thank you jacar

Blink Back To Let Me Know

Rating: T

Word Count: 16370

Summary: “Once you meet your soulmate, you’ll know.”

There aren’t any sort of marks tying you to your soulmate, you just know that it’s them when you see their face for the first time. Darren grew up waiting for the day he would meet his own soulmate, while Chris dreaded finding his. But then, Darren gets a role on Glee, and everything changes.

Additional Notes: So, first a big thank you to Jacar, who drew the lovely art for this fic, Sarah Tardis for helping me edit this, and Sarah Blazer for cheering me on and getting me to sign up for the CCBB in the first place. I love you all <3

Playlist (listen here): 1. can’t help falling in love with you - fleet foxes // 2. safer - krysta rodriguez // 3. hello - glee cast // 4. love at first sight - the brobecks // 5. wide awake - glee cast // 6. good morning sunshine - alex day // 7. coming around - starkid // 8. always - panic! at the disco // 9. heart by heart - demi lovato // 10. i don’t mind - darren criss // 11. ever enough - a rocket to the moon // 12. running away - am // 13. pretending - glee cast // 14. after afterall - william fitzsimmons // 15. once upon a time - darren criss // 16. soundtrack - yellowcard // 17. i can’t wait - runner runner

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