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Relentless | Calum Hood Series Pt.10

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                                                   Part T E N 

Request: Being the cousin of Ashton Irwin was exciting, especially when invited to their tour to hang out with his best friends. You found yourself becoming fond of Calum Hood, who finds you annoying from your constant appearance. But what would happen if you stopped giving him that attention?

Word Count: 4.5k +

A/N: ahhh im sorry in advanced! this isnt extremely jealous!cal but it is there! i hope you all arent disappointed in me ahaa i really hope ya’ll enjoy this and please get it to 100 notes, as usual ! xx

Parts: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty. [DONE]

                                                    I M A G I N E 

Dublin, 19:35 P.M. 

The Jeep full of you and the band finally began pulling over by a large home. It was lovely from the outside, seeming lavish with beautiful stone tiles and sugarcane plants. But it was extremely lively with bodies hanging around it, music blasting from the windows, and lights of all sorts beaming out. 

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Seal of Approval || Jughead Jones

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Request from anon: Hey can I request a Jughead x reader fic where the reader is a new student who has icey blue eyes and red hair and she’s really shy but she really likes jug. Your stuff is really amazing. Thank you in advance you lovely person you <3 <3

Request from @sunshine51879: An Jughead request. The reader is Jason & Cheryl ’ s little sister. She is not like them, quiet, shy, loves to read. Dating Jughead, the twins know & approve. Everyone else finds out when Cheryl blasts Reggie for blaming Jug for Jason’s death.

A/N: I don’t own the conversation between Jughead and Reggie. That belongs to the “Riverdale” writers.


As you, Y/N Blossom, looked up at the building that was Riverdale High, you couldn’t help but feel nervous. Sure, you were definitely a Blossom with your bright blue eyes and fiery red hair and your older sister basically ran the school. But after your older brother’s death, your parents had pulled you out of your private school in the city and brought you back to Riverdale so they could keep a closer eye on you. They didn’t want to lose two children. You were also very different from your siblings. While Cheryl and Jason were involved in a ton of after school activities and loved to have parties, you were more laid-back and quiet, preferring to read in your spare time. You were a freshman, just a year younger than Cheryl and Jason but you felt like a kindergartner again, going to a brand new, big, bad school.

“Hey, Y/N!” a voice called, making you turn around.

You smiled once you realized who it was.

Jughead Jones, your boyfriend of seven months made his way over to you, giving you a quick peck on the cheek. You blushed and quickly looked around, making sure no one saw the two of you.

“Jughead!” you lightly scolded. “What if someone saw us?”

Jughead smirked.

“What a shame that would be,” he said sarcastically.

You and Jughead met over your spring break earlier that year. You had accidentally walked into him while carrying a milkshake and spilled it all over him. You apologized to him profusely as you tried to clean up his shirt as he continuously reassured you that it was fine. You then offered to buy him whatever he wanted from Pop’s as an apology. Little did you know that would end up being your first date. Laughing and joking with each other over spilt milkshake.

Although you were dating Jughead, not a lot of people knew about it. Your and Jughead’s families were always under scrutiny and you didn’t have to deal with your relationship being under the public eye as well. However, Cheryl knew you were dating the beanie-clad boy. Jason did too, when he was alive. To your surprise, they approved of the Jones boy. Why, you never knew. You decided it was better not to question them on it. Jason would always joke with you that he would murder Jughead if he ever broke your heart. You would always laugh at that.

You didn’t like to joke about that now.

“You ready?” Jughead asked, breaking you out of your thoughts.

You sighed and nodded, looking back towards the school.

“Readier than I’ll ever be.”

You managed to get through the majority of the day without any drama going down. But seeing as you were a Blossom, of course you couldn’t escape the drama that went down during your free period.

You were in the student lounge along with Jughead and the rest of the Core Four. The jocks were on the sofa and Cheryl was there as well, occasionally looking over at you to make sure you were alright. The jocks were chatting amongst themselves but you only started paying attention when you heard your brother’s name.

“… let’s be honest,” Reggie began. “Isn’t it always some spooky, scrawny, pathetic Internet troll, too busy writing his manifestos to get laid? Some smug, moody, serial killer fanboy freak. Like Jughead?”

You quickly turned to Jughead who looked at Reggie with a calm albeit annoyed expression.

“What was it like, Suicide Squad? When you shot Jason? You didn’t do stuff to the body, did you? Like after?” he teased.

“It’s called necrophilia, Reggie,” Jughead stated. “Can you spell it?”

Reggie quickly got up.

“Hey, come here, you little—”

“Enough!” Cheryl snapped, stepping in between Jughead and Reggie.

Everyone looked at Cheryl bewildered, wondering why the Blossom girl suddenly cared about Jughead’s wellbeing.

Reggie scoffed.

“Step aside, Cherry Pie, and let me avenge your brother’s murderer,” he said, a smug smile on his face. “It’s not like Jughead’s important to you.”

Cheryl looked like she was about to explode.

“He’s important to Y/N. She’s her boyfriend and she loves him and I’ll be damned if I let you hurt him. Back up.” she snarled.

Everyone’s eyes widened as they looked at you and then Jughead, the two of you now blushing furiously.

“No way,” Reggie said in disbelief. “Your little sister and Norman Bates?”

“I said back up!” Cheryl yelled.

Reggie knew better than to mess with the eldest Blossom girl and held his hands up in surrender, slowly backing out of the student lounge.

Cheryl sighed and turned back to you, and apologetic look on her face.

“I-I’m sorry, Y/N,” Cheryl said as she walked over to you. “I know you and Jughead wanted to keep your relationship a secret and I just—”

“No, Cheryl, it’s okay,” you reassured.

You looked over at Jughead who was smiling and holding out his hand out for you, ready to walk hand-in-hand with you to your next class.

You smiled.

“It’s more than okay.”


A/N: Hope you enjoyed! Please send me feedback!


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This story is for @taylor-tut, who requested:

Hey! <3 I would LOVE to see a fic if it’s not too much trouble with maybe Lance with nightmares keeping him awake all night every night and getting SUPER exhausted, and Keith is like “if you don’t get this sorted out, you’re gonna crash.” Where it goes from there is up to you! Thanks in advance <3

So of course I took it in my own weird and overly-emotional direction. Here you go, I hope you enjoy!

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Suddenly I See You: Ch. 8

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7

A/N: There isn’t much I can say for this, except brace yourself. It almost feels like a filler chapter, but I can promise you it’s not. It’s the nail in the coffin that’s important for the last two chapters and for the final decision. Still silently praying this doesn’t disappoint. Much Love, Jenn

Genre: Mino x Reader, Zico x Reader

Words: 7512

Disclaimer: As always, any gifs used are not mine and belong to their rightful owners!!

For the first time you woke up without fear of running late to class and without panic from a nightmare. The worry of going through your day and disappointing one person or another. A smile stretched across your face as your arms extended back into the pillows. A scent you’d now grown accustom to enveloping you in comfort, as your eyes opened to adjust to the sunlit room.

You glanced over the side of the bed to look for Zico only to find he wasn’t there. His pillow and blankets reminiscent of a body that laid beside you throughout the night.

You moved to sit up and slide off the bed. Your feet carrying you over to the long mirror he’d placed in the corner to catch a glimpse of yourself. It wasn’t the reflection you’d hope to find. Your face puffy and hair a mess. Your hands flew up to try and smooth it down when you heard the door begin to open. You ran back to the bed and jumped on it, grabbing the bed sheet just as Zico walked into the room. His lips in an amused smirk as you wrapped the blanket around yourself like E.T.

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Contractual Obligations: 01

You’re a journalistic correspondent for your home country’s consulate building. You were to spend the next few months with the princes of seven different countries. However, when Prince Taehyung approaches you with an offer of marriage you don’t know if you can refuse. He wants out of an arranged marriage and you want the inside scoop. You aren’t sure as the marriage goes on, that Taehyung is truly the man you thought he was.  

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader x Yoongi. 

Word Count 3.1k 

You smoothed out the emerald silk of your dress. You took several deep breaths, one hand resting on your abdomen, and the other hand gently adjusting your hair. Was this appropriate? Was it too much? Too little? You weren’t entirely sure how you were supposed to look at the lavish parties.  You looked over yourself in the mirror completely second guessing yourself. You couldn’t do this, couldn’t go to this party and face them. The Crown Princes.

You weighed the pros and cons of not going. Pro: You wouldn’t make a fool out of yourself. Con: You would almost certainly lose your job as a journalistic correspondent for said crown. Which most certainly could not happen. Taking in a sharp breath, you shook your head and departed from the mirror, opening the door to your apartment and heading out to the town car sent for you. You lifted your dress over your ankles as to not let it touch the wet pavement, while the chauffeur held an umbrella over your head. You said thank you to hi, and he sent you a kind smile. He did not often get thanked for all he did. You put your seatbelt on and thought about what tonight would entail. You wondered if the Crown Princes would be wearing their traditional royal garments. The almost military style clothes adorned with the badges of their home countries. You more than ogled at them. There were seven of them how could you not?

           Prince Yoongi—who hailed from Trael; he was a bit aloof. Tended to almost look bored at these events. He liked to watch from the sidelines and when he was forced to engage in conversation typically only gave one word answers. His voice was gruff and the only time you had seen him crack a smile was when Prince Namjoon leaned in to lowly comment on something they had in common. Though, you never knew just what they were talking about.  His hair was a soft black color, his hands were large and he looked dashing in red which was his country’s color.

