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A convo about zacks sexuality
  • Zack: So im pan you guys
  • Trini and Kim: *pause from their makING out to simultaneously say* DUH
  • Billy: the ability to be kitchenware is not one a human possesses yet but we are power rangers so who knows what could happen next i mean spiderman is a spider and man
  • Jason: i have something to say too
  • Zordon: *interrupting jason* what is this...pan??
  • Alpha: knew it, my headcanons were right
  • Trini: wow zack that takes a lot of courage to tell us. i guess you have boyfriend, girlfriend and partner problems *cornily
  • Zack: Thank you *blushes
  • Kim: *laughs at her girlfriend's terrible joke because she loves her
  • Jason: im gay too
  • Everyone *simultaneously: WE KNOW JASON!
  • Billy: so does he mean pansexual we still havent established that
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  • Convo #7
BTS Reactions to Kissing Around the Other Members

Request: Can I request a reaction where the other members are in the room and one member of bts and their s/o kiss each other? Thanks :) loved your ‘Bts reacting yo a clingy s/o’ reaction♥

Note: Ahh thank you for enjoying my work! I try my best to make it satisfactory. Thank you for requesting and I hope I do this justice! Also, for the general audience, don’t forget to request! my ask box is completely empty and though i have some ideas, they’re mostly scenarios that’ll take while to write. Bless me with your creativity!

Kim Seokjin

Originally posted by bwiseoks

Honestly, giving a Jin a kiss is probably the only way to get him to quiet down from one of his tangents, so whenever the members are gathered in the dorm to relax and the eldest begins to talk about cooking cleaning, or (god forbid) himself: the others practically ask his s/o to take care of him. Though it was very cringey to watch at first, they would get used to seeing the act of Jin getting a light kiss to the lips and a few words whispered to him that often had him smiling like a maniac. As long as he would just stop talking, they would endure anything.

“Honey, do you know how many times I’ve been called here just to shut you up?”

“Do you know how many of those times I just wanted a kiss without having to put in much effort?”

Kim Namjoon

Originally posted by smol-jims

Namjoon would probably kiss his s/o in front of the others just to get the reaction. It would be out of nowhere, too. The group would be messing around in the practice room while the guest sat to the side of their phone, and this large dork would take time before a run-through of their choreography just to waltz over and tilt their chin up for a light kiss, claiming it was for “good luck.” This would probably earn a laugh from Hobi, a semi-disgusted grimace from Yoongi, and exaggerated “awe’s” from the others, to which the couple would become a red-faced mess over.

“Hyung I know you were trying to be smooth, but that was just cheesy and cringey.”

“Jungkook-ah, watch your words before I tell Jin-hyung to limit your food supply.”

Min Yoongi

Originally posted by minsecretsoul

It’s a well known fact among the members: soft kisses make Min Yoongi soft-hearted. They found this out after witnessing his s/o draped over the back of his shoulders and forcefully pressing soft kisses to his cheeks. The true smile on his face fueled a ton of teasing from the older and younger members alike. Whenever he had a foul mood or threw around a bit more salt than usual, once of the others (usually Hobi) would offer kisses in their best aegyo voice just so he could cheer up. From the disgusted responses they got, it also became a well known fact that only soft kisses from Min Yoongi’s s/o made him soft-hearted. Did it stop them? Of course not.

“Hoseok if you take one more step near me with those kissy lips I will stuff these chopsticks so far up your a-”

Jeon Hoseok

Originally posted by jhope-ah

Kisses from Hoseok are completely spur of the moment. There’s no telling when they’ll be placed, or where, so it’s a complete surprise to everyone when in the middle of a match of rock, paper, scissors (completely fueled by boredom) in the corner of the practice room that Hobi takes his s/o’s cheeks in his hands and presses a ton of scattered kisses around their forehead, nose and mouth. The couple that are full of giggles and cheesy love gain attention from the others and ultimately get kicked out for being a distraction (aka being disgusting).

“This is why I told you to stop, you dork!”

“But why would I want to stop showing you my love? It makes no sense, my love.”

Park Jimin

Originally posted by chimchams

Jimin kissing his s/o weirded out the other members (”He’s just…my child”) and that’s exactly exactly why he did it so often. As the happy couple practically sat on top of each other on the couch, Jimin would often amuse himself by creating an awkward atmosphere. Wrapping an arm around their waist, playing with their hair lovingly, pressing soft kisses to their jawline. One by one, each member just ended up taking their leave. It’s comparable t making ot in a room of family, and Jimin loves to laugh at the thought.

“Jiminie, the others are going to run away again, stop.”

“I’d rather be alone with you anyway*

Cue Min Yoongi’s exit.

Kim Taehyung

Originally posted by dammithoshi

Taehyung probably wouldn’t even realize his actions until hearing a chorus of groans and “get a room’s” in the general area around him. Kissing his s/o will probably become habit in the midst of them messing around with one another like toddlers. With the other members always having to watch over them like parents, there is imminent disgust in watching Tae pick up his s/o and spin them too harshly before setting them down and kissing the dizziness away from their features. It becomes either a “hit him whenever he’s too cute” or “suck it up and let them be in love” situation amidst the six witnesses, and of course the former is a more enjoyable response.

