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“I’m searching for my father. 
If you are determined to block our progress…
Then you shall be moved!!”

It doesn’t matter how many times Pixar proves that they put a lot of thought and research into their character designs, they always amaze me. This new sense of awe comes from the fact that Hector’s bones have the markings of someone with osteoporosis. He and the other nearly forgotten skeletons all have it. That’s probably why only the nearly forgotten skeletons have such terrible bone fractures that don’t heal. Osteoporosis is when bones are super fragile due to there being little calcium stored in them. It also makes it very hard for the bones to heal and because they take so long to heal, bone fractures are more harmful and have a more long lasting impact.

I was talking to @kerolunaticat about why Hector’s bones are so broken and I agree with their analysis that they are broken bc of how he has little to no regards with tossing himself off the stairs. But the reason why there is so much damage is bc the bones are fragile and they don’t heal quickly, which also allows for bone deformities.

TSOA Fan-art Question time! 🎓

Hello my lovelies, I was wondering if anyone could help me and @larnarose99 by telling us which amazing artist has created these beautiful sketches?

Thank you, really appreciate the help! 👍 x

Maybe: @achilltatos , @100goldenurns, @menoitides, @rockmos, @tsoadaily, @songs-of-patchilles? x


Classic trio getting ready to rumble

Lyn’s a tank she carries the team

Hector’s the monster truck

Eliwood’s the baby that’s slowly chugging along

Been playing some old school FE during bio lectures! Exam time was in session, so I thought that would be a great time to draw soe sick bros

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Here's a thought: instagram MUA héctor

the username @ muyguapo gets verified in less than a week when esteemed singer/songwriter Hector Rivera posts a video on how to get more sculpted and refined features using powder contour, he suggests powder over cream because removing it would have him buying an oil-based remover that’s too expensive from sephora and he’s not here for that, but he obviously uses the term ‘you can use whatever product suits you best.’

he then posts a 30 second version of his internationally acclaimed Frida Kahlo look, which you can also view the full version on youtube (link is in the bio) that has left everyone-dead and alive- gagging 

he can apply lipstick without even using the liner?? or the brush?? like a real fuckin pro? 

Anastasia Beverly Hills sends their sugar glow highlighter palette and he does a review by comparing it to his no.1 no nonsense favourite-shimmering skin perfector by Becca and he does an entire fenty beauty look for the fans who just want more and is marvelled by their foundation selection, also he tries the lip illuminator and falls in love with it because ‘I don’t need lip gloss anymore’

SWATCHES and more swatches, just a whole fucking array of matte liquid lipstick and he’s not even sorry

he’s the type of artist that goes above and beyond with his looks, even after he dies, every girl in town wants to know how to get their brows looking so on fleek and he’s not even bothered like he will post ten minute long videos on loving yourself and that acne is fine and how kylie’s makeup brand stinks

Por quien suenan las campanas

Versión original en inglés (For whom the bell tolls) por @im-fairly-whitty
Ernesto contraataca. Coco Fan-Fiction

[Parte 1: Caída]  [Parte 2: Ira]  [Parte 3: Hechizado]  [Parte 4: Duda]  [Parte 5: Recordar]   [Parte 6: Vacío]

Parte 7: Cosas importantes (Final)              

“¿Dónde está? ¡Voy a matarlo! Ese monstruo, esa bestia, ese—”

Había una fuerte conmoción con la voz de Imelda guiando la marcha mientras varios pies entraban a la habitación en la que Ernesto se encontraba, pero luego se silenció abruptamente.

Ernesto se levantó lentamente hasta que se sentó.  Se movió incluso más despacio cuando se puso de frente a Héctor, Imelda y Miguel. Los tres estaban de pie juntos en la entrada.

Le contemplaron como si fueran uno pero a Ernesto no le importó. Ya no.

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