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Romano's characterization for you ☆

I hope it will help you with writing imagines with Romano!

So, the thing that is really important about him (and a lot of people forget about it) is the fact that he is mean and rude only towards men. But he is extremally friendly towards women. Fanfic writers forget about it a lot and write stories where Romano is rude to a female reader. Himaruya also mentioned that Romano protects women from the bad guys. It probably comes from the fact that male countries had always wanted to lay their hands on him and they were usually the ones who wanted to get rid of him.

It is also good to mention that he is even more of a coward than his brother, Feliciano. The only times he isn’t like it are the moments where he defends women in trouble. He is really confident when put in this situation.

It may also be surprising but as I read in 2011 Christmas Event, he is shown to be somewhat a hard worker even though he used to be lazier before it. Even Germany and Prussia complimented him.

It is also very surprising that Romano gets along with America very well.

He’s picky about his food (he won’t eat anything foreign, especially cheese or potatoes)

In Just 2 Minutes You Can Grasp the Exterior of the European Economy, Romano is shown to hate his mafia. They really influenced his character and may have ruined his view of the world. And due to him being a coward, he doesn’t usually talks badly about mafia.

He basically acts like “I don’t fucking care what you think.

A very important thing is also the fact that he is jealous of his brother. Because Romano was always in the shadow of Veneziano. It is especially show in strips with Chibi!Romano and Boss Spain. Romano thinks he lacks talent and is much worse than Vene.

Also, Romano’s clumsiness comes from his choreia. He had it as a child but Spain helped him overcome it.

Good luck!

@imaginehetaliadorks I love you, darling that is so perfect! Thank you, I hope that now I can write imagines for Romano
To those who sent asks about One Piece Babies, LawLu Family AU and Snare

I’ve seen them and I’ll try to reply with doodles when I can but I’m quite tired and stressed from recent life-related activities. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can (probably with an important update but THANK YOOOOOOU!!! I’m happy you guys haven’t forgotten Snare and that the One Piece babies interest yooooooou (MY FAVORITE IS ELUCARD AND LAFFY OH MY GOD DONT YOU EVEN).


I haven’t dropped How To Snare A Life.

To be honest, I’m very tempted to post an excerpt of the latest chapter but I’d rather not spoil it. I really wanna finish the recent chapter tho. X< 

Anyway, thanks for the messages! It makes me happyyyyyyy~!! ♥

Meanwhile, please support my daughter birb @shevoj1207 !!! She’s recently re-opened commissions. For some reason, I can’t visit her page (Thanks, Tumblr. Thanks, Internet.) but I highly recommend you swing by. You won’t regret it.

It has LawLu and KLance and LOVE. ♥

super important [to me] please read... or don’t, its a free world

hello, I just want to say how thankful I am to be getting the amount of love and support that I have. I’m just one person so I can’t always get the scenarios/requests done as soon as I’d like to, so thank you for being patient! Also,  when you guys tell me that you enjoy my writing or that you like me as a person it really does make my day. If you guys ever wanna rant here or start a convo with me please feel free to do so ! 

((Happy Holidays everyone!!! <3
i’m so sorry for the hiatus in ask-soriel! >< i’m still not dead and really wanna get back to updating here… sadly i’ve been very busy with commissions recently, and i really need the money to help at home right now (it’s pratically my job now, and has been helping A LOT!)
i’m very happy to be getting so many commission requests. thank you so much! i know this blog has been immensely important for my popularity as an artist increasing so much this year. i’d like to thank you guys for all the love and all the nice messages i’ve ever received, for bearing with the slow updates and the fashiontale posts…
once again, i’m so sorry for the ask box been closed for such a long time, and i sure hope i can open it again soon~!))


We’ll start from me since I’m the eldest hyung. Yesterday I already said it once but please listen now too. There are 3 important things in life. The first is gold, the second is salt, the the third is being together with you right now. Being together with you guys right now is so so precious and makes me happy. I’m curious though, are you guys single right now? Wow I’m bungle! together we are smiling! (t/n; 싱글 (single) + 벙글 (bungle) = 싱글벙글 (smiling brightly)) Wow isn’t it a great combination. You guys fit me and BTS just right so please stay together with us for the future too. Thank you.

