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fairytale girl // a love letter to someone soft, someone gentle, someone kind, someone that will hold your heart in their hands and keep it safe and warm.

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For years I have chosen not to have an identity.  I didn’t call myself straight, or gay, I simply said “I don’t identify” but for some reason, I felt that I just needed to come out and say it: I am bisexual.

I first realized it when I was about 13.  I wrote about it in my journal, which my mother ended up reading and telling my older sister at the time.  We were with my dad one day and my older sister and I were teasing each other and she cruelly joked about how “I thought I was bisexual” and I cried.  My dad was angry at her, and just wanted me to be happy.  He always has.  Since that day I have forgiven my sister, because she is a different person, and she is also my best friend.  I can’t say I have forgiven my mother, because her invasion of my privacy, and semi-abusive parenting techniques have left a permanent mark on my heart.

I thought maybe this was a phase.  I thought I was faking it even.  I simply suppressed my feelings and desires.  After watching Ingrid Nilsen’s coming out video, I felt comfortable enough to do the same.  I feel comfortable with who I am, and I am comfortable telling all of you, because despite how rough Tumblr can be sometimes, it’s actually one of the most accepting places.

So that’s it.  I’m bisexual.  I am real.  I am me.

If I Fall For You

TITLE: If I Fall For You

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter 3 of 8

AUTHOR: the-resawrites

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki’s chosen bride is a beautiful Princess, a daughter of a powerful King. He visits her every week to get to know her and sometimes she visits him too. However, Loki falls in love with her Lady’s maid- a shy yet very smart, book-loving young maiden.


NOTES/WARNINGS: Beware of typos! Thanks for reading.

Chapter 3

Ingrid placed a flower near her father’s burial stone, warm tears streaming down her cheeks and sniffles coming from her. Astrid placed a hand on her shoulder, taking a step next to her and bowing her head.

“I’m so sorry, Ingrid.” She said quietly. “Your father was a positive, kind man. I know I took advice from him more than once.” She smiled. “Ingrid, you can take as long as you like to recover from this.”

“Thank you.” Ingrid swallowed down her sob. “But I think a day or two will be fine, then I should return to the palace.”

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Ser Ingrid Faulkner

Born in 9:01 Dragon, Ingrid Faulkner belonged to a farming family who tended to the fields outside Lothering.

At the age of fifteen, young Ingrid felt compelled to do more than what a farmer’s life could offer. She had a strong arm and even stronger sense to safeguard others and within a year, Ingrid successfully appealed to the village Chantry and secured a future in Templar Order. Despite their initial concern, her parents agreed to her wish, and any doubts of her candidacy among the local recruits were subdued as the Faulkner girl wrestled five boys twice her size into submission. 

Three years later, she did not hesitate to pledge her life to the service of the Maker and took the Lyrium  draught that would bind her to the Order. Finally feeling like she was doing something worthwhile, she took to her new post at Kinloch Hold in stride. In 9:26 Dragon, her dedication impressed the Knight-Commander to such an extent that she was granted the rank of Knight-Captain. “One of the best feelings in my life,” Ingrid penned in a letter for her parents. “I will honor the Order and do my best with the responsibilities given to me.“ 

The best days of her life had yet to come, but so did the worst.

In 9:30 Dragon, the Fifth Blight reared from the Kocari Wilds. Ferelden fell to shambles following the king’s death at Ostagar. Yet, the Circle faced a war of its own within its sanctified walls: Uldred, a senior enchanter of the Circle, attempted a coup with blood mages. Countless lives fell to the madness under the attack. Then Knight-Captain Ingrid had been one of less than two dozen Templars who managed to take refuge on the first level. It wasn’t until the Warden, soon to be renown as the ‘Hero of Ferelden’, cut through the mass of demonic forces and slew Uldred would they be saved.

Following the Archdemon’s death (and thus the end of the Fifth Blight), Ingrid and her fellow Templars began the long effort to restore the Circle back to it’s former glory.  Still, the horrors of the abominations running rampant remained fresh. Rebuilding was something Ingrid was thankful for, so she admitted to a colleague years later. Lothering fell to darkspawn during the Blight; though some of the populace had managed to escape before the horde marched through, her parents were not so fortunate. In those weeks of mourning and rebuilding, Ingrid also contemplated the horrors she had faced. Although the demons and abominations seemed the most daunting, what unnerved her the most was the lack of Templar response. They, the last line of the defense, had failed when they were needed most, and this truth hardened her resolve. Ingrid knew that the Order wouldn’t be able to handle another crisis like that alone. They couldn’t rely on another savior like the Warden, now the ‘Hero of Ferelden’, to do their job for them. Ingrid swore never to stand at the sidelines again. Not when she was capable for action herself. 

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This video is one of the most important coming out videos in my opinion.

Ingrid Nielsen breaks down stereotypes and proves that it’s never too late to be who you are. Most coming out stories on YouTube are gay men so to see a female beauty guru with a huge fan base open up to us and share her story is amazing.

She gives her young fangirls hope. She shows them you don’t have to fit a mold to be gay. You can love fashion, makeup, and beauty things but still be gay.

I’m so proud of her and I hope she is knows just what huge an impacted she had made on so many lives by sharing her story. Sharing your story is always hard so let’s all show her some love and support. Thank you, Ingrid.

My thoughts on Ingrid's coming out

I was so touched and in tears when I watched Ingrid’s video. To see how much of an relief it was for her to finally say it was amazing. Now why I personally think this is so great, is because most girls/women have a YouTube channel because of their sexuality and that is the main topic they talk about. Ingrid’s always been a beauty guru and that’s probably why nobody expected something like that. It’s another step into the right direction that people hopefuly finally unterstand that there’s not such thing as “looking like a lesbian”. How you look/dress/talk/how much make up you wear has NOTHING to do with your sexuality. So thank you Ingrid for broadening a lot of horizons a little more.
She has always been such an inspiration and the fact that she doesn’t have to hide that part anymore makes me feel so happy for her. She’s a rolemodel in a lot of ways and now a little more.
I hope that someday nobody has to come out and everybody’s able to live their life without judgement and the fear of not being accepted because of who they are.

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Im such Hangrid trash too xD it just all happened so fast Im like woah...

Like I’m wondering if we really are grasping at straws but I don’t know, it seems like there really is/could be something. I guess some people are saying it is a case of “two people are gay, they must be dating,” but I really don’t see it as that since the MDK & Ingrid’s channel’s video were filmed before she came out, meaning she was actually friends with Hannah prior (ie it wasn’t just Hannah being like “someone’s come out, let me enterprise on that and make a video”) and she did want her first big “post-coming out” video to be with someone who had helped her. Then there’s the whole France thing; as someone who adamantly ships hartbig and who used to have grester blacklisted on xkit because I was afraid of starting to like the ship, it practically is confirmed (it pains me to admit it as someone who is called Captain Hartbig by friends) and Chester came to France as Grace’s +1 even though he didn’t have a panel. Ingrid did the same with Hannah I think. I don’t know. Hannah looks at Ingrid very differently from how she looks at anyone else, and even in such a small time frame we’ve had soooo many indications they are much closer friends than we think ahhhh I’ve been rambling but it’s just my thoughts. I love to overanalyze things help