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WIP, it won’t be forever grayscale, at some point it’s gonna get colors.

OKAY SO. Because I don’t know how and where to tell— thank you very much for you guys who liked and reblogged my art! You don’t know how happy I am for every single one of them… EVERY single one. I can only offer back virtual hugs for you, thank you very much!

Cross (2/?) - Avengers x (f)Reader

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Words: 1144
Pairing: Avengers x Reader
Featuring: DC characters
Warnings: fighting
Requested: #still moving and no internet so queue
Authors Note: I hope you guys are liking this LOL XD. Other parts will be linked once I get a chance to use Internet. (Thank you guys so much for the awesome response for this! I was so worried to post it, and I am so glad you guys like it!!)

Tags (since I got internet for like, five minutes): @shamvictoria11 @me-shipper-trash

Part One


“So, is this like a very into it protester?” You asked Tony.

He shook his head. “I don’t think so. Friday says that he has a gun, and the girl is really sketchy. They’re both dressed up. Is there some type of con going on? Considering the people at the facility and the people down here, something must be going on.” Tony sighed.

“I don’t think there’s anything going on. And the Superman guy- if he’s cosplaying, well, I’ve never heard of him.” You shrugged.

“Oh my go-” Tony cut himself off.

“Someone! You!” The man in clown makeup ah green hair pointed to a lady just walking in front of him. She didn’t listen, and kept walking.

“I will kill all of you if someone doesn’t answer me!”

“(Y/N), look away.” Tony told you as he looked down. But you couldn’t, you were trying to figure out where you had seen this man.

“You! You’re looking at me!” The man walked closer to you.

You quickly turned your head to look at Tony. “They’re coming over here.”

“Don’t say anything.” Tony told you.

“Tell me where I am!” The man yelled at you. He was taller than you, and he smelled horrible.

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Frrrrom yesterdays…..todays….late night stream!!

Zach is a very very old OC of mine and hes a kid with psychic PSI powers or something and became a bit fucked in the head later on due to overusing it. He is a guy with good friends and then he turned evil lmao. What a good child. Also if you haven’t already guessed, Casey was heavily inspired off of him.

 I should draw the other OCs from this lineup sometime…when my computer is fixed I guess….

Thank you all so much for coming to the stream it was a ton of fun and I really enjoyed it!!!

Hey guys; your friendly neighborhood trash panda Raccoon here!

Ohmigosh so I’ve just been here for a few weeks, but I’ve been having so much fun with y’all. You’ve all been very nice and awesome, and I wanted to do this up as a super thanks for helping me reach my first 100 followers this week! Below I’ve listed just a handful of the people I plan to follow forever. Some I’ve interacted with, some I haven’t yet (but want to!), and others I’d love to interact more with.

If you’re not on here, that doesn’t mean I don’t love and appreciate you and want to rp with you, because you’re all hella rad and I love you all. <3

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Thank you all so much for being here with me!


If you receive this, post random things about yourself & then pass it on to your 15 favorite followers. I was tagged by @fuckmejaebum and @jaebongisgf thank you so much guys!!

• i am double-jointed on every single finger
• because i’m double-jointed i can bend my thumb all the way back to my wrist……….don’t run away!!!
• i seem to have an everlasting sock tan it doesn’t want to go away
• i used to be really good at public speaking but now i’m just,, a mess, ,,,
• i like singing and dancing but not at the same time
• i hate heels probably because my flat feet don’t fit in them
• i’m smol…….as in 5'2 smol………
• i’m short but my feet are size 8 :))))
• i almost always swerve after i get to know a group a lot…..i used to be a jackson stan………
• my favorite girl groups are f(x) and mamamoo

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Hi there, I just read "touch" and now I have to buy a new trash can. Thank you very much. I think he's definitely the guy who cries in the shower, where no one can see him. Aw poor little T'Challa. Anyways I loved it.

Originally posted by farawayanddreamin

Thank you so much, darling! and I feel you, he is and it makes me sad. c’mere t’challa and let me love you ! x


Hey guys! Thank you so much for participating in our very first giveaway, which is now closed!
Also I would love to give a giant thanks to all of the giveaway blogs that wished us a warm welcome, a good luck, and helping us get our new blog out there a bit more than it was! I really appreciate it! Big hugs and thank yous to them @ninjaskueen-giveaways @hellish-houndoom @moonblastgiveaways @luxray-sylveon-pokemon-giveaway @bluemoonlightgiveaways @tcgiveaways @exotic-espeon-giveaways @shine-bright-like-a-sylveon @queeny-cherubi <3 -Jolteon

I want to thank all those who participated in our first giveaway! It means a lot to us,and we can’t thank you guys enough. I would also like to thank all the blogs that shouted us out, and made us feel welcome to the community. I really couldn’t thank y'all enough for your kindness! It means a lot! If there’s anything we can do y'all, let us know