I’m really so so touched to be in a space like Gocheok. You guys are touched too right? Yesterday I talked about dreams. Today is a festival, but isn’t it also ARMYs festival. To enjoy our performances like this, then cleaning up all of the rubbish yesterday, really ARMYjjangjjangmanbboongbboong. I was so touched. Everyone, actually if water went up to 99 degrees it still wouldn’t boil. When we debuted, I think we were water that was 99 degrees. I think we were able to become 100 degrees boiling water because of you guys that were the remaining 1 degrees. Once again thank you, we had so much fun today too because we were together with cool ARMY. Thank you

Wow really pretty. It’s pretty if I look again, also it’s pretty even if I look over here, it’s pretty when I look over there too, and it’s pretty even if I look at the 3rd floor, 2nd floor, 4th floo. “Your appearance is like ~ purple light ~ I should approach gently~” I’m really touched us with purple light like this in Gocheok Dome. Ah, it’s such an honour to be in Gocheok Dome and have fun together with you guys, and it will be a memory I can never forget, I hope it will be an unforgettable memory for ARMY too. This moment now, I think it’s nice to say that this place gives us memories. Yesterdays postcard too? A fan wrote to us “BTS who gives us memories” and it was really so nice. It’s nice to talk about memories. But memories now. The Bangtan now. If you put the present Bangtan in your memories that will be even better. Everyone thank you for having fun until the end and let’s run until the end. It’s still not finished yet, right? So we’re not at the end yet. Everyone lets burn it up more. It’s not the end yet. It’s only started. Really thank you and I love you all.

Do you know what the colour purple means?
Purple is the last colour of the rainbow, right? Purple means to believe in each other and to love each other for a long time. Yes, I made it up just now. (members: we though it was real~~) But I hope that we can see each other for a long time, just like that meaning. And I will always believe in you and that we can climb up the ladder like this and you guys too can push us away…no, not push us away but hold our hands and follow us. Then we can go even higher! And thank you for a larg fanmeeting, no I mean for allowing us to have a fanmeeting in such a large place. ARMY, I love you!

Everyone, it’s been a while, right? Now the fanmeeting is over too. We worked really hard to prepare this fanmeeting and everyone waited so we could meet, but it’s over in an instant like this. When will we see you guys again~~when will we see you~~We’re really sad too. Although, we have also prepared our performances for the end of the year and we will show you stages with a different colour then everyone can enjoy it more, right? So, you don’t have to be like that because we will prepare quickly so we’re ready. Ah, I said this yesterday, that I always hope your lives are filled with just happy things. And don’t worry about us too much, guys. No~ No~They cried yesterday, we’re not like that, right? Don’t worry about us too much and I think in that time you could be doing more things. No~ you have to think of us, you have to think of us but don’t worry too much about us. Thank you so much for staying by us like this and lets continue to make fun memories. I love you guys

My turn. I was really happy promoting ‘Blood, Sweat & Tears’. But compared to our other promotions, this one was a bit more fun. Do you know why? Because we prepared this fanmeeting while doing promotions so I think we did our promotions with our hearts a bit more excited. To always be on stage like this, whether it’s for a broadcast or event, it feels good to see our ARMY and ARMY bomb’s completely fill it up. I said is in my thanks to right? I will not let go ~ I’ll never let go of your hands. I will be your strength when you are going through a difficult time. You guys worked so hard today. I hope you have for the remaining performances.

