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Pairing: Winchesters x sister!Reader
Word count: 1,737
Request: Anonymous. Can you do I Winchester Sister!Reader where she’s, like, 13/14 and she becomes and Empath and has to deal with her brothers pain on top of her own. (Maybe set when Dean gets back from Purgatory?) Please & Thank You Xxx

Ever since you were little, you were always a bit more attuned to your brothers feelings. It was normal to you, so you never thought you were any different. You were the most caring and sensitive out of the Winchesters, and part of John loved that about you- that you still held onto that despite their life. However, he feared it would get you into trouble one day.

Sitting with your back to the headboard, you read the book on your tablet in your lap, in your own little world. Knowing there was no way to lug around as many books as you could go through, Sam saved up and surprised you with it for your birthday two months before. You’d hugged him tighter than he thought possible for your young body, making him chuckle.

It was just you and Sam now, as Dean was off in purgatory. You missed your older brother, but there wasn’t anything you could do. At least not as a 14 year old girl who was more into books and fantasy than actually hunting.

Sam had been extra quiet lately, and you’d stopped in a town on your way to the cabin. He had kissed your forehead and said he wanted some fresh air. You didn’t mind. Getting alone time was nice. It left you feeling a bit more recharged, and gave you a chance to read.

You knew that Sam was avoiding talking about her- Amelia. She had been really nice, and you’d liked her. It was refreshing to be able to talk to a woman about things, as opposed to awkwardly talking to Sam about it. One night he shook you awake and the two of you left, and you could feel the pit in your stomach.

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This IS an ask blog, after all

ASK: You spin her right round gaster Right round Have mercy she’s just an reptile

ASK: Geez, Gaster, lighten up on Alphys there.

Don’t worry about her, she’s quite used to this by now! She’s fine- aren’t you, Alphys?


ASK: Well. I’m glad that you plan to keep the questions going. It makes all monster kind happy. What do you think will be the next step in this operation?

Ah, well. I originally intended to use this system as a way of collecting feedback from the general public. My first priority as Royal Scientist is to use the resources available to me to improve the lives of monsterkind. I can only do that if I know what is wrong. So please do contact me with your suggestions.

Additionally, I will use this blog as a method of improving my communication with you all! When it comes to informing the populace about my progress, my assistants have told me that I have a tendency to be rather… hm. Enigmatic, shall we say?

I-I believe the word they used was “cagey”, sir-

Yes thank you for putting it so kindly, Alphys.

Oh! Ah! Ahaha, s-sorry! But, you know, I mean, you admitted it yourself, it’s true-

I will spin you again, assistant. 


ASK: Ev’nin’, doctah! I happened to notice your reaction on the last volley of questions. You had one hell of a cartoonish blue blush… Alphys is more perceptive than she lets on, you know… Not to mention, how do you capture your reactions? Web cam? I’m guessing web cam.

Yes, we are using a bloody webcam.

… A-aren’t you going to…?


Answer the rest of the question?

No. I am ignoring it.

But they said I’m p-perceptive! That’s sweet-

Yes that’s nice moving on-

A-and your face did look really cartoony-


It’s Hard Enough - Cooper!Reader X Jughead Jones - Part 3

I’m obsessed with It’s Hard Enough! I was think you should do a part 3 where like in the episode Jughead gets in a fight with Reggie and reader somehow gets involved…And Alice Cooper is not a fan of their relationship?

I love it’s hard enough, could you possibly make a part 3? :3

If you’re new to the series : Part One , Part Two . I kinda took this part in my own way, I hope you like it!

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It had been around a week since you shared your first kiss with Jughead Jones and things were going quite well. Betty convinced Jughead to join the school newspaper team, which gave you time to hang out together. Luckily for you, Betty was far too immersed in the Jason Blossom case to notice the stolen glances between you and Jughead. You found yourself spending your time after school in the newsroom, helping Betty sort out papers while simultaneously spending time with your boyfriend. Just thinking of the word, and Jughead, made you feel giddy.

“I don’t think I’ve seen Y/N smile like that in a long time,” Betty teased as you were busy sorting through pictures for the Blue & Gold. You glanced up at your sister, then at Jughead who was staring at you softly. Your felt a blush warm on your cheeks under his gaze and he smiled.

“Don’t you have a murder board to build?” You asked in order to change the subject, get the attention off of yourself. Betty smiled playfully and turned back to Jughead. They started talking quietly about the case, never loud enough for you to hear. You didn’t understand why exactly they tried to hide it from you. You were only a year younger than the two of them. Jughead explained himself one night at the diner. He had said he likes to “keep his work away from his personal life. It makes things less messy.” It was a very cold, business man-like answer that had caught you off guard. The conversation had grown quiet after that, until Jughead spoke up once more.

“It’s a way of keeping you safe,” he had murmured, looking around the diner to see if anyone from school was there. When he realized no one was, he had reached his hand across the table, grabbing yours and gave it a squeeze. You smiled at the memory, the feeling of the skin of his hand against yours.

“I just don’t know Juggie,” Betty said, breaking you from your thoughts. “I think the mystery behind my little sister’s smile is slightly more intriguing to me.” You looked up from the images and saw Betty looking at you again. You could feel Jughead’s eyes on you as you straightened your back to face your sister.

“I’m just happy to be helping you two out. It gets me out of the house, and you’re more than willing to share your friends with me.” You gestured to Jughead who smiled proudly at you. Betty nodded and walked over to you, hugging you tightly.

“I’m glad you’re happy Y/N,” Betty whispered, “with everything going on, Polly, you deserve to be happy.” You wrapped your arms tightly around your sister, returning her hug. From over her shoulder, you noticed Jughead smiling softly at the two of you. You offered a smile to him, hoping that your eyes could convey your thankful message.

“Alright,” Betty said as she pulled away from your embrace. “I gave cheer practice, so you two can either head home or keep working.” Betty walked to her bags and you looked up at Jughead once more. His light eyes were bright and he nodded quickly. You returned his gesture.

“I think I’ll stay and help out Jughead,” you said and Betty smiled as she picked up her bags from cheerleading practice.

“Okay, good luck you two.” With that, your sister walked out the door to the newsroom and left you and Jughead in a brief silence. When the sound of Betty’s footsteps faded down the hall, Jughead darted towards you. His hands grabbed yours, squeezing them gently. You looked down at your joined hands, wondering how on Earth it was humanly possible for someone’s ands to be as cold as his. You looked back up at him, meeting his gaze. You smiled when you noticed how his gaze flickered from your eyes, to your lips and then back again. You leaned up on your tippy toes, pressing a small peck to his lips. You smiled into the soft kiss, and giggled slightly when his chilled hand tickled the sensitive skin of your neck.

“Sorry,” you murmured, “your hands are freezing.” He let out a breathy chuckle, causing you to grin. Your faces remained a mere inches apart as you smiled sickeningly sweet smiles at each other.

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live in | alfie solomons/reader

@thelandattheendofourtoesgoeson requested: Could I get a request for alfie where the reader is one of his maids cleans for him (basically goes round everyday and looks after his place cuz he’s a busy boii)?

You nodded to some of the familiar guys as you walked through the bakery, heading in the direction of Alfie’s office.

“Alright, Ollie?”

“Not too bad, yourself?”

“Yeah, can’t complain. Boss in?”

“At his desk”

“Thanks, honey”

You knocked on the glass of the door as you opened it a touch, leaning your head against the frame.


“What you doing here?”

“I would like to get paid, if that’s alright with you?”

“I left your packet on the desk like I always do”

“No, you didn’t”

“Fucking hell…”

He dropped his pen, scowling.

“Either that or the dogs got to it before I did”

“No…you’re right I bet it’s still in my bloody…” He stood and walked over to his coat, dipping his hands into pockets until he pulled out an envelope and turned to you with it raised.

