thank you j k rowling

Although there were several moments when I wanted to say ‘Avada kedavra’ to this piece, I’m quite happy how it turned out. =) Thank you J.K. Rowling for inspiring me and so many others with the stories of these enchanting characters. 

This will be available on my etsy shop withing the week. I’ve got to get everything ready for the ‘Outbreak Expo’ at Frank&Sons this weekend first though. *laughs* Hopefully I’ll see some of y’all there!

I want to thank the casting director of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, for casting Colin Farrell as Percival Graves. Thanks to the Costume Designer for dressing Colin Farrell as Percival Graves. And to whomever cut his hair and made him look so fucking good.

Also, thank you J.K Rowling. And thank you Colin Farrell for being goddamn talented and good looking because, damn… I’m still not over how good seeing him dressed in those 20’s clothes, with that 20’s hair was… Thank you, Jesus.

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We fucking deserve this.

We deserve this.

We deserve the joy, the happiness, and the enormity of this news today.

After being put through hell for MONTHS by a few plastic cunts and their brainwashed followers (in and out of the media), we deserve this.

We deserve this brilliant show of solidarity and loyalty.

We deserve to hear the message that this casting has sent out, from a notoriously fickle industry: ‘We will not bow to you liars, you thieves and you scammers. We value truth and integrity. You may manipulate the masses but you will never manipulate us.’

We. Deserve. This.
He. Deserves. This.

Thank you, Warner Brothers. Thank you, David Yates. Thank you, J.K. Rowling.
Thank you for believing in him.

Mr. and Mrs. Dursley, of number four Privet Drive, were proud to say that they were perfectly normal, thank you very much
—  J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

Happy international women’s day!

We as women have come so far. Some might say that we might not even be at our full potential.

I believe that women everywhere should have the opportunity to be whoever or whatever they want and do whatever it takes to be happy and equal. 

We deserve everything that men have, and we will slowly build up to that point! We are all strong, deserving, and capable of anything!

Thank you to the amazing J.K. Rowling, who is one of the many women who show the world that women are great. 

I believe that we can all help each other to get to our full potential!

I Still get Jealous

Hi, i love your imagines!! And I was wondering if you can please make an imagine of Harry getting jealous because me and George are bffs and he starts to argue with me and I shut him up by kissing him? Thank you!

Warnings: None
A/N: Any characters from the potterverse belong to J.K. Rowling. 

Masterlist Here 

“Did you see the look on Draco’s face when we blasted him with that rainbow of color?” George laughed. You had spent the majority of the day with your best friend, George, playing pranks and partaking in all sorts of tomfoolery.

“I almost missed it because I was focused on Crabe’s dumbfounded expression,” you chuckled. When you mimicked Crabe’s face, George laughed even harder sending both of you into doubling fits of laughter.

“Do you think we can sneak one more prank in before dinner?” George questioned in between laughs.

“I certainly hope you don’t,” a voice called. Turning your head, you saw it was your boyfriend, Harry. You felt your face flush as the green-eyed boy made his way down the hall toward you. When he was standing beside you, you were surprised to see that his normally cheerful expression was replaced with one of mild annoyance.

“Why would you not want us to play one more prank?” George inquired. “I thought you were a big fan of our tricks.”

“I am a big fan just not when they take up both of Y/N’s entire Saturday,” Harry’s eyebrows furrowed as he spoke. Both you and George raised an eyebrow. You didn’t expect Harry to sound so angry at the two of you pranking together.

“ You’d rather we sit idly by waiting for something interesting to happen?” George supposed.

“Even better, he prefers short bursts of fun and not long bits,” you teased.  Instead of laughing, Harry threw his arms up in the air in frustration.

“No, it’s not that Y/N it’s something,” Harry paused.” different.”

“ Are you upset you didn’t get invited to the pranking party?” George surmised. Harry’s hands clenched. He did not like this teasing game the two of you were playing.

“ It’s not that George. You always make plans with Y/N before anyone else can,” Harry shouted.

“ We never make plans Harry, it just happens,” you shrugged. “ I honestly don’t understand what you’re getting so worked up about.”