Everyone, shall we laugh? It’s nice because we laugh right? If you laugh then you will be blessed. Two, Three, yes, what’s our first fan song subtitle? “even though there will be more good days to come” right? So, I think today is one of the many many good days among many many more in the future. So you guys should smile more today right? I want to tell you something, but I’ll say it quickly. I wanted to tell you that when I was kid, there was a saying; “amongst faith, hope and love, love is the greatest of  them all”. Nowadays these words have become fresh in my mind. Do you guys love us? Does ARMY love Bangtan? I really love you. I love you guys and when I was young, I said some of this to you yesterday but, with the ARMY bombs sparkling it feels like I’ve fallen into the universe, the galaxy. Seeing the purple ARMY bombs today, it gave me goosebumps. I said that when I was a kid me favourite colour was purple, right? But, when I was young I also thought “isn’t the universe purple”. So, right now it feels like I’m in a universe that’s a little more special and thank you again for making my childhood dreams come true. Everyone, I love you~

trans; @hobuing | sc; εVEVEз


Anon: College Klance, where Keith’s sick but he has a really important test in one of his classes so he goes to class anyway. Keith and Lance happen to have that class together, and normally Lance just tries to ignore the other boy, but the Keith waddles in wearing a big coat, scarf and a wool beanie. It’s like 80 degrees out, so he knows somethings off. Bonus: For Keith being light headed and having to be carried back to his dorm room. (PS Thank you for writing awesome fics)

A/N: So I heard you guys liked pining Lance. Cashing in the bonus, someone should draw Keith in winter gear with the scarf covering his face up to his bright-red nose.

Lance hadn’t noticed the boy before. He hadn’t noticed that mullet hair, or that red jacket, or that little glance they shared when the boy would walk in a minute before class started-

Okay, maybe he’d noticed. But that’s just because the guy sat in front of him in the lecture hall! How could he not look at the way his stupid hair turned up at the ends or the stupid way he twirled his stupid pencil with his stupid nice fingers-

Okay. Maybe he’d done more than notice. Maybe he’d put in some extra effort into trying to see the boy’s name on his test. Maybe he’d lost track of class while watching the boy lazily doodle on his notes. Maybe he’d seen ‘Keith Kogane’ on the list of packages at the front desk of his dorm hall and almost choked. Just maybe, though. Probably not. Definitely not.

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This is a supernatural edit that focuses on Sam and Dean and some of the stuff they’ve been through. If the video doesn’t work there is another one under the cut (vimeo instead of youtube). 

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Hello everyone! it’s C (◡‿◡✿) how are you? Hope everyone is okay and having a good time this holidays because you guys deserve it (*´꒳`*)
This year is ending in a few weeks so I decided to make a FF as a way to thank my lovely followers & mutuals for making this year a really good one & also, recently I reached a new & amazing followers goal, 35k ! 。゚(TヮT)゚。 I can’t still believe it ! thank you so much this, for liking & reblogging my stuff, for sending lovely and supporting messages & for being by my side all these years ! I can’t express how grateful I am, you guys are the best ♡ and my beautiful mutuals: even if we have never spoke, you guys are really important to me, I’m so happy to see you on my dash & I appreciate you a lot ♡ I hope to see you all for a long time here !
And also I want to wish everyone a merry christmas & a happy new year ! I wish 2017 will be an amazing year for you full of happiness ♡!

Now, here’s a list of amazing blogs that make my dash beautiful, people who inspires me, who makes me happy and you shoud definitely follow them !

Bolded: Precious Mutuals (ノ>ω<)ノ :。・:*:・゚’★

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Breathe easy

(A/N): That moment when writing this you have forgotten to take your asthma medicine

Request: Hi, maybe you could write where the reader has asthma and she forgets her inhaler on the quinjet and she needs it really badly and she has to stop fighting and Bucky is with her and he tries to help her? :D thank you x

Warnings: none really

Originally posted by strictly-bucky

   This morning Tony had rushed everyone out of the door, telling them that “we have an important mission today! So everyone get off your asses and get to work!” So now here you all were, all assembled together (albeit tiredly and begrudgingly) at 4 in the morning. 

   Tony beamed at everyone, showcasing his pearly whites. 

    “Show a little spirit you guys!” Tony yells, causing every single one of you to flinch. Beside you you can heart Steve mutter,

    “I’m Captain America, I’m the embodiment of spirit,” you smile tiredly at Steve before redirecting your attention to Tony who was already rambling on about the mission. You yawn softly, attempting to hide it behind your hand. 