“Sorry love”

“No, you’re fine”

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A Trolls Fanfiction: “The Wedding Night”

Warning: This is Smut (R-18), so if you don’t like it don’t read it!

Couple: Branch x Poppy.

Summary: After the movie’s events, Branch marries Poppy and he’s coronated King of the Trolls in front of his people. The reign is in good hands now, with a good Queen and good King. But after the cerimony and the party, the two have to consummate their marriage and… Branch’s innate nervousness takes over.

The Wedding Night:

“Our new King!” with an happy shout Peppy, the ex-ruler of the Trolls’ kingdom and Poppy’s father, placed a crown made of leaves and wood on Branch’s head, looking at his jubilant subjects: everyone was happy for the couple, finally able to marry after a long year. Then Peppy turned to the blue Troll and said with a low but soft voice: “Congratulations, my boy. I’m happy to see that my daughter has found a companion like you, brave and loyal. I know for sure that our people will be safe under your rule.”.

“Thank you, sir. I-…” Branch kindly replied, a little bit tense, stopping after a few seconds.He looked back at Poppy and smiled. “… WE’ll do our best for the sake of the kingdom.”.

“I know you will, you are always so well prepared.” Peppy said, cheerful and playful, placing a warm hand on the shoulder of his pink daughter. “And after all, we all wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you two. I own you my life and my respect.”.

“Thanks, but if it wasn’t for Poppy I wouldn’t be who I am today, I would still be the grey, grumpy Troll that I was. Poppy is the one who saved us all. Who saved me.” Branch said sincerely, never taking his light blue eyes off his beautiful and excited bride.

Poppy, moved by his words, took a step forward and grabbed his husband’s hands. With a warm tone, she proposed: “Would you like to announce the wedding party with me now?”.

“Of course I would.” he happily agreed, tightening the grip on her smaller hands and looking at her with anticipation.

“Then let’s get this party started!” she suddenly screamed, almost giving him an heart attack, taking out her bell and starting to ring it while singing a song. “Come on everybody, to the dancefloor!”.

Branch laughed silently and just rolled his light blue eyes. “She’ll never change.”.

After the party, that lasted five hours or more, their friends approached them with big smiles and open arms.

“Branch! Congratulations and felicitations, buddy!” Cooper jumped in front of them, smiling and hugging him tightly with his four, cerulean blue arms. The blue Troll just reciprocated, he got used to their acts of affection. “Look at you, married with Poppy and King of the Trolls. They grow up so fast!”.

“We are happy for you, man! The party was great!” Guy Diamond sang with his autotune voice, patting his friend’s back. “And I am so, so proud!” Smidge nodded, with her manly and scary voice.

“We couldn’t ask for better rulers.” Biggie shyly said, holding his pet worm (who had an elegant black smoking on), Mr. Dinkles, in his fat hands. “Look! Mr. Dinkles is excited for you, too!”.

“Congratulations, Branch!” the two Fashionistas, Satin and Chenille, echoed, looking at their new King. “But Branch, listen to us, you should really upgrade your wardrobe! We’ll make some new clothes for you, ok?”.

“It’s not necessary girls, I like my clothes, thanks you very much anywa-” the blue Troll started, feeling a bit uneasy, but suddenly, Cooper interrupted them with a shout.

“Group hug, I think it’s time for a Group hug!” the giraffe Troll demanded, opening his arms. “And I wanna hear a big “Hooray!” for our Poppy and our Branch! HIP HIP, HOORAY!”.

“Aw. Thank you so much for being here, guys!” Poppy smiled happily, glad to have their friends always by their side.

“Don’t mention it, Poppy! We are just so happy for you two.” Cooper nodded, than suggested with a yawn: “Anyways, I think it’s time for us to go now, it’s getting darker out here and I’m really, really tired.”.

“Thanks again for coming, guys. We are leaving too, I think that me and Poppy have a lot to discuss tonight.” Branch smiled, putting an arm on his wife’s shoulders.

“Oh, I see, and a lot of things to “do”!” Satin laughed, winking at her twin and friends; Chenille just punched her and snickered, saying: “What a pervert, sister.”. Everybody snickered!

“What do you mean? What’s so funny?” Branch asked, a bit irritated, tilting his head to the left side.

They just replied with smirks and grins: “Oh, you know exactly what we mean, Branchie!”.

“No, I don’t get it, I don’t get it at all.” he shook his head, looking at the pink Queen with anger and suspect. “What’s going on, Poppy? Why are they laughing at me?”.

“Guys please, cut it out…” Poppy whispered, trying to make them stop, reading the blue Troll’s mind. He was getting mad, that wasn’t a good sign. “It’s nothing Branch, they are just playing around with us about… uh, about our… you know…”.

“No, I don’t!”.

“Come on buddy, we are talking about tonight, your first nigh!” Guy Diamond said, like it was the most obvious thing in the world. “We all know what you’re gonna do, so we were kidding… don’t be angry.”.

“Treat her well and don’t hurt her, or I’ll punch you in the nose tomorrow morning!” Smidge threatened him, cracking her knuckles, but then she smiled in a disturbing way. “So be careful, my good friend!”.

“Be very gentle.” Biggie suggested, blushing a little and covering Mr. Dinkles “hears”. “And caring. And sweet. A real gentleman!”.

“But not too much, or she’ll get bored.” Chenille added, crossing her arms. “And if the baby will be a girl, I wanna be her godmother.”.

“No, I wanna be her godmother!”.


“No, me!”.

“If it’s a boy, can I be his godfather?”.

Poppy felt Branch trembling next to her, his face dark and pissed. He was on the edge of exploding. “That’s none of your buisness, you-!”.

“Ok, ok everybody, time to go to bed! We are tired, and we are a little stressed right now, sooo…” she sang happily, grabbing her husband’s arm and taking him away from them, to their private room. “Goodnight and sweet dreams, see you tomorrow people!”.

“Goodnight, lovebirds! Good luck for tonight, have fun!” they replied with inappropriate voices. “And go Branch, Branch for the win! Branch, Branch, Branch, Branch, Branch is our man!”.

“I’m gonna kill those nosy-!” he started, embarassed and angry, growling a little and blushing deeply.

“Just. Keep. Walking. Ignore them.” Poppy scolded him, still holding Branch’s arm with a deadly grip. He was incorrigible. “They are just having fun, leave them be. We are almost there, by the way.”.

Inside their room:

“Are you ok, Branch? You looked tense today. Like, REALLY tense, more than usual.” Poppy noticed with concern, tilting her head to her left side. She looked in the boy’s worried eyes, and she got her answer. “You definitely are, I can see it. What’s wrong?”.

Taken by surprise, Branch studdered a quick and unconvincingly answer. “No, no, no. I’m totally fine, don’t worry about me.”.

But Poppy didn’t fall for it, she knew that something was off with him. “No, you are not fine, and don’t try to fool me. I know you, better than you think and please, I want to know what’s-” she suddenly stopped, realizing what was going on. “Branch… are you… nervous about this night, am I right? That’s why you got mad with our friends.”.

“Me!? Nervous? Pff, no!” he laughed hysterically, showing his true emotions by doing so. Damn, better admit it then. “I-I mean… maybe a little bit, ok? But don’t get me wrong, I really want to do this with you, ‘cause I love you. It’s not a big deal after all, is it? It’s just reproduction. No, no! I didn’t mean that we are going to do that JUST for reproduction, but… Ugh, I’m making this situation more uncomfortable than it should be, am I?”.

“Ahahah yes, you are!” she said, amused by her sweet and shy husband (wow, it was strange and unusual for her to call him “husband”), kissing his cheek and trying to calm him down. “It’s ok, I’m nervous too, but I’m sure we can do it. We’ll start slowly, ok?”.