“I AM NOT GETTING WORKED UP!” Harry exclaimed. Was Harry right about you spending too much time with George? You thought back to what you did this week: homework and pranking with George. Last week, it was again homework and hanging with George. When you went back further, you realized you spent the majority of your free time with George instead of Harry.  Unbeknownst to you, you had caused Harry to slip into a jealous rage.  There was only one way to calm him down before he would ruin his friendship with George. In one swift motion, you pulled Harry against you and placed a passionate kiss on his lips.  You ran your fingers through his hair, which you knew drove him crazy. You almost started kissing his neck when you heard George clear his throat. Reluctantly, you pulled away until you rested your forehead against his and gently unclenched his hands. After a moment of silence, you looked into his emerald eyes and spoke,

“Harry, you have to remember that I chose you alright. No one else.” Harry just stared at you in a daze. Holding in a laugh, you made a mental note of the effect your kisses could have on Harry. You never knew when you would need to use that power again. “Now stop being a jealous git, and hang out with us.”

“Actually, I think I’m going to leave you two. Seeing you two kiss made me lose my appetite for pranks at the moment,” George waved and walked on his merry way. When you were sure George was gone, you pulled Harry close to you again.

“If I recall, we have several weeks of missed couple time to make up for,” you paused. “Any ideas as to what we can do?” Without hesitation, Harry kissed you once more, reassuring the both of you that nothing could come between you.

*Opens Harry Potter and the Cursed Child*

Scorpius: The rumor is that my parents couldn’t have children. That my father and my grandfather were so desperate for a powerful heir, to prevent the end of the Malfoy line, that they… that they used a Time-Turner to send my mother back… and how do I phrase this? Voldemort put his thingie into her you-know-what and they did it for the first time and they had me. 

*Closes Harry Potter and the Cursed Child*

*Sniffs and wipes a single tear away whispering “Thank you, J.K  Rowling”* 

*Pours a glass of rum and coke*

*Opens Harry Potter and the Cursed Child*

An Encounter with Draco Malfoy

“Hello loves! Could I please request a one shot with George or Draco? I just can’t seem to make up my mind… I love your blog, it’s great! Could the one shot be about meeting him (either one) for the first time? If it helps I was sorted into Ravenclaw… Thank you!”

  • Warnings: None
  • A/N: All characters from the potterverse belong to J.K. Rowling
  • One-shot masterlist is linked here: [X]

It was pleasant summer’s day in Diagon Alley, as you made your way down the lane to Flourish and Blotts to collect your school books for the upcoming year at Hogwarts. 

As you walked down the lane, you couldn’t help but realize that it was eerily absent of witches and wizards. Perhaps it’s because it’s lunch time? you thought to yourself; although you knew this close to September it was usually buzzing with last minute shoppers.

As you opened the door into Flourish and Blotts, your question was answered. It seemed as if every witch and wizard all over the country had been crammed into the space of the shop, which was little bigger the size of Hagrid’s hut. Why on earth were there so many people here? You tried to weave your way through the hoards of people. As you were trying to squeeze past a particularly plump witch, you couldn’t help but overhear her complain to her friend. 

“But I can’t see Gilderoy, Agatha!" 

Her friend, a rather spindly witch with a large feather in her hat, turned around to her plump friend.

"My dear Mary, you must wait in line. It won’t be long now." 

Gilderoy? You pondered. As in Gilderoy Lockhart who has written out the whole academic list for this year? Personally, the man annoyed you and he seemed far too old to develop a crush on for a second year like yourself. 

Once you had pushed and squeezed your way through the infinite queue of flustered witches and wizards, you found yourself in a room off from the main shop, which housed quill nibs and fresh parchment paper. 

As you looked back down at your list of equipment required for the next school year, it suddenly dawned on you. You would have to buy all of Lockhart’s books and that meant facing the crowd again. 

 "Do you have Lockhart too?” a boy’s voice asked behind you. 

Whilst spinning to face this mystery speaker you replied, “yeah…it seems the whole academic list is written by this clot." 

As you looked up you saw a boy who you instantly recognized from Slytherin. His hair was white-blonde and he held a slightly smug smirk. 

"Draco Malfoy.” The boy smugly stated, holding out his hand in anticipation for a shake. 

“(Y/N) (Y/L/N)” you replied, hesitating and then weakly shaking his hand. 

“So are you a first year?” he asked, raising an inquisitive eyebrow. 

“No…I’m about to enter my second year,” you replied, a little too quickly; which surprised him.

 "Oh…sorry…I didn’t recognize your face.“ There was an awkwardly uncomfortable pause. "My father says that these books lack any kind of practical expertise." 

"I would have to agree with that,” you replied. “They do seem a peculiar choice for an educational purpose. They’re more like stories…Anyway, I ought to go and actually buy them.” You laughed, rolling your eyes at the thought of having to waste your money on them.

