thank you guys!!! we love you!!!

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I just wanted to let you know that you and Jaxx are absolutely precious and make me want to be a better girlfriend and supporter of bi people everywhere. But especially for my girlfriend. Because I'm a lesbian but she is bi and I feel like I'm not vocal or aware enough when it comes to biphobia. So thank you for that and your constant funny and good vibes. Love you guys ❤️

Yeah man of course! Support for your SO is so important. Jaxx and I listen to each other’s unique queer experiences that we both have from being different in some deeply rooted ways and we learn from what each other goes through in that regard. That being said there is also so much that we connect w on that we both go through as well and that brings us together too. 🌈✨💖💜💙

Personally I think that part of our relationship is really beautiful and I wouldn’t change a single thing about it.

(“Pepbee” that’s a new one, hahaha~) Thank you so much! We’ll keep doing our best!

So glad to hear that! We love seeing fan art so we’re happy to spread the love. :D

Secret admirers! 

Thank you! We put a lot of time and hard work into it, so I’m glad the quality is up to your standards, haha~

Ellipsis only loves me for my skeleton. ; A ;

Thank you! Estersand gets all the credit for the design (originally made for nochocolate) but we worked really hard on the art, colors, and other adjustments for this blog. Feedback like this is great to hear!

Glad to have you! This comic was inspired by a short fic Ellipsis wrote. We had been speculating on what Chara would be like if they didn’t die so young, but Ellipsis’ fic gave this premise a true story.

Bettina introduced a lot of people to our story; we’re so grateful! Good to have you!

i’ll be ur angle or ur devil

Thank you both! We worked really hard to fit Chara’s dialogue into Asriel’s canon lines in a way that felt natural. Some of the lines are phrased a little oddly so it was a bit harder than anticipated. Ellipsis really worked her magic.

(Regarding the last page of the interlude.) That would make a great save point message.

Glad you had fun! Eruto and I have lots more streams coming up in the future, so keep an eye out!

Each page takes quite a long time! Off the top of my head, here’s how long everything typically takes.

  • Writing/editing the script and thumbnails: 1 hour
  • Initial sketch: 2-4 hours
  • Lining: 6-10 hours
  • Backgrounds: 2-3 hours
  • Color blocking: 2-3 hours
  • Lighting, Lettering, Effects, other adjustments: 3-5 hours

Total per page: 16-26 hours per page. That’s 32-52 hours each week! Some pages take much longer if we try something new, but we’re always looking for ways to speed up and streamline our process.

And I love you, mysterious anon! Keep it cool, keep it fresh! >;D

Rylan: I love you mom and dad… thank you for you’re help with the wormhole generator… I will be back in no time! Keep some dinner ready for me!

Father Nix Oberon: Wonderful! We hope to have you here for our next mating ritual… we have many women ready to bear children and who better than the first born child of the light!?

Taurus: !?!?

Ophelia and Rylan: ~sweaty~

Rylan: Ok bye guys! See you later!


            “Wang Family SNS Updates | 170328”

(IG)@jacksonwang852g7: Today is my birthday and I’m glad.
Not just because it’s my birthday, but a special day with special people. They are my parents and every single one of you.
It’s been along time since the last time me and my family spending birthday together. no matter if it’s my parents birthday or mine, we were always not together. I’m really grateful that we could finally spend my 23 rd birthday together this time. Mom and dad, thank you for giving me this precious life 23 years ago, and thank you for raising me up. And And now, all I want is mom and dad, taking a break from everything, do whatever you guys want, whenever. That’s my biggest wish. Love.
My birds, thank you for all the birthday wishes, birthday events, I saw everything and I appreciate everything ! I’m going to take good care of myself. at the same time, work hard to continue surprising you guys. Thank you so much, LOVE.
And thank you so much for all my friends, Who sent me birthday wishes even though you guys are really busy. Thank you so much
#jacksonwang #잭슨 #王嘉爾 #23rdbirthday #thankyoumom&dad #thankyou #healthybodyandmind #미안해요자리없어서두개로나눠서올렸어요 #對不起沒有位子所以發了兩個 #sorrytherewerentanyspacesoiuploadedtwoinstead
#새들항상고마워요 #슨이더잘할게 #슨이안아플게