“O-ok.” Branch finally whispered, regaining a bit of his confidence thanks to her words. “So when… How do we-?”.

“Let’s just start with a simple kiss, shall we? No worries Branch, not tonight.” she smiled jokingly, taking a step forward, closing her bright pink eyes and pressing her lips against his.

The boy closed his eyes as well and began returning the kiss, that slowly became more and more passionate and, after just a few seconds, he felt Poppy’s tongue pushing kindly against his semi-closed mouth. With a smile, he parted his lips and obligated, their wet tongues swirled against each other in a fascinating and heated dance.

Acting on instinct and carried away by the moment, Branch bit gently on the Queen’s lips and pulled, but she let out a loud yelp mixed with a surprised moan. The blue Troll pulled away instantly when he heard the strange sound, concerned. Bad start.

“Are you ok, Poppy? I’m sorry if I hurt you or if I messed up, I was-” he asked frantically, afraid that he might have ruined the moment, before being interrupted by the girl.

“No, no, no, you misunderstood! It was a good sound, I liked what you did back there and that’s why I couldn’t help myself.” she panted, already excited, looking at her handsome companion with veiled desire. “Let’s just take off our clothes and take this to the bed.”.

After a moment of silence, he said: “You are really something else, Poppy. Always full of surprises.”.

She chukled and replied at the compliment with a lustful tone: “And that’s why you fell in love with me and married me, sir.”.

“You can bet on it.” Branch grinned and winked, enjoying the little flirt game they were having. Everything felt more normal and natural. “Now, where were we?”.


The bed placed in the middle of the lavish bedroom was comfortable and wide; in fact, Branch though he never slept in a better bed than that one. It was green, pink and blue, made with the softest leaves, wool and bright fabric.

The couple laid down on it, and the girl kissed her husband’s lips again, with the same passion as before. But this time, Branch knew exactly what to do: with trembling arms, he slowly lifted Poppy’s blue dress, and his hands started to roam on her slim body, exploring it with curiosity and interest. He traced and kissed the curve of her hips, the lenght of her legs and her neck, until he found his way to her round and compact built breasts. She let out a content and silent sigh, relaxing under his unfamiliar but reassuring touch. “Don’t stop, go on, it’s okay.”.

Branch wasn’t going to stop, anyway. He gave them a little squeeze, then he used his thumbs to stimulate her erect nipples with circular movements, sometimes giving them a suck. Her sweet sounds encouraged him a lot, so he added more pressure on her glands.

“U-uhh…” the always-happy pink Troll moaned, closing her eyes and breathing heavily as she laid her head on the soft pillow, to fully enjoy the moment. “T-that feels good…” she admitted with a trembling voice, shooting a glance at her  kinda smug partner.

“Glad to hear that you’re having a good time.” Branch replied, keeping up the work with his thumbs while gently lowering his head to her private area, still hidden by her white underwear. “But I’d like to turn that “good” into a “great”, now.” he grinned, removing her slip with a fast movement and starting to stimulate her already wet nudity with his tongue. “I hope this works.” he thought.

Oh, and it did. Poppy’s smaller body shook with great joy as pleasure shot up her spine, making her moan very loudly and grasp the sheets. The Queen let out a particularly excited sound when her husband found her clit and gave it an enthusiastic lick, while using two fingers to penetrate her tight and warm canal, in and out, in and out.

“B-Branch, a-ahh… it feels so, so amazing, don’t s-stop! A-ahh, I’m gonna-!” Poppy cried out, feeling very close to an orgasm, her first one with someone. His mouth on her sensitive nub, his fingers moving inside her, his kisses, his licks, his breath: she just couldn’t hold it in any longer. “A-Ahh, Branch!” she finally screamed, her whole body shook with ecstasy as she came.

“Well… That was kinda fast. One-nil, I could say.” Branch joked, proud of himself, sitting on the bed and looking at his tired but satisfied wife, who was still panting to get her breath back, naked, legs spread and red, freckled cheeks. “Is everything ok? Did you like it?”.

She didn’t answer immediately; she just huffed, got up and approached Branch, then she smirked at him and declared with husky voice: “Oh, I did. Your turn to have fun and my turn to score points, now.”.

“What are you doi-? A-ah no, w-wait!” he whined helplessly on his knees, feeling Poppy’s right hand suddenly grab the base of his light blue, half-fully erect manhood. She snickered, and after a brief moment she started to energetically pump it, taking his trousers and pants off with her other hand. “I-I… u-uhh…”.

The ex Princess analyzed the length in her grip for a moment: it was warm to the touch, hard, smooth except where some visible veins were and the tip was a bit darker than the base.

Imitating Branch’s previous actions, Poppy bent down and kissed the head of the hard organ in front of her, then she gave it a firm lick, from the bottom to the top, listening to his quiet moans and grunts. He needed more. After a moment of hesitation, the pink Queen took the dick into her mouth and bobbed her head, licking and sucking the tip with increasing force, until…

“Mmmfh!” Branch shouted, thrusting his pelvis back and forth as he came inside her mouth, without warning. When he slowly came back from his climax, he realized what he did and gave her a mortified look. “Uh. I’m very, very sorry… I should probably warn you, next time.”.

“It’s ok, I don’t mind. And anyway… look who’s fast now. One each.” she winked, swallowing the rest of the semen still inside her mouth, tasting and teasing him. “And I’m glad you enjoyed it, because I surely did.”.

Branch panted and laughed nervously, rubbing his blue neck with an hand, then he asked: “So… what happens now?”.

“First of all, you’ll take off that nice shirt of yours.” the Queen quickly responded, smiling to hide her increasing anxiety. She was very nervous, too: after all, that was their first time together.

The blue Troll nodded and obligated, slowly and shyly removing the elegant fabric from his quite chubby body. They were fully naked in front of each other now, and Branch couldn’t help but blush when he looked at her beautiful face, her slim body, her bright eyes, her cute smile, her curved hips, her round breast and her… vital regions.  “You are the most beautiful Troll I’ve ever laid my eyes on, Poppy.” he admitted, fascinated and enchanted. “I can’t say how much you mean to me.”.

The pink girl got close and hugged him tightly, touched, and whispered in his pointy hears: “You too Branch, but I think that I might show you how much I love you. In fact…” she started, grabbing him by the shoulders and laying him down, above her, between her legs. “… I wanna make love to you right now. And I can see that he’s ready, too.” she purred, pointing at his hard and dripping cock.

Branch gulped. “Sure you want this? Totally sure?” he asked for the last time, supporting his weight with his elbows. When he got a “I’m entirely sure.”, he took hold of his thick organ and rubbed it against her wet opening, loving the sensation. “S-so, can I…?”.

“Yes. I can’t wait any longer!” she nodded feverishly, spreading her legs a bit more to show him that she was more than ready.

In that moment, after taking a deep breath, Branch started to lovingly push himself inside her warm and welcoming body.

The blue Troll’s hard rod easily passed her first ring of muscles, but when he tried to go just a little deeper he met a bit of resistance and heard a tiny and uncomfortable wail from his companion. He stopped and asked: “Does it hurt so bad, Poppy!? D-do you want me to pull out? I can do that, I suppose, if you just ask-”.

“Wait, wait, wait, no! It hurts, but just a little, not that much.” she quickly replied, trembling in his arms and trying to relax her smaller body. It didn’t hurt that bad at all, it was just strange to be stretched like that, and she was a little scared. But his familiar smell, his comforting weight on her and his caring (and worried as usual) voice helped the Queen a lot. “It’s not your fault, and you are the one who should calm down!” she chuckled.

“Eh. I suppose I am…” he cooed, nuzzling the pink Troll’s face and kissing her neck, cheeks and lips lightly. She sighed, closing her eyes, and caressed his back to show her appreciation. “Then I’m… I’m gonna push again when you’re ready, ok?”. She simply nodded and waited for him.