Speaking of Prince Namjoon, who was from Asmon, was a walking wrecking ball. He was clumsy but kind. He always stood by you during these events, sat by you at dinner. He was the one who was most familiar with the customs of your home country. He made you feel at ease. Namjoon was the closest thing to a brother you had. His hair was brown in color, he sported his country’s home colors of purple and gold very well. Namjoon spent a lot of time with Prince Jin.

Prince Jin, born in Pacila typically was the object of affections from the ladies of the court. Jin was the oldest prince and one of the most handsome. Though, he never seemed that interested in the court ladies’ advances or their sighs and swoons. He preferred to make others laugh, to sit with Namjoon and make jokes. His hair was a light brown color. Jin often sported tuxes and suits with splashes of pink. Subtly showcasing his country’s colors of white and pink. He tended to dote on the youngest prince.

The youngest Prince was Prince Jungkook. Jungkook was ruggedly handsome and was from Chaot, the smallest of the seven countries. He was a little immature, he liked to prank members of the court and he and Prince Jimin were the flirtiest of the seven princes. They always had a lady on their arm and a drink in their hands. Jungkook typically wore black when he had to represent his country, It made the chocolate brown of his hair look wonderful and it made the bright silver of his country’s color stand out.

Prince Jimin, looking at the crown prince of Fila you would have thought he was the youngest, with his dyed pink locks and soft cheeks. He loved to dance, he and Prince Hoseok were always out on the dance floor. Prince Jimin liked to tease you about staying off to the side when it came to dancing. You had always been nervous and he always allowed Prince Hoseok to step in to coerce you to dance. He looked strapping in baby blue bowties. Up until recently he had light blonde hair, but what made him color his hair pastel pink eluded you.

Prince Hoseok who hailed from the country of Glea—a fitting name for a country with his shining personality as crown prince never failed to make you laugh. Whether it be with silly dance moves; gesturing to you during a faster paced song or the coy jokes he made when he finally succeeded in dancing with you. He kept his hair a dark maroon color. He was generous and caring. He apparently was the next in line to be betrothed, though you weren’t sure if he cared or not. He typically sported gold accents on his suits.

Finally, we get to Prince Taehyung. Prince Taehyung was the sun itself. Tan skin, a warm smile, and honey brown hair. He was from Iasnye, and was second youngest and the most caring gentleman you had ever met. Taehyung didn’t care for the bureaucratic life of becoming a king. He much rather cared for the people, especially children. The number of times the young prince was caught playing with children versus making connections outside of the other Princes and yourself was astronomical. Taehyung sported the color of the seas of Iasnye, that clear azure blue when he did decide to dress for his country. To say that you had a slight crush on him was an understatement.

You were pulled out of your thoughts when the town car pulled to a stop, the driver once again opening the door for you. Your view immediately landed on the people entering the large consulate mansion. Where the Princes currently resided. Taking a deep breath, you exited the car and you were pleased that the rain had stopped for now. You lifted your dress and walked up to consulate mansions stairs, your heart pounded in your chest. Once you entered you were enamored by the sheer amount of people here tonight. You looked around the room, hoping to spot a bar and when you did; the breath you had been holding whooshed out of you. Some liquid courage is what you needed right now.

You walked towards the bar, weaving past waiters and guests as the laughed boisterously. At one point, you heard the guffawing laugh of the Prime Minister of Glea, who had already clearly had too much to drink tonight. You made a mental note not to approach him. He tended to get handsy when he drank. You approached the bar and smiled at the bartender.

“I’ll have a glass of white wine please?” You asked and he nodded pulling a glass and pouring your drink for you. You turned to look at the rest of the party. To your left was the stage where a swing band was playing softly. God, everyone looked beautiful tonight. In the middle of the dance floor was Prince Jimin, who had on a lovely grey suit, his pink locks falling over his eyes as he dipped the woman he was dancing with. You took a sip from your drink and pulled your cell phone out of your clutch, checking to see if you had any messages from your boss Jeonghan.

“Miss Y/N, you really shouldn’t have your phone out here it’s not proper,” A low voice pointed out. “Is the party really that boring?” Your eyes flicked up to see Prince Namjoon, flustered you put your phone away and curtsied. He made a tutting noise.

“Sorry, Prince Namjoon.” He tutted again and you were confused.

“Y/N, what have I told you about being so formal with us? None of the other Princes like it when you do that.” Namjoon whined and you fought a giggle. However, he smiled at you and ordered a glass of red wine for himself.

“How are you Namjoon?” You asked, testing his name without formality. Namjoon shrugged his shoulders and watched the crowd with you.

“I’m fine, business as usual here at the consulate building.” Namjoon had passions outside of governing and he often felt the stress of doing both writing and governing too much sometimes.

“I see, why not go dancing and relieve some of the stress?” You suggested; he laughed loudly.

“Oh no, if you don’t have to dance then I most certainly don’t have to.”

“You’re a Prince, you have to dance.” You countered with a coy smile. Namjoon rolled his eyes.

“Y/N, I am walking destruction. Do you really want to see that on the dance floor?” He gestured over himself to prove his point and you laughed lightly.

“Hell yes.” You replied and put a hand over your mouth. Oh no! You were supposed to be professional. Namjoon tilted his head to the side at your expletive before laughing again.

“You know, that might have been the first time I have heard you curse.” Namjoon pointed out and he pondered it for a moment. “You should do that more often.” You gaped at the older male and sputtered. He took a sip from his wine glass and watched as Jimin detached himself from the woman he was dancing with, not before he whispered something in her ear to make her blush furiously. Jimin’s eyes scanned the room until he spotted you and Namjoon; a wide grin breaking over his face. Jimin immediately walked over and pulled you into a hug.

“Ah Y/N is here tonight!” Jimin exclaimed as he twirled your body around. You struggled to keep a grip on your wine glass as Jimin spun you about, worried about the contents of the glass getting all over his nicely tailored suit. You flushed and asked him to release you, only to hear a whine from the boy.

“Jimin, you’re going to suffocate her.” Namjoon warned, but you heard the laugh in his voice. Jimin let you go with a huff and smiled at you. He took your hands in his and looked up and down your body.

“You look amazing, green is your color.” Jimin praised and you felt another blush creep up your cheeks. It made the skin feel hot. Jimin pressed a kiss to your cheek, something he did every time you saw him. You tensed up and he let out another giggle. “You’re so uptight Y/N”

           “I am not!” You protested and set your wine glass down on the bar. You crossed your arms over your chest and pouted petulantly. Jimin shook his head.

           “Oh, prove to me you aren’t uptight.” He challenged and you waited for the same question he was bound to ask you. “Dance with me.” It was pretty standard of Jimin to tease you and then offer you to dance with him. With tried and true patience your replied with,

           “No, I’ll look silly dancing next to you.”

           “You’re going to refuse a Prince?” Jimin gasped and you rolled your eyes. He pouted cutely at you and you shook your head.

           “Yes, go find the girl you were dancing with earlier or better yet, find Jungkook.” Namjoon let out a long snicker at your response and Jimin looked at you agape. He feigned hurt and scurried away, seeing Prince Jungkook enter the room. You shook your head and let out a laugh. Namjoon looked at you and back at the crowd before he told you he had to depart. Namjoon would have preferred to keep your company all night. But, you understood that he was obligated to mingle with the rest of the people. You figured you should attempt to do your job, finding sources for articles and keeping up the guise that you actually had something of substance to write about.

           The night went on and you were seated by Prince Jin at dinner. You both shared some polite small talk between courses. But, mostly you observed. Watched each interaction the Princes had with officials and took small notes about what the officials were saying. You talked with Namjoon a lot and a bit with Prince Yoongi, though he seemed more interested in blending into the beige walls than making conversation. While speaking to Namjoon about your job you were interrupted by Prince Taehyung.

           Taehyung looked radiant tonight. His suit was a deep blue color and his hair was pulled back away from his forehead. He gave you his signature box smile. “Prince Namjoon, do you mind if I steal Miss Y/N for a dance?” He requested politely and Namjoon raised a brow puzzled. Never was Taehyung so formal to him. Also, it was a surprise to see him actually engaging with another adult. Namjoon looked to you and you looked to Taehyung before nodding meekly. Taehyung smiled at you again and took your hand, leading you onto the dancefloor.

           “You look very beautiful tonight.” Taehyung complimented and you flushed. His hand rested lightly on your waist and you held his shoulder swaying gently with him. Taehyung knew better than to try and pull you into a full waltz. You didn’t know how to dance.

           “Thank you, your highness.” You answered, your mouth was slightly dry and you felt as if your heart was going to explode from your chest. He nodded and didn’t protest your statement like he normally would. Taehyung was eerily quiet and that was unsettling for you. “Is everything alright?” You inquired after a minute.

           “Oh? You didn’t hear?” Taehyung sounded surprised as he looked down at you. You quirked an eyebrow. Hear what?

           “Obviously not.” You replied and a wave of worry went through you. Was he going back to Iasnye? You felt his grip on your waist tighten.

