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Winchetser Sister- Bloody Hell

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Request: Hey!!! You are an amazing writer! I read all of your fics in one night (no regrets) I was hoping that you could do one in which the boys´ younger sister gets her first period an they help her. Thanks!!!

Title: Bloody Hell

Parings: Dean x reader!sister, Sam x reader!sister

Words: 643

Summary: Reader gets her first period and her brothers help her out

(A/N; Hey y’all I had to delete the post I posted last night bc it looked really weird if you weren’t reading it from my page & I couldn’t figure out why it was looking so weird so I just deleted it I think it may be because I posted it over my phone?? idk but anyways THIS IS A REPOST!!!!)

love JC :)


“Oh shit!” You whisper as you look at your underwear that is covered in red blood. You are thirteen so you already know what periods are, you just didn’t expect it to happen right now. You start to panic, “What the hell do I do?”

You can’t tell your brothers right? They won’t understand they’re men, but you know that if you don’t tell someone then this will cause a lot of problems. You quickly wrap your panties in toilet paper and walk swiftly and awkwardly back to your room. You change clothes and you debate once again about telling your brothers. What if they laugh at you? You take a deep breath and make up your mind and finally walk out of your room to find Dean.

Your stomach turns as you walk down the hallway until you reach the library where you see both Sam and Dean sitting at a table. You grow more worried and your stomach is doing flips as you slowly walk up to them. “Hey, uh, Dean,” Both Dean and Sam look up to you, “can I talk to you…privately?”

Dean turns towards Sam and gives him a questioning, “Is something wrong?”

“No!” You say way too fast, giving away that there is something wrong, and both your brothers look very concerned. “Nothing’s wrong… I just need to talk to you.”

“(Y/N), if something’s going on you need to tell both of us,” Sam says, his eyebrows furrowed together.

“No, it’s personal…” You say quietly, and both Sam and Dean straighten up a little, fearing the worst.

“(Y/N), has someone touched you?” Dean asks cautiously, panic burning in his words.

“What? No, Dean! It’s just that I, um, I think I started my period…” You say and both of them visibly relax. You uncomfortably cross your arms and you look at them both, “What do I do?”

“Uh, Sam, you want to take this one?” Dean looks over at his brother, clearly uncomfortable with the topic of the situation.

“Dean,” Sam warns, and looks at you with a smile. “You do know what a period is…right?”

“I’m not ten, Sam.” You shoot back.

Sam raises his hands in defense, “Hey, I’m just making sure! But uh, I think we should go to the store and pick up some stuff for you”

“What do you mean?” You ask, innocently. It’s times like these when Sam and Dean wish you had a Mother figure around, it save you both awkward and embarrassing discussions.

“Uh, well, you need stuff to help, um, catch the stuff,” Sam cringes but tries to smile at you, “Dean, you wanna help?”

“No, I think you’re doing a pretty good job on your own.” Dean says back, but when you look at him with a worried expression, he sighs and looks at you, “Fine, so when you go through these every month you need stuff like pads and tampons to help you from leaking and getting blood everywhere.”

“Ew! You mean I have to do this every month?!” Your stomach turns more and you look as if you are about to cry.

“Uh, yeah, but it’s not that bad-”

“How do you know?” You cut Sam off. That seemed to shut him up because his eyes widen and he stampers on his words.

“Well, I-I was just going to say that you get the special treatment, like we’ll let you eat whatever you want, we’ll buy you things to make you feel better, you things we usually don’t do.” Sam smiles awkwardly.

“Oh…well thanks.” You say and you stand buy the table uneasily, “So can we go now or what?”

“Oh yeah, let’s go!” Sam says as he jumps up from his chair and puts on his jacket and you two walk up the stairs to get in the impala to go get your supplies.

I really loved writing this! Enjoy!

— — — — — — — —

“Baby, we should go do something.” I pouted my lip.

“Like what?”

I rolled over and sat down on his lap, straddling him. “Mm, we just have a date and go where we want. Just where our eyes attract is to.”

“That sounds nice. Now get off my dick.”

I slowly grind down then rolled off. Jc groaned and smacked my ass. I got up and started getting dressed for our cute date day.

“Tell Snapchat where we’re going baby.”

I looked over, “Jc and I are going on a date to whatever attracts to us.”

“Yeah.” He posted the first one then started recording again, “But, we’re gonna post a lot of our date on here since it’s not fancy because we’re obviously not dressed right but enjoy!”

I laced my fingers with Jc and pointed over to a tall building. “Dude, I’ve always wanted to go up there. I heard they had a cute restaurant up there.”

“Well, let’s go.”

Jc and I crossed the street. I was really pumped about the restaurant. I pulled out my phone and took a picture of me an Jc.

‘Date Dayzzz w this boy ❤️😍’

“You guys, look how tall this building is.” I threw my head back and squinted at the huge building.

