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Congraaates you know I love your writing and your Jensen was perfect sooo how about 23 and 26 for him? 😘

Kari!! Thank you my love, you know how much hearing that means to me <3 I hope you enjoy

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You and Jensen breathed a heavy sigh of relief as you finally reached flat ground. You had the wonderful idea of hiking…up a very high hill. Of course, it was beginner difficulty and you brought plenty of band aids and water, but Jensen was still wary. You weren’t known for being the most balanced person in the world.

           “Woah, woah,” Jensen breathed, holding onto your shoulder as you tried to continue up the trail. He smiled at you goofily. “I think we need a break.

           You smirked. “By we, do you mean you?”

           He shrugged, taking a swig of his water. “Maybe. I mostly need a second of not worrying about you falling to your death.”  

           You rolled your eyes, kissing his cheek. “I’m not going to break.

           “I know, I know,” Jensen interrupted, his eyes trailing over your face lovingly. “You’re very strong, honey. But don’t you think this is a little, I don’t know, dramatic? Why a mountain anyway?”

           “It’s a hill. And because we’re adventurous and spontaneous and refuse to get ‘old’,” you insisted, laughing slightly.

           He ran a hand through his hair, his eyes still looking at you tenderly. “I’ll love you whether you’re young and climbing up a mountain or gray haired and knitting in your rocking chair next to me.”

           You smiled. “Well that’s good to hear, but we’re still hiking this mountain. C’mon, it’s good cardio.”

           Theatrically, he put out his arms wide, blocking you from continuing.

“No trespassing,” he said in his best intimidating tone. You rolled your eyes.

You don’t scare me, especially when you put on your Dean voice. Come on, let’s go.”

He laughed, putting down his arms and continuing to hike beside you.

“It’s a good thing I love you,” he laughed to himself.


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Karina & Joule

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♫ for lyra & karina!

“send me ♫ for five lyrics that relate to my muse” from @spillseas  - ( requests closed )

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Stop giving in to them! They assbutts, if you stop replying they might stop sending the hate? I almost wonder if its just lonely little ass holes looking for 15 seconds of fame. I love you Kari, you are wonderful, I love your stories and I hope you feel better soon. No tears, only Jensen. He's on his way, I asked him to pick up some pizza cause I dont know what you like, he's also bringing Danneel cause she wants to hug you.

Okay gonna take this in two parts. I know you mean well, but sweetie don’t ever tell someone getting hate not to stand up for themselves. The words are still sitting in the inbox. They still hurt. Having a human respose is more healthy. Even if I don’t take my own advice always and delete a fair amount, especially if the hate drags other people into it. 

Second Jensen, Danneel and Pizza sounds so good right now. If he lets me borrow his wife atm I might not give her back though - fair warning. Danneel hugs sounds like the best thing ever atm. 

I was tag by @anicez-shamy
Thank you 😘

1: Name? Karina

2: Nicknamed? Kari

3: Height? 164 | 5′4"

4: Orientation? Straight

5: Nationality? Danish

6: Favorite fruit? Strawberries ( I’m not really sure if it’s a fruit tho?)

7: Favorite season? Winter

8: Favorite flower? Lily

9: Favorite scent? coconut and mint

10: Favorite color? Blue

11: Favorite animal? Dogs and cats, can’t decide

12: Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate? All of them. I always drink Coffee in the morning, and then it’s varied between tea and hot chocolate it depends on my mood

13: Average hours of sleep? Omg literally anything between 3 and 10 hours i have zero sleep schedule

14: Dogs or cats? BOTH

15: Favorite fictional character? Dr Sheldon Lee Cooper

16: Number of blankets you sleep with? At the moment two

17: Dream trip? I really would like to go California and or New York

18: Blog create? February 2017

19: Number of followers? 619

20: Random fact? I can fit seven marshmallows in my mouth at once

I tag @youaremyheartworm @miss-slcaff @mycuteshamy and anyone who wants to do it (I apologize if you already have been tag)

Same Face University 8tracks Playlist || Based on Karina’s Same Face University YuGiOh Arc V AU

