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  • Him being a dork while saying he loves you; “Hehehehehe…..I like you~”, he’d wink at you
  • Snuggling against his chest in the mornings as you’d both refuse to get out of bed, cause’ you don’t want to get separated from his amazing chest.
  • Burying your face on his chest to inhale his amazing scent while He teases you for being addicted to him; “Addicted much?”,he’d chuckle
  • Fighting over the remote, but he ends up giving it up to you,cause you promised to kiss him in exchange
  • Him reaching over to stuff you can’t get ,cause he’s a tour ,while your smol ; “I got this Y/N “, he’d peck your forhead
  • Random backhugs given by you ,cause’ you love feeling his manly back and he knows it.
  • Him coming back from work and sliding his sneaky hands around your waist as you cook
  • Eskimo kisses as he would press his forhead against yours
  • Staring contests, in which he always loses because your eyes shall be the death of him
  • Him not accepting the truth when he loses a game against you “ NO !!! YOU CHEATED!! IT AIN’T FAIR PLAY ,WHEN YOU BITE YOUR LIPS LIKE THAT AND WE’RE SUPPOSED TO BE IN A COMPETITION!HOW DARE YOU !!”
  • Him ,lacing his fingers with yours when you don’t expect it
  • Him being spontaneous af and making acts you never expect 
  • Him trapping you against each and every corner he can find to get business going * smirks*
  • Him using really lame pickup lines to get something out of you, since you beg him to stop and he gets want he wants
  • Watching horror movies late at night while you hide your face in the crook of his neck and he snickers in satisfaction; “I’ll protect you Y/N”, he’d run his fingers through your hair
  • You,slapping  his arm whenever he tries to get physical in public and him being cocky as hell ; “Give me my kiss , will ya? Or should I trap you against that wall in front of everyone ?”, he’d raise a subjective brow
  • Both of you cuddling on rainy days as he tells you the most beautiful things ever ; “ I can’t believe a girl like you is my girlfriend”, he’s stare at you in fascination
  • You, taking a shower at his place after you got wet in the rain and him feeling extra nervous as he’d prepare some hot chocolate for both of you
  • Him, covering you up when your clothes are wet,cause’ he doesn’t want other guys to see it ; “ Why are you only doing this now?You should’ve told me earlier”, you frown as you hide your shirt with his jacket “ I’m fine with seing your bra through your shirt, I just don’t want other bastards to see it, that’s why”
  • Him gulping each time you come out of the shower with wet hair and a bathrobe.
  • Him running his long fingers through your hair or along your legs while you’re both snuggled on your couch
  • Both of you sharing a room for the first time and him being a complete dork; “W-W-We…us? TOGETHER!? Omg …Y/N…does that mean we can sleep together??!N-No!! I mean not sleep together as in like sleep the actual thing! But like just normal sleep!!! Sorry… I suck at communicating”, he’d facepalm at himself
  • You, helping him to pick out his clothes for the next day and him , whining with no tomorrow cause he wanna have swag, but you still choose to make him wear a suit ; “Babe, please, tomorrow is your first day at work! You can’t wear skinny jeans and those timberlands!”
  • both of you matching your clothing, such as your shoes and hats ,cause y’all know that kook refuses to match clothings; “ IT’S TOO CHEESY”
  • Him kissing the side of your neck as you’re talking on the phone. You try pushing his face away but the kid pouts at you; “Wait”, you tell on the phone “ Stop trying to get something,when I’m busy you sneaky little shit!”
  • Him making you drop your jaw each time he shows up in a suit and using it against you to have what he want 
  • Him getting cutely jealous and turning into a 5 y/o each time you bring a guy friend over or hang out with Taehyung ; “ Do you hate me Y/N?”, he’d pout as he adds “Just why do you have to be friends with so many guys?! Please leave Tae aside for tonight, I want you to be all mine, my own Y/N that no one can snatch away from me…I hate it when you go away and leave me to spend time with another guy.I’m your bae,Pretty ,please?”, he’d snuggle his fluffy hair on your neck like a child
  • Him turning from cutiepie that pouts his lips to sex bomb that licks his bottom lip in 3 seconds and you ,feeling extra nervous each time he does that.
  • Him pulling your waist close to him,each time he sees a guy approaching, of course he has to mark his territory *smirks* you’re his Gf after all
  • Him being amazed by everything you do and falls deeper for you each time he watches you
  • Both of you trying to cook something, as Jungkook  keeps on eating the ingredients as you try making it .
  • Him ,reminding you of all the embarassing stuff you did in the past
  • Stolen kisses and little lies ; “ Baby…I swear! I don’t know what happened to your pudding!!”
  • Having his fluffy head laying on your lap while you play with his hair as you both watch a movie
  • Both of you trying to karaoke over Namjoon’s and Suga’s voices when you listen to their songs.
  • Taking strolls along the beach while watching the sunset and taking cute pictures.
  • You, begging to do a makeover to Jungkook with your makeup kit and him running away while screaming “ OH MAN HOLY SHIT!!!”
  • Him going all jeon cena on you while you wrestle on the bed.He got no mercy when you just promised him a wish.
  • Him searching for warmth in the winter as he snuggles on your chest while you both cuddle under blankets.He eventually ends up sleeping and you have trouble breathing cause his head is heavy lmao
  • Both of you playing the game “ Marry ,F*ck , kill” and him getting extra offended each time you pick a person other than him to marry or F*ck
  • Him choking you with his arms as he’d hug you too tightly after coming back from tour.
  • Both of you going to the water park and him getting embarrassed cause he gets to see your gorgeous body in a bathing suit.
  • Or again, how he’s hesitating whether he should touch you or not since, you’re half naked in a bathing suit.
  • Him hiding his eyes cutely while you come out of the shower only wearing a towel as he’d peak through his fingers to get a glimpse.
  • Both of you doing the laundry outdoors while stepping on the blankets and using him this as an excuse to pull you in his arms
  • Him engulfing you in his manly arms after a long tiring day
  • You on your tiptoes to kiss his nose and him showing you this startled expression of his
  • Both of you walking in a garden as he ‘d hold out a flower crown and put it over your head, while proposing ; Will do me the honour of becoming my flower , so that my life can blossom ? ” 