“I need to buy them as well. If we slip under the crowd, no one will see us jump the queue,“ he suggested as if he had done it before.

You raised an eyebrow in reply, "are you sure?" 

"It will be fine. My father is somewhere around so he will help if we get caught.” Draco grinned mischievously. 

“Well if you are certain we won’t get caught,” you smiled, hesitantly picking up the parchment you had collected and followed Draco. He ducked under the cape of a tall wizard and you followed silently, with knees bent as you weaved through the crowd, grabbing books as you went. Soon you both found yourselves at the front of the queue with all the books you needed in your hands.Draco was first to pay, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a handful of galleons and placing several on the counter. 

“Thank you Master Malfoy, have a pleasant day,” the small man at the counter stammered almost nervously. He quickly added, “and good afternoon to you young witch. I hope you found everything you need.” You nodded in reply, smirking as you placed all your books and parchment on the counter. 

“That will be six galleons,” he confirmed. You reached into your cardigan pocket and pulled out a small handful of money and began counting it out on the surface. Your heart rate began rapidly increasing as you realized you only had five galleons. How could you have not noticed! You instantly regretted buying the honeycomb ice cream earlier from Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlour. You couldn’t put anything back as you needed everything you were buying. Malfoy caught a glimpse of your panicked face and noticed only five galleons placed on the counter. He reached into his own pocket and pulled out a galleon, placing it with yours. 

“No, you don’t need to do that,” you insisted, as you picked up his galleon and tried to give it back to him. 

“Take the galleon!” he demanded, pushing it back on to the counter. He noticed the tutting impatient witches behind you in the queue and after silencing them with a cold glare, he decided it was best to no longer hold up the busy shop. He picked up your five galleons and placed them in his hand along with his single galleon. He swiftly payed the man, grabbed your books and began leaving the shop, you quickly following behind.

“Thank you for stopping by,” the small man squeaked, as you turned to walk out the shop. When you finally battled your way through the crowd, you reached the outside of the shop. You gently took back your books, tucking them under your arm shyly.

“You didn’t need to do that!” you repeated. 

“You didn’t have six galleons,” he shrugged simply. 

“I’ll pay you back I promise,” you thanked.

“Don’t worry about it. Father always gives me extra to buy some sweets. Anyway, I guess I’ll see you at Hogwarts in September?” he inquired. 

“Yeah…I’ll see you then,” you muttered, slightly puzzled. How weird? You’d always heard from students that he wasn’t very nice, but you thought he was lovely. As you watched him walk off down Diagon Alley, a tall man with waist-length white hair met him and they both walked together into Gringotts. Maybe potions with the Slytherins won’t be so bad this year. 

Trust Me

Hullo, may I ask for a George Weasley x Reader wherein the reader’s a slightly snobbish Ravenclaw who’s only like that because of past experiences that make her distrustful of men and George has to prove himself trustworthy? Thank you

Warnings: None

A/N: Characters from the Potterverse belong to J.K. Rowling. 

Masterlist Here (x)

“Come on Y/N please be my date to Hogsmead,” George pleaded.

“Absolutely not,” you responded. George had been following you all day trying to convince you to be his date. You’d kept him at bay all week by lying about your immense amount of course work, but now it was the day before the trip. He was as relentless as a child in a toy store.

 “Don’t be a stereotypical Ravenclaw and tell me you have loads of homework to do. I know you’re just trying to avoid me,” George ran his hand threw his hair. “Just tell me something I can do to make me worthy to take you to Hogsmead.” You sighed. It wasn’t that George wasn’t a great guy. In fact, he was one of your dearest friends, but your last boyfriend had crushed your desire to date anyone. He had told everyone who would listen everything you did when the two of you were alone together. The stories spread like wildfire, causing everyone to whisper about you and silently judge you. Though it had been several months since the incident, you wanted nothing to do with boys.

 “George, it’s not your fault. It’s mine,” you breathed. “I just don’t know if I can trust you is all.”

“Still hung up over what-“ you cut him off,

“Don’t mention his name George. He’s not worth the airtime,” you stormed off leaving a very confused George.

 The next day you awoke to George smiling down at you.

“George, what are you doing here at this hour?” you rubbed your eyes.

“I’m going to prove how trustworthy I am,” George stated. “You’re going to need a broom. I’ll be out on the pitch.” Reluctantly, you got out of bed, changed, and made your way down to the quidditch pitch to meet George.

“So we’re going to fly?” you inquired as you started mounting your broom.

