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One Thing Missing- Peter Parker One Shot

Pairing: Peter Parker X Reader

Prompt: Peter forgets about your birthday. (Based on The Moment I Knew by Taylor Swift)

Word Count: 1600

A/N: SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING SPOILER FREE!!! (And this is unedited)


“Morning, Y/N.” Ned greeted you as you arrived at your locker before school. Being locker neighbors with your close friend kept communication during passing periods a lot easier.

“Hey, Ned.” You smiled, opening your locker up to exchange your books.

“Did you do the Spanish homework? I couldn’t figure out #12.” Ned asked.

“Yeah, that one was tricky. I’ll help you with it at lunch.” You stated.

“You’re a lifesaver, Y/N.” He said, making you laugh. He looked farther down the hall behind, “Oh, looks like someone woke up extra early.” You turned to see where his eyes had landed. Peter was making his way down the crowded hallway with a small, but bright bouquet of flowers in his hand.

“Good morning, Y/N, Ned.” Peter said, arriving in front of the two of you.

“Who are the flowers for?” Ned asked in a teasing tone and Peter looked over at you.

“They’re for you, Y/N. Um, for your birthday.” He stated, holding them out to you.

“Thank you, Peter. They’re beautiful.” You smiled, taking them from him before sniffing them delicately.

“Well, uh, May suggested them, but yeah, uh, you’re welcome.” He laughed awkwardly and then coughed to clear his throat, “Happy early birthday.”

“Thank you. You’ll still be able to make it tomorrow, right? The Stark internship hasn’t commandeered your Saturday night?” You asked, worried your best friend and crush was going to leave you on your special day and make up for it with early flowers.

“I’ll be there. I wouldn’t miss it for the world, Y/N. The flowers are just an early gift.” Peter said, making you smile in relief. The bell rang and you turned around to shut your locker.

“Well, we better get to class.” Ned said, raising his eyebrows at Peter, to which Peter just brushed them off.

“Class, right.” Peter mumbled.


The next day, you were waiting with your eye on the door. You heard three quick knocks on the door and you immediately stood up. You smoothed out your party dress and checked your red lipstick in the mirror, before answering the door. You opened it to find Ned smiling back at you.

“Happy birthday, Y/N.” Ned grinned, handing you a wrapped gift.

“Thank you, Ned.” You smiled, hugging him. You stepped back, allowing him to walk inside.

“Am I the first one?” He asked. You nodded as you closed your front door and set the gift on a nearby table.

“Yeah. You’re here early too.” You laughed. He looked down at his watch and shook his head.

“Only by a minute. I would call that perfect timing.” Ned adjusted his party hat as another knock came from the door. You quickly went to grab it.

“Happy birthday!” Liz smiled, holding up a gift bag.

“Thank you, Liz.” You beamed, moving to the side to let her in. As more guests arrived, you kept your eye on the door, just waiting for Peter to walk in.

“Y/N!” Liz’s voice made you snap out of your thoughts.

“Yes?” You asked.

“How have you been? I didn’t see you at all yesterday.” You gave her a half-hearted reply, mumbling that you’ve been fine. You felt too empty to talk to her right now. You combed back through your memory, remembering exactly how Peter said he’d be here tonight and that he wouldn’t miss it.


As the hours passed by, everyone merged into the living room, laughing at the current conversation. You looked around the room and you found one thing missing: Peter. You just wanted to be alone. Silently, you slipped out of the room and into the hall.

“Y/N?” You heard Ned’s voice ask from behind you, “Is something wrong?”

“No, I-” Your voice cracked, betraying you. You cleared your throat and tried again, “I’m fine, Ned. Just go back to the party.” You said before hurrying off to the bathroom. You closed the door and rested your back against it. You tried not to fall apart as the sinking feeling started.

“He said he’d be here.” You tell yourself hopelessly. You looked back at yourself in the mirror and let out a dry laugh. Here you were in a party dress in red lipstick with no one to impress. There was a knock from the other side of the door and you inhaled a shaky breath.

“Yes?” You answered.

“Y/N, please let me in.” Ned said quietly. You sighed as the tears began to grow in your eyes. You unlocked the door and slowly opened it.

“I’m so sorry, Y/N.” He mumbled, holding out his arms to hug you. You let out a sob as you welcomed his embrace. You cried onto Ned’s shoulder, Peter’s promise echoing in your mind like a broken record. “It’s okay, Y/N. You’ve still got us.” Ned whispered in your ear. You pulled back and wiped your eyes as best you could without completely screwing up your makeup. Looking over Ned’s shoulders, you could see your guests standing at the end of the hall, watching you with sasd eyes. You were speechless- after all, what do you say when tears are streaming down your face in front of everyone you know?

“Cake time!” Ned announced, in attempt to draw the attention off your scene. Your guests shuffled off to the kitchen and Ned gave you a pitiful look. You struggled to smile for him. You followed him down the hall to your kitchen, where your cake was already out and ready.

“All right, let’s sing. One, two, three,” Ned lead everyone in singing ‘Happy Birthday to you’. At the end of the song, you looked back at the door one last time. Still no Peter. You turned back to the cake and you closed your eyes.

“I wish Peter was here.” You thought to yourself as you blew out the candles. Everyone cheered and Ned took the candles out of the cake. As he cut into it to serve your guests, you glanced at the door. Your heart had hit rock bottom- Peter wasn’t there, Peter had forgotten your birthday.


“May, I’m home.” Peter said, walking into their apartment. He shut the door and placed his keys in his pocket.

“Hey, how was it?” May greeted with a smile from her seat in the living room.

“It was good.” Peter replied with a nod, “I’m just super tired, so I’m going to head to bed.”

“Tired, huh?” She asked with slight smirk, standing up from the couch.

“Yeah,” He answered, confused.

“Okay, well. Good night, Peter, but I want to hear all about it in the morning.” She said, kissing the top of his head gently. Peter cluelessly nodded before heading to his bedroom. He closed the door and took off his shoes.

“I thought I lost you.” Peter laughed lightly to himself, looking at his cellphone that was resting on his desk beside him. He picked it up and saw five missed calls from Ned and several texts from him. Worried, Peter quickly read through the texts:

‘Peter, where are you?’ ‘Really? Spider-Man right now? Not cool, dude.’ ‘You’re in deep trouble now.’ ‘Y/N was CRYING because you ditched her on her BIRTHDAY. C’mon, Peter!’

“Y/N!” Peter exclaimed, nearly dropping his phone. He had gotten so distracted fighting crime all day that he didn’t even realize what today actually was. He missed the birthday of his best friend, of the most important person in his life, of the girl he absolutely loved; he missed your birthday. Running to his closet, Peter found the gift he had gotten you. He removed his Spider-Man suit from his backpack and replaced it with your gift. He carefully climbed out of his window and made his way through Queens to your house. He could see your silhouette as you sat at your vanity. Peter got onto the fire escape and tapped on your window. Confused, you stood up and moved your blinds. Seeing Peter, you scoffed. You slowly opened your window as you wiped your tears off of your face.

“Y/N, I’m so sorry.” Peter said, crawling through your window to stand in your room.

“I’m sorry too, Peter.” You replied, making him look at you in confusion. You let out a restrained laugh, “Yeah, I-I am sorry. I just can’t do this anymore. It was one thing having you bail out on me when it was just us studying together, but it’s another thing to completely leave me on my birthday. No text, no call, nothing. Just a party spent with me waiting for you. Do you know what it’s like getting all dressed up, but being met with no one to impress? What was I supposed to do when the one who means the most to me is the one who didn’t show? You were the one thing missing, Peter.“

“You got dressed up for me?” Peter asked in disbelief and you shamefully nodded, “You don’t have to dress up to impress me, Y/N. I love you the way you are. Even now in jeans and a t-shirt with no makeup on and tears in your eyes, you’re beautiful. I could never ask for more. I love you and everything you are.”

“You love me?” You said in barely above a whisper.

“Very much so.” He nodded, “I truly am sorry for forgetting your birthday, not coming to your party, making you wait-” Peter was cut off by you placing your lips over his. After a moment, you pulled back to find him in shock.

