thank you guys!

Celebrating 200,000 followers!

Thank you all for the love and support. It makes me so happy that so many people enjoy my kitty drawings. I am just blown away at how far this blog and my work has come since the very first cat. Many new and fun things are on the way and I can’t wait to share them with you. 

❤  H, Papi, and Gaston

1,300+ followers!!!!


Okay my dudes, Imma do a competition.

Winners get: 

1st place gets a full coloured picture as a gif of their chosen oc 

2nd place gets a full body coloured transparent picture 

3rd place gets a simple sketch

reblog, like this post and on the 13th of april I’m gonna do a raffle of the amount of you guys


-only one like or reblog

-no reblogging this after april 13th 

-don’t bash me if you don’t win 

-you MUST be following me

I have been absolutely floored by the number of kind messages and amount of support that I’ve gotten over the last couple of days from my Harry Potter fanart, I wanted to say thank you to all of you for all of your kindness!! (And THANK YOU for all of your glorious suggestions! I’ll draw when I can! But I am slow. forgive me)   \(• ◡ •)/

((This is super unrelated but like I was really down yesterday and all those asks I got really cheered me up so thanks to the people asking!
In related news I’ve tagged everything that is blog related as plot! So hopefully it’ll be easier to look at things and my reeeeaaally bad art from when o first started so yay!!! I’ve also deleted all the red sonas I reblogged because I actually didn’t realise how much they clogged up the blog!! Anyway I’m gonna go now and work cause that’s a thing I do! ))

100 Follower  Celebration - Song&Prompt Drabbles

Hey Fluffies!

I have no idea how to insert a screenshot of my total followers, so just take me by my word when I say that a total of 123 (I’m not kidding) Fluffies are following me right now!
You may not talk to me, like all my fics, reblog them or leave a comment, but I want you to know, that I’m grateful and thankful for all of you, thank you for following me! You guys are amazing!

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So, as a celebration, if you would want to participate, I want to do some drabbles! Shocker, right? It’s not like everyone is doing that! O: Though, I want and hope that I can add a little twist to them. I want, as the title says, to write song inspired prompt drabbles

Wanna know how it works? Read on!

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Thanks to everyone who prompted me for my Darcyland prompts!

Here’s some stuff to know:  

  • The queue is not in order, I’ll write these as I get inspiration for them.  <3 So even if your prompt is dead last, it might be the first one I write!  
  • If you haven’t already, please message me with your ao3 handle (if you have one), so I can gift your fics accordingly on the Archive when I post them.  
  • These fics will be posted on Ao3, not on tumblr.  I might share the link on Tumblr, but the fics will only be on Ao3.  
  • These will be for whatever I’m inspired to write.  So like, lengthwise?  I’m going for a one-shot, so I’m gonna try to make them at least 2.5K words.  But again, I won’t force it.  
  • It might take me months to get to writing yours.  Don’t worry, I will write them all eventually!  <3  
  • Get back to me about the highest rating you’d like to see, because while I am shooting for one shots, I might continue them past that if the mood strikes me.  And I’d like to know what you would be comfortable seeing in terms of ratings. (If I were to continue it to a smutty conclusion, would that be okay with you?  If you absolutely don’t want smut, let me know and I can do fade to black, or keep it fluffy and cuddly) Most of you have already told me, but a couple I haven’t heard back from.  <3  If I don’t hear back from you between now and when I sit down to write it, I’ll assume no smut.  <3   

this year was kinda crazy and i guess it’s safe to say that for me it was Ronan Lynch’s year :D

also, i’m going on a vacation till the middle of january and commissions will be closed. i’ve about 5 commissions to do when i get back, so i’ll reopen them no sooner than the middle of february probably.

thank you all amazing people for your support, kind messages and awesome tags! you’re the best guys, i hope you all are having lovely holidays and wish you all the best in the new year!

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Voted for them :)

thank you so much sweet pea! i’m really grateful for your help! *sends virtual hugs and kisses and candy and nice stuff bc you deserve it!* GOSH IM SO GLAD PPL ARE ACTUALLY HELPING US

if any of you guys are looking for places to vote, you can do it here: @dae-huns i saw you didn’t know where to vote c:

mnet countdown 

also this is how you can support their comeback!