thank you god

This right here is my younger brother. He died about 12 days ago but somehow through the grace of God and his divine intervention- he came back to life. Doctors estimate he was out cold for 5-6 minutes but death did not win. If I ever doubt you Lord please remind me of this living walking miracle that I am blessed to call my bestfriend. You are such an awesome God.



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Remember when people use to hate Super Junior when they debuted because they had “too many members” and now groups be coming out with like 12+ members and no one says anything because it’s a normal thing now. LOL

Remember when Super Junior got a lot of hate for having a Chinese member in the group and now almost every group has one Chinese member and no one says anything because it’s normal. 

Remember when Super Junior debuted and people thought they were trash but now SJ’s all over their tvs, radios, concerts, brands, lectures, business summits, ambassadors, and have fans all over the world.