thank you jesus for marcus to


Fallout 2 - warm up portraits.

Oh man, i really enjoyed this set. Not only one of my favorite games ever and forever, but also so many various face types in there, it was a real pleasure.

Added captions for those, since not all characters had their in-game portraits.

Cheers <3

PS.: I still remember all the feels i had during the talk with President Richardson. The moment when he talks about Vaults and FEV might be the exact moment i fell in love with video games. Thank You, Interplay <3


“I want to thank my wife for being there and supporting me and thank you for putting up with me, jesus, I was not very pleasant in this role. You’re my soulmate and I love you very much.”   

 Aaron Taylor Johnson wins the Golden Globe for best supporting actor in Nocturnal Animals

Congratulations Aaron!