           “I am engaged to be married.” Taehyung answered solemnly. You couldn’t help the gasp of surprise exit your lips and you struggled to find a way to respond. Before you could answer the song abruptly ended and he detached himself from you. You wanted to stop him and ask what had happened. To inquire who he was getting married to and you thought this confession could be your big break as a writer. If you had the opportunity to cover a royal wedding! You could finally earn that promotion and get your name out there. You both clapped for the band and he walked you towards one of the balconies. You wondered if he was going to be talking to you about it. But, before you could inquire further the Prime Minister of Glea sauntered over, his rotund body separating you and Taehyung. If matters couldn’t get any worse your phone began to ring. You excused yourself outside and took the call, grateful the rain was gone.

           “Hello?” You asked as you picked up the phone.

           “Y/N!” The voice of Jeonghan, your boss spoke from the other line. “You need to come to the office.” You tilted your head to the side as he spoke, confused as to why the office needed you right this minute.
           “Sir, I’m currently at the consulate building working.” You replied.

           “I know, but we’re pulling the article.”

           “But sir,”

           “Y/N, your story has no traction, it’s a glorified fluff piece. You’re being reassigned.” You couldn’t believe this. You had been working on this story for two months. Did he understand how hard it was to get anything out of the princes? Did Jeonghan understand that it was damn near impossible to try and talk to them when the crown forbade the press for sitting in on governmental meetings? “I want you in the office tomorrow.” Then you heard the click and dial tone. You let out a frustrated groan and shoved your phone back into your clutch. You ran a hand through your hair, pulling the bobby pins out and you let it cascade over your shoulders.

           “Work trouble?” The deep baritone voice of Taehyung made you jump. You turned towards him and sighed.

           “Yeah, they’re pulling me from the article. I can no longer come to the consulate building.”

           “Why?” Taehyung asked eyes wide. He stepped towards you and put his hand comfortingly on your shoulder.

           “My story is not going anywhere, so they don’t want me writing it anymore. It needed a kick, something to gain readers.” You couldn’t believe this was happening. It was completely unfair. Taehyung looked at you and you could see the wheels in his head turning. You were at a loss as to what to do. You couldn’t believe this. Honestly, you couldn’t even think of a story that would get you the types of connections this one offered for you. Taehyung placed his hand on your chin and looked at you as if he had come up with the greatest idea in the world.

           “Marry Me.” He stated and you flinched back. Shocked. Marry him? Why?

           “What?” you croaked, throat dry and constricted. You needed a drink. A large stiff drink that would make you forget your name.

           “Marry me, you need a big story and I don’t want to marry the woman I am betrothed to.”

           “Prince Taehyung,” You began and he stopped you.

           “It would only be for a short amount of time, just until my father gets off my back. Think about it, if you marry me you can write the big story you want. If you’re crown princess of Isanye you get into all those government meetings.” He was determined to get you to say yes. You thought about it for a moment. It would be amazing for your career to do this. But, you had always thought you would marry for love.

           “I don’t know the first thing about being a princess!” You exclaimed. Taehyung looked at you beseechingly.

           “I can teach you, please think about it.” Taehyung held you close. You couldn’t breathe he was so close. “Please.”

           “Fine, I’ll marry you.” You had to put your career first. You had to. You didn’t want your whole world to implode and this was your golden ticket. You felt guilty, though, using him. Though Taehyung was planning on using you too. You couldn’t believe you were going to do this. Taehyung looked down at you and beamed. He kissed your forehead and pulled back.

           “You won’t regret this!”

           You hoped you didn’t.

Viserys x Female Reader

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Imagine being Viserys’s wife and queen of the Seven Kingdoms where you are known for your feisty yet caring nature.

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

\ Request from anonymous /

You have no idea how much I’ve missed your imagines!! I was wondering if you could do an AU plot where Viserys is Lord of the Seven Kingdoms and the reader is ruling with him as his Queen? ♥ Hope you’re having a wonderful week and thanks in advance, darling~!

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

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The RFA Thinks you like someone else

But the twist is you like them

I know its shocking

I never said its a good twist

gender neutral

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  • Well he is flirting but when he sees that you get so well along with Jaehee
  • He somehow gets the idea that you like her her more then just as friend
  • You just seem so close and she is really a great person too
  • So somehow it makes sense to him that you fell for her
  • He is certain you are dating when you go to Jaehee on a few evenings
  • You just go to watch DVD´s -with Zen in it-
  • Turns out you and Jaehee are both huge musical fans so you become close friends
  • So Zen is happy for you to be with Jaehee but he is sad since its not him – Zen in a nutshell-
  • He does not talk to you over his assumption so its a bit strange that he starts pulling his flirty attitude back.
  • Zen would never hit on you when you are with someone else
  • You get quite sad that he moves back from you but you think you might did something wrong or he just sees you as a friend after all
  • So you ask Jaehee about whats up with that
  • She tells you you defiantly made him not mad but maybe he figured that being to close to you is not good for his carrier after all
  • That makes sense to you but it also breaks your heart since you really fallen for Zen
  • Jaehee actual became such a close friend at this point she knows you would never hurt Zen
  • You genuine care for him so she decides to ask Zen what he really feels for you.
  • In worst case Jaehee will be their for you in best case Zen might has feelings for you too.
  • So she calls Zen and strait out asks him
  • He try’s to avoid a direct answer but then admits that he has feelings but he knows that you like Jaehee so he not wants to get in between of that
  • After Jaehee wonders how he came to that conclusion she tells him that there is nothing but friendship between you two.
  • In fact they became friends because they both like Zen just in different ways
  • Well now Zen feels like an idiot you are not a couple with Jaehee and he really wonders why his mind got so wild about this
  • And wait what Jaehee means with likening him in different ways ?
  • Now he has to stop being an idiot and just ask you
  • So he calls you and tells you that he was quite cold to you lately and that he is sorry he did not mean to hurt you -Jaehee basically yelled at him for that-
  • Of course you forgive him and push it to some stress but he admits it was because h thought that you had feelings for Jaehee
  • It makes you laugh since its impossible to fall in love with someone else
  • Good wait someone else does that mean – Yes Zen
  • So you fell for him , he fell for you and everything works out


  • Since he has no clue about love , I mean he had a crush before but he never had a date
  • So he has no real insight in peoples hearts
  • He is very nervous when he figures that he has all those feeling for you it takes him a bit to sort his feelings out
  • At the time he knows that he has a deep crush on you he notices that you became quite close with 707
  • He thinks you like him more I mean 707 has so much fun with you
  • You always seem to joke with him and laugh you never prank Yoosung but that’s probably because you are so nice to everyone
  • To him you are so awesome and perfect -He gets sidetracked to easy-
  • It looks like you are flirting with 707 to him and he is no one to steal someone away so he keeps his feelings to him
  • Its clear  that Yoosung is unexperienced and shy so he never really flirted that much with you
  • He was very nice to you of course but at this rate it would go no where
  • You wanted to take action and decided to invite him to a gaming session
  • If Yoosung liked you it could turn in a date but if he doesn´t it would not be too awkward
  • Plus being with Yoosung sounded like fun anyways
  • So he came over but since he felt like he should be not alone with you and he wanted to help you to get closer to seven he brought seven along with him
  • 707 thought he was just playing wing man for Yoosung and that is why he agreed on this
  • To him it was clear that you liked each other you both just did not notice it yet
  • You thought he brought Seven along because he was more comfortable that way and you figured it might had been better to go to have a coffee instead
  • Still you have fun with both of them so its not that bad you feel like you getting closer with Yoosung too
  • Its quite strange how he avoids being alone with you , maybe he is embarrassed or maybe he does not like you at all?
  • The truth of course is that he is trying to bring you closer with 707 but you not really want to be alone with him
  • Its all quite wired for everyone at some point seven takes pity on you two and takes a opportunity while Yoosung is making you snacks.
  • He first asks you what you think about Yoosung and it is as he thought you like Yoosung a lot
  • Then he pretends to help Yoosung and drops some hints at him but Yoosung does not get it
  • So he changes plans and tells him that you like Yoosung
  • Yoosungs thinks as a friend and lowkey tells seven that he thinks you  have a crush on seven
  • He laughs so hard at that and tells him you are only friends you mostly just joke around and if not you end up talking about Yoosung
  • But of course he should not just believe Seven and just go and ask you what you think
  • Then he makes a cheap excuse up and leaves the two of you alone to figure it out
  • What you then do since its quite obvious to you what Seven does and you half hate him and half thank him
  • So you gather your courage and tell Yoosung what you feel about him
  • After the surprise on Yoosungs end -insert embarrassed Yoosung reactions here-
  • He confesses that he feels the same way and you both agree on having a real date next time


