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Your art style is why i read your comic, it's cute and expressive. So what if someone's already done a graphic novel? I would still prefer yours :)

(I think I should also mention that @steveningdragon sent me a really long inspirational text after this)

oH my gEEz yoU gUys

What did I do to deserve the lot of you???
I… don’t really know how to respond to this overwhelming support other than repeatedly screaming thank you and going off to cry for a little bit

All of this means SO MUCH to me and I have no idea if I can adequately express how much it means with actual human language.
There are tons of Undertale comics out there that are super cool and use super cool, creative ideas, but you guys still like my little to-the-line interpretation… and that  is INCREDIBLE to me. Thank you all SO MUCH for your ridiculous amounts of support… and, well… now more than ever I can’t wait to share the new pages this weekend and every weekend.

Thank you all so so much for your kind words and support… and… I’ll catch you all on the flip side!!!!!✨

(Wow just wow… 150+? How the heck are there so many of you?!? I feel like I should do something specially but I have no idea what. So I’m just gonna through some confetti and play We Are The Champions on the kazoo in honor of all of you~ X3 If you guys actually want me to do something then send me a suggestion. I just wanted to say thank you guys so, so, so, so much for all of your love and support and I promise to spam you with finished requests as soon as testing is over~ Again thank you guys and I hope you all have an amazing day~~)

What the hell guyss

((OOC: okay so just out of curiosity i was checking how many followers i had assuming it was around 180 or 170 and damn i have reached 200!! I swear not that long ago i had reach 100… and in celebration to that i will be doing a (not so un-heard of) Q&A! So if you want to, send in you questions and i will post it by the end of the week :D ))

Signal boost for a precious dragon

Hey folks! I very rarely stray from anything daily cat related but I am going to make an exception for one of my friends. Her bearded dragon Draco had to make a vet visit recently (the lil’ buddy is on the mend!), and she’s trying to promote Etsy sales to cover the cost of the trip. 

Some of you may be familiar with her work, for the last two years we’ve been working Rose City Comic Con together. She does some phenomenal colored pencil work! Please if you have a moment go take a look at her shop, I’m sure she’d appreciate the patronage.

The original post

Jillian Lambert Art Etsy

 I have this print, had to get the cat one of course!

This is Draco. Ain’t he a cutie? 

Thanks again folks, now back to the daily cats!  ❤

Quick post ‘cause I’m currently attending a course but I want to say something.

Hollstein and Clexa are my OTP. That’s it. Only them. I love those couples (not the 100, mind yourself) with all the part of my heart dedicated to TV.

But right now I’m voting Supercorp.

Even though I prefer clexa (hope my supercorp followers won’t hate me).


Lexa is dead. Clexa has already won this once. But mostly: Lexa is dead. And the 100 sucks. The people behind the 100 (NOT the cast) have done things that really bother me with the show. I hate it. They don’t deserve visibility.

Now they’re ruining Supergirl too, but we may still be in time.

Clexa is dead and our beautiful characters ruined. They fucked with us and mocked us.

Let’s not allow the same to happen with Supergirl. Let’s do something about it BEFORE it’s over.

We have a voice: we’ve proved that. Let’s make them hear it before it’s too late.



Let’s change things before they ruin them.

- thank you for reading this -

Hey guys, I wanted to offer my Spanish services to anyone who needs tutoring for Spanish. Spanish my native language and it is currently my minor and so far I have a 4.0 GPA on it. I am currently learning how to transcribe Spanish into Phonetics and I can help with acentos and grammar. Although that is not all. I can also be of a great help for Latin American civilization and history. Not only in the historic and cultural sense but also in the economic and political level since I’ve took those classes already and I am a Political Science major as well. I will not charge ridiculous amounts as this would help me pay for my university expenses. Thank you!

So I was planning on doing one of these for the new year but I got really busy and then I hit 5k and thought that it was a perfect opportunity to do one! Thank you to everyone who follows me, I love you all so much! And sorry if I forgot anyone below! :)

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Fine guys, I just realized this.
What if, when keith is choosen as the black paladin, lance is the first to accept this?
Yes, i mean, like he knows that there is nobody else that Shiro would choose to be the leader except of Keith, and that hurts but..he stills accept it!
And actually, he even accepts him when he finds that keith was galra and keith is like ‘lance, why are you being so nice to me?’ And lance don’t answers and changes the conversation theme.
(Of course i love when lance fights keith for the position! but i realized that nobody talks abt this)