thank you guys!

naiyasfury replied to your photo “Yes I know I’m being total Loki god.  IT’S FINE.  xD AHA! YOU’RE TOO…”

I seriously love the mayhem your sims get up to. It never fails to make me smile. :D

treason-and-plot replied to your photoset “Caspian. Don’t do it.  >:| THE FUCK DID I JUST SAY xD NEEEW.  :| The…”

I always feel like an aspirin & a good lie down after seeing the majority of your posts. But always in a good way XD

You guys make me smile - thank you!  …. I think, in the case of treason-and-plot.  xD

I uhm… this is actually really controlled mayhem.  e___e  Andrei’s game is at least a few months of fine tuning to get it to where I can play this game without needing a break.  :D

The first time I ever delved into mayhem, I kind of went…. a little…. too… far…. >_>;

It’s how we ended up with Monte Vista, which I legit can’t play without either taking frequent breaks or downing a shitload of hard liquor (really).  Can’t do the latter, don’t feel like doing the former, so…. I don’t play this game rn.  xD

Then I KINDA refined it a little in a previous iteration of IP with Luna?

Yes it was still bad but I could TOLERATE IT….. kinda.  I say kinda because shit like this:

I have no recollection of ever happening or the circumstances as to WHY it’s a screenshot that exists.  xD  Cool though.

By the time this Sunset Valley game occurred, stuff was either so old hat I was used to it, or I knew exactly what to expect if I did certain things to the world.  You can do stuff TOO much, which this game never really did, even when it was at its absolute worst.  :D

Lots of meteors.  Those were the days, and why a few permanent members of this town have holes in their family trees… ‘cuz their parents or whatever got nuked.  xD

Now Andrei’s relatively stunted.  He probably hates me for it.  xD

TL;DR: If you think this is bad, it was once wayyyy worse!  :D

I have been absolutely floored by the number of kind messages and amount of support that I’ve gotten over the last couple of days from my Harry Potter fanart, I wanted to say thank you to all of you for all of your kindness!! (And THANK YOU for all of your glorious suggestions! I’ll draw when I can! But I am slow. forgive me)   \(• ◡ •)/

sorry for my crappy edit omg

hI THERE! well, this is actually well overdue because i meant to do this when i had 500 followers, but between school and work and overall laziness, i couldn’t get it done. but now, i have 1k followers! thank you so much for following me, dealing with my negative posts and me just being a goober anyway! 1k followers was actually my long term goal, so thank you for helping me achieve this! i promise to continue providing you all with adorable edits and pastel perfection! i seriously love you all! 

also, i’m very sorry about the long list, i follow like 500 blogs. no kidding.

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Hi Everyone!
Today i finally open my Tumblr and soooo moved by your messages!!

I know it has been a long time since i’ve posted the last thing,
and also break my promise to you guys

To be honest, I have a heavy workload and don’t have time to draw something i want.

i hope someday i can find more free time to reply your asks well.
Love you guys!!

哈囉! 大家好
最近我終於有時間看看我的 Tumblr,並且發現了大家感人的留言!




Hi lovelies! I reached an amazing milestone of 1k followers today, and to thank all you lovely people for following me I have decided to do a little giveaway!


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  • there will be one winner and they will receive one item of their choice from!

Winner will be chosen on June 21st!

Thank you all for sticking this far with me! I wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for you all. Everyone, please check out these amazing blogs who make me laugh, cry, and inspire me on the daily. I hope you love them as much as I do!

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Hello guys! ok so this is my first follow forever and I want to say thank you to all of you because you make my dash beautiful, I’ve had a beautiful experience here meeting new people everyday and everything. I’m not good with words and idk, you people are amazing, I adore your graphics  teach me please  you inspire me so thank you so much  (ノ^.^)ノ゚. And also thanks to my followers, I see you guys ;).   

Merry christmas and Happy new year to all of you °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° I wish you the best for the next year <3. Muchas Gracias (/^▽^)/

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Hey everybody! It’s time for my 2nd follow forever ^_^ It’s been a long time since I did the last one, so I want to thank you all this amazing people that made my dash glorious through all this time that I’ve been on tumblr. Thank you so much all of you ♡. And please don’t be sad If you aren’t on the list, you can see all the cool people that I follow here. 

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