   "You look really cute when you yawn,“ Bucky whispers from behind you as he wraps his arms around your waist and places his face in the crook of your neck. You smile fondly as you reach back and pat Bucky’s cheek only to have him turn his head and press a kiss to your wrist. "Hey-” Bucky begins, perking up quite suddenly. “Did you-" 

    "Hey,” Tony points a finger to the two of you, glaring at you playfully. “You two love birds break it up, we’ve got a mission to do,” Bucky seemingly forgets his question as he pulls away, no doubt smiling that cute dorky smile. Tony smiles in approval before continuing on with his speech. Bucky slides back up beside you, itching to be as close to you as possible. 

   “You’re gonna get us in trouble Barnes,” You warn softly, looking back to Tony who was now pointing out exactly what needed to be done and how to do it. “I don’t feel like getting my ass chewed out by Tony at 4 in the morning,” Bucky smiles sleepily as he pushes back up against you, resting his head on your shoulder as he hums softly. 

   “I’m still supposed to be in bed, not on some emergency mission during the dark hours of the morning,” You smile softly as you reach over and run your fingers through Bucky’s hair, relishing in the soft hums of contentment that you pulled from his lips. Bucky nuzzles a bit closer, like a dog begging to be touched. 

   “Bucky I swear to god If you don’t stop interrupting me with your relationship shit I may punch you in the face,” Tony’s tone is ‘annoyed’ but the small smile grazing his lips betrayed the tone. Bucky reluctantly pulls away, grumbling something about, ‘I’m too tired for Tony,’ You chuckle softly, turning back to give Tony your full, undivided attention. 

   “Sorry Tony,” You flash him a smile, “I’m listening,” Tony sighs and rolls his eyes before turning back to direct everyone once again. You can’t help but chuckle softly when you hear him murmur the words, 

   “God, It’s like I’m teaching a bunch of teenagers,”

   The team had gotten out on the battlefield with no difficulty, it was the sudden onslaught of enemies that was hard. Maybe even…harder than usual? Maybe it was all in your head but something about this fight seemed harder than the other ones. You felt far more lethargic, your movements were sloppier, and your lungs were burning something fierce. It burned to breathe in and when you did it was in short, shallow breaths. Something most definitely wasn’t right here but you simply dismissed it as being a little tired from the lack of sleep the last few days. As you continued fighting the burning only got worse and your breaths were starting to get even shallower. It was even getting to the point you could barely breathe at all. It was then it hit you: you’d forgotten to take your inhaler and it was in the quinjet some many miles away. 

  Your eyes widen in surprise as your hand rises to your throat, small little gasps fell from your lips as you attempted to breathe in and out but it was nearly impossible due to your now inflamed throat. Around you the fight continues but you can’t fight right now, not when you could barely find it in you to stand straight. You know you’re not going to get out of this alive, might as well die in peace right? 

   You drop to the floor and scoot away from the battle, all the while wheezing while you do so. You find a solitary group of trees and stop there, nearly collapsing onto your stomach as you do so. Your left there wheezing, gasping for air as you writhe on the ground in pain. 

   You’re so out of it that you don’t realize the sounds of battle have ceased, you don’t realize people are calling for you, damn near screaming for you. It wasn’t until someone had placed their hand on your shoulder that you realize you’re not entirely gone, not yet. The hand on your shoulder is warm and strong and you’d recognize that touch anywhere. It was Bucky. 

   “(Y/N)?” Bucky’s voice is damn near frantic and you’re suddenly being pulled upright, being forced to stare at his face. One hand is running all over your body, checking you for wounds while the other cups the back of your neck, keeping your head straight. “(Y/N), what’s wrong? Can you tell me what’s wrong?” You grasp at your throat and wheeze softly, hoping he got the idea. 

   Bucky’s eyes search yours for a minute before his eyes widen and he mutters a string of curses under his breath. 

