Holding your hand is so much more than just a physical touch I long for. It’s that feeling of safety and security I get when your fingers lock with mine. It’s knowing you won’t let go of me even when your hands are sweaty. It’s automatically knowing how you feel about me without you saying a word. You love me and I feel that love every single second of the day. I feel the Fathers love through you and it’s such an overwhelming feeling. I love it though. Thank you for holding my hand through everything and for what’s to come.

The love of Christ is so for you today, tomorrow and forevermore. He did not die that you would be condemned, but accepted and reconciled with God. He is full of compassion, absolutely overflowing with mercy. You may be tired, weary, fearful, broken; we all are and we all need a Saviour. His name is Jesus. The name above every name, The One who rescues and is in His nature the Prince of Peace. No thing can stand against Christ, The Lord of all. If you are in Christ, you are in His righteousness, in His grace, His peace and you are truly inseparable from His love. Take joy in this. Live for the one who gave you life. 

I have no more excuses. I will start seeking You now, because You are my Saviour and I need You more than my words can say. You know my heart, You know how much I am longing for You. So I will get rid of the distractions, and I will fill the empty places with all that You have in store for me.