thank you i'd cap that


person of interest au: john and zoe as mr and mrs smith reese

that’s the second time you’ve tried to kill me today.
oh, come on. it was just a little bomb.

anonymous asked:

Dont fetish something that is used by people with disabilities. Metal arm is not sexy or cute, and Bucky, who has no fucking arm, probably doesn't think that too and so is any person who has no arm. Don't romanticize and sexualize disabilities.

Are we actually serious right now?? I come on here to post a gifset after like 93 years and I find this? 

Regardless, it’s the arm itself that I find hot. It’s not like I sit and jerk it to the fact that his real arm got torn off on some mountains somewhere 70 years ago.
I try to be as nice as possible on this account but I kinda draw the line when it comes to things like this.
Obviously you’re more than welcome to your opinion and if you find me being sexually attracted to a cybernetic arm offensive then that’s fine, by all means never look at my blog again, block me, do whatever.
But don’t come up in here and think you can try and  t e l l  m e  what to find attractive or sexy. As long as I’m not doing anything illegal then that’s for me to decide and no one else.
There are people on this site who actively defend and no doubt post all sorts of illegal material, meanwhile you’re here basically defending a fictional object and it’s fictional owner. Prrrrriorities.