“I love you too, Peter- very much so.” You giggled, kissing him again.

Styles & Co - Part 5

Authors Note: Smut warning

I take in a deep breath as I step out of the blacked out car, my hand delicately being taken by the chauffeur. 

“Ma'am.” He nods, letting go of my hand as he closes the door and I gain balance. 

“Elise,” I politely inform him, not quite being fond of the fact I am addressed so formally. Especially while standing outside Addilyns engagement party. 

A party that is currently held at an excessively large house from what I gather. Needless to say whoever House this is— is very well off. 

“Ms. Elise.” He nods, a short smile forming on his lips, 

“Thank you, I’ll need you at around, eleven.” I give him notice, not particularly wanting to stay at the party for too long, especially since my own boyfriend stood me up for our dinner and for this party. 

“As you wish.” The man confirms with a nod and I carefully walk up the seven, stone steps to the beauteous house, my hand gliding along the white-coloured wooden railing. I smile at the two women at the entrance with bright smiles, holding crystal flutes of champagne, 

welcome, champagne?” They offer courteously, handing me a glass before I can even decline, 

“Thank you.” I wear a smile, taking the glass in my hand and stepping into the house.

“Elise!” I overhear a familiar and overly excited squeal before I can even grasp my bearings of the house; I turn to my left and see Addilyn dressed in a navy-blue cocktail dress, a diamond necklace complementing her attire.

 “Addi! Hi, congratulations.” I give her a hug before handing her the small gift bag that is chaperoning her engagement gift. 

“Thank you. Where is Harry?” She cracks a smile, taking the bag and pulling me towards the common area squired by many people, 

“He’s working.” I quietly announce, “but if anyone asks, he’s feeling ill.” I sigh, Addilyn giving me a sympathetic look. 

My eyes scan the capital room, a grandpiano sits in the corner, being played by a young woman dressed in black, the melody echoing dimly in the background of the chatter. The room is flattered by a tall ceiling, a beauteous chandelier glistening radiant warmth as it hangs delicately from the ceiling; filling the room with charm and class. Lengthy red—silken curtains hang from the grand bay windows, standing modestly against the cream walls. 

Men are dressed in tux’s and women parade in graceful cocktail dresses of assortments of several colours.

Addi abandons me to mingle and associate with whom I assume are close family and friends’ of both her and her groom. 

“Your dress is stunning.” My attention gazes away from the bar and narrows down on the lady in front of me. I smile attentively attempting to recall her name. 

“Thank you.” I clear my throat, deciding to be somewhat impolite and not address her formally. 

Harry would be dissatisfied if he was here to witness this. She’s dressed gracefully in a drawn-out coal-black dress, a silver-white clutch resting in her hand, matching both her earrings and necklace. 

“Where is that handsome man of yours?” She bats her eyes with a small stifled laugh, “surely he didn’t make you come alone.” She beams.

If only she knew. Unfortunately, he did in fact make me come alone, handsome he may be, but tonight he’s not punctual. 

“He wasn’t feeling too great, so I didn’t drag him.” I fake a giggle, hoping she doesn’t see past my malicious story. 

My charming boyfriend is presumably sitting in his office, clicking his excessively ornate pen while he comes up with more business plans to augment the size of his empire— completely unacquainted of how displeased I am that he missed dinner and this event.

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Tom Wilson Imagine - Chapter 15



Tom’s POV:

One Week Later


Today was huge. I was picking up Y/N’s parents from the airport to surprise her. Her mom and dad had decided to fly into the city after the break in, just to see her and make sure that she was okay.

“Tom!” A woman shouted from the baggage claim area where I was waiting. “That’s you, right?” She laughed as she walked over to me. She had Y/N’s eyes, so I knew it was Brenda.

“Mrs. Y/L/N! It’s so nice to finally meet you.” I said as I grabbed her suitcase and pulled her in for a hug.

“Please, sweetheart, call me Brenda.” She answered as her perfume rubbed off on my shirt.

“Mr. Y/L/N, pleasure to meet you, sir.” I said, kind of nervous to meet her dad.

“You too, Tom. Thank you for taking such good care of our girl.” He said, shaking my hand and giving me a small hug.

“Absolutely.” I responded. “My car is out this way, I was thinking we could stop by Georgetown and pick up Y/N from her class, grab lunch and then I’ll get you guys to the hotel? But if you’re tired now I can take you to the hotel and we can meet you guys a little bit before the game?”

“You are so sweet to plan all of this.” Her mom said as she grabbed my arm as I lead them to my car.

“I try.” I laughed.

“I can see why Y/N is so into you.” Her dad, Mark, said.

“I don’t know about you Mark but I’m dying to see her. I want to go pick her up at school.” Her mom said.

“Whatever you’d like.” Mark chimed in from the backseat.

“Alright, off to Georgetown.” I said as I pulled away from the airport.

Driving through the city I made my way, to Georgetown, stopping in front of the same big brick building that I was becoming all to familiar with.

“There she is! I see her! Oh, she looks so beautiful.” Brenda exclaimed from the passenger seat of my car.

“Brenda just stay in the car and let her find us.” Mark laughed.

“Okay, okay,” She sighed. “Ooh! Here she comes!”

“Hi babe—- ah! Mom and dad! What are you guys doing here?” Y/N screamed as she opened the door, not being able to see through my tinted windows.

“Surprise!” Brenda said as she jumped out of the car and hugged her.

“How are you, sweetie?” Her dad asked as he pulled her in for a hug after her mom squeezed.

“I’m good. So much better now that y’all are here. Are you coming to the game tonight?” She asked as everyone climbed back in my car.

“Yes! Tom got the hook up for us.” Her mom laughed from the front seat, rubbing my arm. I smiled and carefully pulled away from the school, dodging college students walking in front of my car.

“I’m so excited. What made you guys decide to come into town?” She asked as she pulled her seatbelt on.

“We really just needed to come check on you after the break in. We just didn’t feel right about not coming into town after that happened. We’re so glad that Tom called us.” Her mom said as she turned around, placing a hand on Y/N’s leg.

“We just want to make sure our little girl is safe and okay.” Her dad chimed in.

I looked back from my mirror to see Y/N’s excited expression fall. Her eyes trailed out the window and her eyes welled up with tears.

“Babe don’t cry.” I said out of habit, forgetting that her parents were in the car. Whenever I see her get upset I just go into protective mode. Nothing hurts my heart more.

“I mean, Y/N – stop. What’s wrong?” I corrected as I cleared my throat.

“It was just so scary.” She began quietly.

“I’m sure it was sweetie. I’m sorry that we couldn’t be there for you. That’s how it is when you go to school far away.” Mark said as he rubbed her back.

“Mark, please.” Brenda yell-whispered to him.

“I’m just really glad that Tom was able to get there. I don’t know what I would’ve done without him,” She continued.

“We are happy he was there too. We’re glad that you have someone to look out for you while you’re here.” Her mom said with a smile as I pulled up in front of their hotel.

“Here you are, guys!” I said with a smile, trying to lighten the mood.

“Thanks for picking us up, Tom.” Mark said as he got out of the car.

“Of course.” I said as I met him at the trunk, helping them with their luggage.

“Thank you so much sweetie.” Brenda said as she gave me another hug.

“Alright, beautiful.” Brenda began, pulling Y/N in for another hug. “We’ll see you in a little bit.”

“Yeah, I’ll come by and pick you guys up at around 4:15.” I told them as they walked inside the hotel.

“And make sure you’re outside waiting at 4:15 because Tom has to be at the game at 5!” Y/N called after them. I laughed.

“Surprise baby.” I whispered to her as I pulled her into a hug before we got back in the car.

“Thank you for doing this.” She said as she kissed me.

“I rented out a suite for you guys tonight at the game too. It’ll be really special. I know they don’t get out here much.”

“I love you so much. Thank you for doing that.” She said with a smile as I helped her into the passenger seat.