Complete with quotes from the comic to go along with each song! Hopefully you can recognize them all ;D

Do It With A Rockstar: “This better not suck.” || Dreams and Disasters: “Sorry, I totally snapchatted it.” || Planetary (GO!): Rise Rebellion || All The Pretty Girls: “So, how are you liking my party?” || I Sold My Bed But Not My Stereo: “But me and Yugo? That’s silly… right?” || Sidekick: “What the fuck I’m so weak.” || Undone: “I didn’t do anything stupid last night, did I?” || Observatory: “Last night you called me Yuri.” || Give Me A Try: “I guess we’ll just see what happens next time… scene boy.” || Carried Away: “I’m surrounded by thankless morons.” || A Little More: “…Serena kissed me last night.” || Helena: “Hey remember this song? This was our song!” || Shut Up and Dance: “WRENCH.” || Walking the Dog: “Don’t whisper weird things in my ear, man.” || Make you Smile: “I’ve just been trying to make you smile for some time now.” || Always Summer: “Yeah everyone was kind of a mess last night, but things will totally be fine.”

This is just one big thank you to Karina, for your wonderful AU and comics!! Thank you so much and I can’t wait to read more <3
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“Onision, now age 31, has repeatedly exploited minors and adults since the early years of his YouTube career.

His most recent controversy involves Billie Dawn Webb, a 19 year old who was once a factor of his relationship with his wife, Laineybot. Not only has Onision publicly disclosed private information regarding the 3-way relationship to his audience of over 1 million subscribers, but he has also argued that certain abusive tendencies are just.

In this particular video, Onision explains the reasoning behind his request that Billie either get a suggestive "tramp stamp” or allow herself to be chained to his basement wall for three days as a means of making up for her habit of smoking marijuana of which he does not approve. Onision insists that Billie is obligated to sacrifice herself to prove she is worth staying in the relationship with him and his wife, and if she was not to comply, she would be removed from the relationship. He uses both a mistakened premise of BDSM culture and the word “boring” to describe those who disagree with these expectations, in a way that attempts to undermine the extremity of the situation.

Moreover, Onision details why he wished to keep Billie from seeing her family, who he has claimed are a family of illegal drug users, against Billie’s wishes for him to reveal this private information. This demand is clearly a limitation to the young woman’s rights. It is downright restrictive behavior with the intent to isolate the individual. Abusers will commonly manipulate their victims to become dependent on only them. To our knowledge, Billie has not been held against her will from contacting her loved ones, this being one of the reasons why she has been removed from Onision and Laineybot’s relationship. However, Onision gives the impression that this demand is justified given the reasoning that again, Billie is to sacrifice her rights to prove her value.

A good portion of Onision’s fanbase is comprised of minors as well as young adults, much like most popular YouTube channels. He has not been proven guilty of any crime as of yet, though it is crucial to recognize that his young audience may excuse his manipulative behaviors as acceptable should they make way in their own lives. These are vulnerable youth. It is wrong to expose them to the falsehood that Onision’s expectations are healthy when majority of them are intrusive.

This is only one facet of Onision’s wrong doings. Not only has he inserted images of minors in some his videos, but he also frequently degrades the female body via images sent to his forum, and shames other YouTube personalities among other things. Please feel free to continue exploring the OnisionSpeaks and Onision channels for yourself, where you are sure to find much more than just offensive content. It is unfair that this man is given the opportunity to capitalize on the vulnerability of his loved ones, fans, etc. Help us make YouTube a safer environment for the youth by ridding characters like Onision.
A special thank you to Ayalla Karina, Elvis the Alien, Mr. Repzion, Andy Warski, Jaclyn Glenn, Social Repose, Blaire White, Vincent Cyr, and smaller YouTube channels for speaking out on behalf of what is right.“

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If you're still doing them, maybe Karina?

Thank you for sending this, honey bunny! 🐝🐰

My mom had a best friend named Karina, but she spelled her name, “Carina.” She was very funny and she had no filter. My mom had been friends with her since they were in middle school together, and I remember when I was growing up they would talk on the phone every night together.


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