(IG)@jacksonwang852g7: It’s been a long time! Time flies and here today my birthday and I’m already 23 years old. It’s been a while since I meet you guys。I’m really sorry for not letting you guys know a head of time about what was going on. I’m also really sorry for not being able to take care of myself, while I was the one who kept telling you guys to be healthy. When I was taking a break from everything, once again I realized, without a healthy body, and a healthy mind, nothing can be accomplished.

(IG) @sophiawang328: This moment that I’ve been dreaming of for 6 years… Happy birthday to my dearest, sweetheart and warm heart son-Jackson! Your health and happiness is the mother’s greatest wish! 


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This name is no joke. I'm addicted to this scan, EVERYDAY I access the site to check if is there any release! Every single day! When I see some new and amazing chapter, I read it right away. Then today I accessed the site and there was... There was... A FULL VOLUME TRANSLATED!!! Omg, I'm crying, I love you guys so much!! Thanks for you hard work, my whole day got better :D


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I don't know why, but I got so happy when I saw that one of the first people Josh followed on Instagram was Liam. hahah I miss seeing those three so much. I keep rewatching old interviews... :( P.S. Do you like Liam? LOL -HG13

Do I like Liam?  Are you kidding?  Lima Bean!  Bear!  I love Liam!

The most adorable third wheel ever!  Poor Liam had to put up with so much Joshifer antics. Can you imagine what we didn’t see?  And Liam loves Jen and Josh as much as we do. Liam is my favorite Australian - he’s kind, and chill, and loves animals, and seems to love Miley and just seems like an all-around good guy. I love Liam and I miss our dynamic trio so much. 

Hey Josh - throw up a THG TBT tomorrow!  We need our three together again.

We miss you too, Liam!

Gifs not mine but thank you!


I know a lot of you guys care and have actually prayed for us. I just wanted to drop another update about my father. Today was the day that the staples came out. Now there is still about two left because of how the scar is. We don’t go back until May, and the knot that was on his head was benign tumor so that’s GREAT news! There might be another surgery to get the rest of what’s in front. Everything is going great, better then I thought it would be going. Thank you for keeping us in your prayers, Love you guys!

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Just ignore the rude ungrateful Anon, haters gonna hate 😪 We love you and your team so much and we don't mind waiting because we know you'll never let us down like suddenly drop the project or else. Sending virtual hug and kisses 😘😘❤❤

Thank you, this really means a lot!!
We love you guys too!! We’re really really happy and grateful for your support!! 

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Sticking With the Schuylers (28)

I want to thank everyone-the influx of new readers as well as my lovelies that have been here since the beginning. Your kindness has made my heart swell, I really feel like I don’t deserve the wonderful, thought out comments and questions you guys have had but I’m thankful for them either way. You’re all truly wonderful. Thank you so much. You breathe a life into this series I never thought possible.

1  2  3  4   5   6   7   8   9   10   11   12   I   13  14   15   16   17   18A  18B   18C  I   19   20   21   22   23   24   25   261  2  3  4   5   6   7   8   9   10   11   12   I   13  14   15   16   17   18A  18B   18C  I   19   20   21   22   23   24   25   26   27

I learned at a very young age that being quiet kept you alive.

               It was a game; a twisted version of hide-and-never-be-found that had been ingrained in all of our minds, in our chemistry. We grew up wishing so badly for a way out that we never got a chance to be kids; to feel the unfiltered release of a day playing outside without worry, or just being with each other.