When the boy felt her muscles slowly loosening, he took courage and thrusted his hips forward (earning another soft whimper followed by a yelp), sinking into her body; now he was completely inside of her. “That’s i-it. How is it?” he eagerly asked, panting and feeling his own heart beating faster and faster inside his ribcage: being inside her was amazing, she was soft, warm and scented, and he felt closer to her than ever. He could even feel her fast heartbeat through her inner walls.

“It still feels strange.” she admitted, re-opening her pink eyes to take a look at his concerned face. He was going to say something, but she “read his mind” and interrupted: “And yes, I’m sure, yes, I can handle this, and yes again, you can start moving now.” she sang. “I mean, you’ve been here, fixed inside of me, for ten minutes or more!”.

“Ok, ok, no need to remind me this! Ugh… ok Poppy, you won. But tell me if I hurt you too much, and don’t try to hold back.” Branch requested, huffing a little and blushing a lot. But after a few seconds, his face softened: “I know you very well, too.”.

“Pff, I know you do, smartie.” she smirked, fooling around while shifting between the sheets to get more comfortable. When she found a good position, she nodded: “I’m ready now.”.

The blue Troll nodded and gave a first, experimental thrust, then another one. Her inner walls were wet and so tight, they squeezed Branch’s thick lenght in a pleasurable and intimate grip. He started to pant softly against her neck, keeping up the movements of his chubby hips, that became a little faster and harder.

“B-Branch…” she moaned, starting to feel pleasure as well. Her husband’s manhood hit a particular spot hidden inside her, a spot she didn’t know existed. “That feels s-so good! Right there, hit me there again please! Ahhh…”.

“M-Mhh…!”, he groaned in response, angled his thrusts and tried to hit that place again; after a few failed attempts, he heard Poppy squeal loudly. “Got it!”, he though with triumph. Her insides, as if they wanted to thank him, contracted around his sensitive organ everytime he hit it. “This f-feels so amazing…”.

The pink Queen started to meet his strong pushes, moving her hips against Branch’s and earning more stimulation in her groin area. The blue Troll’s hands started to explore and roam her body again, but with more passion and hunger than before, touching and nibbling her nipples with his teeth and caressing everywhere. He focused on her clit, rubbing it with three fingers, coated with his spit.

“D-don’t stop! Faster!” Poppy cried, breathless, gripping his back and scratching it on instinct. She just had to hold on something, and he didn’t mind at all the cuts. The pain and the smell of blood got him more excited and he sped up, groaning, grunting and sometimes moaning her name.

Their hair tied together as they joined their hands tightly, forehead against forehead.

They both were close, really close.

She felt her stomach tightening and aching for the incoming climax, and Branch’s rod swelling and dripping with anticipation inside her. He was ready, too.

“I’m gonna… I’m gonna-!” he grunted, with his light blue eyes closed and sweaty temples. He was trembling, his pelvis moved back and forth with incredible speed as he put part of his weight down on her, pressing until she could’t breathe.

“M-me too, just keep going!” she replied with a shaky shout, feeling more than ready to come, feeling an orgasm coming and reaching her. And with a last, strong and firm thrust, they both finished. “BRANCH!” Poppy screamed on top of her lungs, arching her back and coming, her already tight walls clenched on the hard muscle.

“Poppy!” Branch panted, cumming deeply inside of her with a low grunt. He instinctively continued to give small and slow thrusts, riding out both of their orgasms, making them last as long as possible and pushing his seed a little deeper.

The Queen groaned when she felt her husband’s warm cum coating her insides and, when he reluctantly pulled out after his peack, she felt some of it pouring out.

The pink, always-happy Troll regained her energy pretty soon though, in fact she spoke first: “That was awsome, Branch.” she complimented, wheezing and puffing.

“Mhn, awsome indeed.” Branch yawned, tired but completely satisfied, then he got closer to his energetic wife and laid beside her. He took her hands and caressed them. “Thank you.”.

“Thanks? For what?” the ex Princess lazily asked, enjoying the cuddles and reciprocating them.

“For not giving up on me when I was the grey, grumpy Troll that everyone avoided and despised. For giving me a real home, a lot of friends and a purpose in life. For teaching me that life is for living. For loving me and marrying me. Thanks for being you, Poppy.” Branch said with sincerity, looking her in the eyes. “I love you.”.

The Queen smiled. “I’m the one that wouldn’t be here, if it wasn’t for you. You were strange and sometimes boring indeed, but you taught me that life can be complicated, a lot more complicated, but you also said that you’ll always be there for me: you kept your promise, and I’ll always be there for you as well. I fell in love with that grey, grumpy Troll, I fell in love with you before you got your colors back.” she smiled, nuzzling his neck. “I love you too, Branch, so much.”.

Their lips joined in a tender and deep kiss, as they relaxed under each other’s touch.

When they pulled away, the blue Troll joked with a tired voice: “The match is officially over, I guess. I’d say we’re even. Two points each.”.

“I wouldn’t say the match is officially over… actually, I still have some energy.” Poppy winked, getting up and laying on him. She looked at her husband with lust and desire: “So… round two?”.

“What!? No!'” he shouted, with his light blue eyes wide open and shaking his head. “Come on Poppy, get off me, I’m too tired for another round.” Branch complained, shaking her off his body and gripping a pillow and a soft blanket. “Goodnight!”.

“Oh come on, it will be fun, I promise! You can just lay there and relax while I do all the job, I’ll ride you!” she hopeful proposed, trying to convince him. “So… What do you say?”.

“As if I could relax in a situation like that!” Branch replied, crossing his arms and huffing. After a few seconds a funny idea came to his mind. “You want me? You have to free yourself and catch me, first!” he laughed, pinning her down with the weight of his chubby, blue body. He lazily lied on her. “What are you gonna do now? ?cause I think I’ll sleep on you.”.

Taken by surprise, she couldn’t stop him in time. She tried to escape from his solid grip, but he was way too heavy. Her body was smaller, slimmer and lighter, so much lighter than Branch’s. “Well, I think I’m gonna say that you need to eat less.” she played around, touching his fat belly and starting to rub it. “You almost crushed me, down there!”.

The more she rubbed it, the more he laughed, harder and harder, trying to get away from her touch. “No, stop it! Ahahahah!” the blue Troll said between cackles, falling backwards and squirming. “No, no! I’m seriou- mpppffffhh, ahahahah! Stop, please!”.

“Didn’t know you were that ticklish!” Poppy said, really amused, rubbing his belly faster and taking her revenge. “You give up?” she asked, without mercy. “I won’t stop until you say “I give up.”, it’s your choice mister, I could do this all night!”.

“Please, ahahaha! Make it stop!” Branch begged loudly, laughing to the point of tears. He couldn’t move a muscle to escape, so he took a decision. “Poppy, pfffffff, please! I give up! I give up, ok!? You won, now stop it!”.

“That’s my boy! Was it so difficult?” the pink girl sang happily, then she stopped the torture and sit. “What did I win?”.

“A revenge in the morning. Watch your back.” the blue Troll just smirked, defeated. “But I guess you can choose your price, now. What do you want from me?”.

“You know exactly what I want.” Poppy winked and gently patted his back, sweaty and still a bit bloody for the scratches, but he seemed ok with it. “I didn’t know he liked it a bit rought.”

“Ugh, fine, but as you said before, you’ll be on top. I’m still tired, you know.” he smiled sweetly, looking her in the eyes and pressing his forehead against hers.  “What am I gonna do with you?”.

“I don’t know. But I know that you’ll have to love me and put up with me for a looooong time.” she replied, smiling as well and pushing him down with her hands.  

“Oh, I’m sure I can do that.”.


