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Hi there! Firstly I want to say I'm in love with Indra because of you 😂 God, your orgasm headcanons were perfecto! And now could I get more headcanons for Indra and Tobirama ? For example rough sex huhuhu ?Thank you! ❤️❤️

Yooo, my first day back and I get to write about Tobirama. Lucky, lucky me. We are so glad that you enjoyed the orgasm face headcanons, and I hope I did these two justice! ~Admin Axel

Indra Ōtsutsuki and Tobirama Senju Rough Sex Headcanons

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Indra Ōtsutsuki

• Indra isn’t exactly prone to rough sex, he prefers to take his time and really explore his lover’s body under normal circumstances. The only time that he would be particularly rough or domineering with his s/o is if something rubbed him the wrong way and he starts getting jealous of the attention his s/o is bestowing on someone else. They will know the instant he walks in the room that he is not in the mood for coyness or games – the stony set of his face and the tension radiating from him speaks louder than words ever would. His s/o knows what they’re in for when he’s in one of those moods, and gentleness isn’t in the cards.

• There is little to no foreplay when he’s jealous, let alone romance. His kisses are demanding and possessive, as are the hands that tear at his lover’s clothing just enough to expose the flesh he wants to see. He isn’t going to bother taking all of their clothes off, more than likely he will just lift their skirt or free one leg from their pants so he can cup their sex in his hand and say, “This is mine. No one else will ever touch you like this, do you understand?”

• Indra will probably take his lover against the nearest available surface, be it a bed, the wall, a desk, or even the floor. He isn’t overly concerned with comfort when he is in a frenzy like this, and everything he does is just a little too much. He will leave dark, ugly bruises on his s/o’s neck, but as a master of distraction, he will drive his hips into them just right so they don’t immediately notice how hard he’s biting. Wherever his hands fall, he will leave bruises behind in the shape of his fingers. Honestly, it’s an ugly mess and looks terrible but somehow he can make his s/o feel so good that they don’t even notice until sometime afterwards when they’re undressing for a shower.

• He gets in these moods where some primal urge possesses him and he wants to see them submit to his will and debase themselves completely, and there is something about the act of watching his s/o swallowing his come that is so satisfying. He will shove them down to their knees when he is close to coming and tap the head of his cock against their lips until his s/o opens their mouth and sucks him inside, their sweet little pink tongue gathering the pearly drop of precum from his slit. It doesn’t take long – within a minute at the most his thighs are tensing and he is shoving his cock as far down their throat as he can without gagging them, but he never closes his eyes. Indra likes to watch intently as their cheeks hollow out and the muscles of their throat work to swallow down everything he gives them.

Tobirama Senju

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• Tobirama is really not into hair-pulling, ass-slapping sex at all, and no amount of cajoling or insulting will convince him otherwise. It’s distasteful to him and the idea of hurting his lover is not something he is willing to even try. Any attempts will be half-hearted at best and done solely at wheedling of his s/o, but he can’t really get into it himself and the sex will most likely be kind of disappointing as a result.

• However, he is into really intense sex and it doesn’t bother him so much to pin his s/o down in those situations. He will wrap his hands around their wrists and hold them tightly to the bed, tightening his grip if they try to move or shake him off to touch him, but never hard enough to leave marks. Even when he’s balls deep, he still has a prodigious grasp on his self-control and he will not stoop to truly hurting his lover, but it’s a small compromise that he does for his s/o because he knows it will excite them. He doesn’t even have to speak, with just the unyielding pressure of his hands there is no mistaking the air of authority that accompanies the gesture. He is letting them know silently that he is in control of their body and their pleasure.

• Tobirama doesn’t really mind if his s/o gets a little rough with him, but it is a thin line between being a little rough and being too aggressive, and when it crosses that line he will not hesitate to pause mid-stroke and attempt to deliver a scathing lecture. His s/o will need to distract him quickly, because Tobirama doesn’t know the meaning of tact and everyone will just end up angry. He can be placated and thoroughly distracted with hot, open-mouthed kisses on the side of his neck and gently tugging his earlobe between their teeth.

• When he’s in an intense, authoritative kind of mood he wants to be in a position where he can maintain eye contact, but keep their movements restrained. Usually, he hooks both of their legs over his shoulders, grabs their ankles, and folds his s/o almost in half until they can feel the warmth of his breath against their lips. If his s/o tries to close their eyes, he will go completely still and not start moving again until they open their eyes and look at him.

Random DCMK Things: Coming Back to the Fandom

I just want to send hugs to the DCMK fandom. This fandom has been making me smile everyday for the past few months. I have been away from this family for a long time. Like, the last time I was this active was when I was in the 6th grade or first year of highschool. I’m now a college graduate and can you imagine all those years that have passed? TBH, I never realized that I missed the DCMK fandom so much until I came back. To say that I’m glad to be back is understatement. DCMK will always have a special place in my heart. Huhuhu IDK why I’m being like this but I legit love everyone here. Huhuhu Thank you for making my life complete. This fandom is the best fandom ever. TT_TT *fandom hug*

I’m home. 

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I hate when people ask you "why do you upload other things when you say you are busy and can't upload so and so project?" You have clearly say how you need time to get inspired and how difficult your job is 😒 uggh why can't people just appreciate your hard work and amazing stories i seriously wanna punch them 😡 also is not like you draw to please their asses!!! I hope you don't feel pressure or discourage because of this ugly people and just keep doing what you like, Zoe fighting 😊✊🏼

Oh my god so cute so cute people of tumblr are so cute my heart can’t handle this huhuhu Thank You

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ive been following you for a while and i gotta say i love your art so so so much youre so talented it makes me want to cry. i especially love your v x mc art its sooo cute ! i hope youll draw more of them in the future akgfkgj either way ill be looking forward to seeing more of your art no matter what you draw

aww omg thank you so much!! i super love the support and really appreciate it (/(꒪꒳꒪)\) i will def draw more v in the future (especially when his route comes out huhuhu) thank you sm!

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OMG PANCAKE. Thank you for the food lol, have a miyusawa hc

Well then I’ve been wanting to talk about Nitpicky Eijun and Mr. Estimate Kazuya for the longest time so here you go lmao

Remember this official art where Miyuki is teaching Eijun how to cook. Notice the use of an apron. And we all have that headcanon that desptie being the loud boisterous child he is, Eijun is a pretty proper kid who’s nitpicky about the random things.

Cooking included (ノ゚▽゚)ノ

I just love love love to Eijun’s scrunched up face full of concentration while cooking in that official art. I can imagine him carefully choosing the ingredients (I did have that one grocery shopping hc once hoho), measuring all the ingredients, having the recipe by his side all the time, setting a timer for everything, etc.

And in comes Miyuki who, to Eijun, looks like he’s just winging everything, making cooking look like child’s play. He doesn’t even measure anything. He just estimates everything, taste tests it, and bam, it’s fucking good every time.

And Eijun is annoyed at how his food is so good every time when he’s so sloppy about everything like:

Eijun: Okay so how much sauce? 1 maybe 2 tablespoons?

Miyuki: Hmm..*pours sauce directly from bottle*


Miyuki: *taste tests it* Mmm. It’s good. Here taste it.

Eijun: *tastes test it* WHAT HOW-