“Tae-ah I literally cannot stad straight anymore what have yoU DONE.”

“Awe, my poor baby I’m so- oW WHAT THE HELL, JIMIN-HYUNG?”

Jeon Jungkook

Originally posted by ken-z-the-aesthetic-queen

Honestly, who wouldn’t want to kiss this child every time he acted an ounce of cute? After his s/o explained to the other members that his soft cheeks and puppy-eyed glance were always too cute to avoid kissing, he became the main focus of teasing. Jungkook would probably hear the exaggerated noise of “cute~” more often than ever before just because of his s/o admiring everything he does and rewarding it all with a kiss. He wouldn’t understand, but he definitely wouldn’t complain either.

“Why do you always kiss me when I’m in the middle of spacing out?”

“First of all, you look like a really lost puppy whenever you do. Second of all, it’s so goddamn adorable that I can’t resist the urge.”

BTS Reaction to them meeting your former friend with benefits

A/N: Thank you to who requested this! I hope you enjoy! I’ll be going on Spring Break this coming week, which means my aunt and poppa are taking me on a trip with them. Due to this, I won’t have as much time as I would like to be on here and my Wattpad (shameless plug, go check it out at sevenpabosandafan if you haven’t already). I’ll try to get a lot of requests done and put them in the queue so you guys can have things to look forward to and read over the week. ~Admin Unnie


Since he’s very traditional, he probably would’ve been slightly upset when you told him that you used to have a friend with benefits, as he would have wanted to be your first. When he actually met them, he would probably get slightly jealous and protective, mainly out of feeling insecure, especially if you guys hadn’t gotten to that stage in your relationship.

Originally posted by jiminahhh

(when I was looking through the Jin gifs on Tumblr, I came across Taehyung’s moment from MAMA and nearly died all over again)


Outwardly, he wouldn’t care at all. He would be like “people have sex, it doesn’t matter as long as you’re not doing it while you’re with me”. On the inside, he would be really pouty and would probably need lots of cuddles when you got home, even though he would act like he didn’t.

Originally posted by j-ngk--k


Since he’s already had someone break up with him for someone else, he would get insecure after hearing you’d had a friends with benefits relationship in the past. When he actually met the person, his insecurities would overcome him, and he would be very quiet for a long time until you assured him that you weren’t going to leave him to go back to the person.

Originally posted by pastelyoonseok

^^you’re Yoongi while trying to comfort him


He would initiate something when y’all go back home under the pretense of “proving who’s better”, but truly, he’s doing it to assure himself that he is satisfying you enough and that he doesn’t have to worry about you not thinking he’s good enough

Originally posted by syubto


This boy would be so passive aggressive the entire time. He would have the same look on his face that he had during Hello Counselor and the dance battle during AHL with that one jerk dude (y’all know which one I’m talking about). Afterwards he would play it off like he wasn’t jealous, and that he was being nice. It’d be better just to let it go, because Lord knows if you argued that you knew that he was jealous, this boy would not give up in trying to convince you he wasn’t

Originally posted by vminv


Let’s be honest, this boy is the king of making friends, so that’s exactly what he would do. In fact, you would probably drag him away out of embarrassment because he would start swapping bedroom tales with the person.

Originally posted by exoticmaknae

^^you’re Yoongi as Taehyung is trying to break the silent treatment you have given him


When you first mentioned your friends with benefits relationship in the past, it didn’t phase him. He acted all cocky, like, “I’m better though, obviously.” He would probably turn it into an occasional bedroom thing, asking if your fwb had made you felt that good. When he actually met the person, he would get shy and flustered and forget how to life

Originally posted by yourpinkpill

Stranger Sex || Taehyung

Request - 1. hey i would like to request a taehyung x reader smut, a detailed smut..hihi where both of them are kind of stranger, may be in a police station or hospital but not  a club plz ☺️ and a rough smut with fluffy ending? thanks.. 

                2. 5,8 and 10 with taehyung, a fluffy rough smut ?? thanks            

Pairing - Kim Taehyung x Reader

Drabbles - 5. “Shut up and marry me.”
                  8. “More kisses please.”
                10. “Let me taste you.”

Genre - Smut

Summary - Just take the title literally.

You groaned as you felt the blanket getting pried off you and get thrown somewhere into the air, Jimin yelling at the top of his voice, ‘Y/N, get up!’ You tossed and turned, trying to get even a second of warmth but to no avail.

‘Jimin~’ You whined, your face dug deep into the pillow, muffling your voice, your one eye opened to glare at him. He smirked at you, as he stood at the foot of your bed, his hands propped up at each side of his waist.

'You’re really lonely, Y/N. And today, we end that.’ He announced and you felt your heart drop. He was probably going to set you up on a blind date, again. The last time he had tried that, the night ended in you emptying the contents of your wine glass onto your date as he was a kind of pervert you never knew could exist.

'But why? I’m happy being alone. Besides, I have you.’ You gave him a cheeky smile, which soon faltered as his gaze turned sharp, giving you a very disappointed look.