I finished it. I just finished it! I can’t believe it, it took me two whole weeks! I really hope you liked it, even if it’s… kinda strange, after all this is a kid’s movie. Oh well, it’s too late. I feel so dirty, omg.

Anyways, that was one of my first Lemons, so I don’t know if you’ll find it good. I tried at least!

I’m a Italian girl, so I’m so sorry if there are many mistakes or grammar errors. Have mercy and forgive my sins.

I wrote it because I liked this movie, the couple and their personality, and because me and my best friend, @princess-kurama, made a bet: now that I did a lemon about Trolls, you know what you have to do, lady! :* 

Thanks for reading!

STRAIGHTPEOPLERECEIPTS, sitting down for a job interview. she is wearing a cherry red three piece suit and six inch heels with two rats sitting on top her uncombed hair: Hello Mister Manager. It Is So Nice To Finally Meet you. Thanks For Considering Me For This Very Important Position You Are Hiring For.

JOHN JOHNSON, displaced new yorker and manager of this store, who has known STRAIGHTPEOPLERECEIPT’s family for ages and already knows of her bullshit: let’s just cut straight to the chase, toots. i’m doing your father one last favour by talking to you, ya got that? i know what you do. i see you downtown with your little… friends.

STRAIGHTPEOPLERECEIPTS, reaching up to tenderly stroke one of the rats, as another rat pops her head out of a sleeve: Oh, You Must Mean Ла́зарь, Марлен And Саша.

JOHN JOHNSON, disgusted, absolutely sick of her but unfortunately heavily indebted to her late father: is.. are… are those the rats names? is that one in your god damn shirt? jesus christ. just FUCKING christ, kid. your pops was a good man, i don’t understand how he gave life to something like you. where’d you crawl out of this mornin? a sewer?


JOHN, now with a lump at the back of his throat, the desperation of his situation suddenly catching up to him– his recent divorce, his estrangement from his son, the death of his best friend and now this horrific confrontation with that great man’s awful child. he thought he could look this in the face, but all he can’t do this, he won’t deal with this, not even for bobby: get out. just…. get out.

STRAIGHTPEOPLERECEIPTS, now understanding, and feeling a great hatred for this man despite what she knows of his emotional situation: You Know… Mister Johnson, sir. i write a great many funny things on a blog you may know of. have you ever, perhaps, heard of straightpeoplereceipts?

JOHN, glancing up, fear, betrayal and disgust all apparent on his face: you’re bluffin’. there’s no fuckin’ way it’s you. no, you’re… bobby’s kid is not… holy hell. you’re a real piece’a work. 

STRAIGHTPEOPLERECEIPTS, inspecting a perfectly manicured nail: i suspect that it would not bode well for you if you were to… upset me.

JOHN, defeated: fine! fine, alright! fuck. fuck. you have the job, okay? shit. fuck. i’ll give you a call after i get the schedule figured out, just get the fuck outta here. leave me the hell alone.

STRAIGHTPEOPLERECEIPTS, smiling kindly: Thank You Sir Mister Manager I Will Not Disappoint You

Reaction Ficlet: How Jin would react to your first time together

Reaction ficlet Masterpost: How BTS would react to your first time together

Originally posted by junghosoek

“Can you see through the blindfold?”

“No,” you say, reaching your hands out blindly in front of you. “I’m going to fall, I can feel it.”

“No, you won’t,” says Jin, taking your hand and gently leading your forward. “Just a few more steps,” he coaxes. “Okay, stop here.”

You stop and feel Jin’s warm, comforting presence in front of you.

“Before I take the blindfold off,” he says, embarrassed. “There’s something I want to say to you while you can’t look at me and make me chicken out.”

You chuckle softly. It was usually you who wilted under Jin’s gaze, not the other way around. Tonight was going to be your fifth date with him and he had insisted that you have it at his flat.

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30 day Psychonauts challenge! Day#11 “Best Quotes”

Challenge by  @psychonaut-hobbit  ❤ ❤ ❤

Challenge post!

                                          ★   QuOtEs ★

                                             ☆   FAV  ☆

“Well, my ass is covered” ~ Sasha Nein

“I am the Milkman. My milk is delicious.” ~ Boyd Cooper 

“You have the insanity of a manatee!” ~ Dr. Loboto

“Sacre bleu! I have been hit!” ~ Fred Boneparte 

“Well, I’m off to kill myself” ~ Becky

“So, if I’m not mistaken, you’re not Doctor Loboto, you don’t pay my salary, so kindly step away from my elevator and die. Thank you sir.” ~ Crispin Whytehead

                                                  ☆  AND ☆

“Look at that woman’s breasts. They are large.” ~ G-Man
“You’d better not be trying to steal my husband. Tramp.” ~ G-Man

Although over time my husband will lose desire for me sexually, he will always love my pies.” ~ G-Man

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me?” ~ Razputin Aquato

“I’m starting to feel like I’m back in high school! Which is weird, because I’m only ten.” ~ Razputin Aquato

“I’ve taught you everything I can, son. Now, you go show them. Show them all.” ~ Augustus Aquato

+ All Veron History♡


*Requested* Imagine the reader meets Damon and Stefan in 1864, Damon falls for her and she for him.

(This one got a little cheesy maybe. I don´t know why but my sleep deprived brain got into romantic mode ^^ I hope you enjoy my lovelies! Total side not: If you ever invent a time travel machine please let me know asap :D!! Also this is not edited that much, because it´s quite late here, so sorry about that)

Word count: 1.025

Your name: submit What is this?

The morning is clear and cold, with a certain crispness that hints the beginning of summer. You silently sit in the carriage, which is leading to one of your uncle´s acquaintances plantation. You heard just a little about the Salvatore’s, but you were not that excited, because you wanted to stay with your family, but your uncle somehow convinced you to travel with him.

The carriage suddenly stops and you know that you arrived at the Salvatore’s plantation. The door opens and your uncle is the first one to get out of the carriage. You soon follow, and you step out of the carriage, with the help of a young man, presumably one of Giuseppe´s sons. You breathe in the fresh air that smell like wildflowers and had a certain acidity to it, as though they were strolling through an orchard.

Y/N: “Thank you kindly, sir.”

Stefan: “Please call me Stefan. You must be Y/N.”

Y/N: “It´s nice to meet you, Stefan.”

The carriage is driving away, revealing a gorgeous man, wearing a military uniform sitting on the cold stones surrounding the property. Somehow you didn´t notice him before. You observe the man starting to walk over to Stefan´s side. Stefan notices your absence and turns around, widening his eyes in surprise. The unknown man, snakes his arm around Stefan, hugging him shortly, as you just realize what beautiful piercing blue eyes he possesses.

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carry me home tonight

Summary: Will Solace needs to learn to use his height for good instead of evil. Or, of late nights, gross cuddles, and half-hearted banter, Nico di Angelo-style.

For @princenek0​. Ash, you are a terrible influence, and I love you for it.

There are lots of things Nico likes about living with Will.

He likes that Will is neat. He likes that Will doesn’t mind when Nico’s moods are predictably bad. He likes that Will smells nice - warm and masculine, a little like sandalwood and spice. He likes Will’s thick-rimmed reading glasses, which he only wears at night.

But the best thing about living with Will, Nico thinks, is waking up and knowing he’ll be there.

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Bittersweet Part 8 - A Jared Padalecki Story

Pairing: Jared Padalecki x reader
Summary: A complicated, but bittersweet love story between Jensen Ackles younger sister and Jared Padalecki. After a rough start that almost ruined all chances of them ever becoming a couple, they fight for their love.
Words: 2040
Warning: obsessive washing, OCD, depression, blood… Don’t read this if it could trigger you!! 