“Not entirely…more of a trust fall from 200 feet,” George mumbled.

“A WHAT NOW!” you shouted. “You want me to purposely fall of my broom, so you can catch me?”

“That’s the idea,” George began to kick off when you placed your hand on his shoulder.

“George, if you want me to trust you going to this level of extreme isn’t what I’m looking for. I know you’d catch me when I fall,” you sighed.  

“Then what do you want me to make me trust you? How about the fact that I never told a soul about our midnight conversations. I never let you go to bed upset; I always made you laugh it off. How about going around the school and jinxing everyone that was gossiping about you,” You never realized the lengths that George had gone to protect you or make you smile. How had you not seen it before? “When you get stressed out with your workload, you can always trust me to make you a smile. I just don’t know what else I can do to-” You stopped him and placed a tender kiss on his lips.

“I didn’t realize everything that you’ve done for me George,” you cupped his face. “I trusted you way before I thought I could trust anyone again.” You watched George’s grin spread across his face.

“Does this mean that-” You cut him off again with your lips, laughing slightly.

“Yes George, I’ll be your date to Hogsmeade,” you pulled him closer again, you never wanted to let  go of the boy who taught you to finally trust again.

oh hey it’s me, Mod R, interrupting our daily schedule to announce that… THIS IS OUR ONE THOUSANDTH POST??? holy shit i cannot believe this. we’ve come so far. we’ve been fucking shitposting for 100 days what the fuck!!!!

i want to make a huge thank you to a bunch of people who’ve helped us thus far:

  • thank you eleanor for providing us with nice harry potter conversations to get ideas from 
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  • thank you luna lovegood for being the legitimately best character in the series and providing me with a character i can relate to because she has many autistic traits (and thus, helping me through actual times of grief)
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let’s hope for another one hundred shitty days of shitposts. love you all <3

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Yeah, what she said.

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It was Only a Kiss

I was wondering if I could get a George imagine? Where like maybe george and the reader are really good friends and end up having a one night stand or something, but decide not to pursue a relationship, and then the reader ends up pregnant? With like lots of fluff idek. Thank you!! :)

Warnings: Teen Pregnancy Anxiety 

A/N: All characters belong to J.K. Rowling. Italics are flashbacks

Masterlists Here (x) (x)

You paced outside of the bathroom, your pulse racing. You never thought you’d be taking this kind of test, at least not this early anyway. For once, you hoped you failed an examination.

“It’s been thirty minutes Y/N. Did you want me to check?” Hermione inquired. You shook your head and mustered your courage to go and check the test. The test was just where you left it. It looked so innocent there, but appearances could be deceiving. Slowly, made your way toward the test, each step feeling more difficult than the last. Somehow, you managed to reach the counter, but your eyes didn’t look at the test. You looked into the mirror. This test could change everything. All the dreams you had for yourself were up in the air now. What if you needed to drop out of classes? You wouldn’t be able to take your N.E.W.T.S. this year with your classmates. What if you never found the time to take them and you were a dropout with unattainable goals? You took a calming breath, perhaps the test would be negative and you were worrying over nothing. It was only a small stomach bug and the stress of class had delayed your period. You looked down at the test, and your blood ran cold. It was positive.

You couldn’t stop smiling. After all the odds stacked against you with Ron’s nerves and horrible weather, your team had managed to win the game. Your ears were still ringing from the intensity of the game and your heart pounded loudly against your chest. When you arrived in the common room, you recognized all your teammates in the center of the party, and were surprised when you noticed a tall, ginger boy whom you recognized as George in the back of the room. Without a moment’s hesitation, you ran up to George and gave him a tight hug.

“When did you get here?” you asked. George smiled and laughed,

“I was there for the entire match. I couldn’t miss my baby brother’s first game. You were brilliant out there, so I suppose a congratulations is in order.” Without thinking, you placed your lips on George’s. You never acted so boldly with George, but you were caught up in the heat of the game. The logical side of you, the one who was not swept up in the party, pulled you away.

“I’m sorry about that,” you blushed wildly, as the realization of what you did hit you. Much to your surprise, George didn’t run away from you. He brushed a lock of your hair behind your ear and whispered,

“Don’t be.” George’s lips were on yours once more. You felt his arm wrap around you pulling you closer. Every kiss growing more passionate as you let out your remaining adrenaline from the game. Somehow, the two of you ended up in your room, your lips only straying apart so George could ask your permission to go further. Next thing you knew it was morning. You woke up with George’s arm around you, and tugged on the sheets to cover yourself causing George to wake up.  