'I have a girlfriend whose needs I already tend to. I don’t want another one.’ He crossed his arms over his chest, and you huffed, knowing it was the end of the discussion.

You pushed yourself up, your hair haphazardly resting on your head, and your shoulders already slumping forward at the loss of balance.

Jimin held you up, him sighing in exasperation, 'C'mon now. I know you will enjoy today if you just come with me.’ He picked you up, and took you into the bathroom before placing your feet down and leaving to let you freshen up. Once you did, you came out, only to see your outfit already placed for you on the bed. You examined it, and then you noticed the combination of the pants and tank top; you were going to dance.

Jimin pulled you in to a room filled with people sweating, so much that you could feel the humidity in the air, you inwardly belching at the smell. You looked at the back of his head as he led you to a corner  'Why?’ You whispered, giving a betrayed look to him.

He stopped, only to have you bump lightly against his back, making you rub your nose. You looked down, as you played with your feet, before you heard Jimin saying out your name making you look back up. At the same time, he moved away, as he turned to look at you, to reveal the person he was talking to.

'Y/N, this is Kim Taehyung. He is the dance instructor here…’ and after that, you heard nothing as your surroundings completely melted away, only the man, or to mention, the dangerously charming man stood in front of you. That’s it, you decided, Kim Taehyung in a white sweatshirt with a slit near the collar and baggy pants was your new aesthetic.

'Y/N?’ You felt a hand shake your shoulder, making you come into your senses, your face flushing as you noticed you had been staring at the dance instructor the entire time Jimin was talking.

'Yeah, um- sorry..’ You looked away, flustered, the boys chuckling at you.

'It’s alright, it happens.’ Taehyung smiled adorably at you and you widened your eyes: Oh my god, you internally screamed, his voice!

You laughed your embarrassment away as you tucked a stray strand of hair behind you ear. You couldn’t lie, he got you good.
You watched him stretch his hand and motion for somebody to come over. In seconds, a boy, not many years younger than you, ran over. Taehyung wrapped an arm around the boy’s shoulder, his shoulder just millimeters below Taehyung’s. But instead of greeting him, you began chanting a mantra in your head: Please don’t be gay, please don’t be gay, please-

'Y/N, meet my younger brother, Jungkook.’ Jungkook smiled at you cutely, his nose wrinkling as he stretched a hand towards you, 'Hi, Y/N!’

You let out a long breath, 'Hello,’ You replied, shaking his hand. Internally rejoicing, you loved how both the brothers had killer looks.

As the ice breaking session slowly turned to secret messages sent by eye contact between you and Taehyung, Jimin decided to let you two talk, making sure to send a wink to your direction before leaving.

'So, have you danced before?’ Taehyung’s voice immediately sounded the moment Jimin had left. You giggled, 'No. Well, I learn what Jimin choreographs every now and then, but I wouldn’t call myself a dancer.’ You said genuinely. His lips stay curled into a sweet smile but you couldn’t help but take notice of the mischievous glint he held in his brown orbs.

'Would you care to join…personal sessions- if you are interested, that is.’ Your eyes widened slightly as he mentioned 'personal sessions’, your mind wandering to all kinds of personal things.

'And how specifically ‘personal’ are we talking here?’ You challenged him, your posture changing. He took notice and took a step forward, extending a hand in front of you which you gladly accepted and the other around your waist, as he looked around, 'We can decide that right now if you want. And begin today maybe?’ He looked down at you with a playful smile, as he glided along with you around the room, catching everybody’s eye.

The room soon erupted in cheers as you danced with him to the song that blared through the speakers. You barely had to move, as Taehyung was doing that for you, his hands either pushing your waist gently to the gradually changing bass of the music, or pulling you close, your bodies sensually inter wined in a lovely Kizomba dance.

'Should I take you grinding against me, as a yes then?’ He whispered seductively into your ear, and it took you all your will power to not pull him out of the room and into somewhere secluded.

'Well, how do I know that once everybody’s gone, you’re not going to just rape me and leave me to die?’ You asked, as he pushed you away from his body to let you twirl, him laughing at your question, before he held you again, his lips next to your ear, 'You have a very…active imagination, Kitten.’

You let your body drop into his hand, as he dipped you to the floor and brought you back up with enough force that your lips almost touched, 'You are a stranger after all,’ You breathed onto his lips and he smirked.

'That’s what makes it, all the more fun.’ He moved his hand which was on your back, so that it rested right above your ass.

'Consider it done then.’ You told him, and he let you dip one last time, before bringing you back close to his body, both of your breathing in sync and labored as the room erupted in loud cheers and claps.

'That was very interesting to watch, Y/N.’ Jimin remarked as you stood next to him, packing your bag. You laughed, 'It’s going to get even more interesting later.’ You winked at him, and he raised an amused eyebrow.

'What are you talking about?’ He asked you, and you couldn’t help but let out a cheery laugh at his expression.

'I won’t be coming with you tonight. I have other…plans.’ You flashed an embarrassed smile and it took a few seconds before it clicked to Jimin. He laughed, his hand covering his mouth in an attempt to shush himself.