The suite that Tom had set up for my parents and I was incredible. We got the arena at 5, and there was a four course meal waiting for us when we got there.  It was so nice to catch up with my parents and hear about life back in Texas. Two hours of chit chat passed quickly, and the horn sounded as the game began. We made our way to our seats as the puck started to move around the ice. The Caps were playing the Penguins tonight… always a wild game to be at.

“Is that Tom, fighting?” My mom asked as she pointed to the ice. Tom had dropped the gloves halfway into the first and left a Penguins goon with a broken nose and a bloody face.

“Yes mom, Tom is an enforcer.” I laughed.

“How could anyone so sweet just kick someone’s ass like that?” She questioned.

“It’s his job, Brenda!” My dad chimed in. “I like the fact that he can take someone out.”

The first period went on to be scoreless, and then things picked up in the second. Tom scored on the first shift of the second period, erupting cheers and applause throughout the already bumping Verizon Center. His goal boosted morale among the fans and the team, causing him to score once more not even a minute later. The three of us were on our feet screaming and yelling as the goal light went off.

“He’s amazing!” My mom yelled over the cheers as she clapped.

“I’ve never seen him score two goals in one game before. Maybe you’re his good luck charm.” I nudged her with a wink.

“He’s a very good guy, Y/N. Please keep him around. I know he takes good care of you.” She answered with a soft smile.

“He does. I love him very much.” I answered. She grabbed my hand and squeezed it, silently telling me how lucky I was to have someone who loved me and wanted to protect me.

The screen inside our suite showed Tom sitting on the bench, his smile still big after scoring his second goal. I knew he was so proud of himself and that he was so excited. I was too. I needed to do something for him. To say that I owed him was a complete understatement. Not only was he there for me in my time of need after we had a bad fight, he let me move in with him, he took complete care of me, and even reached out to my parents to surprise me. Yeah… he needed a surprise of his own.

Hey Carly, remember that black lingerie set you bought awhile back but you never got to wear because you and your boyfriend broke up?


I texted to Carly… realizing how insensitive it sounded after I already pressed send.

Wow, thanks for the reminder. But yes, why?


Could I borrow it? Tom surprised me. My parents came into town and he was in on it. Picked them up from the airport, hooked them up with a suite for the game… the whole enchilada. And he scored twice tonight. I want to “surprise” him if you know what I mean….


Okay, yes I get it. I don’t need details. Could you swing by and get it? My car is in the shop and Ava isn’t here. Plus I want to say hi to your parents.


Yeah. We’ll take an Uber that way after the game. Thank you so much! And put it in a gift bag or something so my parents don’t ask questions… lol


You got it. See you soon you soon!


The third period went on without much action, leaving the Capitals ahead 2-1, thanks to my baby.

A few minutes after the final horn blew, I got a text from Tom.

Hey babe, getting pulled for interviews so I’m going to be a late. I called you guys a car that’s waiting outside. It will take your parents back to the hotel and you back home. I’ll see you when I get back : )


Amazing game, babe. So proud of you. Thanks for the car. See you soon.


I told my parents about the car situation and they followed me outside, where we met a gentlemen in a big black SUV.

“Could you please make a stop at a house in Georgetown? I just need to pick something up.” I asked the driver as we got inside.

“Of course, Ms. Y/L/N. You must be so proud of Tom tonight. What a talented young man!” The driver said as he pulled off into the post game traffic.

“We most definitely are! He is just such an exhilarating player to watch in person!” My mom answered, still on an excitement high from the game.

Their conversation about his skills on the ice continued as I notified Carly of when we would be arriving.

“Sweetie, where is that we are stopping in Georgetown?” My mom asked after she was down fawning over my boyfriend with the driver.

“I just want to stop by the townhouse, Carly has to give me something. She also wants to see you guys.” I explained.

“Such a nice girl. Do you miss with her?” She asked as we crossed the bridge.

“Yes, but – “ I tried, only to be interrupted.

“But she is safer staying with Tom.” My dad chimed in firmly.

“Yes.” I answered with a deep breath, trying not to let my mind go back to the night of the break in.

“Here we are.” The driver said as he pulled in front of the townhouse. Carly was waiting for us on the stairs outside.

“Thank you so much!” I said as I rolled down the window and she handed me a blue gift bag with the lingerie inside. She made small talk with my parents for a few minutes, but I rushed their conversation as I was eager to get home.

“Alright, it was really nice seeing you guys. Enjoy your visit!” She called as she stepped away from the car.

“Thanks Carly!” My parents called to her in unison.

“What’s in the bag?” My mom whispered to me as the driver pulled away, making his way to the hotel.

“Nothing, mom.” I said as I quickly pulled the bag away from her.

She gave me that look like, “I know exactly what you’re doing.”


“Alright, I’ll see you guys tomorrow? I’ll text you in the morning and we can make plans.” I told my parents as we stopped in front of their hotel.

“Sounds good.” My dad said as he kissed me on the cheek and got out of the car.

“He deserves it.” My mom said, motioning to the bag. “Have a fun night. Be SAFE.” She winked.

“Ugh! Mom!” I screamed, shoving her a little.

“What! I’m just saying. Love you, honey.”

“Love you too.” I said reluctantly.


I thanked the driver and ran upstairs in the apartment complex. I turned on CSN to gauge how much time I had before Tom would be home. He was wrapping up an interview, so he would still need to shower and drive home. I jumped in the shower just to shave my legs. Not allowing my face or hair to get wet, I carefully moved the razor from my ankle to my hip. I stepped out of the shower and moisturized, making sure every part of my body is smooth and ready for his touch.

I stripped out of my plain bra and underwear and stepped into the back lingerie. It wasn’t your traditional bra and underwear set…. It was a one piece lace outfit with a neck line plunging to my belly button. The thin lace barely covered my nipples and showed most of the skin on my breasts. I freshened up my makeup and sprayed on some perfume on my neck.

I returned to the bedroom to find that the after game talk show had taken over CSN. By now, Tom was probably on his way home. Deciding that something was missing from my ensemble, I put on one of Tom’s dress shirts. I picked a white one and rolled the sleeves up just a little. Messing up my hair In the mirror and taking one last look, I heard the front door unlock.

“Babe?” Tom called as he walked through the door.

I slowly got off the bed and walked to the doorframe of the bedroom. “Hi, baby.” I cooed, playing with the buttons on his shirt that I was now wearing.

“So I was thinking about grabbing a drink with the guys to celebrate the win-“ He began, setting his bags down at his feet. He hadn’t looked at me yet. “Oh.” He said as he looked up at me, starting to shoot me that sexual smile that always made me wet. “No I’m not.” He laughed, still staring at me.

“Or, you could just stay in and celebrate with me.” I said as I let one of the sleeves fall off my shoulder.

“Yeah I think that’s a better idea.” He said as he walked over to me. He pressed me up against the bedroom door running his hands down my sides and kissed me intensely. I lifted my right leg and hooked it around his hip, allowing my wet and warm center to press against the side of his leg.

“I like this.” Tom said as he pulled back and ran his fingers against the lace that barely covered my breasts.

“I’m so proud of you, baby. I thought you deserved a surprise.” I murmured as I let the dress shirt slide off my shoulders and onto the floor.

“I like this surprise.” He whispered into my neck as he left gentle kisses on my soft spots. He slid is hands from my waist down as he moved to his knees.

“No, baby. Tonight is about you.” I said sweetly as I ran my fingers through his long hair.

“Shhh.” He smirked as he ran his fingers along my slit over the lace the covered me. I moaned and bent my knees, shooting my hips forward and into him.

“Don’t baby, I don’t want to come just yet.” I winked at him. “I’m so horny for you.” I whined as I tugged on his hair again.

“Those fights turn you on? And the goals?” He asked, still running his hands over my center.

“You have no idea.” I said, still bending my knees to feel his fingers more, as if he was going to enter me.

He ran his hands up my legs as he stood up, letting his mouth stop at my sex. He bit me gently through the fabric, causing my knees to go weak.

“Don’t do that to me. Not yet.” I scolded as I regained my strength and dragged him to the bed.

