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AU idea: All the JJBA protags run a family diner called JoJo's together and in a bitter rivalry with the nightclub across the street, The World Over Heaven, which is run by the villains. The Zeppellis just want to run their Italian restaurant in peace but keep getting caught in between. Good AU or nah? Any suggestions?

Good AU, the Jojo restaurant must be weirdly sexy if it’s in a rivalry with a nightclub??? Does Jonathan just serve tables shirtless. Is this the Universe’s equivalent to Hooters where they just have Jonathan serve everyone food shirtless. It’s like only Jonathan too. Everyone else is wearing like standard waiter clothes but then we just got Big Sexy over here.

The Zeppeli restaurant is also good, I hope its called Pizza Mozzarella and Johnny just keeps eating over there because he hates his family’s food.

Kira BETTER be the best entertainer over at the nightclub or what’s the fucking point

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Personally I like the big cock Lexa. Sure, it is unrealistic and scary in real life but fantasy is beyond that. I'm willing to bet the average of porn star dick is at least 2 inches above normal due to this. Besides, how many fanfics have anyone ever read where the dick is 8 inches? Usually that is "small" for the genre because we are all perverts (I know, big secret)

Here here friend you make a good point. Also cheers to the fanfic authors out there writing the good stuff 🍻🍻 they’re the real mvps

For @kari-izumi Atem is in love with the cat his boyfriend Kaiba brought home for him. He named him Timaeus.

Falling In Love - Mini Series - Dabin/DPR LIVE

You didn’t get to choose who you fell for,it just happened.

Slowly and then all at once.

It encompassed you like a flame to oil,slowly catching you alight before sparks ignited the collision of souls,that had finally found their way home.

The many stages of falling in Love…

Stage Ten:

Does Love Last Forever?

You looked yourself once over,allowing yourself one final look at your appearance.You patted down your dress,taking one large breath.Inhale,exhale.Everything was going to be okay.Everything would be okay as soon as you see Dabin,everything would be okay.

You turned around at the knock of the door,your Dad popping his head through the crack to see if you were almost ready.He rushed to help you down from the wooden platform.You wobbled slightly not sure if it was the heels or your neves.

“How are you feeling?” He asked squeezing onto your hand.

“Nervous.” You gritted your teeth.

“That’s perfectly normal”He reassured you, “everyone should have some nerves on their wedding day.” He kissed your forehead.

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name: Nicole

nickname: Nikki, Nick, Heichou, and some random ones but those are the common ones lol

star sign: Taurus 

height: 4′11″

sexuality: Well asexual for sure, but I’m not so sure about being bi or possibly panromantic ??

hogwarts house: Hufflepuff

favorite animal: Turtles! Also dogs and sharks 

average hours of sleep: uhh like 5-10 lol

dogs or cats: dogs af even tho I also like cats 

blankets you sleep with: 1? sometimes none but it’s getting cold, so yay

dream trip: Japan, many places in Europe, and Florida for the amusement parks ((:

dream job: Psychiatrist or anything in psychology really/ maybe a writer…  

when I made my blog: like 4 years ago man 

followers: 354 wow (I couldn’t tell you how many of those are bots tho hah)

why I made a tumblr: Fandom stuff haha wanted to get in on the action

reasons for my url: well, my name and I love LoZ plus this is what all my social media is under haha

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Also side note, I actually fulfilled the tag amount for once lol cuz why not haha i know I don’t talk to very many of you but hey, let’s change that maybe? :D  

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holly munro having a gf = gr8, but have you considered that holly's "there are other options you know" after denying the possibility of liking both lockwood and George could mean she had (/has?) a crush on lucy? like imagine pining holly as lockwood and lucy get closer and maybe even start dating that would be awful but I also need a fic of it like now (the happy ending is she gets together with her current gf)(but only after like 100k words of slowburn angst)

“You must know there are other possibilities in this world,” Holly said, and while she meant a lot by that (Girls! I’m a lesbian, Lucy! I like girls! and Even if I wasn’t, it’s not as if George and Lockwood are the only boys in London and Why do you assume these things?) she mostly meant You.

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🌸 Tattoo artists!Jikook for anon 🐉



To anyone who ever said Dream Daddy was pandering to yaoi fangirls: you have no idea how wrong your statement is. This game is so charming and genuine and as someone who’s apart of the LGBT community, a game like this means the world to me. The development team put their heart and soul into this game and they worked their hardest to make it into what it is now. You should be ashamed for even thinking that this game wasn’t genuine. I applaud the Dream Daddy devs for giving us this game, and honestly I hope it inspires more games like it.


shower me with your affection (or let me wilt)

YOI bigbang || written by @exile-wrath​/@plotmaster, art by me!

“Victor and Yuuri meet in a summer of earthquakes, shower duets, musical filming, and figuring out whether they should suspect each other to be a murderer or not.”

Read the fic on AO3! <3

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hanzo: i think we'll get along... swimmingly

@aerihead  YAAAS!!! 

Hanzo is on a roll and no one can stop him 

P.S. I imagine this happens literally right after the first post

Keep ‘em coming folks! I’ll take pun requests any day 👌👌👌

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