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My very good friend @caffeinechick drew one of my D&D characters, Tobias! He’s a farmboy hedgewizard that played around with spells he shouldn’t have, so now he’s on the run with nothing but chatty ghosts and his raven familiar for company. 


I, I’m not the prettiest you’ve ever seen
But I have my moments, I have my moments
Not the flawless one, I’ve never been
But I have my moments, I have my moments
I can get a little drunk, I get into all the drugs
But on good days I am charming as fuck

Guys this is like surreal for me okay I don’t know why you guys like my crappy sketches but thank you all so much??? It’s been so incredible finding so many people who love the same things as I do and getting to share my doodles with you all!

Runaway : Jason Blossom Pt. 2

Part One  Part Three  Part Four

request: Omg I just read your jughead imagine and it haves me thinking, can you do a one shot thing of Jason Blossom not really being dead and sneaks into the reader’s bedroom in the middle of the night or something too explain to her why he faked his death (you can make up the reason because I’m not that clever) but yeah it’s just really sad and full of fluff idk I’m weird.

requested by: anonymous

A/N: Can you believe part 2 is finally here??? I can’t, but I am ecstatic to be posting this!! I loved writing the first part, but this part is going to be a little different. It is going to be written in first person!! Hopefully it is loved like the other one. okay, carry on. love you guys. xx, aubree (p.s. part three??)

warnings: fluffy as hell (I am not sorry.) 

word count: 1,802

(gif not mine) gif credit: x


The next morning was, well, quite easy. I had made sure Jason was hidden before I made my way to my father’s work. I needed to tell him that I was going to be testing out of school and then promptly leaving Riverdale, for good. 

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AU Headcanon: The first time Reiner actually talks to Bertholt is at a party (def. not Bert's natural habitat) when Bertholt is already tipsy (alcohol + social awkwardness). Bertl panics because he's Bertl and says the next best thing to Reiner: "Your boobs are huge." A lifelong bond is formed.

Imagine Bertolt is a fresher (first year) at university, and his flatmates Ymir and Annie drag him to a house party. Ymir also forces him to wear this t-shirt, saying it’ll help him stand out from the crowd and meet new people. Bertolt doesn’t want to stand out; he prefers melting into the background. However, he’s terrible at saying ‘no’, so he ends up wearing the t-shirt even though he really doesn’t want to.

Bertolt gets ridiculously hammered at the party, and he’s an absolute mess. At one point he goes to the bathroom, and when he returns to the kitchen he can’t remember why he decided to return to the kitchen. Was he talking to someone there before he went to the bathroom? He can’t remember a thing.

He’s clinging onto a kitchen counter to keep himself from losing balance and he’s starting to think he should go home, but he has no idea where Ymir or Annie went. It’s at this point that someone notices Bert’s looking worse for wear, and asks him, “Are you okay?”

Bertolt looks up to see a very handsome blond peering at him with a very concerned expression, but the brunette is more focused on the tight vest top the blond is wearing that accentuates just how buff he is. Bertolt is staring; he probably doesn’t realise he’s staring because he’s much too wasted. All he can do is gasp out, “Water.”

Reiner obliges, fetching Bertolt a pint glass full of cold water, which he almost downs in one. Noticing Bertolt’s shirt, Reiner asks, “Oh, are you studying orthoptics or something?”

Bertolt has no idea what the fuck Reiner is talking about, and just looks at him blankly, while saying something sophisticated like, “Eh?”

“Your shirt.” Reiner points out, and Bertolt has to look down because he can’t remember what he’s wearing. That’s when Reiner actually reads what it says on the shirt and bursts out laughing. “Are you perving on me?”

Bertolt feels his face burning up and splutters, having great difficulty in getting any coherent words out, but somehow he manages to say, “Well…they’re huge.” Even though Bertolt doesn’t mean to stare, he really can’t help it at this point. He thinks about how he wants to motorboat Reiner, but doesn’t realise that he’s been unable to keep his thoughts to himself; he definitely just said that out loud without meaning too.

Reiner finds the exchange hilarious; he can’t remember the last time he laughed this hard. He also finds Bertolt incredibly endearing.

Bertolt never gets to motorboat Reiner at the party; he had way too much to drink and soon ends up passing out. When he wakes up the next day, he does find (to his surprise) that he’s managed to get the blond’s number and a cheeky message that says, “Give me a call and maybe you can motorboat me the next time we meet up ❤️″

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i would appreciate it if mutuals would give this a reblog and help me ^^ thank you.

A Hunter Hunted

AN: Thank you thank you @josie-arts for letting me write this based on your art!! It just made me laugh so much I couldn’t stop myself! I hope you like it!