  • You started working at Jumins place since the payment was great and you could work with Jaehee
  • She might hates the work under Jumin but the payment is great and you are a hard worker but also not take sh** from Jumin
  • So its not really surprising that you get good along with the other coworkers and Jumin actual appreciates your honesty
  • Jaehee would never dare to speak up to Jumin as directly as you do you are able to tell Jumin off without offending him
  • Its like magic, she is impressed
  • Slowly but surely her feelings for you deepen you have a lot in common after all
  • You are also a Zen fan but you not have any deeper feelings for him so you can understand her position quite well
  • You also actual like taking care of the cat you like cars a lot and somehow you get along really well with Elizabeth
  • She is really thankful you take her but then she notices that you are actual quite close with Jumin
  • Could it be that you are interested in him?
  • I mean why would you to Jaehee he is a Robot but somehow Jumin seems to be more loose around you
  • Maybe you could see something in Jumin that other people didn´t
  • Jaehee had no idea you only made him smile with the countless pictures of his cat that you took for him
  • You had no feelings for Jumin but you really had fallen for Jaehee
  • Jaehee was of course a very slow going person and you respect that so you not pursue her
  • At some point its kind of frustrating Jaehee after all there is finally a person she feels like opening up to and maybe even someone she could get even closer too
  • Your friendship is really important to her she not wants to ruin it and she realizes she maybe took to long
  • Maybe you just never had deeper feelings for her what was okay even when it hurts her
  • She gives you all the support she can regardless
  • Your happiness is what matters most to her and even when she can not understand how you fell for Jumin if that is how you feel its fully fine for her
  • But then one evening it was after a business party you had to both dress really nice and you looked really great
  • Jumin was extra nice to you too you pretty much talked the whole evening just with Jumin and  it frustrated Jaehee so much she ended drinking too much
  • Later when she was home she logged in the messenger and let her frustration out on Zen
  • Zen tried to make her calm down but she really was upset over it.
  • You saw the whole think the next morning and called her wondering why she thinks you are liking Jumin.
  • Jaehee had a hangover and regrets saying those thinks you not want rumors and explain to her that Jumin was only talking about his cat the entire time
  • You have no feelings for Jumin whatsoever and on a whim you tell Jaehee you actual like her and that you know that she needs time
  • Jaehee is relived and happy and also really grateful she is happy that you understand her so well


  • Everyone sees him as a cold person you somehow don´t you think he is funny person and you love his cat.
  • You defend him and you tell everyone that he is a nice person he thinks you are just really kind.
  • You are a very open and warm parson to him so he does not think you could like him more
  • It seems a bit strange to him that he thinks on you a lot and he always wants to call all the time.
  • He wants to know everything about you and then it hits him a bit later -like a week or two-
  • He really likes you in a romantic way
  • But then he sees that you talk to Yoosung -of all people- you are looking close to him
  • You help him with his gaming addiction and he reminds you of your younger brother – even when you might never had one- or maybe he wakes parental feelings in you who knows
  • You think that Yoosung needs someone to guide him the right path and since no one else seems to care you do it.
  • Jumin thinks Yoosung is younger then you are but maybe he is your type
  • He had that happen to him before so he just closes himself away from you
  • Jumins calls get more rare and he does not try to make jokes everyone thinks he is broken again
  • They already thought so after he started to open up to you so now he is either more broken or fixed again.
  • You think somethings bad happened so you not mention it too much even when it makes you sad
  • Maybe you imaged him making advances towards you, maybe you bored him in the end.
  • You not wanted to get hurt since you thought he maybe would be a bit brutal when he would not feel the same way
  • So you not told him what you feel and he not told you anything
  • He was extremely cold to you it quite hurt even the other told him he is mean
  • You just brushed it off and continued to help Yoosung with his studys
  • Even he noticed how the whole thing affected you but he could not really do much
  • He even asked Zen for advice for that only made thinks worth for you since now even Zen thought that Yoosung had feelings for you
  • His denying only made seven troll Yoosung hard for having a secret crush on you what kinda made you defend the poor boy
  • That only feeded Jumins thoughts of you being actual a couple with Yoosung a true mess
  • A while later  Jaehee needed some extra helpers for one of Jumins projects
  • So you agreed on helping you could use some extra cash
  • Jaehee actual never thought the rumor about you and Yoosung was true it was so clear that you where only helping him and you did
  • She also thought that it was the same for Jumin
  • You liked working with Jaehee you said how good it feel to be with an actual adult for a change
  • The rumors kind of affected you it was quite annoying and then you also where still puzzled why Jumin was so cold to you
  • Jaehee asked you if you actual like Jumin she never knew why you do but she felt that you have a interest in him
  • You don´t want to lie and admit you do have a crush on Jumin but he has no interest in you since he is so cold
  • Its a bit odd to her that you like Jumin but she is not judging you
  • She is a really nice person so she decides to call Jumin out on being so mean to you
  • He says he is not mean he just keeps his distance from you
  • After a bit back and forth he drops that you are dating Yoosung
  • -and Jaehee almost smacks her head against the wall-
  • She tells him no you are not liking Yoosung in a romantic way
  • its just something that everyone makes fun about since Yoosung asked for advice for you
  • Jaehee thought it was obvious to him too but apparently it was not
  • So then the one having a crush on someone but was not able to say anything was you ?
  • Who do you like then ?
  • Jaehee tells Jumin to just ask you if he really wants to know
  • So he excuses himself right away and does just that after telling you how sorry he is you agree to talk with him during a dinner
  • You not even need to tell Jumin that its him he figures it out now where he is actual seeing you


  • Yeah with him it can go either way
  • So you think he maybe likes you sometimes but then when you actual get close to him he pushes you away
  • So you are confused and you not want to push something when you don´t know what Luciel wants
  • You not tell him what you feel and maybe does not really know either
  • He knows you like him but he has no idea how much and he thinks its best for you to stay out of his life
  • So he is secretly a bit happy when you get along with the others they would be all much better with you then him
  • All you do is distract him anyways
  • He even tells you you should date someone you have no interest it looks like
  • But after a while it brothers him a bit when he sees you getting closer to Zen
  • Its good for you to find someone else and Zen is handsome and he is a good guy
  • So Zen is much better for you then he ever would be
  • You help the others so much it makes him happy
  • He is mostly nice to you but he keeps his distance and when you need help with something he is always their but he does not want to be involved with you more then that
  • He even trys to get Zen more involved with you since you look like you really like Zen
  • Zen is a honest guy and Seven is sure he developed some feelings for you too
  • He pretty much sets you up with  Zen to prepare the Party just so you could spend more time with him
  • It hurts him more then he likes to admit he images all kinds of thinks but he is telling himself its for the best
  • He is happy in the chat like ever even if you point out that you sense something he brushes it up with jokes
  • Zen of course likes helping you but he knows that you are not into him at all
  • He sets on being your big brother and as such he protects you from the stupidness of seven
  • Who is hurting you with his back and forth attitude
  • You try hard to not let it get to you but it does
  • Why do you have to fall for someone who is not into you at all ?
  • It sometimes just hurts and it hurts Zen that you are hurt
  • You work hard for the party regardless and your efforts really pay off
  • Its quite a great Party even when 707 had some urgent matters to handle
  • -aka he not wanted to see you with Zen-
  • In his head you two where already a couple and it was good even when it really hurt
  • He was sure he would get over it at least when you are happy then he could be happy about that
  • But the next day all just complaint how 707 was not their you sounded really upset too
  • After all he promised he would come and you worked so hard even when you where most understanding since you really thought it was a imported matter
  • But still you really had hoped to see him you thought that maybe then you could figure him out.
  • You where actual more sad anything what surprised Seven
  • After all you had Zen so you should be happy
  • You where of course grateful for Zens help but that was all you really wanted to see Seven
  • He had no idea why since again you could be with someone else then him after all you where so close with Zen
  • You where jokingly asking him if he is jealous he was a bit too strongly denying that
  • He was the one that made you work with Zen in the first place
  • You knew seven had so much other thinks to do Zen was nice but you rather had spend time with Seven
  • Zen is a good friend but nothing else after all.
  • You got quite angry at 707
  • Then he realizes how wrong he was you not like Zen in a romantic way
  • It is surprising to him relived about it so now he has to face the truth that he is actual really liking you
  • You notice how he is not as much pushing you back for some reason and so you decide its time take action
  • So you invite him over and he actual comes and finally thinks are moving foreward
  • it will take some time but eventualy he tells you how he feels
imbroglio [ jimin ]

noun : an extremely confused, complicated, or embarrassing situation.

the first impression is always important. but so is the second.

pairing: park jimin x reader 
genre: fluff, comedy
type: intern / ceo office au
word count: 4,457 words
warnings: none
author’s note: because the reader should be the cool, suave ceo sometimes, instead of the sexy secretary or nervous newbie. and cue jimin as the new, cute, easily flustered intern. thank you elfie @syubits​ for listening to all my mindless rambles about this #elfmin2k17

Jimin carefully threads the maroon colored silk tie with the faintest diamond pattern around his neck, hands shaking when he ties the knot. A knot tighter than the one he had just created already resides in his stomach, and he can only nervously tug at the aesthetically appropriate work tie to adjust its place beneath the collar of his crisp, ivory shirt. Inspecting the white material tucked into his neatly ironed black pants as he turns in a three hundred sixty degree fashion in front of his bathroom mirror, he almost suffers a panic attack when he sees the duck tail in the back, the blinding white telltale fabric protruding like a mockery.

Shoving the remaining end of his shirt into his pants, he then fiddles with the brass buckle adorning the plain, ebony belt around his waist. Puffing his rosy cheeks out to look even plumper, Jimin subconsciously purses his lips, already cerise from the numerous times he had chewed on his bottom lip in anxiousness. Parting his lips to let out one shaky breath, he painstakingly checks every button on his shirt to ensure that it is safely held together. Once he finishes, Jimin slides his hands through his hair, the chestnut strands glimmering in the slightest of ways from the rays of morning sunlight that managed to peek through the gauzy curtain covering the bathroom window. His dark, chocolate mocha eyes stare back at him through his mirror reflection: anticipation, anxiety, and a minuscule sliver of excitement pooling in the deepest depths of his darkening pupils.

