thank you j.k.rowling for my childhood

20 years ago, when I was only 2 years old, Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone was published for the first time.

Like so many others, this book added so much to more to my childhood. Thank you J.K Rowling, you glorious, creative genius!


Twenty years ago today, a whole new generation of fantasy readers was born. Thank you, Joanne Rowling♡ Thank you for all the adventure, magic, friendship and most importantly, for being such a huge part of my childhood🌠 and this is the first edition Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone book with J.K. Rowling’s notes. #20YearsOfHarryPotter #HarryPotter20

thank you

today, harry potter turns twenty.

the series that shaped and illuminated my childhood turns 20.

the series that holds so many dear and miraculous characters, so many salient messages, so many moments of both tenderness and happiness, darkness and mirthless shadows, turns 20.

thank you, j.k rowling, for creating the series that initially fueled my love of both writing and reading.

thank you, for creating a world i will ever wish to be apart of and live in everyday, draped in black robes with a blue tie bound around my neck and a wand pointing from my sleeve as i surround myself with jocular, astounding magic.

thank you, for creating characters who will forever touch my heart and the hearts of millions across the world, who forever will inspire me to produce gallantry, wit, kindness, and light to those shrouded in the dark.

             - a dearest fan and forever a reader of the hp series,


p.s: i, of course, cannot forget my gratitude for your creating my love, my red-haired darling, ronald weasley and his amazing family, along with our amazing daring quartet, the marauders.

Wow…I can’t believe Harry Potter’s been around for 20 years already. It was literally my childhood and I have no idea how I’d be today if it hadn’t been. I owe a lot to J. K. Rowling, she was my first true role model and for the longest time, the person I looked up to the most. So I guess a massive thank you is in order, before I get too emotional.

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If I were to meet J. K. Rowling I'd definitely cry, but besides that I'd thank her for my childhood, for giving me the stories I grew up with, for teaching me the meaning of magic, friendship, bravery, hope, love & much more, for giving me the characters I admire, for being such a good inspiration, for creating my favorite saga: Harry Potter, for giving me incredible memories, for being a genius & an amazing writer; a Queen, for being her & for changing my life. I LOVE YOU, JO ❤️ –American Girl