“Hope they have a elevator.”

Jc laughed, “I’m pretty sure they’ll have an elevator. It’s twenty-first century, babe.”

I shrugged my shoulders. “You may never know.”


Jc put the camera up to my face, so I stuck up the middle finger.

“Mm, I’m gonna put dork because that’s what you are.”

“Shut up.”

We walked into the building and walked straight to the elevator. Jc nudged my shoulder, making me roll my eyes.

“I think it’s the top floor. I mean, it has to be.”

Jc clicked the highest number and scooted to the side so more people could pile in. Jc pulled up his snapchat and stuck out his tongue while I rolled my eyes.

'Crowded Elevator 🙄’

I giggled and watched half the people pile off on the twentieth floor. It was Jc, Me, and a business woman left, she got off on the twenty-fifth floor.

“Thank god! Now we have thirty floors left.”

I laughed and took a picture of me an Jc in the mirror walls.

“I wonder why they make buildings so tall.” Jc mumbled.

“I wouldn’t.”


Couple of minutes later we finally made it to the fiftieth floor. We stepped out and all you seen was a long hall then a door at the end.

“How classy.” I looked over and awed at all the buildings down below us. “Baby, stand right there so I can get a picture of you.”

Jc groaned and stood in the corner. I made a funny face so he would laugh (which he did). Jc grabbed my hand and started walking down to the door. He opened the door for me. I awed at the beautiful view.

“How may I help you?”

“Uh, table for two please.”

“This way.”

The waitress led us to a corner table. We both thanked her and I started looking at the menu.

“Ugh, it’s all Italian. Today is amazing.” Jc laughed.

“So, we finally made it to the top of the building and come to find out it’s an Italian restaurant.”

I threw a thumbs up and decided on pasta. Jc ordered our food and we watched the sunset.

I slipped on one of Jc’s shirts and sat on his bed, waiting for him to finish in the bathroom. I ran my fingers through my hair.

'Oh, I still have that picture to post’

I unlocked my phone an pulled up Jc’s picture, adding a filter to it then putting it on Instagram.

'Had an amazing day with this cutie. So thankful for him and his curls. I love you, @jccaylen . ❤️😘’

Jc jumped on the bed and let out a big sigh. I smiled and started twirling his curls.

“Oh, you tagged me in a photo eh?”


I got under the covers and curled up to Jc.

“Aw baby! You’re the sweetest. I love you.”

Jc kissed me then all over my face. “I love you too, Caylen. Good night.”

“Good night, baby.”

Jc kissed the top of my head and wrapped his arms around me and hummed a song to me, making me fall asleep.

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You an Kian were having a pool day. He wanted to test out the new float that he bought.

“(Y/n)! Take a picture of me on the Swann float.”

You rolled your eyes and laughed. You opened up his snapchat an took a quick picture. Then, you turned the camera around an started messing around on his snapchat.

“Hey you guys! I’m taking over Kian’s snapchat today-”

“(Y/n)! Get off my snapchat!”

You pushed his float further away from the pool and posted the first snap.

“Sorry, Kian was being rude but we’re hanging out by the pool today and it’s really hot here… Like ninety something.”

Kian jumped out of the pool and sat down beside you. You both started taking pictures and posting them for one second so his fans wouldn’t get annoyed.

“We still have snapchats from last night.” Kian laughed and started going through them. Your favorite one was of you two doing the face swap and acting like each other.

“We’re cute.” You mumbled, laying your head on his shoulder. He took a quick picture of him kissing your head and you pouting your lips.

“Hey, we should go get some froyo.”


“So, (y/n) and I got hot so now we’re out here getting some frozen yogurt.”

Kian turned the camera towards you, getting all in your stop.

“Stop.” You mumbled, covering your face.

Kian laughed an posted the snapchat. You both walked into the shop and stood in line.

“I think I want cookie cake batter.” You tapped your chin and gazed at all the choices.

“I’m getting the regular.”

“You always get that.”


You laughed an decided on the cookie batter. You an Kian both love piling your yogurts with M&MS, chocolate chips, whipped cream, or anything else that’s sugary. Kian paid for both of the yogurts because he wanted to (but in reality you paid the last five times).

“Let’s sit outside.” Kian said, licking the bottom of his spoon.

“Mhm.” You mumbled, taking a bite.

Kian pulled out his phone, telling you not to take another bite because he wanted to post a picture of snapchat.

“Hey guys. We finally got our frozen yogurt. (Y/n), what did you get?”

You looked up an laughed. “I got cookie cake batter with hella diabetes on top.”

“And that’s it folks, she got hella diabetes.”

You laughed, flicking a M&M at him.

You was scrolling through your Instagram, looking at many of Kian and Jc’s fanstagrams. You laughed at many of the accounts because there were screenshots of your day on there and they would just say that you both was goals. You finally clicked off an fell back into Kian’s arms.