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7

This story turned out to be much different than how I planned. I planned loads of drama and all, but now it’s just… bleh… I had no idea how to continue, so I’m bringing it to an end. The next chapter will be the last of Bittersweet, I’m sorry. I just feel like the highlight in the story is missing, and I can’t think of anything to add… (also, sorry it’s not ‘extra long’… I still feel like poop)

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CEO!Luke Part 13

Warning: Smut

Luke’s POV:

Seeing Y/N get tased make my heart explode with anger. “Hey! Hey! Get the hell off her!” I yell pushing the security guard out of the way. “Step out of my way pal. These two are leaving with us” he says picking Y/N up. “That’s my girlfriend! Let her the fuck go! She is coming with me!” I shout blocking his path. “Sir these two caused a ruckus and even damaged some of the property so please step out of my way before I have you escorted out” the big man said. “She was fucking defending herself you idiot! Just give me my girlfriend back and take that other bitch away!” I yell my blood boiling. “I beg you! Please!” I desperately ask. “What do you want!? Money!? You want money? Fine here you go” I say digging for my wallet in my pocket and pulling out $200. “Take this and give me my girl back now before I blow your face in with my fist!” I say shoving the money in his chest. “Whatever take her” the man said handing me over Y/N who’s passed out. Seeing her in my arms again looking half dead made me think about our first interaction together where April attacked her out of nowhere and here we are again. It all happened so fast. Y/N and I were having a blast dancing together laughing and kissing and then all of the sudden April comes in and pushes her on the ground. When Y/N tackled April, I knew it was going to get ugly. I tried my hardest I really did to find them but they moved so quickly around the club. Glasses and plates shattering everywhere they went. Then out of nowhere came Clara swooping in taking April to the ground but was almost knocked out by a high heel to the head. Michael and I tried to hold Y/N back and I could only feel the anger inside her body just raging wanting to be unleashed. She pushed me away and sprinted towards April again and then they were gone. I made my way through the hoards of people and that was when I saw the security guard tase her which was completely uncalled for! My heart fucking dropped see her body lock up like that. There was no way in hell I was going to let security take her away from me. I don’t give a single fuck about April they can literally banish her from the country and I’d be fine with it. I take a deep breath as I carry Y/N outside the club. “Mikey!” I shout grabbing his attention. “Yeah?” he asks coming towards me. “I need you to take Y/N back to the suite” I say. “Yeah of course I think we’re all done for the night” he says looking over at Clara who’s holding her head leaning on Emily’s shoulder. “Clara you alright?” I ask kindly. “Yeah I’m fine” she says giving me a small smile. “Please take her back and tuck her in bed. I’ll be back later” I say gently place Y/N in Michael’s arms. “Alright man where are you going?” he asks me. “To take care of a few things. I’ll see you later” I smile but my smile fades away seeing Y/N’s body still helpless. A single tear drops from my eye down my cheek. I wipe it away quickly turning back into the club.

I make my way to the back entrance of the club as guards were taking April away. “Wait up!” I say to the driver. “Sir you aren’t allowed to com-” I cut him off by showing him my license then ID I had for work. The driver examines them closely as he realizes who I am. I’m no FBI agent but I do own a very successful company that has colleagues wanting to divest from all over the country and LA being one of the most popular. “Sorry Mr. Hemming’s about that. Please hop in” the driver smiles shyly handing me back my stuff. “Thank you” I say retrieving the two cards and climbing in the back seat. April was placed in the back of a police car and my driver follows the car to the station. The ride wasn’t even ten minutes long and my car stops in the front of the station. I give my driver $20 to stay and wait for me while I do some business. Guards take April in and put her in a holding cell. “Excuse me Sir, I’d like to speak with that woman” I say asking the policeman. “Sure” he says walking over to unlock the cell. “She will wake up in about five minutes or so” he says to me. “Thank you” I respond. I take a chair from the corner of the room and place it in front of the bed but not too close. I sit and wait for about eight minutes. I look at my watch and April stirs waking up. I lift my head up staring at the woman who almost killed my girlfriend. “Lukey is that you?” she asks fluttering her eyes open looking at me. “That isn’t my name. It’s Luke” I state. “Why are you angry baby? It’s okay” she says sitting up. “Don’t fucking call me that” I say looking straight at her. “Aw does someone need some relief down there?” she asks referring to my dick. “You make me sick April. Absolutely sick” I say to her. “Then why are you here and not with Y/N?” she asks smirking. “I am here because I wanted to let you know that if you come near me and or Y/N or Clara or anybody that I am friends with again, I will have you destroyed” I say firmly. “Oh please Luke you don’t scare me. I came back for you because we had unfinished business” she says. “You nearly killed an innocent girl you have never met before in my office!” I shout at her. “She was pissing me off!” she shouts back. “You don’t fucking do that April! You’re psycho! Literally get it through your head!” I yell at her. My blood boiling. “Don’t come here acting like a fucking dick and threatening someone you loved!” she says. “I never loved you. Not one ounce of me ever loved you” I say. “Just like Y/N doesn’t love you” she responds. “You don’t know anything about her” I say. “I do know that she’s a slut that’s for sure” she scoffs. My eyes widen. “Don’t you ever fucking call her that ever again!” I yell standing up. “You know nothing about her and you never will. You will not come near her or me ever again do you understand?. You had no fucking right to touch her in the first place. This is all your fault April and now you have to deal with the consequences” I state firmly pointing a finger at her. I get up and walk out of the cell not looking back. “I never want to see your face again Hemming’s!” she yells hitting against the metal repeatedly. “Lock that bitch up” I say to one of the guards as I pass him walking out of the station. I open the car door to my ride and climb in. “Thank you for waiting. Back to the hotel please” I kindly ask. “Yes sir” he nods driving off.

The kind man pulls up at the front of the hotel and I open the door. “Thank you again for the ride. Have a nice night. Drive safe!” I smile waving. “No problem Mr. Hemming’s” he nods as I close my door. I walk around the front of the car and make my way to the doors of the hotel. I speed walk to the elevator just wanting to see if my girl is okay. I stand in front of the elevator pushing the button. I stand patiently checking my watch and there was still no elevator. “Come on” I groan repeatedly tapping the button. The ding sounds finally came as the doors open. I step inside hitting my floor button. I lean my back against the wall and just breath deeply trying to relax myself but what I have witnessed tonight just makes my body constantly shiver. I practically run to our suite door and swipe my key card as I enter the room. “Hey man” Michael says instantly propping up from the couch. He was in his PJ’s looking exhausted. “Where’d you go?” he asks me. I sit down next to him leaning against the pillows. “I went to give April a piece of my mind and to tell her to never come near us again” I said to him. “She is being locked up anyway and I hope she gets transferred to a mental hospital” I add. “You did the right thing man. I mean that was crazy back there and I honestly hate myself for letting my future wife get hurt like that” He says. “Same here Mikey same here. I just wish I could have picked Y/N up and carried her out of there but she pushed me away” I say. “Her and Clara did do some bad ass damage though” he says. “Speaking of Clara, how is she?” I ask. “She’s alright. I forced her to take some Advil because of her head but she wouldn’t stop asking about Y/N” he says. “Is Y/N sleeping?” I ask getting up. “No idea. I did what you told me to do so I just tucked her in and left” he says getting up as well. “Thanks man. I’m gonna go check on her now. Goodnight” I say. “Night mate” he responds as we hug it out. I pull away. “See you in the morning” I say. “You too bud” Michael says walking to his room. I take a deep breath as I slowly creep Y/N and I’s door open. I pop my head in as I see my beautiful girl sleeping on our bed. I close the door behind me trying not to wake her up. I dim the lights to make the room darker. I unbutton my shirt throwing it on my suitcase. I sit on the edge of the bed and untie my shoes then place them to the side. I get up and head to the bathroom. I dim the lights in the bathroom as well and then walk over to the tub turning the water on. I check the temperature with my hand making sure it’s perfect. After that, I walk over to the sink and open the draw to find a lighter so I can light some candles around the tub. I light about five candles and spread them out evenly around the bath. The hotel provides those cool bath bombs that I heard that make the water different colors. I pick up a purple bath bomb and bring it up to my nose smelling it. It smells like lavender which I think is good for relaxation. I drop it in the water watching it frizz around spreading purple and blue foam everywhere. After I watch it dissolve, I check under the sink in search of any flower petals to put in the water as well because Clara once told me that flower petals in water help hydrate and soothe the skin and I want Y/N to really enjoy this. Thank god that we are in Vegas because the hotel does provide petals as well. Rose petals which are great and very romantic I think. I sprinkle those in the water as well. I take a step back looking at my masterpiece. Now it’s time to go wake my sleeping beauty up.