As you walked Jimin to the door, he leaned in to your ear, 'Make sure you use protection, alright?’ He joked, and ran out the door before you had the chance to smack his arm. The last one to leave was Jungkook, who (surprisingly) had a date to not be late to.

'Don’t break anything!’ Jungkook yelled loudly, making you blush and Taehyung chuckle, before leaving. You turned around to see Taehyung already staring at you, biting his lip as he kept watching you.

'Are you going to do something about that, or should I help you?’ You pointed at the tent that had already begun to form under his pants, him doing absolutely nothing to hide it.

'Why don’t you come over here, love.’ Just then, a song began playing, which you identified as Gangtsa by Kehlani. Smart choice.

As you took steps closer to him, he mirrored you, until you both had come to the center of the room, your bodies still inches away. He stared at your lips with hunger, as you stared back at his.

His hand snaked around your waist, tugging you closer, your hips attached to his as he leaned in, but did not close the gap between your lips.

Let me taste you,’ You brought your hand up to his face, tracing his hairline from his ear to his jawline, before trailing to his lips which parted beautifully, as his bulge pressed against your thigh, begging for attention.

You closed the distance between the two of you, your lips molding in a hot, sensual kiss as he let his hand dig into the skin under your tank top at your waist. Your hand which had reached the back of his head, tugged at the brown locks, making him groan into your mouth as you took his bottom lip in between your teeth.

You noticed the table behind him, and an idea lit in your head. You brought your hands to his chest, before pushing him backwards, you keeping an arm’s distance between both your bodies while he let you guide him towards the table.

The moment the back of his thighs touched the furniture, he spun you around, and picked you up, placing you on the table, the swift movement surprising you, a gasp leaving your lips. He put his palms against your ass, pulling you forward, letting you feel his bulge right at the spot, making you let out a soft moan at the friction he had caused.

He leaned in, but did not kiss you, instead, delved into the nape of your neck, attacking the skin with suction and open mouthed kisses, as his eyes went to the mirror, portraying your back. He pulled away, and immediately reached for the hem of your tank top, you getting rid of your sports bra with slight difficulty.

'Eager, are we?’ He teased, but he had to let his eyes roam the perfect view your bare chest gave him. He let out a hiss, as he felt your hand boldly palming him through the pants, making him almost rip it away. He stood in his boxers, as he smiled sheepishly at you, you giving it a glance before looking back at him with an amused look.

'You love Eevee a lot, huh?’ You chuckled, referring to the pokémon printed on his boxers.

'Everybody has a fetish, okay?’ He placed his hand at your neck, wrapping it gently before leaning and kissing your swollen lips. His hand went to the back of your neck, his head angling to deepen the kiss, his tongue ravaging in your mouth, you letting him take the win.

His hand roamed your body, his slender fingers taking possession of your pink bud, before giving it a light squeeze and pulling it, a moan erupting from your throat in response. He pulled you closer and you leaned backwards, giving him more access to your chest, his mouth placing wet kisses all around your breasts, and in between them before kneeling down to reach in between your thighs. He pulled your pants down with so much force you thought they had torn.

You rested on your elbows, although it pained you, the amount of pleasure he let course through your body was nothing compared to the pain as his teeth nipped at the skin inside your thighs. He placed a chaste kiss on your clit before running his tongue the whole length of your sex, one of your hands going to his hair.

Your moans become louder as his tongue increased the pace, it beginning to flick your clit as you felt the familiar knot forming in your stomach, his finger making its way inside you.

As he scissored you, and stimulated your clit at the same time, you felt your body shaking as your orgasm came close, 'Tae-’

'Come for me, baby girl.’ He let you know, and you clenched around his fingers before waves of pleasure crashed inside you, making you let out a long moan, his name coming along with it.

But he didn’t stop. He got up, and brought his finger up to his mouth, his lips wrapping around them, sucking your remnants: a sight to behold. He hummed in acknowledgment, 'You taste exotic, Y/N..’

His finger found your clit, making you jolt backwards at the sudden sensation, 'Tae- too- too much- ah!’ You groaned as he rubbed agonizingly slow circles against your clit, your legs already beginning to shake at the over stimulation. You heard him click his tongue, 'Ah, you can do much better than this, Kitten. Trust me~’ He sang, before pulling his boxers down, his erection springing free.

You closed your eyes instantly as you felt his tip kiss your entrance, your heart fluttering yet your core dripping with anticipation. He teased you, his fingers still moving in a slow pace, as he remained arrogant and oblivious to your need.

'Taehyung please-’ He leaned forward and placed a peck on your lips.

'Hmm?’ He let out a deep chuckle, finding your current situation very enlightening.

'Please what, baby?’ He asked and you didn’t care if you were begging or not, because at this point, you just wanted him inside you.

You opened your eyes briefly, but just enough to let you see him clearly and him you, 'Fuck me, Taehyung.’ You said as you made a mental note to thank Jimin later.

His eyes widened, and the way you had just asked him to fuck you, he was too turned on by it, to the point where he questioned himself if he was having a horny dream or not.

'Shit.’ He cursed, before slamming into you, both of you groaning at the sensation. He didn’t let you adjust to his size, before he began pounding into you mercilessly, the room echoing with the sound of his skin slapping yours.