Inhaling sharply, Jimin gives himself another quick pep talk, reminding himself that it is too late to back out, and if he does, it will definitely leave a lasting, most likely permanent blow to his pride.

After all, he is one of the only three people chosen for the internship at one of the most prestigious startup companies on an international scale.

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Seven Minutes in Heaven with Jiyong

Fandom: BIGBANG/ OT5

Synopsis: At a party, Jiyong decides to liven things up a little with a game of Seven Minutes in Heaven…

Warnings: Fluff & a bit suggestive…actually, this chapter is the raciest. It’s not what I would call smut, but it’s skirting the edge for sure. lol

Author’s Note: This chapter is what happens when you draw Jiyong’s name…
And so, the leader came out of the bag last. :) This one also has a bit of a surprise ending… *gasp*

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. This story contains fictional representations of real people. None of the events are true. This is from an American standpoint, so some of the situations may not happen the same way they might in Korea. I make no money from the writing of this fictional work.


“Well, well, well… aren’t you the lucky one?” Jiyong said, looking over your shoulder to see his name written on the paper.

Your eyes slowly slid closed and you swallowed thickly. This was going to be… interesting. Ever since you had become friends with Bigbang, Jiyong had been flirting with you. But, much to the leaders frustration, you declined all his advances. You could tell that it ate at him, knowing that he couldn’t have you & people always want what they can’t have.

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anonymous asked:

Can I request a stranded MC in the rain after she decided to break up with her cheating bf and he kicked her out of the car with V coming to save her?

This was longer than I expected it to be for a mini fic… I apologize in advance for the end :). Enjoy. 

Ends and Beginnings, V x MC.

Sometimes good things fall apart so that better things can fall together.

    She wasn’t quite sure why she wasn’t crying and broken in tears when she had been kicked out of her now-ex-boyfriend’s car after confronting him about his affair with one of his coworkers. There had only been one thing she knew now, however: it was pouring out and she was in the streets in a largely unfamiliar place that she had no memory of ever being. Somehow she already knew who her digits were searching for in her contacts, and it only took a couple of rings before he picked up.

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How to survive HighSchool Dean Winchester style.

This oneshot was another request and even though it´s full of cliches, I kinda enjoyed writing it, because let´s face it, I could have used a Dean Winchester in High School. :D

Request:  Hey can you do a teen dean and reader where dean sticks up for the reader at school when she’s being bullied and they end up dating?

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: fluff, cliche, Teen!Dean, HighSchool!AU

Length: 1813 Words

Originally posted by deanyw


Things took interesting turns sometimes.
So did your life in January of you Junior year.
And all because you accidentally tripped in the hallway this morning and spilled the whole content of your backpack onto the floor.
And of course no one had something better to do than laughing about your clumsiness, and picking up random belongings of you to make fun about them.
“Look at this awful piece of fabric”, a girl named Meg shouted and held your favorite scarf in her hand, “tell me (Y/N), can I get it at the same trash can where you got your shirt?”
Usually you were used to those kind of statements, but today you somehow felt more vulnerable than ever and to your utter horror, tears started to form into your eyes.
If they saw you cry, you were going to die.
Hastily you grabbed the rest of your things, thinking about just leaving the scarf behind and hurrying away, but suddenly you heard another voice that was speaking over the uproar:
“For God´s sake Meg, how old are you, seven? Just give her back her scarf and stop being a bitch.”
You were sure you had heard that voice before, you just weren´t sure where.
When you got up from the floor, you bit on your cheeks to keep yourself from crying and distracted by the curiosity about whoever had just stood up for you, it actually worked.
Turning around, you faced Dean Winchester, a senior and football player, with awfully familiar green eyes, handing you your scarf: “Here you go”, he said and smiled.
You nodded and took it from him: “Thanks”, you managed to say.
He winked at you and then walked away.
With a glance at the hallway, you noticed that the crowd had dissolved as fast as it had come, leaving you enough space to walk to class, feeling like the green eyes you had just looked into, meant something special.

The day continued to be rather crappy.
You had to talk in front of the advanced biology class in third period and even though you managed comparatively well, it gave you anxiety and you really wanted to go home.
When lunch came around, you only had two hours to go and since nothing had happened in math class, you started to think that maybe you had the chance of your day ending quietly.
As always, you picked a table at the far end of the cafeteria, enjoying the time alone and the peace it gave you to know you could eat without being looked at.
Your only two good friends, Charlie and Jody, had different lunch hours and so you were always forced to sit alone.
That was the reason you got a real shock when you felt someone sitting down beside you as you were rummaging through your backpack and you shot up, hitting your head on the edge of the table.
“Ouch”, you made and rubbed your head, already feeling your cheeks heating up again, you really were a mess.
“Hey, I´m sorry I startled you. I just saw that you sat alone and wondered if you wanted to come sit with us.”
When you first looked into his eyes, your heart almost skipped a beat: It was Dean Winchester again. And he was actually offering you a seat at the senior table with the other footballers.
This was too good to be true.
And then you realized, this really was too good to be true:
“Listen, Dean, that´s your name, right? I highly appreciate that you helped me this morning, but if you want me to come over there only so everyone can make fun of me, I´ll pass.
I´ve get enough of this as it is.”
He frowned: “What? You really think that´s why I´m asking you?”
You nodded, realizing that it sounded a bit rude, but you were so done with being made fun of.
He shook his head and at first you thought that he would just leave and tell this story to his teammates, but then he grinned:
“Well, I guess I can´t blame you. My friends haven´t been exactly nice to you. But believe me, if you´re with me, you´re save.”
Being with him actually sounded nice and before you could stop yourself you were nodding:
“Alright, I´ll come sit with you then.”
Maybe that was the worst or the best idea you had in your life, but you would never know if you stayed here all by yourself now.

As it turned out, it was a really good idea. Three months later, you had become a whole other person.
Since Dean made it very clear to everyone that he wouldn´t tolerate it for them to bully you again, they backed down.
Charlie and Jody benefited from this whole thing too, because suddenly you became kinda popular, which made them get respected more too.
At lunch you always sat beside Dean and you got to know the other footballers better, mostly realizing that they hadn´t been the ones bullying you, that you just had assumed they would jump on the train too.
For example Dean´s brother Sam would stare at anyone who dared as much as looking at you wrong and another friend of them, Bobby something, actually punched a guy in the face once because he called you slut in the parking lot.
The people who had really been giving you a hard time, Meg and her gang mostly, were more jealous than ever and you saw them giving you the death glare every time you passed them in the hallway.
But no matter how wonderful this whole thing seemed to be, you never really understood why this happened all of the sudden.
Dean had been in your lunch period for the whole year and had never so much as said hello to you.
Now he talked to you on a daily basis, made jokes with you and invited you to parties at his house.
The further this went on, the more suspicious you got.
Why did he do it?
And so did it happen, that one day in late May, it was about a week before summer, you waited for him by your car and he waved and smiled at you before he hurried over to you:
“Hey (Y/N), how´s it going? Excited for PE?”
That was another weird thing, he actually had managed to memorize your whole schedule.
“Yeah of course, as you all know it´s my favorite period”, you said ironically and he laughed and made an attempt to walk towards the building but you grabbed his arm and stopped him:
“Dean, can I ask you something?”
He stopped and looked at you: “Sure, shoot!”
You gulped, afraid that what you were about to say would ruin everything:
“Why are you nice to me?”
He frowned and smiled, obviously confused: “What are you talking about (Y/N)? We´re friends.”
You nodded: “Yeah, I know. We are now. But why did you come to me that day in the cafeteria?”
And then you saw it in his eyes, the fact that there was more to this story than he had given away until now.
He sighed and you prepared for the worst, but still you were taken aback by what followed:
“Because that morning, when I told Meg to give you back your scarf and then looked you into the eyes.
I realized that I knew you.”
Now it was your turn to be confused: “Yeah, ´course you knew me, I was in your lunch period all year.”
Dean shook his head: “That wasn´t it. You used to live on Bakerstreet when you were around seven years old, right?”
You nodded slowly, not sure how he could possibly know this, and even less sure where he was going with that.
He looked to the ground: “Well, do you remember the neighbor´s kid? The weird kid with that would always use to kick balls in your backyard to have a reason to go over there and get them back?`”
And then it hit you like a train: “Dean Winchester. You´re the guy next door. We spent the whole summer together, laying in the grass by the river and talking about how we were going to get married one day and what we´d name our dog and our children. You moved away after that and then we moved away too.”
He nodded: “Yeah, and I guess we both changed a lot in the last ten years. Maybe that´s why we never recognized each other from afar. But when I looked into your eyes that day, I suddenly knew. I knew you were the girl I had a crush on since second grade.”
To process what he had just said, you almost needed to lean against your car: “Had as in…”, you let your voice trail off, and suddenly his grin was back:
“Had as in it never went away, even though I didn´t see you for ten years and now we´re friends again and I still wanna kiss you like crazy.”
And that was exactly what he did. He leaned down, holding himself up with one hand against your car, kissing you soft and sweet, making your first kiss the best one ever.
“Well guess that school year turned out okay after all, didn´t it?”, he asked and you smiled and you nodded but then a sad thought hit you: “But now you´ll be gone next year and I´m stuck here all alone for another horrible year”, you said and looked down, but he made you look at him again with a finger under your chin:
“Hey, you´ll never be alone. First of all we´re going to have an incredible summer, you´re so going on a roadtrip with me and Sam by the way. And then you´re going to rock senior year and Sam will be there with you, making sure my legacy continues.
And then we´ll go to homecoming together, the second time by the way, because I´m officially asking you to come with me to my ball next week, and you´re going to show those bitches who the real homecoming queen is.
And if you want, you can come to my College after that, so we can be together there all the time.”
A big fat smile appeared on your cheeks and you nodded: “Yes, I´ll go to the roadtrip with you. And Yes, I´ll go to homecoming with you.
I´ll even follow you to college.”
He smiled and took your hand and led you up the path to the school.
“Oh, and by the way. It´s still Pebbles”, you said and he looked at you: “What?”
You grinned: “Our dog´s name is going to be Pebbles, not Hunter.”
He laughed and then you laughed, marking the beginning of a new life you had never imagined to get.