   “Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god-” He swears as he stares at you for a moment, almost in a shocked like haze. “D-did you leave it at home? W-Where is it?” You weakly point behind you, wheezing softly as you manage to get the word ‘jet’ to fall from your lips. “T-The Quinjet? Y-You left it on the quinjet?” You nod meekly and then with a speed you couldn’t comprehend Bucky has lifted you up, keeping you secured against him. “This may be a little bumpy,” Bucky warns. Before you can even begin to comprehend what that meant Bucky had taken off, running fast enough that maybe…just maybe the two of you would get there on time. 

   You hadn’t realized you had passed out until you were suddenly waking up to harsh lights above you and a stinging pain in your chest. You wince as you squint your eyes against the harsh light, groggily bringing one hand up to cover them. There’s a rustle beside you and suddenly there’s a warm hand steadying your shoulders. 

   “(Y/N)?” The voice is shaky and so broken that if you hadn’t known any better you wouldn’t have been able to guess who it was. “(Y/N), you awake?” You groan in response, nodding your head. There’s a shaky sigh and suddenly you’re being pulled into someone’s lap. A pair of warm arms wrap around you and an equally warm face nuzzle into your neck, breathing in deeply. The touch slowly began to feel familiar and it takes you only a few moments to realize that it was Bucky holding you so close. His lips are pressed to your neck in an almost open mouthed kiss and you can feel how shaky his breathing is. 

  “I-I thought,” Bucky swallows and nuzzles into your neck a little more. “I thought I was too late, I thought you weren’t gonna wake up,” Dots suddenly begin to connect in your mind and you realize what had just happened. You had forgotten to take your inhaler and of course you had an attack, had it not been for Bucky who knew what could have happened. Your heart aches a bit as you realize Bucky nearly just saw you die, he was the one to carry your weak, failing body and he was the one who had to bring you back to life (in a sense). 

   “Buck-” You’re voice is much hoarser than intended and it burns to do even state his name, but you press on, determined to reassure him that you’re fine. “I’m okay, I’m okay now,” Bucky sighs once again, his chest heaving against yours. 

   “But- But you weren’t. (Y/N), you were there in my arms, I could feel how hard it was for you to breathe, I-I felt the way you were wheezing and gasping an-and-” You silence Bucky as you place a gentle kiss to his forehead, albeit with slow and heavy movements. You let your lips linger, too tired to move away just yet. That and you were sure Bucky needed this, needed to feel that connection to you. 

   “I am now Bucky, I’m okay because of you,” Your lips move against his forehead with every word but neither of you mind, in fact you both relish in the intimate feeling this brought. 

   “Wh-what if I hadn’t been there though, what if-” 

   “Too many What if’s Buck, you can’t focus on them. All that matters is that I’m fine and you’re fine too, we’re both okay, right?” Bucky hesitates a moment, truly contemplating if he was okay after all of that. After those few moments Bucky nods, finally sure in his answer. 

   “Y-Yeah, we’re okay,” 

Much Requested Tips!

I receive a LOT of asks from new lifters/baby lifters and people considering starting to lift and a lot are very similar. I’m really flattered that people look up to me and come to me for advice so thank you guys💞 however, I think it might be convenient to make a big, general post for you guys.

Not all of these tips and strategies are mine! Some I came up with, some I’ve read and seen from other lifters. I am not trying to steal anyone’s credit. No pun intended 😉

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Guys, I glanced at my followers just now and I’m close to 500 now. To any bigger blogs this may not be too much but I went for 3 and ½ years not being able to gain more than 150 followers or any real activity, hell, I think I had only made over 100 notes on a post one time but that’s not important.

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bowser14456  asked:

I originally found out about your comic Broken because of youtube. User Star_Butterfly72 posted it on there. Just thought I'd let you know that someone stole tour comic.