“Let’s say good night to Snapchat.” Kian mumbled, rubbing his eyes.

He opened up his snapchat and put on the flash. “Well, good night you guys. Thank you for watching our day and there will be a video out tomorrow.”

“Night! Love you all!” You smiled into the camera.

Kian blew a kiss and posted on his story. Kian slung his arm around you, placing a kiss on your shoulder.

“Good night, babe.”

“Good night, sweetie.”

You pulled up your snapchat after Kian fell asleep. You put on the front flash and grinned.

‘Great day with this boy. ❤️’

happyclones  asked:

7. Which player voice actor is your favorite and your least favorite? 8. Name your top favorite companions (feel free to include reasons why). 9. How about your least favorite companions? 10. Favorite love interest? 13. Which planet’s aesthetics/atmosphere do you enjoy the most? 14. Favorite planet story arc?

Thank you for the ask! I thought I answered this last night, but I guess Tumblr didn’t post it?

7. Female JC is my favorite by far. It’s just a very fitting voice to me. As for least favorite, I’d have to say male IA. I know a lot of people love it, but it’s just sorta croaky and weird to me?

Blizz - So adorable??? And pure??? Honestly how can you NOT love Blizz???
Vector - Also super adorable and pure. He’s the only truly chill companion the agent has, and I love him for it. 
Felix - I honestly can’t explain why I like Felix so much. I just do. 
Akaavi - I really like the fact that she doesn’t take shit from anyone. She’s a strong independent woman, and is just really underrated 
Others that I’m not going to put a reason for - Vette, Mako, T7, Guss, Koth, Elara, and Corso

Skadge -
Honestly we probably all saw this coming. Need I say more?
Pierce - I wasn’t interested in his personal story, and I don’t care for his personality. Also, the constant Quinn-sults got really annoying really fast. 
Lana - I know a lot of people like her, and I really don’t have anything against her, but she gets on my nerves. 
Jaesa - I don’t like LS or DS Jaesa, but it’s fair to say that DS Jaesa is my least favorite companion. She’s like a tween going through their emo phase. Except it’s permanent. And she’s an adult. 

Tie between Felix and Koth. Honestly they’re both so super sweet and cinnamon roll-esque and I love it. Actually I might like Felix just a teeny bit more. Just a lil bit.

13. It’s a tie between Hoth, and Taris. I really love the cool colors and ice on Hoth, but my aesthetic preferences are normally towards plants and earthy colors… They’re both great.

14. It’s fair to say that I hate all the planet arcs at this point. I mean, you can only run the same content so many times. The updated Imperial Belsavis arc was pretty fun, though.

anonymous asked:

Yikes that post you just reblogged (and disagreed with, thank you!) Insisting you KNOW Harry is DEFINITELY STRAIGHT is as bad as insisting you know he's DEFINITELY GAY. We know nothing about his sexuality and that's how it should be unless and until he wants to tell us.. he may never tell us. Look at JC Chasez from *NSYNC.. he's been the subject of speculation for 15 YEARS and he's still tight lipped and that's JUST FINE. The entitlement around these parts is killing me today. /end rant

same to all of this except i think it’s worse to assume everyone/someone is straight bc we live in a toxic homophobic and heteronormative society and it’s just…. exhausting?

there’s a space between being being invasive or assuming someone’s specific identity and being heteronormative/willfully ignoring social cues. it’s a murky space where you just try to be open and kind and aware? more people need to find it bc this fandom makes me feel like shit whenever this discussion comes up.

like i am forever wishing larries would stop acting like they know how harry identifies and uh…. i can’t even talk about the shit with louis like people just need to let that man be, but i swear 2 god every time harry does anything to show support or that’s flirty about guys or “not that important” or whatever there’s this vibe i feel from certain people that’s like [mom yelling at customer service worker voice] IT DOESNT HAVE TO MEAN ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and no lmao it doesn’t but it could? and it’d be cool if there wasn’t this underlying attitude that if you think it might mean something, you’re gross? like???

EXO Scenario: reaction to you spilling something on them

Suho: “Excuse you hoe, this outfit costs more than your life!”
Xiumin: “Oh… I didn’t need that anyways” *rips shirt* “See ya!”
Lay: “Omg let me help you with that” *tries to clean floor by humping it* *then a wild suho appears to recollect his child*
Tao: *kung fu panda activated* “Girl you best be taking out that wallet because I am not walking out of here without a new shirt!”
Kris: *starts cussing in seven different languages*
Luhan: *a million antlers suddenly start falling out of his pockets* “UhuHUHUH it’s okay GTG”
Kai: *grabs the rest of your drink and spills it onto the ground so he can do the choreo of “baby don’t cry”* (this hoe always takes a chance to rehearse)
D.O: *summons his demons from the depths and drags you down through the earth while “drag me down” by one direction plays*
Chanyeol: *happy virus explodes into a rainbow*
Baekhyun: “Oh look… these bitches nowadays wandering around like blind ducks” *wipes shirt with 100 dollar bills*
Sehun: *doesn’t say anything just like in every exo song ever*
Chen: *checks if his butt is in tact*
A/N: This scenario was made as a joke so please don’t take it seriously. I was bored and this happened so I’m sorry lol, I also accidentally deleted and had to write it all over again because I’m a dumb bitch. Also thank you to the people who requested, we are working hard to make them! We’ll post them soon. I didn’t put gifs because I didn’t want it to ruin the “experience”. ;) -Admin JC