“George, I’m sorry. I didn’t think it would go this far. It was all in good fun right?” you smiled weakly. Much to your relief, George didn’t appear angry.

“Sure Y/N. It was just a one night stand,” George agreed.

You hoped that you’d never speak of that night again. Clearly, that was not going to happen; you sunk to the floor.  

“Y/N are you-“ Hermione stopped mid-sentence when she saw you on the floor; her question was answered.

“Hermione, what am I going to do?” you whispered. Hermione put her arm around you as you continued to repeat the question. Much to your surprise, no tears came; you were still in a state of shock. “It was just one night.”

“Sometimes that is all it takes,” Hermione sighed as she rubbed your back. “We’ll get through this Y/N.”

“He’s going to hate me,” you blurted out, and that’s when the tears started falling. George was one of the best friends you had. How would you deal with him not being in your life?

“He’s not going to hate you Y/N,” Hermione reassured you. “George won’t abandon you. After all, he is the father.” The word father echoed in your head. You had been so focused on the test; you hadn’t allowed the meaning of the results to truly sink in. You were pregnant.  

“I hope you’re right Hermione,” you sighed. “You probably want me to owl him right away don’t you?”

“You owl him when you feel comfortable Y/N,” Hermione answered. “Just don’t wait too long or you won’t have to tell him.”  Hermione stood up and led you out of the bathroom.  

Several weeks passed before you sent George a letter asking him to visit that weekend. Your hand started shaking violently as you wrote, and you had to ask Hermione to finish your letter. By the time the weekend rolled around, you were sick with anxiety.  

“Y/N you’re shaking horribly, relax,” Hermione reassured you as she handed you some chocolate. “Hopefully this will help with the nerves.” The chocolate did calm you down somewhat but you were still terrified.

“Hermione, I know I’m supposed to meet George for lunch, but I can’t bring myself to get out of bed. I feel that my nerves will get the best of me again,” you replied as you pulled a blanket around you.

“Ok Y/N. I’ll go get George and bring him up here,” Hermione helped you lay down and waved her wand to make your room smell of soothing lavender. “Try to relax alright?” You nodded as you closed your eyes.

“Y/N? Are you sleeping?” you started stirring in your blankets. “If I knew you’d be asleep this late, I would’ve come back later.” Slowly you sat up and turned your body in the direction of his voice. You were about to shake up his whole world with two little words. Hermione had reassured you that he wouldn’t be upset with you, but you couldn’t be too sure. It was best to get it over with now.

“George, can you sit down for a moment. I need to tell you something,” you requested. George raised an eyebrow,

“Getting all serious on me Y/N? Alright.”

“You remember that night after the quidditch game?” you gulped. George’s face reddened.

“How could I forget? That was one crazy night.”

“George, several weeks after that night, I started to feel sick,” you rambled. There was no eloquent way to tell him, so you just blurted out the words. “George, I’m pregnant.”  George was silent, but he didn’t look away from you.

“You’re pregnant?” George echoed.

You nodded slowly; your heart was racing. Your previously suppressed anxiety was back making you sick to your stomach. You raced out of the room to the bathroom and vomited. Tears started falling down your face at the thought of losing your best friend. You didn’t hear the footsteps behind you, and were surprised when you felt warm arms wrap around you.  

“Y/N, I’m sorry I hesitated. I know you were nervous to tell me, but I was in shock. I just didn’t think that we could…that this could happen,” George spoke as he pulled you close. “I’m going to be there for you Y/N and our baby I promise you.” You sniffled, the worry you had over this conversation diminished.

“Oh George,” you breathed. “Thank you.”

“I’m surprised you were worried about telling me. The real person you should fear is my mum,” George teased. You laughed,

“I think she’ll be angrier at you than me George.” George simply shrugged.

“Let’s hope she takes mercy on me and doesn’t hurt me too badly for the sake of the baby.” You laughed and felt better already. No matter what challenges you faced, you knew you could handle them with help from your best friend.

The story continues (x)


Thank you so much J.K. Rowling and J. R. R. Tolkien for making these incredible stories and for making my childhood a lot better than I had even hoped for. It’s sad to think that my childhood has now ended, but I will watch the movies and read the books for my kids and my grandkids over and over again. These will never be forgotten! Also, thank you so much to all directors, cast and crew for making these amazing stories to the best movies of all time and for making my childhood magical and amazing!