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Hah. Hey,doll. Didn't I see you on the cover of Vogue? Who'd say Tumblr is the spot where hot shawtys gather? Got a cool blog bout coolest guys. See ya around. Just say Red and Imma pick you up in your hood. 😉😘- J. Todd

Oh my! Oh God. Oh my god. God.
Oh *blushes* Thank you very much.
😂😂😂Such an honour, thanks! My blog is only for you. Coolest guys in Gotham 😂😘.
Oh God, thanks! You shouldn’t say that very often, either way you’ll have a thousand people yelling “Red”.
Love you  😘😂

I somehow made it to 1000 followers!
Thank you very much, all of you. It certainly brightened up my gray and rainy summer holiday ❤️

None of my succulents or cacti are flowering at the moment, so as an alternative celebration, I want to share a pic of my recovering Drosera Derbyensis (it was beat up pretty badly from shipment). A rare and awesome carnivorous plant with sticky leaves and a huge appetite.

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Hi Shaya, I just wanted to let you know that something really bad happened to me lately, that has made trusting and relying on anyone very hard, and I'm constantly on edge thinking someone is going to repeat what happened to me, and it's really hard

[…to function actually. That being said, I have a need on constants in my life right now, of people that I trust and can count on, and you, @shadu-kiam, and @colubrina are some of the only people in my life like that right now. Thank you for being dependable, trust worthy, and a very bright spot in the darkness that is my life right now. You guys do so much for us fans, and it really matters, and is super important, I love you guys, thank you for being my escape, thank you for being you. 🌼😊]

One of the things I love most about this fandom is how strong of a community we actually are. Fanfic has helped get me through some serious times of depression, and the friends I’ve made have been that constant strength when I’ve felt my weakest. Knowing that I am a small part of that for you makes me so happy. I’m sorry you’ve had a rough time, but if you ever need someone to just vent to, know that I am here. ♥

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Good afternoon, my dear! Your work on the blog is still going strong and such quality, I see! I love to reading the blog updates every day. Kunikida, Kenji, and Atsushi being taken to an Anime convention or cosplay meetup by their s/o (With their s/o cosplaying or both)? Scenarios or Headcanons, if you please!

It’s not that strong but I give me best! And to hear so much praise really flatters me >///< thank you so very much ♥
I try headcannons then since it’s a bit easier and more detailed~

Atsushi Nakajima

- I totally see you and Atsushi going as Tsunayoshi Sawada & Kyoko Sasagawa from Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Since Atsushi is as cute as Tsuna and you, shipping this pairing made him go as Tsuna! (though personally I hate Tsuna x Kyoko haha but it would suit this cute guy~ he reminds me of Tsuna alot)

- Atsushi is totally embarassed as cosplayer. he noticed the strange looks from others, but he kinda enjoys it since you have much fun too

- Atsushi don’t like big crowds, but he feel secure with you and he learns that anime fans are cool (kinda. there are exceptions). And he prefers to watch stage shows from other cosplayers as walking around aimlessly.

- he even watched KHR with you to make the best Tsuna for you! Cute little boy.

Kenji Miyazawa

- Kenji would totally cosplay Finny from Black Butler! To have a suitable cosplay you would go as the main character from Harvest Moon: Story of Seasons. You would make the cutest couple this way!

- Kenji loves to stroll every stand and stuff, seeing everything but most especially the cherry trees-

-He would totally love Ikebana (making cool stuff with flowers and branches) and want to learn it, spending hours with you trying

- He has so much fun that he is the one that drag you to the other conventions!

Doppo Kunikida

- Being fans of otome games and such, of course you force Kunikida going as Hijikata from Hakuouki since he remembers you alot to Kunikida with writing in a book and being totally strict. You on the other hand would go as yourself since you shipp Otome boys with you instead of the main protagonist

- Kunikida feels like Yukichi in this yukata, but he follows you everywhere, ignoring other Hakuouki cosplayers (Especially Okitas)

- he would love the meets with Mangakas, seeing which persons are behind the mangas. He even would read some!

- he don’t particulary enjoy the convention since its too loud and crowded. He always lost sight of you and spend hours look for you.

- He hopes Dazai never see him in a cosplay..

thefuckinspacegoat  asked:

Maybe add some rust, like in the crevices between his ribs and in the joints. Also, probably change his feet, they look kinda like shoes. If you're going for something inhuman the definitely can't wear tennis shoes. Don't know what else though.

I like the rust idea, only gold doesn’t rust–it tarnishes to a darker color.  I could definitely try that; it might make him look more ancient!

As for the shoes, uh.  Look at what he originally wears:

I was trying to imply those through his leg design, but I’ll see what I can do about making it look less… y’know, Megaman.

I got a few other interesting suggestions for the designs (thank you guys so much!), and I’ll respond to them here as well:

@noenee said:

When I look at him i do get the impression he was some very early 1900′s metal sculpture or robot, so I think giving that impression of sharper edges and bending on the curves of the form might be a way to go? :o

I was actually kind of going for something soooorta like that: in this incarnation, I figured “hey, what if he’s an animated gold statue, inhabited by something?”  I was trying to make him look like he was composed of several pieces, but that may have backfired on me.  I’ll give your suggestions a whirl!