It was JC’s birthday last month and I just this past week managed to finish this_(┐「ε:)_ It’s the Halloween mockup of his cute character Achika. Happy belated birthday, baby!! 

A reminder that I’ll be posting exclusive content on ★my Patreon★! Along with an assortment of sketches and doodles, this week’s rewards include a low-res .psd of the drawing above complete with layers yay! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ Thank you kindly for pledging!


Thanks to @jcminwell post about J-World, I was able to find out about this place and visit for the grand opening of the new Kuroko no Basuke area!!! The line was crazy for the KnB minigame. It’s called “Manager’s Job”. You pick Seirin shirts from a box and they have A-D on them. D is consolation prize, C gets you character pins to choose from, B gets you a card case, and A gets you a bag! I paid for 5 tries and got A, B, and Ds so I picked Akashi for my bag and Rakuzan for my case haha. We actually tried the food first since the line wasn’t crazy. We got the Akashi set with the King shogi sandwich, Maji Burger set, Kise mango dessert, and Midorima matcha and red bean mousse dessert. Today’s lucky item was a frog toy. :3 Each food item came with a special post card! J-World is located at the Sunshine 60 building on the 3rd floor. I didn’t play any of the other games but it was fun eating knb menu items and getting the prize haha. Goku and Luffy were walking around too. Then I found the R18 MayuAka doujinshi from the Rakuzan Only event at Kbooks. OH Happy Day!



But yeah! I finally hit my followers goal and this is like my… third follow forever jc. Honestly, I think I just needed to use these Izayoi Seeing stuff which were just lying around my folder bUT STILL. I really love this PV and I’m so pumped for the anime of Mikagura School Suite so cheers! Also, if you haven’t listened to Izayoi Seeing, stop reading rn anD LISTEN TO IT IT’S GREAT. My graphic does not do it justice. Also ‘tis the season for follow forevers and pretty much everyone’s making them lmao

Anywaysss, thank you to all the wonderful people I follow for filling my dash with hella posts and graphics and also for giving me a buttload of inspiration to make my own things. Pretty much everyone on tumblr’s my senpai, actually. I have met a ton of amazing people who have helped me out so much and talked to me whenever. They even have a little section down there somewhere.

lol yeah, thank you also to all my lovely followers who are the reason for pretty much everything I do on this blog. Bless you all for putting up with all the shit I say and do. Seriously. You guys deserve an award for that. YOU ARE ALL PRECIOUS //HUGS

Gosh, I should stop talking now and just get on with this ff so yeah tHANK YOUUUU

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Connor Franta



For Anon 😶

Y/N: Your name @Y/T/N: @ your twitter name


All those cruel this hit you like a rock. All those words killed you on the inside. You never thought those things would get to you, but sadly they did. You were curled up in your blanket just crying and reading those hatred things. Thinking about whether everyone thought of you like that or not. It broke your heart to pieces. You felt worthless.

’@Y/T/N: She’s not even that pretty who would even want to be with her 😷’

’@Y/T/N: You don’t deserve @ConnorFranta’

’@Y/T/N: Your such a wanna be your not worth it and nobody wants you here so you might as well go die🔫’

You didn’t here anyone come in because you were so concentrated on all those things that where said. You was sobbing and breaking down. Connor just stood there starring at you. A light gasp escaped his mouth as you heard a bag fall to the ground. Soon you started to feel the bed dip to the side. Arms wrapping around your waist kissing your cheek while turning you around and bringing me closer. Continuously saying I love yous.

“Baby don’t cry. please those things they said aren’t true. Your amazing and perfect just the way you are and I love you for that.” Connor said nearly crying.

You look up to see a tear slip out of his eye before he kissed your forehead moving down to my lips.

“I love you so much Y/N…. please don’t listen to them.”

Having him care so much for you boosted your mood ten times. It made you happy that he actually loved and cared for you. You kissed his lips passionately one last time.

“I love you so much Connor thanks for being here.”

He smiled responding,”Your welcome baby.” You both ended up falling asleep and cuddling in each other’s arms.

He truly was the best boyfriend you have ever had. You couldn’t ask for better.

The End…



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