               Children in New York City are different; they walk in neat lines holding on to ropes, a teacher in front and one in back, exploring their surroundings under careful guidance and loving stares. They hop along through the puddles of slushed snow in their designer boots and little yellow raincoats, no care in the world given to anything other than who they would be sitting next to at lunchtime. I watch them sometimes, in transit from a small city field-trip to the safety of their classrooms, wondering what life would have been like had I grown up here. I wonder what Eliza’s life had been like. I try to picture her as wide-eyed, pigtailed preschooler. She fits right into the imagery, taking place of a rope-holding child sliding on the sidewalk in front of me, navy plaid skirt, knee-highs, and all. My eyes move to the space behind pseudo-Eliza, attempting to conjure up an image of myself. There are pieces I am able to see; a longer, curlier hair here, an incessant puddle splasher there.

               However hard I try, I am unable to fit myself into their mold.

               Now, these things are becoming painstakingly obvious.

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favourite and least liar + why? who do you think is the best liar? and who is the most popular liar? have a great day btw :)

Favorite is Hanna because who doesn’t love sassy, quirky Hanna? She has some of the most hilarious and badass lines in my opinion.

Least favorite liar of mine was Aria (but that changed after the time jump. I’ve liked how mature her character has become) because everything in her life was defined by Ezra which got on my nerves a lot. I understand you love the guy but who are you without him? I think we got to see more of that side after 6A which I liked.

As for the best liar, I think that’s probably Spencer. She can lie on the spot without giving the other the slightest of doubt (majority of the time).

Thank you! Have a great day yourself :)

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I just wanted to thank you guys for all the hard work you put in to making this group run smoothly and you're all amazing love you xoxo

you are so sweet, we love you! and that goes out to each and every one of you. you’re all special to us, truly.

James van Riemsdyk - Protective

Hey!! Love your writings!!! All of you!!! I was wondering if I could get a JVR imagine where some guy is flirting with you and he gets stupidly jealous/protective? No rush!!! 😘

Author’s Note: THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! We really never get sick of hearing that :D. It makes us so happy that you guys love our writings! I hope this is okay, am running on two cups of coffee and no sleep. My cat was an asshole and did not let his momma sleep at all last night or this morning. Toddlers lol. Enjoy! -Julianne

“Are you sure this is the right glove? It feels tight.” You asked your boyfriend as you messed around with the baseball glove on your hand again.

It was a nice warm, sunny day in Toronto for March. So you two took this time to go to the park and play some catch. It was a pass time that you both loved and how you both met.

“It should be.” James says throwing the ball your way.

Once again you watched the ball slip from hand and fall to the ground. “Shit!” You yelled taking the glove off and discovering that it was in fact the wrong hand size. “THAT”S WHY!” You laughed as you ran over towards James.

“Sorry, I swore I grabbed the hand.” He huffed before pulling you in for a hug.

“Ahh you can make it up to me by buying me a soda and soft pretzel?” You egged.

“Deal.” James smile placing a kiss on the top of your head. “I’ll be right back.”

While James went off to the get the food you went over and found a park bench to sit on. The only one that was empty was next to three guys that look like a bunch of college prep boys. You could feel their eyes on you, and that made you feel gross. You looked around to see if James was coming.

“What’s a pretty girl like you doing here?” One of the guys said.

“Playing baseball with my boyfriend.” You said without looking over.

“Boyfriend, eh. I don’t see a boyfriend.” The other says.

“Good for you.” You said coldly this time.

“Ohh feisty. I like them feisty.”

“Y/N!” James said as he walked over to you. Finally. Before you could say anything James pulled you in for a deep kiss. After a couple moments you two pulled away.

“God I love when you get protective.” You smiled.


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Thank you so much guys! I love your comics so much and its keeps me hoping for the future that Im gonna have a normal life with normal things going on. I have two really important questions that I need to ask though. In highschool, was it hard to try and date? In finding it extremely hard to find someone which makes sense, I just wanna know if high school is the right time or if college is. And then about home life and parents, can you make it better if you screwed it up bad? Thanks guys!

Hey there!
We’ll split our answer in two so we can give you each of our stories.