I threw him onto the bed and climbed on top of him, sitting on top of his growing erection. I slowly unbuttoned his dress shirt and pulled it off of him, running my hands up and down his chest and abdomen underneath his undershirt. I swiftly pulled his undershirt off of him and slightly gyrated my hips on top of his clothes, making him harder and harder.

“Baby,” He got out after a series of sharp breaths.

“Shhh.” I said as I kissed him gently to silence him.

Moving to his pants, I unbuckled his pants and slid them down to his ankles, moving myself so I could remove them completely. I did the same with his briefs and freed his erection from confinement. He moved his right hand to his cock, slowly stroking as he looking me up and down.

“No.” I scolded as I moved both of his hands above his head.

“Oh, this is how it’s going to be tonight?” He asked with a sexy smile.

“This is how it’s going to be.” I answered with my bedroom eyes.

“This thing is kind of itchy.” I began as I pulled the fabric away from both of my breasts. “I think I should take it off.”

“Please.” Tom said as he moved his hands to my breasts.

I slowly moved my hair to the side and undid the halter knot that was keeping me covered. I slowly slid the fabric down my body and climbed out of it, placing my center on top of his throbbing length.

“God.” Tom sighed.

“What?” I asked with a smirk.

“My baby is so sexy.” He answered as he pulled me down to suck on my breasts. I let him lick both of them, moaning out in pleasure as my center grew more and more warm. As he sucked, I moved on his dick, not letting it enter me just yet. I moved slowly, just slow enough to drive both of us crazy. I gently bit down on his shoulder as my pussy throbbed against him.

“Fuck me, baby.” He whispered softly as he bit my earlobe.

I took his orders and sat up just a little, allowing his length to match up with my entrance. I slowly slit down, stabilizing myself on his abs. I moaned as he filled me and his hands pressed firmly on my hips, pushing me farther and farther down.

“Ride me.” He begged.

I moved forward and placed several gentle kisses on his lips as my bottom half pulsed up and down on his length. He moaned out in pleasure as I kissed from his neck to his shoulders, picking up the pace. My center grew more wet as we continued, some of my juices making noise as I increased my speed.

“I think your pussy is calling my name.” Tom whispered as his bit at my earlobes.

“That’s the only name it knows.” I shot back with a seductive smirk, sitting upright and moving my hands to his lower abs. Tom placed his hands on my breasts and squeezed as I continued to move faster and faster, dancing on him dick. He bucked his hips into me to increase pleasure as I continue to bounce up and down on top of him. Reaching behind me, I grabbed his balls and massaged as I rode him all the way into oblivion. His breathing grew erratic as he neared completion, taking me by the hips and flipping me over. He slammed into me until we both reach our climax together.

“Scored three goals tonight.” Tom whispered as we collapsed next to each other.

Daddy’s Girl - 11 (Steve McGarrett/Reader Daughter)

Imagine being Steve McGarrett’s daughter and showing up out of the blue in his office…Steve has a hard time adjusting…

Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five Part Six Part Seven Part Eight Part Nine Part Ten

Originally posted by five-0-life

The next day was hard to get through. Every time he talked to you, you only gave him short precise comments. Steve went to bed early but couldn’t sleep. He didn’t sleep the night before either. 

He kept texting Danny for help, but he kept telling him to talk to you. It was a vicious circle of getting nowhere. He even sent Catherine a text. She tried to be helpful and offer some suggestions. Nothing she said seemed right, but he thanked her anyways.

He sighed looking at the clock seeing it read 6:00 AM. Pushing himself out of bed he decided that maybe he could get you to talk again if he made you some breakfast.

He walked down the stairs slowly glancing at the couch pausing when he saw it empty. The blankets were folded nicely with the pillow placed on top, “Y/N?”

He held his breath as he walked to the kitchen then to the porch where they would eat breakfast. He called for you, but you didn’t answer…

He grabbed his phone, “Danny…she’s gone.”

“Wh..what do you mean gone?” Steve listened to his half awake partner as he walked back inside.

“She’s gone. I came down to make breakfast and…the couch is made up and her stuff is gone…” Steve walked to the laundry grabbing some clean clothes. He put him on speaker, “…what do I do? Do I call HPD? Her mom?”

“Whoa whoa whoa slow down.” Danny told him, “I will contact HPD, but I have to ask…did you buy the ticket like you talked about last night?”

Steve put his hands on the washing machine hanging his head, “I…did.”

“…okay. Well she’s smart, she probably printed off the boarding pass and headed for the airport.” Danny sighed, “Steve, maybe…”

“Don’t…say it.” Steve looked at the phone crossly, “I was going to talk to her again this morning about staying.”

“It sounds like she doesn’t want to stay.” Danny snapped back, “Steve, she is more the capable of taking care of herself. You signed the paperwork, she’ll be fine.”

“I didn’t sign it.” Steve whispered.


“I didn’t sign it.” Steve repeated picking up the phone walking down the hall, “She left without me signing it, Danny.” 

“…wow…wow this…this is bad, Steve. She’s real hurt.” Danny suddenly sounded very worried.

“I know…and I did it.” Steve told him grabbing his keys, “I’m headed to the airport.”

“You said the flight didn’t take off until the evening.” 

“Y/N was set to buy a flight home, she’ll pay for an earlier flight.” Steve told him starting his truck, “Do me favor?”

“Yeah, anything.” Danny suddenly sounded more awake.

“Get me on the flight she’s on…whatever it takes, I’ll even up with you later.” Steve told him before hanging up.

You sat on the plane staring out the window at the palm trees. What a strange two weeks. You came with no expectations, and you were leaving feeling sick to your stomach. 

You shook your head blinking away the tears you’d been crying all morning. You were tired of crying. You were going to go home, file for extenuating circumstances as to why you couldn’t get your father’s signature, and move on with life.

You shut your eyes leaning your head back into the seat feeling more tears well up into your eyes. You kept seeing your damn cast and what Steve wrote on it.

Aloha au iā'oe … You had to look it up after you printed off your boarding pass. It had several translations…the main one being ‘I love you…’  

You didn’t know why he would write something like that. It just complicated things. He’d only known you for a couple of weeks. You couldn’t deny that there was this strong connection. He got you. He let you do what you needed to, but still made sure everything was okay.

You felt someone sit down next to you making you open your eyes. You looked to your right your heart jumping to your throat, “Wh…what are you doing here?”

“I’m flying to San Francisco to catch a a connecting flight to Washington.” Steve looked at you, “Figure we can use the time to talk.”

“…” You opened your mouth but nothing came out.

“You just left.” He frowned looking at you.

“You booked me a flight!” You finally spoke, “You didn’t want me here.”

“I never said that.” He shook his head as you started to speak, he held up a finger silencing you, “I never once said that.”

“Well your actions…”

“I know.” He interrupted you, “I know what buying the ticket meant for you and I am so sorry. It was dumb…really dumb. I just got overwhelmed and I just act when I’m in those situations. It’s a poor excuse…”

You looked away from him feeling his eyes stay on you, “…why are you here?”

“Because I don’t want you to go.” He watched you take a sharp breath, “I don’t want lose you. I know it’s only been two weeks and even if you stay it might not work out, but I…want you here.”

You looked at him as he went on, “You're​ my kid…you’re my daughter. At first I couldn’t fathom the idea of being a parent, but getting to know you…you’re perfect.”

“I’m not…” You looked down to your hands a tear falling on them.

“You are.” Steve told you, “I knew…the moment you went over that cliff that I could never, not have you in my life. It literally felt like my world just dropped out from under me. I was terrified that you were gone. That I would never be able to talk to you again…that I wouldn’t see you graduate college…kick the snot out of a couple ex-boyfriends.”

He smiled hear you laugh a little, “Gotta actually be in a relationship to have a boyfriend…”

“Still…” You looked at him again seeing his smile, “I want you to stay…Live with me here. Go to community college for a bit, I’ll put you through it. Figure out what you want to do…get to know your old man…”

“Are you sure? Wouldn’t it be easier to just let me go?” You asked him as you wiped away a tear.