You wrapped your legs tight around his waist, as his fingers began moving faster against your clit, his other hand holding your wrists above your head.
He closed the gap between you, taking your lips in an open mouthed kiss. He pulled away and gave you a smile, which had you melting into the table, ’More-fuck -kisses please.’ You grunted and he laughed before complying to your request.

He came back up, letting go of your wrists as he felt himself come close with you, 'Come here,’ He took your hand and helped you stand on the floor, turning you around so you were facing the mirror.

'Can you see?’ He whispered, bringing his member back to your entrance.

'Perfectly.’ You stared at him, as he let himself enter you, his eyes staring with more intensity at you.

He pounded into you again, the knot forming in your stomach, as your second orgasm approached. You leaned against the table more, your elbows almost touching the surface, as you felt him graze your sweet spot inside you, making you push your hips back into his.

'Ah, fuck, baby, you feel so good around me.’ He grunted as his hand came up before colliding flush against your cheek, a pang of pain making it’s way up your spine, turning into pleasure mid way, you responding with a whimper.

You felt his thrusts get untimely and irregular, as you clenched yourself around his member, his hands groping at your cheeks, exchanging gazes between watching you on the mirror and his member getting in and out of you.

He groaned, as he released inside you, you coming not long after. You clenched yourself around him again before your voice turned to hitched breaths. He pulled out of you, him catching your waist as your legs gave up under your weight. He helped you sit on the table again, as he brought your body closer to his in a sweaty embrace.

'I may not be a good dancer but-’ You started, and he pulled away before placing a peck on your lips, his eyes lighting up with mirth, ’Shut up and marry me already.’

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namjoon + lavender for @nightgreyowl

anonymous asked:

Request! The RFA + V and Saeran accidentally slapping/punching MC while they are having a fight!! Love your writing <3

ahh thank you so much and sorry for the delay!! I hope you like this~~

P.S. shameless self-promotion: I wrote a headcanon not so similar to this called Fight Me, where MC defends the RFA and stuff so take a look if you’re interested :D

first of all, let’s all say a prayer for MC’s reaction in all these scenarios:

“excuse me?”


  • he’s so scared like shitshitshittt
  • this is why his mom told him to NEVER GET INTO FIGHTS
  • his clumsy ass doesn’t even know who tf he’s aiming at and he’S TRYNA FIGHT
  • he can’t even say “fight me” louder than mouse tho 
  • how did he even get in a fight in the first place
  • oh
  • it was because someone bought the last ice cream bar at the convenience store
  • and he stuck out his tongue at that person
  • who then proceeded to stomp on Yoosung’s foot
  • so then he flinched and hit MC
  • also did i mention this “person” is
  • … 7 yrs old


  • instantly drops?? the guy he had a headlock on and runs to MC’s “rescue”
  • is he rescuing MC from his own hit or what
  • so MC’s over there like rubbing her side because he ELBOWED her
  • and he’s just like “OMG PRINCESS R U OK” “I DIDN’T MEAN TO HIT YOU”
    • also you know those shows where it’s like the person is talking to someone but then is also being attacked from behind??
    • yea so that’s happening and he’s fending off those people while apologizing
  • “Zen can we just go”
  • ZEN THE KNIGHT mode activated
  • he’s turned into some Optimus Prime shit
  • bridal carries MC away and he actually looks bulletproof


  • Jaehee was having a cat fight with some chick at the bar
  • y’know normally she was chill right
  • so she was over there doin taekwondo moves with heels on
  • and MC was just like this is real bad
  • so she tries to intervene but ends up getting flipped instead
  • “OWWWW” her back was stinging
  • “OMG MC!! WHAT DID I DO?!”
  • now she was back to normal Jaehee and started to do some emergency procedures 
  • “I must begin a head-to-toe examination, please tell me if anything hurts”
  • “Jaehee…”
  • “I’m going to start with your head, don’t move”
  • “Jaehee.”
  • “Do you feel pain here?” 
  • at this point MC is so embarrassed she pulls Jaehee out of the bar with the speed of light
  • hazukashiidesu (〃´ノω`〃)


  • he didn’t even notice until TWO HOURS AFTER THE FACT
  • yes that’s how oblivious Mr. Corporate Heir is
  • “MC, what is that bruise on your arm?”
  • MC’s friendly reminder face:
  • ohhhh
  • “I apologize, I shall call my personal doctor immediately.”
  • “JUmin, it’s the miDDLE OF THE NIGHT”
  • “Your point?”
  • so he makes up for it!
  • “MC, I’m sorry, I’ll make up for it.”
  • ;)


  • lol shit
  • oh no actually SHIT
  • now he doesn’t know what to do liek
  • MC’s got tears in her eyes because he kicked her in the shin
  • “01110000 01101100 01100101 01100001 01110011 01100101 00100000 01101000 01100001 01110110 01100101 00100000 01100011 01101000 01100101 01100101 01110011 01100101 00100000 01110000 01101001 01111010 01111010 01100001″
  • “Seven, I don’t speak binary”
  • “AJAJAJAJAJA sorry MC”
  • so he begins to make silly faces to make her laugh which only makes it worse because MC laughs so hard she bumps her shin INTO SOMETHING ELSE
  • “OUCH!!1!”
  • oopsie
  • “Here, sit on this pile of honey buddha chips it’ll make you feel better”
  • -_-


