thank you henry

explicitly mentally ill superman > superman that just smiles 24/7

superman who struggles to save a world who is afraid of him and hates him and rejects > superman who has the world falling over in adoration of him

superman who indirectly learns the good of humanity through the people closest to him > superman automatically knowing what is Good™ and Bad™ and what is Justice™

superman whose inner conflict and self doubt comes from his low self esteem/depression/mental illness > superman who questions his self only when he temporarily loses his powers

superman whose lois lane doesn’t love him “despite” his mental/emotional debilitation but loves him WITH those struggles > superman whose lois lane is a one-dimensional love interest

superman who feels so alienated from human beings but couldn’t be more human, whose perspective is told from that of an immigrant’s > superman who is shown perfectly adjusted in society

superman whose social awkwardness is actually a result of his social anxiety > superman whose social awkwardness is part of a ruse to keep people off his scent that he’s superman

millennial superman > silver age superman basically

honestly if Emma and Regina’s relationship ever went further, they’d probably still explain it all with Henry™ like

“can I kiss you? just,,, you know for Henry obviously”
“we should move in together. it’d be easier for Henry”
“will you marry me? I meAN Henry would like that right?? AHAhaha hah    ha”
“I love you… uh I meant - - for Henry of course why else would we−”

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1. the meaning behind my url

I was very much into the game Journey by thatgamecompany and the world building discussions going on at the time. The ‘glyph’s in Journey play a couple of important roles - extending your scarf, leading you to secrets, so on.

I was an enthusiast, you could say~

6. favorite band

One of my favorites will always be Metallica. They’ve got some good stuff.

13. life goal(s)

Getting a place of my own, eventually. I used to want to have at least one book published before I died, but we’ll see how that one goes.

Another dream goal I had was one day owning my own bookshop/cafe where customers could browse the books and meet up with their friends for coffee, tea, and some baked goods. It might not ever happen, but it makes me happy to think about.


(Request by anon: hi! i was wondering if you could do a one shot where reid introduces you to henry? thanks!)

[Thank you for this request! Honestly, I got so excited to write fluffy Spence so thank you aha 💕]


“Heyyyy Henry!” Spence exclaimed as the little blonde headed boy leapt into his arms.

You and Spencer had been dating for a couple of months. His team seemed to like you a lot which was further proven with an invitation to one of Rossi’s parties. So there you were standing in Rossi’s living room chatting away to Joy.

You turned at the sound of your boyfriend’s voice and smiled at the sight in front of you. Spencer loved that kid.

“Come here. I want you to meet someone special.” Spencer took Henry by his small hand and started to lead him over to you.

‘You’ll be fine.’ Joy mouthed to you with a smile before leaving the three of you to it.

“Henry, I want you to meet (Y/N), my girlfriend.”

You smiled at the boy, noticing just how much he resembled JJ up close. “Hi, Henry. It’s nice to meet you.” you lowered yourself to his level in the hope of making him more comfortable.

Henry waved at you timidly, his other hand at his mouth chewing his nails.

You noticed his comic book shirt. “You like comics? Do you have a favourite superhero?”

Henry nodded, shyly. “Batman.”

“Ah now see, I normally say Superman so I don’t feel the wrath of Spence but-” you leaned in slightly closer. “- my favourite’s definitely Batman. Shh, don’t tell him I said that.”

Henry giggled before attacking you with a hug. You gasped at the action, your arms hugging him back gently shooting your boyfriend an awed glance.

Spencer just stared lovingly at the pair of you, feeling a somewhat wave of relief that his godchild liked you but also a wave of warmth imagining what your future children would be like.


[footballchallenge]: a moment that always makes you smile(cry) –> Thierry Henry return vs Leeds United.

“I played in some big games for Arsenal, Barcelona, France, Juve, Monaco… nothing will ever top that night for me, nothing will ever compare. I really thought I was in a dream. I remember staying in the dressing room for two hours just contemplating. To score a goal again for Arsenal was out of this world.”

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ur post really opened my eyes so consider: both marius and cosette are trans. nothing is different at all everyone still goes on for pages about how cosette is the most beautiful girl in the world and they still get a [mostly, all their friends are dead so] happy ending.

holy shit u have opened my eyes to a whole new world i never even knew

consider this:

  • valjean doesn’t know much about how to help his daughter but he spends weeks learning to sew so he can make her dresses until she has the confidence to buy them in stores
  • he teaches her to sew so she can sew her own dresses too :) the doll dress is the first one she made herself (well…..the first fit to wear in public that she made, cosette is a fast learner but there were a few Interesting outfits during the learning curve)
  • when marius leaves his grandfather he buys an ill-fitting outfit and overcoat and just….wears those nonstop until he meets courf and courf’s like “…..ohmygod you poor boy here take these they’re last season and they’ll fit your scrawny ass”
  • both of them are very nervous to tell each other bc they’ve lost so much and don’t want to lose each other too but obviously both of them are like “!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you too????” and they’re overjoyed
  • they made each other’s wedding clothes
  • they comfort and are there for each other in everything, in loss and dysphoria and marius is always there to literally cry over how beautiful cosette is and cosette is always there to fawn over how handsome marius looks