Y/N’s POV:

I flutter my eyes open to see the bathroom light on thinking Luke is brushing his teeth getting ready for bed. How did I even end up in bed? I see a shirtless Luke walk out of the bathroom heading towards me. “Hey pretty girl” he whispers kneeling down on the side of the bed. “How did I end up in bed?” I ask. “Michael carried you back here and tucked you in” he said to me stroking my hair. “Why didn’t you do that? I ask sitting up. “I had to take care of something so I asked him to do that for me” he says. “Take care of what Luke? What did you do? I thought we agreed on no secrets” I say to him. “Fine” he says hanging his head low then raising it again. “I went to the police station where April is being held in. I wanted to give her a piece of my mind and I did. I told her that she is psychopath and to never come near us again” he says looking me straight in the eye telling the truth. “Luke you didn’t have to do that” I say. “No Y/N please don’t say that. I did have to do that because she hurt you and whoever touches my girl will have to deal with me” he says firmly. “You’re my responsibility and I’m the one who’s suppose to protect you” he adds on. “What you did back there Y/N was-I can’t even describe it” he says. “I kicked her ass that’s what I did” I smirk. “You saved me” Luke says. “It was time for her to taste her own medicine so I gave it to her. Plus, no one touches my man” I say giving a small smirk. “God I’m in love with you” he grins leaning in kissing my lips. I wince a little because my lip was cut by that bitches ring. “Sorry baby” Luke chuckles. “It’s okay” I whisper leaning my forehead against his. “I made a bath for you. Wanna get in it?” he asks me. My eyes widen at the thought of a warm bath right now.

 “Oh god yes please” I giggle standing up. I walk slowly as Luke guides me into the dimmed bathroom. “Very relaxing and romantic” I smile looking at the beautiful set up Luke made for me. “Here let me help you out of this dress Princess” Luke offers. He unzips the zipper trailing it down my back. Once the dress was down to my feet, I step out. Luke comes behind me again and unclips my bra slowly. I slide it off as I toss it to the ground along with my dress. Luke kisses my shoulder then comes back around to face me. He kisses my forehead, then nose, chin, chest, one of my breasts, stomach, as he bends his knees down. He hooks his fingers at the edges of my panties and slides them down gradually. I step out of them as he tosses them to the side. I’m now fully exposed to him as he stands back up. He lifts me bridal style making me gasp a little. I giggle as he gently places me in the bath. My body immediately relaxes as the warm water soothes into my skin. “Ugh this feels so good” I laugh leaning my head back closing my eyes. “Great to hear Princess” Luke says looking at me. I pop one of my eyes open to see if he will be joining me. “Please join me” I beg reaching my arm out to him. “Of course I am baby girl give me a few seconds okay?” he smiles looking down at me fiddling with my fingers. “Okay” I smile as I lean back again enjoying the water. Luke shuffles out of the bathroom for a few seconds then comes back in fully naked. “Why couldn’t you just take your pants off in here?” I giggle. “I honestly have no idea” he chuckles stepping into the bathtub. “Weirdo” I say moving up so he can squeeze in behind me. His long legs slide on each side of my body as he brings me to his chest. “Lemme wash you up baby” Luke whispers grabbing some body wash and pouring some in his hands. He mixes it in his big hands and rubs my shoulders and all over my back. He pours some more and has me lean back against his chest again as he rubs all the wash all over my stomach and around my breasts. My breath hitches as hands glide over my nipples a few times. Luke then takes a cup and scoops the water into it then pours it down my body washing away the bubbles on my skin. He does this a couple times more then places the cup back on the side. I turn around so I’m facing him. I look into his charming blue eyes just admiring his face. He smiles at me as I bring myself closer to him.

“Thank you” he whispers. “For what?” I whisper back. “For fighting my battle” he says. “I did what I had to do Luke. I wasn’t just going to let her walk all over me like that” I say wrapping my arms around his neck as I run my fingers through his hair. “Still Y/N she attacked you when we first met and now she shows up again out of nowhere” Luke says. “We both did our parts Luke and now she won’t be coming near us again like you said” I say kissing his cheek. “I know I know but the thing that really pissed me off was when you got tased. Like there was no reason for that” he says to me. I giggle at him. “Why are you laughing?” he asks. “I mean it stung like a bitch but I honestly don’t care at this point that it happened” I say plainly. “You’re so strong baby” Luke says rubbing my back. “And like I said before she touched you and that pissed me off” I add. “Does anything hurt on your body right now?” he asks. “I mean my body is sore but I’ll live Lukey it was just a cat fight so let’s move on. We still have a few more days here so let’s enjoy them to the fullest okay?” I ask him. “You’re right Princess” he smiles kissing me slowly. I don’t mind the sting coming from my lip because Luke is my man and I love him with all my heart. Our lips move slow as we take our time just feeling one another. He lifts my body so I’m now straddling his legs. I wrap my legs around his back as we continue to make out. Luke’s hands caress my back as he kisses me with passion. I pull away and breath heavily as our foreheads stay connected. I look up at him with innocent eyes just like I did when we first met. “Are you going to make love to me now?” I whisper to him. Luke doesn’t say anything. All he does is nod against my nose kissing me again. We disconnected our lips as we stand up from the water and getting out. Luke grabs two towels and we dry ourselves off getting dry. We tosses them to the side not caring about anything else at the moment. Just us. Luke comes over to me and grabs my thighs lifting me up. I wrap my legs around his waist as he carries me to our bed. He lays me down gently on the soft comforter and hovers above me as we kiss again. His lips trail down to my neck as I feel his tongue graze over my skin. I give him more access to my neck as his hands start to roam all over my body. “Luke” I moan needing his touch even more. “What is it baby? Tell me what you need” he whispers still sucking on my neck. “I need you that’s all I need” I whine as I grip the sheets to the side of me. Luke’s mouth comes back up to my kiss me as he softly pecks them. He trails his lips kissing every inch of my body as he slides down to where I need him the most right now. I breath slowly taking in the moment. Luke spreads my legs and kisses all over my thighs making me even more wet. He bows his head down to my heat and takes one swipe with his tongue teasing me. He does it again as I moan at his touch. “You like that baby girl? You like when I tease your sweet pussy?” he asks me. “Yes Daddy I do” I moan looking down at him. Luke attaches his mouth fully on me as he begins to suck hard. He teases me by kissing my clit a few times then swirling his tongue around it. I arch my back in pleasure shutting my eyes. “Someone like that?” he asks deeply. “Mhm” I cry out gripping more of the sheets. Luke’s tongue swirls around my clit again until he sucks hard on it making me gasp for air. “Ugh Luke! I whine reaching my hands down to grip his hair. I grab a few of his loose strands and tug on them as his mouths keeps working on me. “Yes yes right there” I breath out just staring at him pleasuring me. “You taste like heaven every time” he growls into my pussy not stopping. “Fuck!” I groan leaning my head back on the mattress. Luke lifts my legs over his shoulders then dives his wet tongue into my entrance. His big hands keep me from closing my legs from the immense pleasure he’s giving me. “Fuck I love your pussy baby” Luke moans as he flicks my clit with his tongue. He wiggles his head back and forth then side to side just licking all over making me moan louder. I tug harder on his hair receiving a growl from him. “Shit Lukey I’m almost there” I cry out as Luke doesn’t stop flicking and sucking on me. “Shit!” I yell as I feel my release coming. “Cum on my tongue baby” he says to me. “Ugh fuck yes! Ugh!” I scream as my back arches all the way as I feel my orgasm rush through my entire body. My chest heaves up and down as I catch my breath.