  • no bb
  • he was fighting because some guys tried hit her up and he was not going to take any of that BS
  • right so they’re fighting fighting fighting… what else is new
  • MC gets hurt
  • how???
  • well, ya boy Saeran went a little overboard and ended up moving too close to MC and so when he flung at the dude he ended up smacking MC instead
  • oh no
  • this bb suddenly loses all his strength and power and he’s just staggering backwards because he hurt someone he loves :(
  • he was shaking her so violently she thought her head would fall off
  • “It’s okay, let’s get out of here”
  • CINNAMON BUN piggy-back-rides MC home apologizing non-stop


  • V doesn’t fight period.

  • fine.
  • just beCAUSE HE’S A PEACEMAKER doesn’t mean this man doesn’t get angry
    • um but he can’t see???
    • SHHHH
  • anyway so he’s like tryna get this guy to back the f up
  • throwing punches and slaps in every direction possible but suddenly he feels something soft and squishy
  • was that MC’s … cheek?
    • y’all nasty if you thought he hit her t…
  • “AH!”
  • omg no it really was her!
  • so he’s super sorry like bb don’t cry you weren’t even the one who got hit
  • but he’s so apologetic he literally swears that he’s never going to fight again like
  • “MC pls forgive my horrible heart and soul”

it’s not like you gotta but i suggest you translate Seven’s binary numbers

~Cherry L.

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  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Namjoon, Yoongi, Taehyung and Jungkook:</b> *Sitting on the couch watching t.v*<p/><b>Jimin:</b> *walks in and sits on the floor in front of Tae and Kookie* Take my shoes off for me please! *wiggles feet*<p/><b>Kook and Tae:</b> Ugh, fine. *Takes off a shoe each*<p/><b>Jimin:</b> Thank you! love you~<p/><b>Namjoon and Yoongi:</b> *Shakes head* Yoongi:</b> He has you two wrapped around his tiny fingers!<p/><b>T&Jk:</b> 😅😒<p/><b>Hoseok:</b> *rushes in* Yooooongi Hyung~ Hobi has an itch, can you scratch?<p/><b>Yoongi:</b> Not now, busy<p/><b> Hoseok:</b>*pouts*<p/><b>Yoongi:</b> Awe, come here~ *scratches his back*<p/><b>T,Jk&Nj:</b> 😑😑😑<p/><b>Yoongi:</b> Can it, or ill murder you all.<p/><b>Namjoon:</b> *Gets up and prepares a cozy space on the love seat with pillows, popcorn and snatches the remote from Yoongi* I wasn't going to say anything, except mention how whipped you all are!<p/><b>Jin:</b> * walks in and makes himself comfortable on the loveseat* Thanks Babe 😘<p/><b>Namjoon:</b> No problem Jinnie 😍<p/><b>Everyone else:</b> 👀👀👀👀👀<p/><b>Namjoon:</b> What?<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>
{Reaction} BTS Finding you getting a Nipple Piercing

Can’t I get a BTS and a Got 7 reaction of them seeing a picture of you going into a piercing shop and want to know what you got pierced. Only to find out that you got nipple piercings (which were supposed to be a surprise)

Disclaimer: I don’t own gifs/images used

Min Yoongi/ Suga

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Yoongi: “Thanks for telling me, Jagi”

{y/n}: “It was supposed to be a surprise.” 

Jeon Jungkook

Originally posted by aestheticvbts

Jungkook: “Just as I think you can’t get any sexier, eh Jagi?” 

Kim Taehyung/ V

Originally posted by mvssmedia

Taehyung: “I like your ideas” 

Kim Namjoon/ Rap Monster

Originally posted by ksjknj

Namjoon: “I think you should give me surprises more often.”

Jung Hoseok/ J-Hope

Originally posted by kthish

Hoseok: “I think you and I need to pay a visit to the bedroom when we get home.” 

Park Jimin

Originally posted by yoonmin

Jimin: “Why are you like this? I can’t take your sexiness?”

Kim Seokjin/ Jin

Originally posted by yoongichii

Jin: “You’re inspiring me with many thoughts, Jagi.”

anonymous asked:

ok idk if you take requests, and this isnt one! more of a suggestion, but do you ever see yourself drawing seokjin? your art is just. S o good. and he's so underappreciated. sorry.

i love jin!!!!!! his laugh heals me

  • Youngjae: YO! WASSUP MAN! Iced tea in 200 metres. Americano in 300 metres. Pet store on the right!
  • JB: No, address me properly. Then I'll give you directions.
  • Jackson: In 200 metres turn left. So are you using unleaded fuel or diesel at the moment? Please think about your engine's health. Take the next exit. So how have you been anyway? Change lanes in 20 metres. I've been fine btw. Thanks for asking.
  • Junior: Did you like Jackson's GPS more than mine? Be honest. But not too honest...
  • Bam Bam: In 200 metres turn left. I love your car btw. *waits for you to compliment him back*
  • Yugyeom: Again Driver Again! Let's play Chris Brown again!
  • Mark: *silently nods as you drive*
Marry Me

Genre: Fluff~

Pairing: Reader X Taehyung [Hwarang AU!] 