@kuroshiroryuu asked: Hi Momo-san! I’ve fallen into 707 hell X’ D so may I have a scenario where Seven meets MC during an outing playing with stray cats and joining in? I need some fluff. Thank in advance!

Hello~ Let’s fall in 707 hell together! lol And  of course, I hope you enjoy it. I feel like it was more sad-ish happy ending. OTL

Also I realized half way through writing you said play and not petting, I’m sorry! I did my best to write it in, I’m sorry I dun goofed up. ; v ; AND Pokemon jokes in this. lol I’ll leave. I’ll fix typos later.- Admin Momo

You usually went to see the stray cats everyday and today was no different. It was something you always looked forward to when going outside. Three of strays that stayed around here were lingering around you one was pushing against your hand while the other two were eating the food you had brought.
Smiling to yourself as you pet the tabby while you were minding your own business you failed to notice someone approaching you and the cats. It didn’t dawn on you until you noticed that the sun was being blocked and hearing the cat meowing.

Blinking once then twice before registering the male who started petting one of the other two cats.


This guy… Tilting your head you peered into his face for a moment though he seemed to busy with the black and white cat. Wondering if he was going to say anything or if you should speak up first—what you were suppose to say anyway? Maybe he just wanted to pet the cats and be left alone. Not a lot of people paid the strays around here much attention usually it was only you feeding them and petting them so this kind of threw you off.

“Cats are great… I just want to spin them around.”

Oh, he spoke and the words that fell from his lips amused you and made you giggled at the redhead. He finally lifted his head to look at you directly and a tiny grin was plastered on his lips. Now that you got a better look at his face you notice his unique looking glasses along with the rest of  his appearance.

He was cute.

“You must really love cats.”

“Ah~ you get it!” he chirped, and made it made a smile slowly form on your lips though—maybe you just imagined it but he a little baffled for a few seconds at your response.

“I’ve never seem three of them out all the the same time. You must a cat magnet.”

“Being a cat magnet sounds cool, but I think its because I feed them.” you chuckled, reaching down to pet the tabby that was laying on your lap.

“I bet if you meow, you’ll attract more.”

“Hmm…(Name) used meow. It was super effective!” as soon as that left your mouth you slightly regretted it until you heard him snicker, and that make you laugh though it came off sound at it awkward.

“You can sit.” motioning for him to take a seat on the bench with you, he didn’t take your offer right away but after a few minutes he decided to take a seat.



“Nickname~ you can use it.”

“Seven…well, Seven nice to meet you! I’m (Name).”

“Look I got this. Orange likes to play the most. The other two mostly want food.” you beamed, pulling out a cat toy from your bag and the orange tabby jump down staring at the toy in your grasps.  

“Haha, so well trained.”

“Ya~, I got another toy sooo we both get love from Orange.”

Seven peered at you watching you bouncing the wand around and the cat with eagerness. You were strange but it was also endearing in a way, and you just kind of rolled with the weird things he said like it natural for you. He was just going to leave once he saw you there but his feet moved on there on and here he was playing with cat along sides you.

The two of you played with the cat until it decided it done and tired. Watching it lay down on the floor just meowing at the both of you.

“Ah, looks like I have to leave…that was fun though.”

“So…will be stopping by again? …I…I’m usually here everyday for a little…” why were you saying this to him..? You had just literally met him but you couldn’t stop the words from flowing out. “A-ah, I’m not trying to be pushy or anything..just…”  trailing off you tore your gaze from him.

“Hm…I can’t promise~ but I wouldn’t mind playing with the cats with you again, if I get the chance.”

“…I’d like that. I look forward to seeing you.”

Seven smiled faintly at you waving goodbye to him–he really didn’t regret stopping now it defiantly lightly up his mood to go back to work.  

Animus [V]

{{ noun // strong dislike or enmity; hostile attitude; animosity }}

It was hatred at first sight.

Fluff. Demon AU. 3,031 words.

Catalyst Series: a collaboration with @dreamscript and @zephyoongist

Seokjin / Yoongi / Hoseok / Namjoon / Jimin / Taehyung / Jungkook

❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁

The first time you met Kim Taehyung was a complete accident.

Granted, the first meeting only lasted a few seconds, but his impression on you was deeply engraved in your mind.

To put it lightly, he was a grade A, certified asshole.

That day seemed to be nothing out of the ordinary. You were successfully melding in with the rest of the mortals on earth with the use of a temporary black spell, hiding your ebony feathered wings from the rest of the world for a few hours. Strolling down the crowded streets, your heart quickened when you brushed against a hunter, feeling the slight bulge of a shiny, curved weapon hidden beneath his worn jacket. That scythe-like blade had reaped countless wings of your brothers, sisters, and natural enemies alike, robbing them of their immortality and good graces. Forcing yourself to breathe normally and stopping yourself from trembling in slight fear, you willed yourself to not break out into a run right then and there.

Millenniums ago, humans had revered the angels and feared the demons. But in present time, they had gotten smarter, more violent, more vicious, more dangerous. They crafted and wielded sharp weapons of the darkest metals encrypted with the deadliest of poisons and curses. They called themselves hunters, and although they were a small bunch out of the entire mortal population while the rest remained oblivious to immortals, they were deadly and multiplying fast.

You had only relished in a few minutes of freedom passing between the cracked buildings and lampposts under the guise of fairy lights and the strumming of nearby street performers when a sudden shout had you widening your eyes in fright and panic. A male demon who seemed to be around your age came barreling towards you, a wicked grin slithering across his face as he grabbed you by the arm and shoved you into the direction of an angry mob of hunters currently scattering the panicking crowd of people.

“Take her wings instead!” he screamed before breaking out into a sprint and disappearing around the corner.

That little fucker.

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anonymous asked:

Yay!! I wait so long for your request to be open haha. Do you write for Owen Ovadoz?? If not then you can just use Dok2. I know it sounds really cliche but I love the whole best friends with like a bunch of sexual tension thing (cracking sexual jokes/ always touching each other). So I'd like to request a smut scenario where he and the reader get fed up and just go crazy. But like... Just to get rid of all the tension ;) thank you in advance if you take this!! :) love you! ❤️❤️❤️

Owen Ovadoz (MKIT RAIN): Smut Scenario

The Best Kind of Tension

“Finally!” Min-Ji exclaimed when she threw open her door to see you standing there. You didn’t even manage to greet her before she gripped your arm and yanked you inside, “What took you so long? We’ve been waiting forever.” She says dramatically, drawing out the ‘or’ sound in forever.

           Chuckling softly, you shake your head, “Hey, I’m here, aren’t I?” She crinkles her nose at you but still smiles, leading you into the living room. It was the third Friday of the month, the only night when all your friends can get together after a couple weeks of hectic work schedules. But tonight, you happened to be late, by five minutes that was, which resulted in your phone being blown up from everyone who was waiting for you.

           The absolute most favorite thing about your group of friends was that they were the kind of people that only enjoyed each other’s company. They didn’t need to go out every weekend and get black out drunk to have a good time. All that you guys needed was each other’s time, a couple of bottles of soju, and a movie projected onto Min-Ji’s backyard.

“The brat has arrived.” A voice boomed and then the owner of it rounded the corner.

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Happy Birthday Jason Grace! This fic was inspired by this song and was beta by the absolutely wonderful and perfect @somethingmorecreative1​. I don’t know what mess of this fic would be without her, Rachel, dear you are the best.

If he was honest, Jason was still a little uncomfortable and scared about this trip. Sure, it was supposed to be fun and relaxing, and the gods had promised that they would protect them from monsters. It was actually one of their rewards for saving Olympus.

After a really interesting plane ride (interesting because Percy and Hazel never left his side, and they followed him everywhere, even standing outside the door when he needed to pee), they finally arrived in Cancun, México. With the help of Piper’s charmspeak, they managed to rent a van. Percy was in charge of driving while Annabeth gave him the directions how to arrive to the house who was located in the Riviera Maya. Jason wasn’t sure if the drive from the airport was that long, or if he was just really tired, but when they finally arrived to the house, a very private and modern two floors house, everybody ran into the house to explore it.