For me, school was rather hectic. I was alone most of the time. I had friends, but kept to myself a lot. Since nobody paid attention, I wasn’t bullied or anything. But I was secretly in love with one of my friends. Short story, I went 10 days in an hospital for depression and was on a treatment for a year after that. I went to a discussion group for teens having problem with their sexuality and made friends. I also had to tell my parents why I was sent to the hospital, so that was a weird moment. They were really supportive, so I consider myself lucky.

For the dating part, College is really the best option since most people are more mature and open minded then in high school. Life is not a race, you don’t have to force anything on you if you don’t feel good about it.

- Mikhaël (Aka Raph)

My turn! My turn! For me, high school was like I was just going through the motions. I didn’t have a lot of friends, but I didn’t need more I guess. I had a few friends outside school too. But I was mostly spending my evenings drawing. As for dating… nope, no way. Didn’t really cared for it either, and the guy I had a crush on was straight, so yeah… really bad gaydar here. It’s easier in college I would say. As for my parents, my mother is intense and was worried that I would have a hard life, but she got around the idea. It took a lot of time, but it’s OK now, they are fine with everything. Nothing is easy, it only get easier.

- Guillaume  (Aka Will)

Hope this can help in some way.

Take care! =)
Welcome to the Family! | Oxygen Not Included - Part 1
Are you a useful person who has a lot of skills?? Then you're more than welcome to join our new family on this desolate planet! Check Marisol out! Twitter: h...

In case you guys haven’t seen our newest episode yet, he’s the link to it! We play a BRNAD NEW GAME! And when we saw brand new, we mean literally. The alpha version of Oxygen Not Included just came out a few weeks ago on steam! So far, we LOVE IT!! We would definitely recommend it to anybody, especially people who like survival games and sim-type games. Anyways, it would really mean a lot if you watched this video for us and shared it with a friend or two!! And remember, we want FEEDBACK!!! We honestly love it! So be sure to leave a like on the video, a comment on the video, or message th channel (or personally contact @kbumblebee96, @yvonne9999, or @mystery-on-mars). Like we said, we love it so far and we really hope you guys love it too! Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay up to date with all of our newest content, we have lots of great things planned for the future! Thank you all so much for the support you’ve shown us and have a wonderful day everybody!

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even though the gmw has been slowing down and it's sad to see :,( i'm glad u and maggie are still so passionate about it and rucas!!!! i know other people are too of course!! it's just rlly great seeing you guys on my dash all the time. i love that you aren't giving up on our kids :,)

aww anon!!! this is the sweetest most pure thing i have ever received in my inbox thank you so so much for sending it to me!! i showed it to maggie and she too said that it was good and pure and sweet so thank you so so so much!! i know i speak for both of us when i say that we both still really love rucas and we would never give up on them and we’ll keep this fandom alive with our own four hands if we have to!! i know i personally will never be giving up on rucas, they’re my number ones and i don’t plan on letting them go anytime soon!! 

thank you for this sweet message anon and i hope you’re having a wonderful day/night/morning/evening/afternoon! :) 

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I hope I'm right to assume you've had all the pieces for a few hours now. This was supposed to be an easy puzzle. I do not understand how is is taking this long, to be honest. Are you guys doing okay? Need water? Some food? A blanket? Sleep?

Yang: I could probably do with some sleep, but we’re mostly doing alright.
Yang: With all of us scattered all over the globe it’s difficult to get everyone to cooperate.
Yang: However
Yang: We love you too, puzzlenon.
Yang: Thank you for the compliment.

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Holy shit, dude. I'm fucking speechless. 'I knew you guys were kinky, but what we just did, we need to attend mass on Sunday.' Love this line.

Im glad you liked it hun :’) (especially since the tags worked thank goodness!) 

This gif literally is me right now haha!

Leah Announcement

So. You guys really seem to love the idea of Leah coming to this account. I texted her the login info and whenever she’s awake (I think she’s sleeping because initially he wasn’t replying. We text all the time.) shell log in and post her introduction. Please treat her kindly like you do here. (Plus she had some requests on the other account she’d like I fill here.) :) thanks guys! goodnight! -Megan