Word Count: 900ish 

Warnings: An overdoes of feels leftover by Hwarang led to this lame attempt at writing fluff 

Drabble Game Prompts: “I saw you staring at each other, I just wasn’t sure if it was sexual tension or murderous rage.” + “If my parents knew what I was doing, they’d kill me.”

Thank you @btssmutgalore​ for requesting this :) I hope you like it ^^

Originally posted by ktvgifs

You never realized when your gaze drifted to Taehyung, taking in each and every perfect feature of his, as though he was practically chiseled from marble to match the beauty and perfection of the gods themselves. But one thought weighed heavily on your mind, one that equally excited you and terrified you. 


He had brought it up during your last meeting and making the excuse of time, you left in a hurry but in reality, you didn’t know how to answer it. There was no doubt in your heart that you loved him but the vow of your marriage would take him away from his brothers, would make him leave the Hwarang house and you most certainly did not want that. 

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Pairing: Bias x You

 Genre: Fluffy fluff!

Originally posted by mvssmedia

 I open the apartment door, sighing as I take of my shoes after a long day of practice. We just got back from tour a few days again and since we want this chores to be perfect, we’ve all been working extra hard. The only thing that’s been keeping me going is Y/N. I thank my lucky stars every single day that I met her. I don’t know what I’d do without her.
I walk into the living room to find Y/N has fallen asleep on the couch, the tv on low. I smile softly to myself, realizing that she must have been waiting up for me. I come over and gently kiss her forehead. 

“Y/N…baby wake up. We have to get you to the bed okay? This will kill your back,” I whisper. She slowly start to open her beautiful eyes, and stares up at me in such a way that my heart starts to feel warm. I know I love her, but this is a new feeling. I’m unsure what this feeling is, so I brush it off and smile softly down at her.

“Come on sweetheart, lift up your head, I’ll carry you to the bed.” She complies and I pick her up, noting how soft she is and how right it feels for her to be in my arms.
Walking into the bedroom I sit her down and pull the covers over her. I go to turn around but a tug on my arm stops me.

“Where are you going…?” Y/N says sleepily, not even opening her eyes again. I chuckle to myself, wishing that I could take a picture of her now. She’s so adorable, but even more so when she’s sleepy. 

“I’m just going to go change and take a quick shower. I’ll be back soon sleepyhead.” Little does she know that i haven’t been sleeping well at all on tour. The shower isn’t just so I can clean all the sweat off, but to hopefully make me sleep better tonight.

When I come back out from the shower, my hair still a little damp, I put on some sweatpants and a t shirt before crawling into bed next to Y/N.
She turns around to face me, and lays her head on my chest. I wrap my arm around her and pull her close. When the warm feeling comes back again.
I smell her shampoo in her hair, light and flowery. I listen to the little sighs and sometimes even a cute little snore. I look at her face, soft and relaxed, all the cares and worries that the world brings not existing in dreamland.

 I lean down and press a kiss against the top of her head, sighing. I feel so relaxed and calm. When I’m with Y/N I have nothing to worry about. I can just be myself around her, and not the idol that everyone had come to know. I realize that no matter what happens later in life, she’ll always welcome me back into her arms; and I will always come back to her. That’s when I understand. I understand what this warm feeling in my heart is.
It’s the feeling of love. The feeling of content and happiness and peace.

It’s the feeling of being home. Before she came along, I considers this place my home. I’d come back here after every tour, every practice. But now…i realize that it was just a place for me to crash. To keep meaningless things But with Y/N here…it feels different. It feels meaningful and full of life.

It feels like home.

I press one last kiss upon her forehead, lingering longer than last time, and drift off into the first peaceful sleep I’ve had since leaving for tour.

She is home. And I will always come back home.

Hi guys! I finally wrote a non-angsty fic! Yay! I hope you enjoyed! Thanks for reading! Sar signing off!

Different (Bad Boy Jungkook Au): Part 5

A/N: took me a life time but I finally know where I’m going with this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for waiting a million years for me to update this but now that I know where I’m going with it it should only take half a million years for me to update! Anyways I hope those of you who pushed me to continue this like it! I’m starting to finally like it too :)

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4

Originally posted by hoebi

Looking up, he smiled at you with his usual cheerful grin. Smiling back, you walked closer to him and felt weird seeing him out of his uniform. He looked like a completely different person with his slightly parted on the side just enough to see more of his face. His jeans fit him perfectly and his long sleeved shirt seemed so casual for someone with such a high status.

“I was walking around and noticed your car. Well, I wasn’t sure if it was yours but now I am,” he chuckled as he stood up off of the hood. “Are you here alone?” he asked you curiously.

Opening your mouth to answer him, you remembered what Jungkook had told you about Taehyung. For some reason you heeded his warning and decided to nod to Tae. “I was bored at home and came out to get some lunch.”

“Oh! So was I. I’m guessing you ate already,” he smiled at you.