“Of course it would be easier, but what good things in life are easy?” He put a hand on your cheek brushing another tear away with this thumb, “Y/N, I promise that no mater what, I will be there for everything. I will keep you safe, protect you and hold you up when you fall and carry you when you’re tired…Y/N, you’re my world shifted the day I met you and it’s for the better.”

You could feel everything inside of you breaking down when he spoke. You started to become a blubbering mess as you nodded, “I want to stay…”

“Yeah?” He smiled as you nodded again, “Let’s get off this plane.”

As he stood up the stewardess looked at him, “Sir, I’m gonna need you to take your seat.”

“Uh…” He looked at you before smirking a little pulling out his badge, “5-0, this young lady is not where she is supposed to be and I need to escort her off the plane immediately.”

“Uh..oh…” The stewardess watched as he took your hand helping you out, “I…”

“Police matter…don’t worry…” Steve winked at her as he walked out behind you.

You looked back at him, “You abuse you status often?”

“Only when it completely embarrasses somebody or if I really need to be someplace.” He smiled down at you as he reached the bottom of the stairs, “Y/N, I will never hurt you like you that again.”

You looked down at your shoes, “Were you ever considering…signing the papers?”

“Not one second.” He answered without hesitation getting you to look at him. He smiled at you, “Y/N, your my kid and there is no denying it. You’re stubborn…act without thinking, and definitely wears your heart on your sleeve.”

“And this?” You held up your cast pointing to what he wrote.

He looked at the words ‘Aloha au iā'oe…’ His chest swelled reading it, “I won’t say it out loud until you do…I know you’re not there yet. I’m just Steve…your dad, but I do mean it.”

“And…if one day I want to respond…how would you say that?” You asked shifting your back pack on your shoulder.

He reached over taking it from you, “Aloha wau iā ʻoe kekahi…”

“I’m gonna have to practice that.” You told him as you walked back toward the terminal.

“It’s not an easy language, but it is my favorite.” He smiled never feeling this happy before. He bumped into you accidentally, “Sorry…”

“It’s fine…we’ve had a rough couple of days.” You told him smiling a little. His arm instinctively went  to go around your shoulders but he stopped himself. You glanced at him flex his hand from the twitch. Taking a deep breath you grabbed his arm putting it around your shoulders like so many fathers would.

He looked at you surprised, “You sure?”

“Yeah…I think we’ve made it here…” Your eyes twinkled up at him.

He didn’t know if he could smile much bigger then he was. As they walked through the airport they decided that breakfast was the next step in the agenda. Steve looked up surprised seeing the entire 5-0 team standing at the curb holding up a colorful sign that read ‘Welcome Home!’

“What are you guys doing here?” Steve asked as the approached.

“Well…we kinda figured what was going to happen…” Danny smirked, “Soooo…”

Kono smiled at you putting a lei of pink flowers around your neck, “Welcome home, Y/N.”

“Uh…thanks?” You looked at Steve.

“This is not me…I was a mental wreck this morning.” Steve raised his hands up defensively.

“This is us…Steve is our brother.” Chin smiled at you holding a box of malasada out to you, “Which makes you our niece, welcome to the family.”

“You’re probably going to need this.” Danny pulled out a tactical vest getting an eye roll from Steve, “Haha, just kidding here.”

He handed you a large gift bag, “I don’t…I…thank you?”

“You’ll get used of this I promise.” You looked at Cathrine. You still weren’t so sure of her. Steve had introduced you briefly just so that you two knew of each other, “We all pitched in to get you a welcome to the family care package and…” 

She held out a key card to Steve. He took it, “What is this?”

“That is three days off at a hotel all expenses paid so that you and kid McGarrett can actually rest up and just chill.” Danny told him, “We know you well enough that if you spend your own money you’ll just end up at work, but if someone buys it for you, you’ll feel bad and tough it out.”

You put your hand to your mouth trying not to laugh. Steve looked down at you, “Oh yeah? Laugh it up chuckles, you’re stuck with me now.”

“Come on, we’re taking you guys to breakfast.” Chin smiled at the pair of you.

“Steve…” Danny stopped him for a moment, “So, uh this one is just for you.”

Steve took a business card from him, “Lawyer?”

“Yeah…a good one. Just in case. I don’t think you’ll have any problems, but…guy owes me a favor. He’ll make sure everything goes smooth.” Danny told him putting his hands in his pockets.

“Mahalo.” Steve looked at him grateful, “I don’t know how I would’ve done this without you, Danny.”

“Nah…” Danny waved him off with a smile, “You’re gonna be a good dad, Steve. You figured that out yourself.”

Steve smiled looking at you talking to Kono as she signed your cast. He couldn’t have asked for a better Ohana. 

He walked over to you, “You ready?”

“I am starving.” You looked at him.

“Let’s go to Petey’s!” Kono smiled, “They have the best banana pancakes.”

You made a face, “Uh…that’s cool…”

“They have more then that.” Steve nudge you with his elbow.

“What’s wrong with banana pancakes?” Kono looked at you.

“I’m a bit allergic to bananas. No big deal.” You shrugged it off.

“No big deal…that’s not what your mom said…we’re gonna have to get you an Epi Pen.” He opened the door for you.

“Dude that sucks, bananas are amazing.” Kono frowned.

“So I’ve heard, does this Petey’s have strawberry pancakes?” You asked hopping in the truck.

“They have a lot of pancakes, my cousin here just has a small obsession with Petey’s.” Chin smirked and Kono pushed him, “See you there?”

“See you there.” Steve shut your door and walked around his truck getting in. He looked at you before he started it, “Hey…”

“Yeah?” You looked at him curiously.

“Sorry about that, but…they are family.” He smiled apologetically.

You shrugged, “It was a better welcome then I would’ve gotten back in Washington.”

He felt a sting in his chest before he started the truck. He was going to have to dig a little. He knew you wanted independence and that you were angry with you mom for a lot, but he got the feeling there was more in Washington that you were running from.

But for now…he was just happy you chose to be here.


   A/N: So here we are. Part 5 of something I didn’t expect to go so far. I know it started out as filling our imagine requests but things tend to have a mind of their own. 

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   Spencer had shown up almost immediately after he called to let you know his shift ended. It could have been because you had been so preoccupied with getting everything ready, though. You had cooked him his favorite dinner (the one that you could stand to smell, at least) and made your signature lemonade, with a hint of mint. The ever present nausea had been debilitating since you left the BAU. All the pregnancy books had said mint and ginger helped curb nausea. You were ready to try almost anything.

   You wanted to put on a very flattering dress, but you weren’t sure if it would fit your body the way you wanted it to. Instead, you stuck to a floral skirt and flowy top. You hadn’t decided if you were going to fight with your hair or not when you got the warning text that your boyfriend was almost to your apartment.

   Before you could leave the bathroom, the butterflies turned into kangaroos, and you found yourself with your face in the toilet. You had really hoped that you could make it through the not-so-morning sickness, but it had won. You almost went the whole day without getting sick.

   The new sensation of a hand on your back and the one keeping your hair out of your face told you that Spencer had let himself in and found you in the bathroom. He didn’t say anything, but he tried to soothe you with his gentleness. You sat back when you finished vomiting, and a cold washcloth was waiting to be laid across your forehead.

   “You okay, Y/N?” Spencer handed you a glass of water and gave you a second to collect yourself.

   After deciding that you were done, you took a few sips of water and set the glass on the sink counter. “I think I’m fine. I hope.”

   After waiting it out for a few more moments, your boyfriend flushed the toilet and gave you a hand to help you up. He then gave you your toothbrush and toothpaste. The two of you had exchanged a smile before he left you to your own vices.

   When you were done, you looked in the mirror and rolled your eyes at your reflection. You had tried to make it such a special night, and it was almost ruined already. Your nerves were still eating at you, but you were positive there was nothing left to come up. With your breath refreshed and your tummy feeling better, you left the bathroom and made your way into the kitchen.