@draconic-hydra said:

If we are discussing the Golden Bat, and if I may suggest, it seems you completely removed  the definition of the hip bones. Perhaps add those back into the design and making other bone structure a bit more prominent as well.

I did, you’re right–the reason for that was I was trying to A: get rid of that silly-looking underwear line and B:streamline his silhouette.  Unfortunately, I think that in the process of doing so I gave him too GENERIC of a silhouette.  We’ll try something more actually skeletal this time around.

More than anything, I was trying to push the character in the opposite direction from last time: originally, I wanted to make him a monster, but doing so made him lose his heroic appearance.  So this time, I went all heroic, and lost the monster appearance.  Maybe now I can find a happy medium.

Thank you guys again so much!  We’ll try again, huh? >:D

The stream ended but I wanted to thank those who came to and watched a little bit of my stream or stayed till the very end! There were a lot of technical difficulties during the way but I really hoped you guys enjoyed it! Thank you all so much for being the best sweethearts I could ever ask for! Goodnight to all!

anonymous asked:

hi! it's @heathenslife and i just saw your post about advice for starting a new headcannons blog. firstly, thank you because those tips are very helpful! i love your blog so much. i write short stories/headcannons/AUs/etc. for any fandom i'm in and i'm not really getting many requests—i love writing and i want to make people happy so can you help me? i don't know how really (send some of your followers my way?) but yeah thank you! (i feel so awkward omg but i really love your blog and yeah) tysm

Defintelly! Thank you for your awesome words; they mean a lot! If you guys want people to write little short stories based on your favorite headcanons or AU’s, please take a look at @heathenslife!!

I Know I just said this yesterday but I wanted to say it again! 
THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH! This means a lot to me and I can’t thank you all enough for your support! Wish I could do a Giveaway or something but broke college student over here and I have no artistic talents to offer.

Unless you guys want quality shit post as a prize haha! Thank you so much again everyone! I appreciate this very much!


omg guys wtf, how do I even have this many followers?!?! like my posts are so shit but anyways thanks so much for the ppl who follow me. and also to the people who like and reblog my content. I know I don’t post my own stuff very often but when I do I can always feel the love! I honestly love this fandom and the skeleton clique so much and I always have felt very welcome. through this blog I’ve been able to talk to so many great people and fangirl over the beans that are tøp!!! I just wanna give a shoutout to @spookayy @thetylertoyourjosh @im-semi-problematic @imphantastical @and-now-i-just-sit-in-silence @set-mefree you guys are absolutely the best and so so sweet and I love you all so much!! Also shoutout to @thatlittleauberginebitch although we’ve only talking once, you’re seem super sweet and you’re always reblogging my stuff and so I thank you! anyways guys, I really do appreciate it and thank you all so much! ily💗 stay alive

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Coming soon: omg-hawkeye buttons for sale!

First off: I have never had a website before or sold anything online, so things might be a bit shaky till I get everything figured out. That being said, please go check out the five hawkeye button designs that will soon be available on my website:

This is new to me so I appreciate your patience as I work out how to make this easiest for everyone. If you have questions, please ask on tumblr. Thank you very much!

edit: the buttons aren’t sold out, I just don’t have any stock at all yet. When I do, I’ll post about it here. I just wanted to tell you guys whats coming up! :)

Hey frens! I made this blog not a very long time ago, but I have so many amazing followers and friends already, so I think that this is a great time to do my first Follow Forever. I’m so happy with all of you guys that help me everyday reblogging my posts, sending me amazing questions, stories… You guys are always helping me, more than you’ll ever know.

So here I’ll put the blogs that are in my heart forever, people that are real friends. I don’t know what I would do without all of you… Thank you so much for all the love and support. I love you all.

(in bold you will find my favorite people/blogs)

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Special thanks:

These people below are literally the reason why I’m still here. They are always helping me so much and making me smile everyday. These people are so kind and good that it’s impossible to not love and respect them. In these blogs you’ll find safety, kindness and friends, because they are really special and I’m glad that I can say they are in my life somehow, and of course, they are forever in my heart. Thank you each one of you for making everyone feel loved and safe… And for being such awesome people. The world needs more people like you. This fandom, the real clique, is made by people like you: that didn’t forget how to be gentle and how to love and respect. Thank you so much for everything. I support and love you.

And of course, they have AMAZING blogs!

  • @joshyface
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P.S.: Sorry if I forgot anyone. There are a lot of blogs! I love you all! Don’t forget that.

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hey guys! i’ve never done one of these before, but since i’ve reached my follow goal last night i think it’s time that i do one. thank you all so much for filling my dash with amazing gifs, videos, fan art, and memes. i appreciate you all very much. and wow so many of you i consider friends????? wowie okay here it goes. brace yourselves because there are 650+ names here.


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this honestly took me 20 years to do, not gonna lie.