“Uh… yeah!” you lied, trying not to make it too obvious. “I’ve gotta get going but it was nice seeing you!” you told him, trying to step around him.

“Wait! We should hang out sometime. Are you free later?” he asked you, blocking your path to your car.

Feeling like you couldn’t lie anymore, you sighed. “Yeah. I am. Just text me,” you said hoping he’d be satisfied with your answer.

“Awesome! I’ll see you later,” he spoke cheerily. Letting you pass finally, you got into your car. He walked away after waving goodbye and you couldn’t help but wonder why Jungkook would think Taehyung was so bad. He seemed like nothing but sweet to you.

Waiting until he was out of sight, you started your car and went to go pick Jungkook up. Driving around the block, you saw him sitting with his head laid back. He had his eyes closed but he still looked like he was in pain. Driving up to the side of the curb, you jumped out of your car to help get Jungkook into the passenger’s seat.

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Seokjin Scenario: Call My Name.

Request:  I want a fluff with Seokjin, we are dating, and someday i get sick like all my body hurts and i can’t even study properly and i’m super worried because i’m not doing so great at college but i can’t concentrate because it hurts so Jin comes to take care of me? I want it super fluffy please and thank you!!!

Genre: Fluff / Romance

Normally, you would surely love to have an excuse to do nothing all day, blame your lazy vein, but today wasn’t one of those days and you really needed to be productive but the headache that had been haunting you for the past days was no joke, that toped with what seemed to be the most terrible cold you’d gotten this year and the ridiculous all nighters you’d had to pull off only to come unscathed from your exams was the worst mix ever, you could barely focus your view, let alone keep your voice steady enough so people didn’t think you’d eaten sand paper for breakfast.

You meditated for another while on your bed, you should start to get up, you could at least enjoy a shower even if leaving the cozy warmness of your comforter wasn’t the most attractive idea at the moment, neither the solely idea of moving because you’d tried to do it after waking up and you regretted it right after. It was like someone had driven over you with their car, every single joint and bone hurt, as if you needed it. What you surely needed was to study because your grades weren’t as high as you needed them to be to successfully pass two of your subjects which only served to discourage you and the worry was already taking its tool on you. You sighed frustrated and then coughed roughly, burying yourself beneath your divot some more. Perfect.

– Just ten more minutes… – you whispered to no other than yourself, closing your burning eyes briefly and putting the little energy you had into thinking about a surviving plan for the day with your eyes closed.

Your phone rang and you grumbled, moving to search for the device blindly along your mattress, you squinted your blurry eyes trying to see the caller but it was of no use, so you just picked it up.

–Hello? – you winced at your own voice and how bad it sounded, trying to clear your throat.

–I was about to ask you how were you doing, but I think I got my response already – your boyfriend’s voice felt like heaven sent, you almost wanted to cry only to the sound of it and it was plain ridiculous. Maybe this sickness had already fried all your common sense and logic.

–I’m freaking fantastic – you rasped out, sitting against your pillows and complaining through the whole process.

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anonymous asked:

BTS preference of spending a day with their s/o?

I’m going to split this into hyung like and maknae line again because I’ve got quite a busy day ahead of me, so keep an eye out for the hyung line tomorrow! Thanks for requesting <3

Jimin: He’d make sure you get up bright and early to get your day started. He would either make breakfast for you (probably a very poor attempt) or take you out - either way it’d be intimate and lovely. After that he’d probably have something fun planned for you to do, whether it be a day out at a water park, a picnic, or a hike; it’d be something fun where you could spend a lot of time together without the prying eyes of other people.

Originally posted by sosjimin

Taehyung: Tae would be alllll for sleeping in as long as possible. He wouldn’t let you leave the bed unless it was absolutely necessary and would be a huge fan of cuddle days. Also movie marathons in bed! If he was feeling energetic though he’d probably take you out for the day (once you both eventually got up) and where you go would depend on the mood you’re in,

Originally posted by jeonsshi

Jungkook: You’d get up mid-morning and would be out straight away for breakfast. I don’t think Jungkook would be big on amazing dates, he’d go anywhere so long as it was with you. So maybe a trip to the movies or a nice walk, shopping trips etc. As long as he gets to spend some quality time with you, he doesn’t mind.

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Cover Requests (ft. Kim Taehyung) Part 1

Hey everyone! This is my first fic here back on Tumblr! I hope you enjoy, and thank you @daegukkie for being the amazing catalyst for this Drabble that took way too long sry 

please take the time to give me some feedback! I’m a little rusty so any sort of constructive criticism is always so so helpful. Love you! 

Genre: fluff, bakery coworkers!au 
1.2k words
 Summary: adventurous and weird Taehyung keeps asking for shift covers and basically he comes back with proof of these adventures and its weird, amazing, and you wanna get to know him

But every time, he ran into the bakery panting like he ran a mile, with a pair of ridiculous pink sweatpants with the tag still on them, or another time with grease stains all over his face and arms, or even with a handful of candles he bought from “an old granny on the street down there because she looked so cold and I wanted her to go home,” you got more and more confused and curious about this peculiar boy and his adventures.

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