   “Oh, Spencer.” You couldn’t believe your eyes. “Sweetie, it looks…”

   “Magical?” Spencer bit his lip and watched your eyes grow in wonder. “The candles aren’t too much are they?”

   “No! No, they’re beautiful.”

   Tea lights filled almost every surface, and besides the setting sun, they provided the only light source in the room. There were rose petals on the dining table and two tall candles as a centerpiece. Had you been in the bathroom for that long?

   “How did you manage…”

   “When you were in the bathroom I started lighting the candles. I thought you were in your bedroom until I heard your groans in-between upchucks. I did the rose petals and the rest of the candles while you were brushing your teeth. It really isn’t too much?”

   “No. Spencer,” you walked up to your boyfriend and laid your arms around his shoulders. “It’s perfect. I can’t believe it.”

   When you looked into his eyes, the look you got back was so sincere. You hadn’t seen anything like it in so long. He leaned in to kiss you, but you pulled away.

   “You may not want to kiss me just yet.”

   He cocked his head to the side. “Why not?”

   You turned around, and before you could finish your thought, you noticed the casserole on top of the stove. “You took the dish out for me, too? Honey, you’re the best.”

   “So why can’t I kiss you?”

   “We should eat before dinner gets cold. You’ve had a long day and deserve to relax.” You took him by the hand and led him to his chair. “Why don’t you sit while I get everything?”

   Spencer took his hand and gently laid his hands on your shoulders from behind you. “Actually, how about you do the sitting and relaxing. Your day was more traumatizing than mine.”

   You let him guide you into your chair and push you in. Your eyes never left his being while he got you a plate of delicious food and a tall glass of lemonade. After he had fixed his own, he sat across from you and waited until you took the first bite. The dinner was meant for him but the way he was taking care of you, you couldn’t help but fall in love with him even more.

   “I love you, Spencer. You mean everything to me.”

   The way his eyes sparkled reminded you that he felt the same, he didn’t even need to say anything, but you knew he would.

   “I love you, too, Y/n. It’s nice to have something between us, just you and me.”

   “It is. I don’t remember the last time we did something like this. It’s so much more romantic than what I had planned.”

   “Nah.” He shrugged. “I just brought the candles. You did all the hard work. You do a lot of the hard work, a lot of the time. I’m sorry I don’t realize it more. You have a hard job.”

   You narrowed your eyes in confusion. “I do? I mean, yeah taking care of residents isn’t always a walk in the park but I’m not hunting down criminals all day, every day.”

   “That isn’t really what I was referring to.”

   “Oh. I don’t know what-”

   “Didn’t you say you had a present for me?” Your boyfriend deflected from the conversation.

   “Hmm. I don’t think I actually said the package was for you. But, since you seem to be able to read minds…” You got up out of your chair and walked to the buffet against the wall.

   “Reading minds, or thought identification, is the use of neuroimaging techniques to read human minds and is-”

   “Let me stop you right there, David Blaine. If you want this gift, then I’m going to need you to focus all your attention on it. It’s important.” The large gift bag in your hands was bumble bee themed, and the tissue paper inside of it held coordinating black and yellow colors.

   Spencer took the offered gift bag and gave a soft thank you.

   ”I uh…I really hope you like it.” Your nerves raged, and your fingers shook as you tucked some hair behind your ear and sat down.

   The genius sat the yellow and black bag in his lap and sifted through the tissue. His eyes grew as he pulled out a leather satchel with his last name stitched in black lettering. He ran his hands along the strap and looked through the multitude of outside pockets.

   “This is a quality bag. My birthday was almost three months ago, and we already celebrated. You said my gift was the red lace-”

   You put your hand over his mouth and forced a smile and a calm voice. “Oh, trust me, Spencer. I remember.”

   “Yeah, it was a good night, huh?” His chuckles turned your nervous smile into comfortable giggles as you took a seat on his lap.

   “Hmm,” you ran your fingers through his chestnut locks. “It was definitely life-changing.”

   “Y/n, you’re shaking and your heart’s racing. Are you okay? You had something imperative you wanted to tell me, and I feel like we kinda just moved right past it.” Your boyfriend set a firm yet reassuring hand on your lower back. “You know you can tell me anything, right?”

   “That’s what you said when this whole thing started. After your case in Cleveland, the first time I lied to you about it. You told me that anything I say to you would be safe with you. That you would always be here for me.”

   You couldn’t meet his eyes. Your fingers fiddled with his purple tie, and your thoughts swirled around Spencer, but you just couldn’t meet his eyes. The idea that it was ultimately his decision if the two of you had a future was terrifying. It caught your breath if only for the fact that he could very well walk out your door and never look back.

   I’m such a coward. But…what if there’s nothing left of us after today.

   “And that’s never going to change, Y/n. I’m not going anywhere.”

   You braved a glance into his eyes, and you knew he was telling the truth. He had no clue what it was that started the rift in your relationship, but he wanted to stick around and work through it. You could feel it, not just deep down anymore, it was coming to the surface. He wasn’t going to leave you high and dry.

   You bit back a smile and took a calming deep breath. “Spencer?”

   “Yeah?” His eyes began to dance, and you could almost feel his excitement in your own skin.

   “Spencer, I’m-”

   The text alert tone from your boyfriend’s phone sounded and you could have screamed. You had finally worked up the courage to tell him about the baby, and it had been for nothing. You dropped your head back and groaned. Spencer laid a kiss on your exposed throat before he mumbled an apology and sent a call.

   You barely paid any attention to the words that he said, but you did catch the part where he discussed how long his next case would take.

   “You’re going to be gone for over two weeks?!” You thought you had said the words in your mind but you accidentally screeched them instead.

   “I’ll see you at the airstrip.” Spencer ended the call and laid his hand softly on your cheek. “I’m sorry. I know this was supposed to be an important night and I just got back from a case. But this has been cold for over five years, and something came up. We can finally catch this guy, and these families can get some peace.”

   “What about our family?” You didn’t mean to say the words, but you couldn’t take them back after they were out. You slid off of his lap and ran your fingers through your hair. “What about you and me? We were going to try to work through us. We just needed a few more minutes. Some more discussion and everything would have been okay.”

   “It can be. I just really need to do this.”

   “Hotch would understand, you know he would. We’ve been hit with some pretty crappy things lately, and you’re definitely owed some personal time. We can work this out tonight. You don’t have to go.” You were pleading with him while he quickly put his coat on and made sure he had all of his things. “Please. We can’t put this off.”

   “It strikes me as odd that all of a sudden you want to talk out all of our problems. It’s like you don’t want me to go, at all. Like you’re trying to keep me from doing my job.”

   “What?!” You meant to screech your words that time. “Are you implying that I don’t want you to do your job and solve this case? That I’m trying to keep you here? Do you think I’m trying to sabotage you?”

   “I didn’t think I was implying anything, actually. I think I was pretty straightforward.” He had his keys in one hand and was going for the doorknob with the other.

   “I don’t…what? Spencer, I’m just trying to fix us! I just wanted to tell you that I’m-”

   “Don’t.” He had a hard look in his eyes. “Save it until I get back. I need to think about the case, I don’t need distractions.”

   It was as if all the air had been knocked out of you. Tears welled up, and you tried your hardest not to let them fall, but you didn’t seem to be winning that day. “Is that all that I am? A distraction? Spencer, I only want you to succeed in life and for you to do your best. If I thought I was keeping you from that, I would have left a long time ago.”

   The agent turned towards the door and opened it, keeping his eyes on the wood. “Yeah, well now you know.”

   Spencer left your apartment without looking at you. When the door closed, your heart sank, and it felt like someone was trying to tear it out of your chest. You leaned against the wall and let your body fall the floor. The floodgates opened, and you just sat there, wondering what the heck happened. The two of you were so happy less than ten minutes ago.

   It took a while, minutes or hours which actually knew, and lifted yourself off the floor. The tears stopped, and you pushed on. You walked back into the kitchen and systematically blew all of the candles out. You took the casserole and tossed it into the garbage, dish and all. You scraped the food off the plates and put them in the sink. Maybe you’d get to those later. You found your broom and dustpan and swept up all of the rose petals. You trashed those too.