hey guys~ I may do other members too…maybe? If you guys wanna request for other members , the request box is open ;)

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Pretty please a Kookie reaction! You're on your periods, and you're his first noona girlfriend, he's a little lost when you say 'my boobs hurt, could you massage them for me?' I can't help but imagine a shy little Kookie, blushing the shade of a cherry and just eeeeeeeeeekkk! I'm dying thinking about all the fluff. Ahaha. Thank you in advance! xxx

Awwww that sounds so adorable. This fandom loves the shy kookie so much <3 I wish he stays that way forever >.< Here’s your reaction

Originally posted by jimin-nim

Jungkook reaction :

I bet Jungkook barely knows what happens when a girl has her period tbh, which would make him so confused af when you complain about your boobs that are hurting.He’d blink a few times before thinking in his little brain how come boobs can hurt. “Babe ,you’re hurt? I mean…how am I supposed to help you feel better?”, he’d tilt his head to the side with that apparent confusion on his cute face.You’d ask him to massage your boobs and that’s when he’s probably fall off the edge of his chair and flush as if a bomb has been dropped on on him.” D-Do w-w-what?! Can you repeat… I think I misheard something”, he’d gulp down his saliva. You’d repeat the same words and Jungkook would bury his face in his hands in utter embarassement. “Y-You want ME, to massage YOUR BOOBS?! Babe Do I look like a guy that can do this…?I’m already nerve wrecked by your mere presence*blushes*…now you ask me to touch your boobs… *cries* ”, He’d fake a sob. 

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IMAGINE Jungkook and Taehyung being your  classmates.The two of them happen to be childhood bestfriends and ever since the day you transferred in their class  ,they’ve been trying to get close to you.They happened to have fell under your spell since day one. Jungkook and Taehyung always teamed up against everyone,but this time if feels like they’re fighting over you. It may have created a rivalry in between the two boys,because they’d try snatching you away from the other everytime.

