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Roman Godfrey x Reader (Little Prince pt.3)

Scenario: You’re a new student at Hemlock Grove High and you catch the attention of (surprise,surprise) Roman Godfrey.

WARNINGS: swearing, minor sexual situations

Word Count: 1467

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You could hear the bass from a block away. It was practically shaking the whole neighborhood. With every step you took, your heart beat harder and harder. You know you had nothing to be nervous about, but you couldn’t stop worrying. About what exactly? You had no idea. You wished that you were as excited about this party as your dad was when you asked for permission to go. He was practically pushing you out the door when it was time to leave. Good old dad. You knew he was only trying to help out, but you couldn’t help but wish he would stay out of your personal life from time to time.

The house slowly revealed itself as you turned a corner, if you could even call it a house. The place was huge! It was like a mansion was eaten by an even bigger mansion. Teenagers were sprawled across the front lawn, and even more could be heard from inside. Your insides churned at thought of being among all those people.

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