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So… Um… T-This is my fanart… I suppose… OuO’’’ I’m sorry if it’s shitty.
Well… All I wanted to say is: Thank you @yoralim​ , @borurou​ and @junkpilestuff​ . My adventure with Echotale and G!Sans/G was truly full of emotions. I remember when I saw G!Sans at the first time. “Holyduck too sexy =///_///=“ ~ I was saying.
And… Umm… (I’m sorry I’m so nervous XD I don’t even know what to write) There’s this one song that inspired me . It’s in my native language (polish) and this is an rap music (and btw I really like this video).
BUT(T), what is important in it? There’re some lines that really fits G and Frisk’s relationship and what happend at the end.
I will just write those lines.

“[…]Ale teraz siedzę w warsie z kubkiem pociągowej lury
Boją się że nie zapomną nigdy woni twojej skóry “

“[…]But now I’m sitting in Warsaw (capital of Poland) with a cup of traction lura (term for really bad coffee)
Fearing that I will never forget the odor of your skin” 


(this is the ref)
“Twoja skóra pachnie jak ostanie dni wakacji
Dziś powietrze pachnie jak ostanie dni wakacji
Po co mi ten pociąg, skoro ciebie nie ma na stacji?
A melodia się urywa niby hejnał mariacki?
Twoja skóra pach nie jak ostanie dni wakacji
Dziś powietrze pachnie jak ostanie dni wakacji
Deszcz na betonie x2”

“Your skin smells like the last days of holidays
Today, the air smells like the last days of holidays
For what I need this train, when you’re not at the station?
And melody breaks off like a  Saint Mary’s dawn?
Your skin smells like the last days of holidays
Today, the air smells like the last days of holidays
Rain on concrete x2″


(this one was too long so I decited to add only translated version)

“People in love wants pathos
I ’m trying to be mundane and I have a way for it
I will not tell you that thy presence is like a gift of fate
Or skylarks singing, or a fucking lotus flower
Rather like the morning smell of decent coffee 
Short sleeve on a summer day , the smell of mowing grass
Full tank, empty road
A series of green lights

On the radio, a one song of your underrated bands
You’re like an unexpected tax refund

Long weekend for those who drowned in Corporation World
When everyone around sound nohow, I still drink (in “enjoying” way/enjoys it) your voice
As the sound of vinyl in the morning
The sound of the rain that breaks on the concrete
Drums on the windows when you fall asleep solo, or with a woman
When you wake up at dusk, instantaneous you feel anxiety
You catch jacket, everything is: wallet, keys and phone
And her hair smell like the last days of holidays.”


That’s all.
Thanks again and… enjoy? Maybe QuQ’’’
(and yea, I know there was an idea of G sitting in the train… ik guys >_>’’ )




Whether that is on Spotify, Soundcloud, Google Play, Beats Music or WHEREVER, don’t listen exclusively on iTunes if you don’t have to.


And finally: when watching the Blue Neighborhood music videos, LOG OUT OF YOUR ACCOUNT; REFRESH INSTEAD OF REPEAT. It’s something I’ve learned via other extremely experienced fandoms that makes the views count more.

I don’t know about you, but I want to see Troye’s beautiful face at the top of the Billboard charts, And without a doubt, we can do that - if we try. 

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Derp Emblem: Tradition of the Wingdings

A request from shadowofchaos725! Since its been quite a while, we decided to go with a sequel to Language Barriers! Seeing its our most popular comic, I figured that it deserved the sequel. Of course, poor Marth doesn’t want to deal with any of this; there was a reason he only spoke in Wingdings.


Translation under the cut:

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i’ll tear you apart | dark!merlin fanmix

Merthur AU- Destruction falls upon Camelot and all fingers point to Merlin. Unable to come to Merlin’s aid, Arthur finds him gravely injured from the panicked masses, but fears his magic. Unwilling to kill him, Merlin is sealed away in the Crystal Cave. The wait is long and cruel. After 1500 years, Merlin finds a way out, and to his reincarnated king. What follows is not a tearful reunion.

[  L I S T E N  ]

To Andre, Andrea, BeckyChrissie, Hanni, Kass, Kassie, Kit, and Lily!


As far as I know, I’m just an Academia student.
I don’t know any relatives, nor did I have any friends.
The only time I can connect with someone is when I Duel them.
It was fun defeating my opponents through Dueling…
I was so strong that people resented me…
Eventually, nobody even bothers approaching me.
That time…
A man known as the Professor called out to me.
The Professor told me that when the Arc Area Project begins,
I can Duel as much as I like, and I can turn the people I defeated into cards.

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Am I actually feeling slightly bad for…Yuri despite all the horrible things he just did/has done? I’m too much of a sucker for emotional/sad backstories I think. Thanks for the translation DMC from NAC!


ALA Day 3 - Smash Bros {Fire Emblem}

Ike | bravepalmtrees

Marth | cheerupcharms

photographer | sqyphotography [xigheart]

We weren’t able to make it to either the Fire Emblem or Nintendo gathering this year ;_; but it was still SO MUCH FUN running around in capes and blue hair taking photos with other Smash bros ♥