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ooc: So, I feel like my activity on this blog has been spotty at best and I wanted to apologize for it. Work has been insane of late and have also been struggling with some RL issues, not gonna get too into that but y’all can relate I’m sure. Anyway, wanted to apologize for not being consistent in keeping up with replies and asks. I’ve stopped posting memes cuz I don’t want to disappoint people by not answering them even though I reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally want to. >< Trust me if I had the time and energy I’d chuck my muse at all y’all and then you’d prolly toss him right back lol. But anyway, once again, thank you guys for being patient with me.


Dead cold hands.

Feb 13. Happy 1 Year Anniversary, Zombietale.

The Black Cat

Summary: In which Dan Howell is gay, homeless, and also part cat, and Phil Lester is the nicest stranger ever.

Word Count: a whooping 9.3k!!!

Includes: an actual story, and of course, neko smut

this fic is for my best friend @ominousdan!!! it’s cayla’s birthday and without her birth nobody would be getting to see nine thousand words of neko!dan so please go follow her and tell her happy birthday in thanks (ily cayla i hope you love this and also me)

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You’re over that, right? 
Yup, long over!

I’m chasing a ghost
A feeling that’s haunted me for years 
Every time I get close it’s gone

Am I living a lie?
Well, maybe I just expect too much
Maybe it’s time I try for more 

 I will tear my sky
To make it through the night
I will take back my pride
And live while I breathe, live while I breathe 

I will move the ground 
I will pull the curtains down 
Wear my fist on my sleeve
And live while I breathe, live while I breathe 


Taking a Break

Hey guys! So pretty much I currently don’t have any motivation to draw Viktuuri or Yuri on Ice in general. I’m not saying that I’m leaving or anything like that, I’m just taking a break from all of this for now. But thank you all so much for supporting me and my blog!!!

Yuuri: When we cuddle, I tend to lay on top of him, he’s a lot more comfortable than I thought! That and, any time he sleeps on me, I think of that stressful day at the Cup of China. As for movie nights…Well, we never really make it through the first ten minutes. Yurio also turns down our movie night invitations!

[ OOC-Tan: Thank you guys who showed up to my very quick live stream!! Anyway, there’s a really small detail in this, so I’m wondering how fast you guys will see it! :3c. Also, I’m answering these asks as fast as I can! I’m just a very slow artist in general. ]

HEY GUYS! So 2016 has been a not so bad year for me, I switched from an anime trash weeb to Kpop trash and I’m totally fucking okay with it. It’s been… weird(?) switching to a strict Anime blog to a strict kpop blog without warning, I lost so many followers/friends when I did the change and it was hard asf getting into the community, but thanks to a lot of you (and hours upon hours of endless blogging) I think I finally got my foot in the door. 

Anyways, I decided to do a end of 2016 follow forever of all the blogs I spam with notes cause tho I follow like almost 1k blogs, I only really blog off these few people so like yee

they’re all super great, creative, funny, amazing, beautiful people with amazing blogs and honestly I couldn’t think of any reason why I would ever unfollow them.

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Post-split Panic! At The Disco + memories

Hello everyone! As the year comes to an end, I would first like to thank all 600+ of you who have followed me! I have only had this blog for a few months now and it really means a lot that so many people have helped this blog grow. The Stranger Things fandom is one of the nicest ones out there and I wanted to make a list of the blogs who I love following and help make this fandom what it is! ♡

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