thank you jack for making it for me


I haven’t been in this fandom all too long so maybe my voice doesn’t matter all that much, but I think Jack is an absolute sweetheart so I wanna try and help! I first learned about Jack through one of Mark’s videos. It was actually watching Jack that I decided once I get out of college, I’m going to make a YouTube channel of my own. He’s made me smile so many times even when my anxiety disorder has brought me down and I hope someday I can make people smile like he does. He really brought some light back to my life and I just hope he’s doing well. Seriously Jack, thank you

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Hi! So I just first wanted to say I thoroughly enjoy your blog, and have read many fics I have enjoyed! I was wondering if you knew of any good fics where Jack and Bitty break up and Jack has to win Bitty back? Thanks!

Hello! I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog that means a lot to me! As for your question, there is actually an entire tag for that on the tags page called “break up to make up” where you can find fics like that.

- Nyx 

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Hey I just wanted to say thanks for your post on staying positive! Lately all that's really seen is the hate Mark and Jack are getting and its making me really sad but its good to see some positivity! So thank you for that. Hope you have a great day! 😄

We need to be there for each other ❤


I just want to shortly say that you did nothing wrong. I support you and the video you did. Please don’t be too harsh on yourself.

I admire you as a person so much, you’ve been nothing but a great help to me during my cancer treatments just by being yourself and making videos. And I owe so much to you.

I truly hope this whole drama gets forgotten soon. I know you, Mark, Felix and everyone else are tired of this.

I will never get tired of thanking you so… thank you, Jack💗

Hello, dear friends! 

if it’s true this actually ended some days ago, i wanted to make this as an official “end” knowing that everyone received their gifts. Some of you have thanked me for having doing this blurred friend project and i really appreciate all your kind words, but i think i must thank you all for being part of this and make this worked out! it was a wonderful experiencie, especially because i saw that all of you were really excited and committed to your respective blurred friends, so really thank you so much guys! also all of you’re creative and talented artists, i was so happy to see all those beautiful presents!

a big blurred hug to:

@champanova, @tracy-jacks, @mercuryboy, @thebluehairdontcare, @vaguelyemo, @pureiro, @iiiisobel, @thinkismellarat, @almostgone, @blurryminion, @dalekbuddy, @yurke, @swampsong13, @tamomo, @villiejersey, @flamindamon, @ilovedamo, @howling–fantods, @starshaped1993, @glowinginahuddle, @aldiisaweeb, @latoxy, @blowbowie, @inner-space-boy, @graham-coxon, @firejubi, @lxdymcchocxlate

But this is not a goodbye!

i was doubting about do another blurred friend and since there were two friends who couldn’t participate in this and this one was a success, finally i’m going to do another one. The first thing i thought was do a blurred friend for Halloween (because i’ve seen that most people of here love halloween), but that might be such a far date, so one friend reminded me Easter! That brought me a lot of ideas (for example, we can play with coloured eggs, in each egg there will be a challenge! like if you’re good at editing pictures, your challenges will be related to it, and other things like that!)

However, in this ocassion i want to count with your opinions, because in this activity there were also mishaps, so it would be better if this time we can do something when everybody’s free from school/work! So, please comment this or message me to tell me what do you think!

Love you all!

Look at you! You’re 27 now!! Happy birthday @therealjacksepticeye !! I’ve been waiting so long to upload this and here it is, I made this for you. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done and for making me happy everyday, it really means a lot! I hope you have a fantastic day today :)

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I̷s.̷̵ ̨L̶ea̶v͢͡è.̕ ̛͘P̷͡o͟s͜͝͡s̵͡ib̶l͟͢e҉̀̕. ̡

I don’t know what’s going to happen in this game, but I’m terribly excited to see it anyways. :D This game (and Jack) inspired me to make this, and I had a lot of fun doing so! Sorry if the nose isn’t right D; noses are hard 

@therealjacksepticeye, if you see this (which I really hope you do), hello! Thank you for helping inspire me and a lot of others (even when we’re having a bad day). 