In Taehyung’s case, he fell for you at first sight when you were in gym class.The way you glowed while playing volleyball made him lose his basketball game. He got hit by the ball after not paying attention to the game, but he didn’t even care because you were way more important. Taehyung is pretty straightforward and has no shame and it explains how both of you became friends right away.

Taehyung often makes mistakes and he fell for how you were able to fix all of his mistakes.You were like his savior in a  certain way.Taehyung also liked rebelling and skipping classes, but eversince you transferred he’s been more focused on school than he used to. This one friend would sneakily use up all of his chances to get hugs from you meanwhile jungkook couldn’t do that.Taehyung always sits beside you and sends you these little secret notes that seem to anger jungkook to his fullest. He’d giggle secretly with you during class hour.

 In the case of Jungkook, he fell for how considerate you were with him.He liked how you always wanted to take care of everything.He ‘d catch his own self staring at you in class and would blink as his cheeks would flush a red color.He liked how you’d pout everytime a new homework was announced and he’d chuckle and tease you everytime.Jungkook expresses his love through teasing and he likes to see your reactions.

He’s always sitting behind you and enjoys playing with your hair as you’d listen to the lecture.Jungkook also get nervously flustered whenever you’d surprise him by becoming touchy around him.Jungkook may be a tease but if you start touching him you can turn the entire play around, cause’ he gets easily flustered and nervous under your touch. He would also get very jealous whenever you brought up Taehyung.

“ Your height is so perfect and conventionnal for me “ he smirks at you as he’d take this opportunity to ruffle your hair “ You’re so cute~”

“ A romantic guy would have said something like, ‘your height makes you fit perfectly in my arms’, yet you make use of it to destroy my hair. UGH.HATE YOU” you glare at him

“ What? You expected me to pull you in my arms or something?” he chuckled before tapping your nose with his index “ You’re such a romantist Y/N. I mean…I could have done it but it would’ve made things pretty awkward”

“It’s not like I want to be in your arms either” You stuck your tongue out

“Yeah, you love me” he responds cockily

“  Why did I become friends with this freak again?” you sigh

He laughs along before slightly pulling on his tie to loosen his uniform.Jungkook believes that this is the perfect time to ask you out on an unofficial date.Of course he wouldn’t actually tell you it’s a date , but he’d pretend it’s just a normal hang out instead. He wanted to close the gap between both of you and this was his only chance to do it,

“Yeah…uhm..” he’d kick the ground with his feet as he’d stop walking “ I have something to ask you”

“ What?” you stare at him with that startled gaze before sighing “Don’t ask  to copy my homework! Please jungkook. The last time we almost got caught by the teacher!”

“N-No it’s not that” He’d bite on his bottom lip while tucking his hands in his pockets and lifting up slightly his head to look at you “ A-Are you free on saturday?” he’d ask you nervously in hope

“ Sorry pal, but she’s taken” Taehyung suddenly appears while putting his arm around your shoulders “ We’re actually going hiking together” taehyung smiles at you “ Right Y/N?”

“O-Oh…yeah” you smile awkwardly

You always felt this weird tension between Jungkook and Taehyung even if they both were you friends. You always felt like they were in a competiton when it was about hanging out with you or partnering up in class.

“ Who decided this?” Jungkook’s competitive sides show up

“ I decided this.” Taehyung titlted his head to the side

“ On whose accord?” Jungkook feels his shoulders tense up

“ On my accord and y/n wanted to tag along~” taehyung smiles mockingly at jungkook

“ Don’t you have some homework to do during the week end, Kim Taehyung? I thought you got a 47% in the last litterature test” Jungkook smirks back

“Yeah about that! Y/N, could you help me out on sunday–” Taehyung is about to do his cute puppy eyes to you

“ NO. I think taehyung is grown enough to take care of his own matters,huh? Right Tae?” Jungkook glares at the latter

“ B-But, I was just asking for help” Taehyung pouts “ Y/N, jungkook is so mean with me”

“Why you gotta be so rude , jungkook-ah? Don’t pick on someone’s weakness. Taehyung may be bad at litterature but you also have a weakness in math.Don’t be mean “ you ruffle taehyung’s hair


“ Jungkook, why are you acting up like this?! Seriously” You stare at jungkook

“Yeah, what’s wrong with you?” Taehyung would comment sassily

“Because it’s NOT FAIR” Jungkook would suddenly sulk at you “ Why do you always give Taehyung so much care and attention yet you forget about me?” 