Luke raises his head slowly as he looks at me with deep lustful eyes. He doesn’t wipe my juices off his mouth. Luke just leans over me and hovers over my mouth. “Taste yourself love” he whispers as he enters his tongue in my mouth. His lips connect to mine as I take in the taste. Luke pulls away dragging my bottom lip out admiring them. He takes my face in his hands kissing me again. “Such pretty lips” he whispers looking me in the eyes. His eyes scan down to my breasts as he moves down to take my left nipple in his mouth. He sucks on my breast as he gently takes my nipple in between his teeth pulling it up a little. I moan at the feeling as he does the same thing to my other breast. He comes back up to my lips kissing them hard. Luke’s hands roam around my back just wanting to feel my skin against his. I softly slide my hands down his broad chest as I wrap my hand around his hard length. I pump him slowly with him still kissing me. He moans at the feeling. “I need to be inside you now” he growls against my mouth. “Please I need you so bad” I whine as I guide his length to my wet entrance. He replaces my hand with his as he slowly enters me making us both moan. Luke’s hip gradually thrust in and out of me getting into it. He connects our lips together as he bucks his hips into me. “You feel so fucking good baby girl” he moans into my mouth. “Ugh fuck Luke” I moan feeling him fill me up. His skin brushes mine as he kisses down to suck on my neck then up behind my ear making me feel butterflies in my stomach. “Ugh Luke faster please” I beg as I grab his hips with my hands trying to get him deeper inside me. “Alright baby alright” he whispers pulling out completely then whipping back in. I gasp making me lunge forward. He catches my head with his hands as he brings our lips together. Our tongues battle for dominance but I just let Luke take over my body. His hips buck into mine at a fast speed now making us moan as we try to hold on to each other as much as we can. “Shit baby you’re so beautiful so helpless underneath me” Luke whispers looking at me. “Just let it all go Luke. I’m yours, give it all to me” I say to him. Luke suddenly lifts my body up hoisting me up against the wall of the bed. The headboard of the bed was made out of cushion so it was comfortable. I wrap my arms around his neck while my legs grab his hips. He thrusts up into me making the new angle feel very incredibly good. “Ugh fuck!” I moan loudly. “Oh shit baby I’m not gonna last” Luke moans kissing me. “Give it to me Luke” I cry out holding his face. Luke thrusts into me a few times then lays me back down against the bed. He snaps his hips into me so fast I swear I saw stars in my eyes. “Ugh fuck yes Luke” I moan throwing my head back. “Baby look at me” Luke demands as we stare into each others eyes with out mouths open feeling all the pleasure in the world. “That’s it baby that’s it you gonna cum?” he asks me still looking me in the eyes. I nod my head crying out. His cock hits my g spot every thrust he gives me. He shuts his eyes tightly as he comes close to his release. I grab his face kissing him hard. Luke punches the headboard above us as the pleasure is overwhelming him. I scratch down his back digging my nails into his skin. “Fuck I’m gonna cum!” he moans loudly punching the headboard again. I grab his face. “Cum with me” I whine out staring at him. He nods as he kisses me with all his passion. “Cum on 1..2…3!” he hisses at me as we both let go. “Ugh fuck yes!” I yell throwing my head back. “Ugh shit!” Luke yells so loud as he cums inside me. Thank god I took my pill this morning.

After hitting our orgasms, Luke’s eye are shut tightly as his chest heaves up and down. Slight sweat is plastered on his forehead but on mine as well. I grab his face in my hands gently. “Hey I’m here it’s okay” I whisper. He slowly opens his eyes staring down at me. I bring his face down to connect our lips. “I love you” I breath out pulling away after a few seconds. Luke’s face brightens up as he smiles. “I love you so fucking much Princess” he says still trying to catch his breath. We kiss again as he pulls out slowly. He plops down next to me as he grabs the covers pulling them over us. I scooch closer to his warm body lying on his bare chest. One of his fingers rubs up and down my back gently while the other one just sits on his chest. I turn my head up to look at him. He looks down at me with tired eyes as he smiles. “Close those beautiful eyes of yours now baby” he whispers. I do as he says falling asleep in a finger snap. “I love you so much and I’ll see you in the morning my sweet angel” he whispers closing his eyes as well and falling asleep.

laughitupfuzzball  asked:

58, 78, 85

58. What are five ways to win your heart?

  • Enjoy life, someone that is open to adventure and understands that there is more to life than working or “being cool” is my favorite person to be with. 
  • Have your passions and get involved with mine. I’ll help you install dual exhaust in your favorite car if you’ll road trip it with me to nowhere so that I can pursue my photography.
  • Being a kind person, not just to be but to others.
  • Noticing the small things, whether it’s the smell of my perfume, the size of the moon, or the fact that I made your coffee right in the morning.
  • Affection, if someone is affectionate with me I melt. Warm hugs, deep kisses, holding my hand, playing with my hair…so nice.

78. What’s your dirtiest secret?
I actually had to think about this for a couple days. Dirtiest secret? Without any context, I almost killed someone once, a long time ago. 

85. Would you ever date someone off of the internet?
I would and actually have, twice. It can work, it’s just that usually these people are too far. And for that, I say fuck you Tumblr.

I Do Not Cuddle: Molly
  • .
  • = part 7 (light M) =
  • .
  • Sherlock: *plays with the waistband of her tartan bottoms*
  • Sherlock: Are these new?
  • Molly: Hmm?... *watching show* Ah, yeah. They are.
  • Sherlock: They're uglier than your old ones.
  • Molly: Thank you kindly for your input, sir.
  • Sherlock: *shimmies down to lie next to Molly's seated position*
  • Molly: *still watching*
  • Sherlock: Are you off again tomorrow?
  • Molly: Huh? Yes, I am. Why?
  • Sherlock: So... *traces circles on her arm* we won't have to wake up early tomorrow.
  • Molly: Right. True. It is quite late.
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: Molly.
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: Are you being purposefully obtuse?
  • Molly: *giggles*
  • Sherlock: *pouts* Molly.
  • Molly: *feigns innocence* Yes?
  • Sherlock: *takes note of the dilation of her eyes, the shortness of her breath and the slight angling of her body towards his*
  • Molly: You haven't exactly been subtle today *chuckles*
  • Sherlock: *growls* Molly...
  • .
  • She gasps in surprise as he deftly pulls her beneath him. He gently caresses her cheek with his hand as he smiles down at her.
  • .
  • Molly: *threads her fingers into his hair*
  • Sherlock: *shivers with delight*
  • Molly: I guess this means *coyly* that you like me?
  • Sherlock: *frowns and splutters* Surely, this cannot be a revelation! My emotional and physical attraction to you---
  • Molly: *grins from ear to ear*
  • Sherlock: *rolls eyes* You will be the death of me, Molly Hooper.
  • Molly: Maybe...
  • .
  • Sherlock gasps as Molly slips her hands into his trousers. He shudders and closes his eyes as he feels her fingers encircling his length.
  • .
  • Sherlock: M-Molly...
  • Molly: I guess this means we won't get to finish the series tonight.
  • Sherlock: *raggedly* Hang the bloody series! It's on disk. It'll keep!
  • Molly: *heheh*
  • Sherlock: *eagerly crashes his lips into hers before she can say anything else*
  • .
  • = to be continued =
  • .