told me they exchanged contact address
#.Air Stage Origin

☆ORIGIN behind backstage☆
Tooru (Second Haduki): You is…wearing wings www I will do it in Christmas in our temple next time ww
Chihiro: Are you alright? (bitter smile)
Sou (First Haduki): Because it’s a celebration
Yuka: Christmas is a celebration…right?
#.Air Origin Stage

[Translating these conversations is actually hard but I had fun reading them. Especially, the last one where the Tsukiuta’s siblings gathered. It’s expected of Yuka to be with Chi-chan but them with You’s is so funny. If I got something wrong please tell me. I was using dictionary since I came to encounter some unknown terms] EDIT: I changed the new person to Arata. Thank you for that!

((Mod Koi here! Thank you all for following and supporting my blog! As shown here, I’ll be drawing myself like a simple Tokoyami because it’s much easier than drawing a persona of mine. This is also the largest following I’ve had on Tumblr, ever! Thank you and keep dropping asks for the Octoboy! Another answer will be posted soon!

if i were any smarter i would churn out pages upon pages on nisaka yuusuke’s character and how he matters so much. how he deserves better than this. but, alas, i hardly qualify as an intelligent lifeform so all i can say is that i love nisaka yuusuke. he’s my son and i want him to be happy above all else. if in the end he doesn’t get a happy ending i’m literally going to physically fight someone. thank you for reading

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Elly, the froggiest angel wizard to ever grace me♡♡♡♡♡ your creative outbursts and messages never fail to uplift a poor soul like me. i love you dearly and hope you're taking care of yourself and enjoying the magic this world has to offer <3 >^-^)>

HOW DID YOU KNOW I HAVE IN A HORRIBLE MOOD…?! I think you’re the wizard here I’ve been living a lie!

I literally just typed my friend how angry I was then I opened my inbox and magic and happiness just washed over me like a swarm of butterflies~!!

 Your messages uplift me honestly you could message the most random thing and I’d be happy 

I love you so much my peachy frog you truly are the sweetest I hope you’re getting some air after drowning in exams and have a good day~!!

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HUGE THANK YOU FOR KOI DA AI DA WA SATEOITE TRANSLATION!!!!!!!!! i really enjoyed it and i think possible thousands shared the sentiments!!! if you dont mind me asking, what form of "i love you" did taichi say? suki or daisuki? thanks xx

hey anon! you’re superrr welcome ☆

taichi said “suki dayo” (and fuji later says “daisuki”)!  

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❝ though we were not acquainted, too many opportunities passed us by. allow me this chance to right those wrongs. happy birthday, tesoro — il mio cuore è solo tuo. ❞

A soft smile lit up the idol’s face, along with a blush, for a moment Kaoru looked at anywhere but Kaiden’s face, almost embarrassed by the affection in the other’s voice. Affection he didn’t really deserve, or so he felt. Not that Kaiden ever entertained that thought, gently (and sometimes not-so gently) scolding him whenever Kaoru’s thoughts strayed down that dark path.

Kaiden’s treasure. Who Kaiden trusted that (warm, kind) heart of his to. It was almost too humbling and Kaoru took in a  shaking breath to keep himself from crying at the love in the other’s voice.

And much like when they first met, Kaoru felt himself drawn to the older male, unable to really turn away. Was it fate? Or was he just lucky? Either way… Face still flushed, Kaoru stepped into an embrace, pressing his cheek against Kaiden’s shoulder with a content sigh, squeezing the other’s waist gently  

“ありがとう.” [Thank you.]

How else could he answer such tender words than to reply in his own native tongue? There honestly weren’t any words he could think of in English that could convey his feelings for the other… Japanese would have to do.

あなた …. あなたは俺のすべてです!  カイデン, 愛してる! [You…you’re my everything! Kaiden, I love you!]

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oh my god that afterstory tho😭😭😭 so cute!!!! thank you for translating koi da ai!!!!! youre an angel💞💞

thank you for your message anon! i had a lot of fun working on it, albeit with occasional breaks from the overload of fluff (*/ω\*) 

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Hi, thank you so much for Koi saku Potager. Is it really the end? Or maybe it has more extras or sequel?

There’s no sequel. YET! Since she did a sequel of Konomi ja naka to (another series by her) over a year after the first volume, there’s hope! But I do have some extras of all of her series, so you’ll get some stuff :)


☆Today is Mutsuki Hajime(CV:Toriumi Kousuke)Birthday☆
Kakeru「Congratulation・Hatachi (20 years old)!」
Koi「Mutsuki Hajime・Hatachi!」
Arata「We put 20 candles on the cake」
Aoi「The food is ready as well!」
Haru「Then, you all?As well as all the fans…together〜?」
Everyone「Happy birthday!」

☆Hajime’s Birthday①☆
Hajime「Fufu…thank you、everyone」
Koi「It’s here━(゚∀゚)━! The precious 『fu fu』laugh GET!」
Hajime「What is that(wry smile)」
Kakeru「…Hajime-san、somehow the tension is not as different as the other birthday?」
Aoi「Still he looks so happy」
Haru「Because everyone are celebrating it together」

☆Hajime’s Birthday②☆
Arata「Hajime-san、here、you can caress the cute kouhai as celebration」
Koi「Seriously I can’t understand the meaning of it」
Hajime「Yes yes、you two are cute kouhai。Aoi and Kakeru as well。Thank you」
Haru「How about me?」
Hajime「Bad company」
Haru「Not a good friend〜?」
Hajime「Do not ask for more 」

☆Hajime’s Birthday③☆
Haru「Finally from the elder group I am the only one that still a minor。How about it?Your thought about becoming an adult?」
Hajime「……。Rather than hear about my thought you should chase me quickly、Ha〜ru。…I will waiting」
Haru「Ahaha、that’s right。Another two month」
Arata「After that I will be the next」
Aoi「Arata、read the atmosphere。I am the next as well though」

☆Hajime’s Birthday④☆
Kakeru「Hajime-san is already hatachi now。When we first met still a minor then!?I am thinking like that、 but it a strange feeling because I am feeling more familiar to Hajime-san now rather than before …」
Hajime「If Kakeru is thinking like that、I am pleased」
Kakeru「Is、is that so…!」
Koi「Hajime-san、today is really fawning、so fawning」

☆Hajime’s Birthday⑤☆
Hajime「It is fine if it is only today right?To do as I pleased」
Kakeru「Yes、please do as your wish(laugh)。Today’s Ou-sama…not that because you are the major role today」
Aoi「Hajime-san、hope this year will be a full and enriching year」
Hajime「That’s right。And then、I want to return the joy that I received from everyone」

☆Hajime’s Birthday⑥☆
Hajime「For a lot of the best wishes、thank you。I will cherish every single one that I received。For this year also…」
Everyone「By all means、please take care of us?」
Kai「Sorry!I can’t stop Shun anymore than this…!」