thank you guuysss

Avengers’ 4th of July party

*stuffs his face*

“Tony, could you wait for the rest of the team and not eat everything?!”

“Mho! *swallows* I always have to battle with Clint for the last burger! This time I’m gonna be one step ahead of him!”

“Ahhhh what do my damaged ears have to hear?? Someone said my name and I believe it was a whiny, whiny Tony! ON THE DAY OF HIS FREAKING SUPERSOLDIER’S BIRTHDAY!!! Don’t be whiny, Edward, it is a day of  celebration!! OF DOUBLE CELEBRATION!!! THE FOURTH OF JULYYY!!”

“Gosh these two, we should at best never invite them to the same parties again! Come here, you big puppy dog!! Happy Birthday!! *hugs him*”

“Yeah, happy birthday, Steve!! I wish Clint would have wished you a happy birthday as well, but I could imagine he already wrote you a long heart-wrenching Happy Birthday text message at midnight, didn’t he?”

“Aw, thanks guys! And yeah, I did get Clint’s love message.. Thanks, buddy! In fact, Tony is the only one who didn’t wish me happy birthday yet!”

“Don’t worry, your pretty blond head, you will get your wishes. And more. So, don’t stuff yourself too much, because tonight we will get buseey~!”

“That was so disgusting on so many levels!! You can’t say something like that while you’re stuffing yourself!!”

“Don’t worry, we all know Steve has a thing for Tony’s round little tummy!” 

“Let’s just please drop that and move on to having a fantastic Fourth-Of-July-Birth-Of-Captain-America picnic!” 

“No, I wanna give Stevie our present!!” 

“Later, Clint!” 


“You guys got me a present?! Really?! Ah, that’s soo– um.. Babe, you’re alright?”

*grumbles something about Natasha being the meanest person on earth and never being so insulted in his entire life*

“Aww Tony, don’t be a sissy! You know it’s true!” *smudges a bit of whipped cream on his cheek*

“Nat, don’t rile him up!”

*comes to them running and gasping, a present in his hands* “HERE IT I - “ *falls into the grass* “I GOT YOU YOUR PRESENT FROM THE CAR, STEVE!!”

*makes a face at Natasha*

*enjoys the chaos around him* “Aw, thanks buddy! What is it?”

“Round, cute little belly!!” *tickles Tony’s tummy a bit*

“YOU GOTTA OPEN IT!!! I ain’t tellin ya!! But it’ll mean a lot to you! We had some help from Coulson!”

“That’s nice of him to help. Didn’t see him in a while, guess he is busy training his agents.. Okay, let’s see..” *opens his present*

“Nahahahat! Stahp!” *runs and hides behind Bruce*

*sees his old records from the war* “Guuysss.. Thank you! It’s everything here! My team, Bucky.. I didn’t even know it was all saved, that’s really – Oh no.. No, no.. It this commercial of me selling war bonds.. How did that even.. Please, tell me no one had seen it..”

“Hey, we totally should!” *snatches the record from Steve* “Who wants to see Captain America punching Hitler?!”

“Tony, give me that back!!” *start to chase Tony around*

“Yeah Tony, don’t be a dick!!” *picks up a piece of cake and aims at Tony, but catches Steve’s neck* “… Oops!”

The greatest archer that ever lived and he can’t even throw a piece of cake!”

“Right? This is how it’s done!!” *throws cake into Tony’s face*

“HA! Francis throws like a girl! UMPF!!” *gets caked by Natasha*

*grabs the record from Tony* “Guys, stop wasting my cake!”

“Yeah!! Me and Steve planned to use it later on to eat it off each other bodies, so you kinda quickened the process for us. Thank you!”


“Right! Throwing like a girl! How do I throw Tony? Does this seem very unprecise to you?” *smashes the cake in Tony’s face*

“Perfect! Now we can all be part of the fun and eat the cake off Tony’s face!”

“Here is your plate, Steve! This looks like a nice piece for your birthday Captain!” *scraps cake from Tony’s face onto the plate*

“Thanks, Bruce, I can always count on you, my science bro.” *licks the cake off his own face*

“Okay, that’s enough! Another person who throws my cake, will be doing squats for a week!”

“ … “

*bops Steve’s nose with whipped cream on his finger*

“ … “

“Someone’s gonna die!”

*looms over Clint with a pissed of expression and after a while takes a piece of cake and smashes it into Clint’s face*

“YOU SON OF A - IT’S ON NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!” *throws himself against Steve*

“We can’t stay out of this, Bruce!!” *pushes Steve’s plate against his face*

“… Thank you so much! … Tony, come over here, let’s hug it out!”

“Suuuure thing, Bruce” *gets closer to Bruce and rubs his face against Bruce’s face, leaving cake on his cheeks*

*pushes Clint to the ground and grabs what was left of the cake and runs with it* “THAT’S IT!! NO CAKE FOR YOU, GUYS!! ONLY SQUATS, YOU ALL WILL BE DOING SQUATS TILL CHRISTMAS!!”

“I was about to panic, but then I realized that we are all caked and probably have more of it here than he has over there!”

“Okay no, we should get after him and sign a peace treaty! It’s his birthday!”

“True! And Tony you better think of something to make him forget about the squats!”

“You guys brought it on yourself! Besides, I bought a spare cake. STEVE, GET BACK HERE, WE HAVE MORE CAAAKE!! You three should behave better! Shame. Shaaame!”