Jason ignored the house and walked towards the backyard. He walked past the pool and into the sand, right in front of the Caribbean in all it’s glory. Jason took a deep breath to try to make the uneasiness go away. This trip was sponsored by his girlfriend’s father. Tristan McLean decided to pay for a private jet and rent a beach house for his daughter and her six friends to stay for two weeks. He was absolutely certain the other demigods also felt as uncomfortable as him with Tristan paying all the expenses, and he had even payed in advance for tours. Piper had told them that she was really sorry, that her dad meant good and he went a little bit over the top, but as weird as this was to them, it honestly wasn’t that much of a big deal to her dad. He just wanted her to make Piper happy, so please, please let’s accept this trip. They deserved it, and she really wanted to go on a vacation with them. But that was not the only part that made him uneasy, this trip was also meant to celebrate his and Annabeth’s birthdays. A date that he wasn’t sure how he felt about.

“That’s quite the view, isn’t it?” Percy’s voice brought him back to reality. He looked better than he did on the plane; the Caribbean Ocean was doing him wonders. Jason had to agree; the view was quite something, the sun was setting over the sea and the sky was a breathtaking mix of blue, orange and pink, the sea was filled with colors he could only describe as well… Percy’s eyes.

“Gotta agree this is better than the California ocean.”

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the hot mess college kids au
  • college is a confusing and stressful time for everyone and team machine is no exception
  • not so surprisingly they were all assigned to the co-ed dorms so they all get to suffer together
  • root may or may not have had something to do with them all ending up in the same co-ed building
  • fusco is majoring in criminal justice
  • he thought it would be a bright idea to take some online classes
  • “heck, I get to attend class when I want and not have to interact with fuckwads, I’m in”
  • oh poor fusco
  • “what?! Half my grade relies on me interacting with the other classmates!!”
  • he’s constantly forgetting assignments and deadlines and to respond to others’ discussion questions
  • also. So. Many. Papers.
  • “man I got 2 papers due this weak. My brain is gonna explode” john foolishly complains to him one day
  • meanwhile fusco’s eye is twitching and he’s running on 1 hour of sleep
  • he had 7 papers due this week
  • he does have classes on campus tho
  • he usually sits in the back so he can also do his online courses
  • he shows up in track suits and coffee stains
  • he usually has a bag of McDonald’s with him
  • joss tries to help him with his online classes
  • or she’ll have a big mac waiting for him in class
  • either way he’s thankful for joss
  • shaw is gonna be a doctor
  • she 100% is that person who comes to class with a giant cup of coffee that’s mixed with monster
  • she spends her nights studying and papers
  • what can she say, she works well under pressure
  • no really she does
  • she has the highest marks for all of her classes even tho she’ll literally start the assignment the day it’s due
  • she’s a procrastinator
  • she has other things to do like workout and video games and soccer practice and root
  • assignments can wait
  • but she’s never stressed she knows she’ll pass and be a doctor
  • she’s also /that/ person to come to class in her sleepwear
  • her professors are just happy she stopped showing up in her boxers now it’s just joggers and tanks
  • one time she wore jeans and no one would stop staring
  • she’s the star defender for their soccer team
  • most of the time she’s far too sore to care for actual clothes
  • that and her legs can’t really fit in jeans right
  • the waist can be her size but her quads are too bulky and her calves are hell to get her jeans over them
  • no one really knows what root is even going to school for
  • she has the strangest schedule and won’t tell anyone her major
  • she’s actually a double major in computer engineering and theater
  • she never shows up to any of her computer engineering classes
  • she can’t stand that the professor is an amateur at best
  • like she’s pretty sure her 14 year old self knew more than anyone in there
  • besides attendance isn’t mandatory and she has the syllabus
  • so she can keep up with her assignments and show up for tests
  • the professor is amazed by her tests every time
  • she shows up for all of her theater classes tho
  • computers come to her naturally 
  • but theater?
  • all of the acting and dramatics and the history of it actually fascinates her
  • she actually has a natural gift for it too
  • unlike shaw, root finishes her assignments early like the day it’s assigned
  • root runs an operation of doing other student’s assignments for a fee
  • it’s outrageously priced but she always gets buyers
  • the price goes up with the kind of grade they want
  • its 3x as much for test answer sheets
  • usually everyone pays if not they have shaw and zoe to deal with
  • they’re kinda in this business together
  • shaw didn’t mean to be roped in but root can be persuasive well roots lips can be persuasive
  • these three and are the idiots that decided instead of using water for the coffee maker they poured in a monster energy drink
  • zoe couldn’t feel her face for 4 hours
  • root ended up finishing 30 clients assignments and her work 3 weeks in advance
  • shaw ran 12 miles that night
  • its long hours trying to do your work and others work too
  • the idea sounded good at the time
  • zoe is majoring in criminal justice
  • she’s gonna be a lawyer
  • she can get dirt on anyone, just imagine her in the courtroom
  • she’s in a sorority and throws parties like every weekend
  • she’s passing all of her classes tho surprisingly
  • she’s like shaw with starting and finishing her assignments the day they’re due
  • she actually doesn’t even live in the sorority house
  • she didn’t want to be away from her true friends
  • so root pulled some strings and got joss to be a RA
  • which means she gets her own room and of course she let zoe room in there
  • its what they wanted but joss didn’t want to join a sorority but this works as well
  • zoe comes to class with some sort of coffee from starbucks everyday
  • honestly she’s a walking stereotype of a white girl™
  • she knows it too
  • it was a joke at first but she just adapted into it
  • she’ll talk like a valley girl just to annoy joss and shaw
  • john and root find it hilarious
  • john secretly hopes she’ll do it anytime they’re hanging out
  • root usually instigates it 
  • john is at college on a baseball scholarship
  • he’s not sure what he wants to do but its not baseball
  • all he knows is he wants to help people
  • he decides on physical therapy
  • his dad was in physical therapy after his leg got shot up during his time in the army
  • he saw how his dad slowly regained mobility and he began to smile more and more and john wants to do that for others
  • john is the kind of person to come to class with like a 3 course meal and an endless supply of gatorade
  • he ends up having a few classes with shaw and he brings double the food for both of them
  • john 100% forgets which assignments and supplies to bring to which class
  • “wait we didn’t have a 10 page paper due in here?”
  • “no but you needed that physical therapy ball”
  • “shit”
  • harold is majoring in computer science
  • he’s probably the only one to not be a complete hot mess
  • but he’s dying on the inside
  • the professors are wrong half the time and his classmates are far too cocky and arrogant for his taste
  • he wishes root would at least show up to their one shared class
  • its more amusing hearing her go rounds with literally everyone in there besides him
  • at least he has his service dog bear with him
  • bear usually chews on his books
  • his very expensive books
  • he goes to class dress just like the professor
  • he’s also the one to answer all of the questions and to engage in discussions
  • he mostly takes online courses
  • he gets all the papers in at least 3 days early and is constantly engaging in discussions
  • honestly he can probably not do the next 5 assignments and he’ll still pass with a low A
  • he’s horrified that fusco is doing so poorly in them
  • “glasses the whole reason I took em was to avoid people”
  • “avoid people? Now aren’t you going to be a detective? I’m more than positive that means interacting with others”
  • “yeah but they’re all dead and I don’t gotta listen to em ask the same question to the professor over and over again”
  • “point taken”
  • joss is also a criminal justice major
  • her fusco and zoe spend a lot of time studying together
  • joss is attending college on like 50 scholarships
  • that means she can’t be messing around and she’s constantly tired and has no time for anyone’s bullshit
  • her and shaw would inject their energy drinks into their bloodstream if they could
  • joss likes to call out all of the racist and sexist and ignorant people in her classes
  • there’s constantly controversial topics in her classes and she goes rounds with anyone even the professor
  • zoe and fusco get a kick out of it
  • joss is the person to come sprinting into the classroom because she slept through her alarms
  • she usually gets up on the 7th one, only having enough time to find clean-ish clothes
  • because she’s a RA all of the girls on her floor have to come to her for any problems they have
  • that doesn’t mean they can bang on her door at 3am drunk and crying because their boyfriends or girlfriends won’t answer their calls
  • “maybe its because its 3am on a wednesday NIGHT”
  • she probably would’ve murdered someone by now but if she’s gonna be a detective she can’t have that on her file
  • john usually takes her to the batting cages to let out her frustrations
  • she has the quickest reflexes that coach hersh has ever seen
  • he tries to convince the college board to let girls play baseball for their school
  • they shoot him down unfortunately
  • he still offers joss a spot
  • as flattered as she is she declines the offer
  • she needs to have all of her focus on classes 
  • you can bet they all attend baseball and soccer games to support john and shaw
  • and zoe always makes them go to the events her sorority throws
  • they usually have mortal kombat tournaments when stress gets too high
  • usually when someone gets homesick they all just sleep in joss’ and zoe’s dorm room
  • they’re just 7 students and a dog struggling in college but at least they got each other
PaleyFest 2014 Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

For more than 30 years, PaleyFest has held panel sessions and screenings that connect the worldwide community of television fans with the casts and creators of their favorite TV shows.  One of the panels was to celebrate the ABC television series Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. with its cast and creative team.  Collider was there to attend the panel, and we’ve compiled some of the highlights.

During the presentation, executive producers Jeph Loeb, Jeffrey BellJed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen, along with actors Clark Gregg and Ming-Na Wen, talked about how this show originally evolved, how they conceived the characters that make up this team, already knowing how Season 2 and Season 3 will end, how Agent Coulson on the TV show is different from Agent Coulson in the movies, the show’s jaw-dropping surprises, that there are seven episodes left, that the events in Captain America: The Winter Solider will affect things in the April 8th episode, that Rocket Racoon and Scarlett Witch are welcome on the plane, that Bill Paxton’s Agent Garrett will return this season, whether some of the S.H.I.E.L.D. cast could appear in the upcoming Netflix series, and how there’s still no official pick-up yet for Season 2.  Check out what they had to say after the jump.

