thank you hector

“I’m searching for my father. 
If you are determined to block our progress…
Then you shall be moved!!”

Perhaps it was because I knelt. The sound ceased, and she considered me a moment.
“Hector’s death will be first,” she said. “This is all I am given to know.”
Hector. “Thank you,” I said.


Classic trio getting ready to rumble

Lyn’s a tank she carries the team

Hector’s the monster truck

Eliwood’s the baby that’s slowly chugging along

Been playing some old school FE during bio lectures! Exam time was in session, so I thought that would be a great time to draw soe sick bros

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#6 with Hector please x

“Here, take my jacket” Hector says.

“I’m not cold” You say shivering.

“You’re freezing!”

“Well it is cold out here”

“Take my jacket then”

“Thanks” You say taking it off him “Aren’t you cold?”

“No, I have like 3 layers on”

“That’s sensible” You’re still shivering.

“Come on, you can’t be that cold” Hector says.

“I think I am”

“Come here” Hector says, wrapping his arms around you “Better?”

“Yes thanks”

Soon, you’re not shivering any more.

“Thank you” You say to Hector.

“It’s what I’m here for”

“Why are you always warm?”

“I don’t know, it’s like my super power”

“Well no offense, but that’s a boring super power” You say.

“Fine then” Hector says, releasing you from his arms.

“No! I was joking” You say.

Hector puts his arms around you again “There you go, not so boring now is it?”

You sigh “No, I guess not”

Okay so because I’m mad as fuck here’s all the canon information about Lalnable Hector

  • Lalnable is a “particularly dangerous clone” (Xephos, Yoglabs 38)
  • Only member of the Yoglabs Staff to have killed more testificates than Honeydew (Xephos, Yoglabs 38)
  • Has broken out of holding at least once previously (Xephos, Yoglabs 38)
  • Used the brainwaves of Testificates to generate power (Journal, Flux Buddies 65)
  • Possibly may not have been working alone- “This book will chronicle our observations.” (Journal, Flux buddies 65)

Notice how nowhere in any of these episodes is he mentioned as being a cannibal. a serial killer, or evil mastermind bent on killing Xephos to take over Yoglabs, the only person who calls him a “lunatic” is Xephos and only after Honeydew calls Lalnable a monster, and that half of this information comes from “Unreliable narrator” Xephos

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#61 with Hector pls

“Move” Hector says.

“Why would I move when I’m so comfy where I am?” You ask.

“Because you’re giving me a dead arm”

“Stop complaining and watch the film”

“But it hurts”

“Shhh I’m trying to watch”

“Fine, but if my arm falls off it’s your fault” Hector complains.

“Stop being so dramatic”

“You’re one to talk! You almost cried the other day because I ate your sandwich”

“It was a good sandwich” You reason “I’d been looking forward to that all day”

“Even so”

“Oh shut up”

“Can you seriously move? My arm does not feel good” Hector says.

“I suppose” You say, sitting up.

“Thank you” Hector says, stretching his arm out.


“Yeah, no thanks to you”

“Oi, I was being romantic”

“Romantic doesn’t involve killing my arm”

“Well yeah, maybe that bit was an accident”

“Good. Now are you gonna shut up and watch the film?”

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#142 with Hector?? Thank you x

“Hey, is that who I think it is?” You ask.


“My stupid ex”

“Oh, is it?”

“Yeah I think so. Urgh I was hoping to never see him again”

“Oh, is that the asshole?” Hector asks.


“Want me to go and mess him up?”

You laugh at that idea “No, it’s alright. He’s looking, quick, hold my hand so he gets jealous!”

Hector quickly takes your hand.

“Look like we’re having fun” You say, faking a laugh.

“We are having fun”

“I know, but make it really obvious”

“He’s not even looking now” Hector says.

“Well he might do, just keep smiling”

“Will do, look he’s going now”

“Really? Thank god” You say.

“Yeah, he’s gone”

“Phew, I’m gonna still hold your hand though”

“That’s fine” Hector says.

“I’m glad he’s gone” You say “And thanks”

Thank you Barca for buying the ref, thank you Hector for not going back so Leo could score, thank you Wenger for putting Flamini in so he could foul Leo and therefore get us a penalty. Thank you grass for letting our players be able to land softly when they dived and thanks for being so nice and wet so that barca could land accurate passes. Thanks to Petr Cech who let the wonderful Messi score 2 times. Thank you for Ramon the guy who cooks for barca for feeding our players making them nourished for the game. Thank you to Cesc for telling us arsenal’s secrets. Thank you to wenger’s coat, because well why not?

Also, Thank you to Leo’s hairdresser for making his hair slick and therefore making him faster. Thank you for the blue kits that let us blend in the background of the propaganda therefore Arsenal couldn’t see us. Thank you to NEYMAR’s nike boots that make every step he takes seem like gold and make him faster than usain bolt. Thank you to iniesta’s new haircut which made him lighter and therefore faster. Thank you to lucho for working up that magic abracadabra. Thank you to ter Stegen’s beauty that dumbfounded the whole Arsenal team. Thank you to God our 12th player. Thank you to the goal that was bigger for barca than Arsenal. Thank you to hectors parents for giving birth to him in Barcelona therefore making him a secret cule.

Special Thanks to the Arsenal jerseys that are so small they actually prevented the Arsenal players from moving and breathing at times and most of all thanks to Lucho for letting the players sip from his magical water bottle. Without all of you Barca couldn’t have won the CL game, so God bless y'all for coming through.