Art belongs to me. Do not copy, trace, repost, or redistribute. Thank you~. Reblogs>likes

This isn’t the best painting I’ve ever done, but I wanted to do something for Jack reaching 13 million! That’s amazing! Congratulations, Jack! You’ve made me smile and laugh through the tears and shitty days. Thank you, so much, for being so involved in your community. And thank you, Jacksepticeye community! I’ve never been so excited to share my art before!

But really, thank you, Jack, for loving all of us and making us laugh.

Love you.


(sorry if it kinda late but)

CONGRATS JACK!!! \(‘v’)/
and thank you so much for always making me smile. You are the best!
I’m really grateful to found your channel and be in this lovely community. I can’t even describe how happy i am ^^

(and thank you for the best halloween ever! you jack, robin, and the community are the real mvp!)

once again

Thank you

Re-upload because I messed up before oops

Yo I heard from a lil birdy that it’s Jacks birthday today and that he’s a fan of Rick and Morty.

Happy birthday, Jackaboy! Thank you for two (for me) years of helping me up when I’m at my low points and for making me laugh when I felt I was unable to be happy. Hope you’re enjoying yourself :)

Auction AU Part 2

Here’s the first part  ! I recommend you read it before this part, or else it won’t make much sense.

Sorry this took like, ten million years. Thanks to everyone who messaged me and said they liked the first part, it always made my day <3 


    The relief only lasted so long once he realized that yes, no more old-leopard-print lady (thank god), but still there’s a date with someone. A stranger.

    Jack’s barely held decent conversations with his teammates, how would a date with a stranger work?

    It wouldn’t. No way.

   Feeling like he’d just survived a brutal game, Jack took a few seconds to gather himself. He wiped the condensation from his forehead (he really hoped no one had noticed), slowed his breathing, let his jaw unclench. Once his fingers became steady enough he fixed the cuffs of his uncomfortably hot suit.

   “Fuck it,” He shucked the jacket off entirely. It felt good until he lifted his arms- “Ugh.”

   Pit stains.

   For a moment he struggled with what to do: If I wear the jacket I’m uncomfortable and sweating more, but if I don’t people can see the sweat and thats embarrassing and-

   “Jack!” Someone from management tapped his shoulder, “This way, the kid is waiting on stage right.” She gave him a brief once-over, “Put on the jacket.”

    With a somewhat relieved nod, he slipped the jacket back on and wished for a calmer heart-beat.

     The wish didn’t come true, of course. It rarely did.

    They approached the stairs leading off the stage.

    This kid must like you. They bid on you. They spent money for a date-thing-whatever with you. Just smile. Act like a normal-



   “Uh, hi.”

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To whom it make concern,

Good evening! Due to an increasing series of circumstances that I have found to be intolerable, it is my stated intention of interfering in this wrestling contest. Please inform me if this is a poor time or if there are any other conflicts that may affect my interference. Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.

Jack Gallagher

I binged all of oxenfree and I LOVE it so I wanted to make some jack fanart of it~
I don’t know if Jack will ever see it but if he ever does I just want to say thank you for being so awesome. My dad died at the end of November 2015 and I spend all year hiding in my room. I stopped drawing, i stopped wanting to socialize, and i didnt let anyone come over to see me ever. It was so hard getting out of bed everyday and go to work but i had to y'know. The entire time I watched @markiplier and @therealjacksepticeye RELIGIOUSLY and I just sat there watching them grow and be so passionate about their job and what they do and seeing them so happy everyday made me start feeling happy. I’d laugh along with them and smile and eventually I decided to pick up my pencil and sketchbook again. At first it was little doodles but something turned on in my head and I got serious again. I just put in music and draw all day and I’m legitimately happy again. I know jack and mark aren’t physically here but watching those silly videos made me feel like I wasn’t alone through the whole thing and I was like I really was spending time with friends. I hope this all makes sense and doesn’t just sound like nonsense.
So I guess this whole rant thing I’m going on about is to just try to express how happy I am to have found jack and mark and to say thank you for being there for me.. ❤
- Monica