Jeph, how did you originally get the idea to bring Agent Coulson from the big screen to the small screen?

JEPH LOEB:  Luck had a great deal to do with it.  All of this started largely because of [Clark Gregg].  Clark Gregg so embodied, and continues to embody, what makes the Marvel Universe special.  It is a place grounded in reality.  We don’t come from another planet, although some of us do.  And what Clark brought to Agent Coulson was a humanity that these gigantic feature films not only needed, but were elevated by.  His performance was something that everybody fell in love with.  So, when the opportunity arose for us to talk about how we were going to do Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., my first conversation was with Joss Whedon and we talked about one thing, which was, “How do we get Clark?”  And it was really hard.  We asked him.

CLARK GREGG:  I found myself suddenly free.

Jed and Maurissa, how did you conceive of the characters that make up this team?

JED WHEDON:  In our first sit-down with Joss, it was only about an hour and a half before we had a general map of who the characters would be.

MAURISSA TANCHAROEN:  We had the general map of the six characters, or at least the five that surround Coulson.  Just as far as how things have changed, originally Agent May was Agent Rice, and then we cast Ming-Na Wen, and I was like, “Maybe not so much with the Agent Rice anymore.”  Or we could have just leaned in to all of that and made it the running joke.  That would have been great.  As far as Fitz-Simmons go, they were based on Casey Affleck and Scott Caan in Ocean’s Eleven.  We wanted the pair of friends who grew up together and bicker all the time, but there’s a pure bro-love there.  And then, before we knew it, Ms. Henstridge came in and stole it away. 

WHEDON:  They both took their parts.  They both came in and said, “I’ll have this, thank you very much.”  And there wasn’t much discussion amongst all of us, once we saw them both play it.  That’s actually true of everybody.  There was no arguing amongst us, in terms of casting. 

TANCHAROEN:  And we scoured the globe.  We looked everywhere, and looked at everyone.

Jeff, how far in advance do you see where this story is going?

JEFFREY BELL:  The characters were there, the bus was there, and everything was there.  Anytime you arc out a show, whether it’s super-serialized or just a little bit, we all sit around for as long as they will pay us to do so, and we bring in other smart writers to help us, and we build tentpoles.  We knew where we wanted to go with this season.  We know where we’d like Season 2 to end.  And we know where we’d like Season 3 to end.  But, that’s ambitious.  And we know which character will still be alive.  This is, in fact, a Joss Whedon Joint.  And we know who will be kissing, too. 

Clark, is playing Agent Coulson on the show different from playing him in the films?

GREGG:  He’s a little different.  When he was in the movies, he was alive, and then he was dead.  And then, suddenly, he was alive again.  When I was dying, I was like, “Hey, this sucks!  I really liked being this guy.  He gets fun stuff to do.”  And then, I was dead, and I was really dead.  It was very clear.  There was a lot of blood.  And I was like, “But you can bring me back.  It’s the comics!”  So, Joss and Jeff called and said, “Look, you might not be so dead.”  Joss’ pitch was simply the pilot, which was, “Coulson went to Tahiti.  It was a close call.  He had a massage therapist and some Mai Tais and he got better, but it has to be a secret.  And then, he walks away and they say, ‘He can never know the truth.’”  And I was in.  Being a fan of Joss, I was like, “Wow, that’s amazing!”  And that really fantastic set-up has been evolved by this amazing collection of writers, all season.  The real dilemma has been Coulson starting to feel both physically, the way that a lot of trauma survivors do, and experientially in the world around him, that he doesn’t feel that same.  It raises a lot of questions.  I only know so much about Agent Coulson from his life before this.  There were tidbits revealed when each new writer/director team got him for a different movie.  And then, Joss came in and I was like, “I knew I was a fanboy.”  So, there’s definitely been a deeper exploration of that kind of existential crisis for this guy.  I love it.  How can you work for an organization that traffics in secrets and not have secrets kept from you?  The experience of doing the show has been the strangest, most intense and really beautiful life imitating art experience.  Suddenly, I was alive again, surrounded by a new team of people that I didn’t have a lot of experience with, and that was true of both Coulson and Clark.  This season has been this incredible journey of that, and of getting to know these incredible actors, and watching them step up at different moments and shine.  Our life has become this wild adventure where everything is up for grabs.  We went to see a certain movie (Captain America: The Winter Soldier) together recently and went, “Woah!” 

Ming-Na, are you surprised about where Melinda May is going?

MING-NA WEN:  This whole season has been one of jaw-dropping surprises.  The writers don’t tell us anything.  Marvel is S.H.I.E.L.D.  We’re living this life in our fantasy pretend world, and in the real world.  They know stuff that we try to get out of them, and they won’t tell us until we get the next script.  I want Skye to be the love child of May and Thor, and then they have to flashback to those scenes.  But the secrets are constantly a major surprise for me, and I’m sure all of us.  We call each other and text each other and go, “Did you just read that?!”  It’s nice because we’re all such geeks at heart that, if we’re reacting this way to the script, we just feel our audience is going to react that way, as well.  That excites us because that is the world these characters live in.  If you don’t have these twists and turns, I don’t think it makes for the same type of show that we’re trying to evolve and become.  I just love how it all ties in with the bigger Marvel universe.

How many episodes are left in the season?

LOEB:  There are seven.  We start on April 1st.  Then on April 4th, in theaters near you, is a movie called Captain America: The Winter Solider.  And then, we’re back again on April 8th, for an episode we wouldn’t want you to miss.  And then, it’s a bullet shot, all the way to the season finale.  There will be seven episodes in a row, where the seventh is the season finale.

So, are there going to be any tie-ins from Captain America that will directly affect the show?

LOEB:  It’s the Marvel universe.  We started out in the Marvel universe.  We would not have a show unless Agent Coulson was the gift that was given to us through Marvel’s The Avengers.  We had Jaimie Alexander as Lady Sif on the show.  We had an episode after Thor: The Dark World, where they were cleaning up in London, after what happened in that movie.  So, it would certainly not surprise anyone, if things that happened in that movie were to suddenly happen in the show that we’re talking about.

BELL:  The truth is that there are hundreds of people who make this show.  We have a tremendous production crew, and a tremendous post team and visual effects team.  Whenever you see planes flying and landing, that’s all magic that they do.  We’re a team, and that’s the only way we can make the show. 

GREGG:  One of the funnest things about working for Marvel, in the films, on the TV show, and in the new thing that’s in the middle somewhere, is the fans.  Marvel has this really unique relationship with the fans, and it’s a great part of it. 

What other Marvel universe stories would you like to see woven into the series?

GREGG:  As a fan, I wouldn’t mind opening the door to the plane and seeing Rocket Raccoon on there, or Scarlett Witch.  I’m not picky. 

WHEDON:  Whatever they let us play with, we’ll play with.

We know that the movies affect the universe of the show, but could we ever see Melinda May kicking ass with Tony Stark?

WEN:  I’ll take that! 

TANCHAROEN:  We like the way you think. 

Will we see Bill Paxton as Agent Garrett again this season?

LOEB:  You will be seeing him more, this season. 

And you have Patton Oswalt coming on, too.

LOEB:  There are still a few more surprises that we have yet to shake out of our sleeves.  Stay tuned.

In terms of mutants, is there any chance that you’ll introduce the idea of mutants in the show?

LOEB:  There’s no proof, at the moment, that in the Marvel cinematic universe there are mutants.  That’s all I can say. 

What is the official word on the pick-up for Season 2, and beyond?

TANCHAROEN:  There is no word yet.

How long does it take to do each episode of the show?

BELL:  We have a few weeks to write it.  Then, we shoot it in eight day.  And then, we edit it and finish it anywhere between 20 and 30 days.  It’s fast.  Every eight days, there’s doing a new one.

How long do the fighting scenes take?

WEN:  A long time.  They have to show us the choreography.  Our stunt team is amazing.  They’re very, very meticulous about teaching us the choreography, and then making sure that we can do a lot of the stuff.  It takes awhile.  But then, once we get into it, it’s so much fun. 

GREGG: The fight choreographers are really amazing, in that they really work with you and figure out what your strengths are and your athletic background is, if any, and they gradually push you.  There are a lot more fights coming, and a lot of people get pushed out into that territory.  We have an amazing team, in that way, because everything we do is about a tenth the time that the same thing would happen in a film.  They rehearse it, they give you a video and you’re learning it at home at night, so that you can go in and shoot it in a couple of hours, whereas it would be two days on a movie.       

Will we see some of the S.H.I.E.L.D. cast in some of the shows you’re going to have on Netflix?  Will that all intertwine?

LOEB:  I think we have to get all of that done, and then we’ll see.  But it’s all one universe, so we’ll see what happens. 

Would you like to see that happen

LOEB:  Anything that makes the fans happy, I’m in favor of.

GREGG:  I’m not in the same hot seat that Jeph is in, answering that.  As someone who’s been around, in the building of this, if they were assembling a universe, it’s been amazing, having grown up reading some of those comics, to see the way that Marvel doesn’t leave a lot on the table.  If there’s some way to really make the most out of what the fans want and expect, in my experience, there’s a lot of listening to that.