When the realization hits him, Lance stops breathing. Or maybe he’s breathing for the first time. It feels like wading in the water when all of a sudden a giant wave crushes you. Only it’s not water. If it was water he would know how to locate the sun and swim to the surface. It’s feelings. He’s having genuine, honest feelings.

What is he supposed to do with them?

Is there a return policy?

Whatever Pidge was saying, it sounded a lot like blah blah blah science. Pretend you’re listening! But he can’t. The only thing he can focus on is the way her amber eyes lite up when she got excited, and the flailing of her hands as she tried to explain some intricate computer techno babble.

Has she always smelt this sweet? Like peanut butter and chocolate?

And that stupid mullet with eyes is just staring at him with a smirk. Like he can read Lance’s mind. It’s that same cocky expression he had whenever he would out rank him on flight simulators back at the Garrison.

Pidge got a call from Coran to come help out in the Teleduv room. She wished the boys a farewell and ran off. And boy did Lance watch her go. His eye were glued to the bounce of her hair until the door shuts behind her.

“And so the hunter becomes the hunted.”

Lance groaned, pulling his shirt over his head to hide the blush he knows is tainted his flawless completion. “You…you just shut up mullet man. Go google your Mothman cryptic junk or whatever it is you do in your free time.”

“Normally I’d be offended, but I’ll let it slide. What’re you gonna do?”

He flopped onto the ground,“I don’t know! I haven’t had a crush since like…what kindergarten? And offering to share your glitter glue and crayons doesn’t exactly work in your teens. Also I bet the Altean version of a crayola probably eats you and uses your insides as pigment!” Okay so maybe he’s panicking, but with reason! “Keith, what do you do when you like someone? If you’ve ever actually liked someone.”

“Blow up some stuff in the middle of a desert, steal them from the garrison and then somehow get launched into space and pilot a giant red alien robot lion under their command.”

Lance snorts, “That’s oddly specific, buddy.”

Keith smiles and nudges him gently with his foot, “All part of a ten step plan. At the end of it, I die without ever having admitted my feelings.”

“Really helpful. Thanks.”
It had been one week, three days, seven hours, and thirty six minutes since Lance was on the floor of Hunk’s room bemoaning his new found feelings for the green paladin. One week, three days, seven hours, and thirty six minutes of watching him get shot down with every failed flirting attempt in the book.

“Are you from Tennessee?”

“Lance I was born in New Mexico you know that.”

“Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?”

“No but you’re stupid questions are hurting my head.”

At this point it was getting painful to watch. And lately, Pidge had gone as far as making sharp left turns to avoid him. If they so much as made eye contact she was sprinting down the nearest hallway in sight. Hunk was a patient man, or at least he liked to think so, but this was starting to be too much for him.

“Hey are you and lance okay? I think he’s worried you’re mad at him.”

They were working together on a Galra sentinel they captured. Seeing if there’s any way to rewire him into giving them vital information without being a giant rat. It’s risky move, but sometimes slow and steady doesn’t win wars.

“Yeah I’m kind of avoiding him,” she said it so nonchalantly, not looking up from her computer, “I think I might be allergic to his shampoo or something.”

Hunk raised an eyebrow, “What makes you say that?”

“I don’t know, whenever I’m near him I get all red and feverish and my stomach gets kind of fuzzy and weird and my brain kinda short circuits and I get kind of jittery and-”

He cut her off before she can embarrass either of them more, “Pidge. Come on.”


Watching the realization dawn on her was almost as painful as everything before. Her eyes got wide, her cheeks flushing darkly. She sat on the ground, staring up at the high ceilings of the castle.

“Oh my God I like him.”

It took another thirteen hours to calm her down after that. Getting these two together was going to be a lot harder than he thought. At least Hunk had Pidge’s diary on his side.

(Ending note: I take requests! If you have anything you want written, any pair I’m more than happy to write it! Hope this was good!)

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Your tag on that last post made me burst out laughing. Clearly Hawkmoth has no clue what he's doing, I'm going to cry. XD (And as always, I love your stuff)

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#and i mean as papillon he clearly thinks the condom goes on your HEAD so……

that’s rude, chat noir


I’m here to talk about subliminal messages in rock and roll music. Or as it’s simply known in some cultures, ‘rock music’. You see, for years the government has been wisely coercing teenagers to buy products they normally wouldn’t want, just to get their money. Fact! Kids don’t have bills to pay. Fact! They don’t pay taxes. But, they do babysit and hold minimum wage jobs that earn them wads of cash as substantial as, well, my body of work.