Did she put credits? If not I’m absolutely going to tell her to put them because is really important! Is ok if you want to share something you like but…with respect to the autor!
But I saw she put credits! Well maybe she didn’t ask me the permission but is also true that I have 600 mail on tumblr and I haven’t time to read and answer to them all!
Btw! Thank you for telling me that! :3 It’s so nice you guys take care on me and Broken!


art credits x

guys this is really important: like the post if you save!!!!! and maybe credit me on twitter @ isakvatersenn?? thanks :)

Okamoto Nobuhiko’s 8piece 1st Full Album

Hey guys. So I wasn’t online for days. I just got back from company trip and didn’t have chance to upload something. So I know I was late to post this. I really hate this. I been missing on the important date (gladly I have my sister @verloren9104 who always keep me telling me the updated thank you so much)

Anyway!  Last Saturday (21/1/2017) Nobu’s 1st full album 8Piece have been released!!!!! yay~!! and not only that, his album also get the 5th place in Oricon Daily CD Album Ranking (first appearance) right after a day it’s have been released!! Congratulations!!

Now, I want to talk about the song inside it, which has the same name as his album “8piece”.

Have you guys had heard it yet?
If you haven’t, please hear the preview here

When I heard it for the first time.. before I know it, my tears just keep flowing..  this song are unlike the other. this song is special… Because

  • He wrote the lyrics himself. 

  • In fact, this is the fastest song he ever write. He only finished writing this song within 2 hours. it’s so easy to write because he just poured all his true feelings into this song.
  • THE LYRICS ITSELF. if you haven’t read the lyrics, please check it out here. (again thank you so much to @ju-da-su for translating the lyrics. and again I’m crying) He expressed his thankful feelings  to kiramune family including connect, his manager and to  everyone who always support him during the time he in trouble, he put it all… into this song.
  • Kiramune family singing this song together with him!! They really did sing this together as kakki suggested!
  • *trignal, namidai, yochin, kakki, miyu and even kamiyan sing this song together! Just for him!!!
  • And last but not least…HIS VOICE. Oh my god.. that’s the softest (nobu) voice i ever heard

that means he wrote the lyrics with an image of kiramune family
will sing it on the mind.

There’s no other song ever made like this. Everyone join him in his song, Giving him the support and love that he deserves.

You know..Nobu is not perfect..but I know Nobu is strong boy. He always is. He never show his weakness. He never shade a tears in front of people and I bet he never show it to his senpai and kohai too. Maybe not because he’s ego or it will ruin his pride, but the fact he know that he is not alone and everybody got his back, he don’t even have chance to be sad. Even if he did cried, he get up quickly. Knowing that be sad over it won’t solve the problem. After all, Despite all he had been though, all he do is being professional by not making his fans worried about him. that fact make me want to cry again
That’s just the kind of guy Nobu is.

And I really want to thank all kiramune family for keep supporting Nobu. Especially Kakki!

Just days before nobu album was released, Nobu came to Kakki’s radio show unison and they have a great time together. It’s really intersting. you can rarely see these two aka my two biggest crushes in seiyuu fandom interacting with each other so much. so this is pretty important.
Kakki being so supportive he did fangirling over nobu a little bit. Plus they play mobile games together which is their reaction so cute.okay stop me
Nobu was promoting his album too. and He thanks Kakki. Nobu said that your words really make him happy . By one sentence “Shall sing the chorus with you then?” following by the other supporting that suggestion , this 8piece song was able to be created. Houtouni arigatou gozaimasu!!
 When kakki heard that, he said that’s not true at all. In fact, he apologize back to Nobu, saying that after all you have been through, he wish he could say something more cooler than that. But Nobu said “You already cool enough”. You already are,Kakki!

And So then Nobu need us to support him too! please buy his album! (even this poor girl is trying so hard to buy his album) I hope after this. Nobu will keep growing and will keep surprising his fans. Gambatte kudasai!

Let’s all of us give all the support this precious cute little devil! #LoveOkamotoNobuhiko

! important update !

hi guys! 

so recently I found a post, and as you guys may or may not know, I am 100% Thai, though I’m adopted and live in the USA, this post made me a little sad because I realized how distant I am from my own culture, and I would really like to be closer to my culture. So, I’ve decided to change from my birth name to a nickname which I feel would help me accomplish that and be one step closer.

So, I would appreciate it if you guys could address me as Maew from now on! Thank you, I love you all. 


Thanks you guys, 600 followers! Wow!!!  So.. I heard someone say female Geets ✨🎆✨