   It was when you spotted the leather satchel that it hit you all over again. You turned over the flap and dug your hand inside. Your fingers brushed a laminated object, and you pulled out the ultrasound photo from one of the inside pockets. You held the gift to your chest as tight as you could and looked at the picture.

   “Hi, Baby. I’m sorry things didn’t turn out the way we hoped for. But don’t you worry! We’ll get through it. Maybe we can go for a trip? Find us a new place to live? Maybe you’ll be like me and love traveling.”

   You made your way to your bedroom and forced yourself to get the suitcases from underneath your bed. While you filled them, an uneasiness crept inside you, and a chill went down your spine. You put it off as the situation at hand, but the feeling didn’t go away. Your eyes trained themselves onto your phone, but it didn’t ring. You had just put the ultrasound photo on top of the pile in your suitcase when a hand was laid on your arm.

   “It’s a pity, really. You deserve a king. Too bad your boyfriend couldn’t stay to protect you.” 

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Finally I know who sent me this lovely yoga mat bag.
Thank you my friend @sister.afi |
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lindz04  asked:

Hi! I'm so happy your tour experience went so well. :) Some questions if you don't mind- I want to know more about the VIP experience, like the logistics of it I guess. What was in the gift bag? What's the "intimate welcome and thank you" (on the original list of vip stuff)? Other details about the meet & greet. How many pictures do you get taken and how long do you have to chat with them? Did you get anything signed? Does everyone get a hug? (sorry I have so many questions!)

The VIP experience happened like this:

We arrived, got special badges indicating we were VIP. We then got to go in early.

After the show we stayed behind and got the meet and greet. They couldn’t sign anything but you can chat with them. We got three pics taken with them :)

After we got our bag of goodies (a cute tote, stickers and a signed poster)

Small Favors

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Character: Percival Graves

Prompt: (Specific Request)

A/n: Tragically, is hasn’t snown here yet and I’m getting very upset with mother nature for the lack of Christmasy vibes here. But it is hella freezing and walking home today was horrible.

You flinched involuntarily as yet another gust of chilling wind whipped past your face and nipped at your exposed ears. You’re hands were shoved deep into your pockets and you ducked your face down to avoid further contact with the cold, your thin coat doing very little in terms of protection.

Growing up in a place where the weather was almost always warm gave you no prior knowledge of just how cold New York winters could be, and the snow wasn’t even sticking to the ground yet.

Diving into the doors of the MACUSA buildings, you sigh in relief as the heat touched your skin and you could feel your hands again.

“Ms. (L/n)?” The low voice of your superior, Mr. Graves came from infront of you. “Are you alright?”

You looked up, meeting his concerned expression and flashing him an assuring smile. “Peachy-keen.” You stammered, shaking some of the snowflakes that had interwoven themselves into your hair.

Graves head tilted slightly to the side and the back of his hand rose to feel your cheek. “You’re freezing.” He deadpanned.

“I m-must say.” You said, trying to get a grip on the stammer in your voice. “I think I underestimated the kind of winters New York gets.”

“I’d have to agree with you. This really isn’t the kind of coat to be wearing in these temperatures.” Perical said, nodding to your coat. “Do you not own any others?”

You shook your head. “There was never really a need to own a wintercoat where I lived.”

He hummed and you could practically see the gears turning in his head. “Well I can’t have you working like this.” He announced, removing his own coat and handing it to you.

With a fierce shake of your head you refused. “R-Really Mr. Graves, that isn’t necessary.”

Percival sighed, and he had a look of agitation on his face but it lacked any substance. “Ms. (L/n), there’s a lot of work that needs to be done before the holidays and I can’t have you falling behind.” He told you affirmatively, this time taking his coat and putting it around your shoulders.

Then the curious thing happened. Percival’s eyes met yours for a few seconds and he hesitated, as if wanted to speak before ultimately nodding at you before walking in the other direction, leaving you terribly confused.

It was a rather good thing you were just an ordinary auror who’s office was more on the vacant side, otherwise you would’ve had dozens of people asking why you were wearing the Head of the department’s coat.

Percival casted one glance back at you before he turned the corner to head into his private office, somewhat curious to your reaction. But you merely looked confused for a second before walking off to your work.

The two of your didn’t bump into each other after that, nor did your gazes meet again either.

So at the end of the day, Percival was more than surprised to walk into his office to collect his things, and found his coat. Folded neatly in the center of his desk, with a white card standing out among the black fabric.

It was a small card, like the tags you might find left with bottles or small gift bags. And it simply read the words “Thank You” in neat cursive, obviously handwritten.

A small smile etched it’s way on his face as he shoved on his coat and kept the notecard safe within his vest pocket.

At least Percival now had the opportunity to see you again and thank you for returning his coat.

And also something to get you for Christmas.

Series Title: True Love Gave to Me

Chapter Title: Day 1 - Pie

Character: Patrick Sullivan from The Accidental Husband

Warnings: None, straight up fluff!

Photo/GIF credits go to the original maker/owner.


The doors to the elevator nearly shut as I neared it, but thankfully a handsome man pushed them back open for me.

“Thank you!” I said, juggling two pie boxes and a bag of gifts.

“Not a problem. What floor?” The man asked, his Brooklyn accent thick, but not overly so.

“Sixth floor please.”

“Hey, are you going to Robin’s party?”

“Yeah, I’m a friend of hers.” I smiled.

“Hey, whaddya know? I’m a friend of Chris’,” he stuck his hand out, pausing when realized that mine were full.

“Oh shit, here, let me help ya.” He said, grabbing the pies from me. “I’m Patrick by the way.” He then held out a hand.

I grasped his, not able to stop the blush rising to my cheeks, “I’m Y/N. Nice to meet you Patrick.”

He smiled, “These smell delicious! What are they?” He asked, lifting the boxes to his nose and taking a whiff.

“A blueberry crisp pie and an apple crisp pie.”

“Oh man, I love pie!”
The small party that Robin had thrown was quite the success. I spent most of my time talking and laughing with Patrick.

I was cutting the pies when Robin snuck up behind me, poking my side.

I jumped letting out a squeek, “The hell woman!?”

“I see you’re getting cozy with Patrick.” She said, wiggling her eyebrows.

I rolled my eyes, but smiled and continued to cut the pie, “I don’t know of the word is cozy.”

“Psftt, please! I’m telling you right now, Patrick just doesn’t touch and stand close to anyone. Trust me, cozy is the word.”

My insecurities were getting the best of me, “Yeah, but me of all people?”

Robin reached out and flicked my ear, “Don’t talk about yourself like that! You deserve to be happy, too ya know.”

“Ouch!” I rubbed my ear, “Fine, but don’t flick someone holding a knife.” I warned.

She shrugged, “Dually noted,”

“Hey! Is it time for pie yet?” Patrick asked, rubbing his hands together.

Robin and I laughed, “Yeah, plating it now.”

She took her and Chris a plate, while I carried two more plates to the table for the other guests.

Patrick waited in the kitchen, eyeballing the pies.

“Want a slice of each?” I asked him.

“Yes, please.”

I handed him his plate, forgoing my own. I didn’t want to indulge in front of him.

Taking a fork full of the apple, he promptly stuffed his mouth. Slapping his hand on the counter, he said, “This pie is fantastic!”

I laughed at his enthusiasm.

He chewed and swallowed, “Got any ice cream?”

“I do, actually.” I took out the half pint of vanilla and have him a hefty scoop.

He took a stab of blueberry and swooped it through some ice cream. Patrick moaned as he ate the bite, “So damn, delicious!”

The fork clinked on the plate as he took another stab of pie and ice cream. He held it up to me.

I shook my head, smiling, “No-”

“AH!” He admonished.


“AH!” Patrick refused to take no for an answer.

He put the fork up to my lips as I opened my mouth.

“Eh, see? Super duper, huh?” He asked, a big grin on his face.

I chewed, covering my mouth with my hand as I nodded.

I hopped up on the counter as he leaned near me. We finished off the slices of pie; Patrick taking a bite then feeding me one.