“That’s because Taehyung asks for help.I would do the same if you seeked for help,but you never ask me anything” you sigh

“Why would you do that? Please just stick to me Y/N” taehyung hugs your arm in his embrace like a child

“ You always only stick to taehyung! I’m your friend too!!” jungkook scowls

“Ugh..The thing is that…I mean, look at him?” you point at taehyung who’s pouting at you “ How can I say no?” you pout with taehyung

“That’s not fair, share the love equally. I deserve some too” jungkook crosses his arms on his chest

“ I don’t have a favorite jungkook and you know it! I  just stick to taehyung because he needs more assistance”

that’s how you kept on walking till the way back home and it stayed silent till jungkook broke the silence by awkwardly asking you a question

“ Y/N, are you sure about going hiking with tae during the weekend?I mean you could get tired while walking for hours” jungkook stutters

“ I won’t get tired jungkook-ah, please stop meddling in my plans” you sigh

“ Yeah stop meddling in our plans” taehyung would say in an overprotective tone

“ I thought of inviting you, but since  you criticized my height earlier  I don’t think I will” you suddenly tease him

“ Y-You’d invite me too?” jungkook’s eyes would brighten up

“ Yeah why not?” you smiled “It’s alright.right Taehyungie?” you ask taehyung

“ Yeah…I guess” taehyung would roll his eyes

“ But if you hadn’t made a joke about my height…I would have invited you. *sigh* what a waste” you tease him

“ Come on, don’t be all stingy! I like your height too~” he winks “I like teasing you cause’ you’re my favorite thing ” he ruffles your hair

“ I’m not your thing.Do I look like something that belongs to you?” you raise a threatening brow

“ You’re mine” jungkook would reply in a charming tone


“NO Y/N IS MINE” Taehyung would glare at jungkook

“ In your wildest dreams” Jungkook snaps back

“ Come on guys, stop fighting and lets go back home” you ruffle their hair

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Can I request bts as your lil brother jealoys of your new boyfriend? Thank youuu 😊😊😊😊

awww this request is so cute. bangtan as your little bros feels adorable and fun tbh :) HERE’S THE REACTION~

BTS as your jealous little brothers when you get a new boyfriend

Originally posted by bwiyomi

Namjoon :

“That guy better watch his back, just sayin’. You better not try f*cking around with my sister or you will get a taste of my fist on your face”

Originally posted by jinkooks

Jin :

“What? Who’s this crazy brastard? He thinks he can come and steal my innocent sister.Noona please think about this!! You’re too pretty for this guy! Why are your standards so low!! You deserve way much more!!”

Originally posted by vminv

Jimin :

“ I’ll be honest noona, I hate that guy , he always tries to get physical with you! He’s just a  horny bastard who wants to get a piece.Being a guy myself I can tell he just wants you for your boobs “

Originally posted by taehanstic-baby

Taehyung :

“Noona*pouts* you don’t play with me anymore and I miss you. Is he more important?Do you really have to spend that much time with him on the week ends? Tae tae loves you more!!! Give tae tae more attention!”

Originally posted by jengkook

Jungkook :

“I know guys and their thoughts noona, please don’t go there. I don’t want you to get hurt, that guy is dangerous! I can tell that he just wants something in his pants to happen!You’re too good for him!!”

Originally posted by go2bedjungkook

Hoseok :

“ Noona, are you serious now? That guy won’t do. I won’t allow him to step in the house. Tell him he can pack his shit and leave.I see no hope in him, he’s just a perverted freak.”

Originally posted by bts-4lyfe

Yoongi :

“At least try finding someone who has some swag up his sleeve. This guy is swagless and I might as well dedicate cypher pt.4 to him,cause’ he’s so f*cking annoying”

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