Once we were done, he put the plate in the sink, “So, Y/N. I was wondering if you’d go out with me Friday night?”

If I hadn’t been sitting, I would have fallen over. I looked at him incredulously, “Me?”

“Well yeah. I don’t see any other bombshell in here.”

I blushed, looking down at my fingers, “I- I’d love to.”

Patrick came up to me and offered his hand. He helped me down, putting his arm around my waist.

Giving me a warm smile, we went back to the living room.

The rest of the night, Patrick stayed by my side; his arm either around my shoulder or my waist, keeping me close to him.
I stood by the door as Patrick put his jacket and scarf on.

“I’ll see you Friday at six?” He asked.

I bit my lip, nodding, “Yeah. It’s a date.”

Patrick smiled, cupping my cheek; his hand warm and soft.

He leaned forward as he tipped my head, gently placing his lips on mine.

The kiss was slow, so slow in fact that I wanted to melt into a puddle on the floor.

He pulled back slightly, our noses touching, “See you Friday, Gorgeous.”

Patrick placed one last peck to my lips, then left.

I watched as he got on the elevator, waving at him just as the doors closed.

bndctsy  asked:

Can I request a scenario when the reader is on her group's promotion but had a back injury on their comeback stage?She's so depressed while resting in her dorm but Jungkook/Jimin(please choose for me omg)came to cheer things up! I love your blog btw♡

You glowered at the remote on your living room table, willing it to levitate into your hand. You wanted to turn on the TV to distract yourself from your thoughts. The moment you sat up, a violent twinge shot through your back, leaving you gasping in pain. You snatched up the remote angrily as if it was to blame for your suffering. Even after you turned the TV on, you could only think about your blunder on your comeback stage. Your back reminded you every day that you wanted nothing more than to perform again.

Tears started to well in your eyes from frustration. Before they could run their course, though, there was a knock at your door. You froze in surprise, as you hadn’t expected anyone to come over. You almost forgot to answer.

“C-Come in!” you called.

There was a click and the sound of a familiar voice.



Sure enough, the maknae walked into your living room with a look of uncertainty. His eyes lit up when he saw you. He was carrying a small gift bag-looking object in his hands.

“I brought you something,” he offered, holding up the handles of the bag. You just stared at him, bewildered by his presence.

“Um… you can sit in it. The chair, that is. That has no one in it. That chair,” you stuttered, pointing to the chair that you were having trouble describing. Jungkook had almost a magical ability to appear when you needed him the most, so you were a bit discombobulated. He smiled and sat in the indicated chair after placing your gift on the table in front of you.

“How are you feeling?”

“A bit bored,” you laughed lightly. “Why did you come?”

“I don’t have much time, but I wanted to get you something,” he answered, weaving his fingers together. “I figured you must be unhappy about your situation, so…”

You stared at him in surprise. You grinned at him, touched by his gesture.

“Thanks. It means a lot.” You glanced down at the gift bag on the table. “Can I open it now?” He nodded almost eagerly. You picked up the bag carefully, pulling out the contents; there was a small, cutely frosted cupcake and a back massager. You felt an intense need to use the latter, and you were really, really thankful that he had decided to get you one. This must have shown on your face, because Jungkook chuckled a little bit in his seat.

“Thank you!” you said happily. “These are great!”

He looked pleased with himself and fidgeted in his chair. He stood then, checking his phone for the time.

“I can’t stay anymore; we have an interview to go to soon. I um…” he trailed off, having stopped at the edge of the couch. Your eyes were similar to that of a moonstruck rabbit. He glanced down at you quickly, seemingly questioning something. He suddenly thrust his arm at you, ruffling your hair a little in a gesture of comfort.

“It sucks not being able to perform. I hope you get better soon, so I can see you happy on stage with your friends,” he murmured nervously. “Make sure to invite me to your next show.” You blushed a little bit after he took his hand away. You looked at your lap and bit your lip. Suddenly, you felt him hover over you, and something soft touched the top of your head; his breath was warm as he kissed you, and you froze at the knowledge of what was happening. Your breathing stopped entirely. He pulled away from you too soon and didn’t say anything as he headed towards the door.

“J-Jungkook!” you called. He opened the door, and you heard him stop moving.


“Could you… come back later?”

You heard him give a sigh of relief. “Of course. It’s a promise.” The door shut quietly; you ate the cupcake in silence, impatiently waiting for BTS’ interview to be over.

Thank you for your request, Anon-nim! We’re really happy you love our blog!

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sorority Q&A: creative thank you gift ideas!

Q: We just had a fraternity make a very generous donation to our philanthropy! We’d like to send them a thank you but we’re stuck in a “cookies and a card” rut. Any creative ideas we could do?

A: A sweet treat and a thoughtful card are a great combination for saying thank you. But you can branch out from your cookie rut. A creative note and small “matching” gift are cute & clever for showing your appreciation. 

🍰   22 THANK YOU Gifts with Matching Notes:  🍰

  1. Box of sprinkle donuts in a nicely decorated box ~ “Donut what we would do without you. Thanks!”
  2. Gift box filled with Starbuck’s Frappuccino ~ “Thanks a Latte!” 
  3. Gift basket filled with a candy assortment ~ “You are such SWEETthearts. Thank you for the generous donation.” 
  4. Fresh baked chocolate chip bread or muffins ~ “Thankful for SWEET Greeks like you.”
  5. Mason Jar filled with candy mints ~ “Your donation MINT a lot!” 
  6. Large tin of gourmet popcorn ~ “ABC sorority just wanted to POP by to say Thank You.” 
  7. EXTRA Gum bouquet ~ “ Thank you, you’re EXTRA special.” 
  8. Box of chocolate covered strawberries ~ “XYZ fraternity deserves chocolate.”
  9. Several six packs of apple cider tied with colorful ribbons ~ “You are the apple of our eyes. Thank you for your generosity.” 
  10. A bucket of gum balls, chocolate covered pretzels, or gourmet candy ~ “You deserve a bucket of thanks.”
  11. Live plant in a decorative container ~ “Thank you for helping us bloom.”
  12. Heart shaped cake, or cupcakes ~ “Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”
  13. Gift bag filled with gourmet chocolate covered fortune cookies ~ “Knowing you is our good fortune.” 
  14. Basket of fraternity coozies or other chapter accessory ~ “Thank you to the best fraternity on campus.” 
  15. Gift basket of fresh fruit ~ “Thank you Fresh • Fine XYZ fraternity.”
  16. Jars of specialty honey ~ “Thank you for BEEing so wonderful.”
  17. Basket of S’mores ingredients ~ “We couldn’t be S’MORE thankful for your generous gift.” 
  18. Sorority photo surrounded by lipstick kisses ~ “XOXO, ABC sorority.”
  19. Shoot a chapter thank you video and send it to the fraternity ~ “Thank you for being our heroes.”
  20. Cook a comfort food dinner and deliver it to the frat house ~ “A warm thank you for your generous gift.”
  21. Paint a special thank you banner (or cute yard signs) and place them in a prominent place. “Thank you XYZ fraternity for being stand-up guys. Love, ABC sorority.”
  22. A basket of mini quiches, or several full size quiches ~ “Hugs and Quiches.”

spoopeeblcs  asked:

Amy shifted a little and held a small bag behind her back. "Thank you for the gift..." She whispered gently, looking over at him before holding out the bag of pink and blue cotton candy. "It's from the first batch so it might not be the best but I wanted you to have some..."

“Well thank you! That’s so kind!” He smiled taking the proffered candy. “I’m sure it will be wonderful.”

He had been a little worried it would be a bit too complicated, but not wanting to discover the secret of cotton candy himself, he was kind of shopping blind.

“Why do you always look so nice in suits, hm?” You teasingly asked Jin as you straightened out his blazer.

“Why do you always look so beautiful all the time, hm?” He mimicked you, smoothing out the ruffles on your dress. “Oops, sorry baby.” He chuckles as his hand bumped your growing stomach, “You look nice in light pink—its appa’s favorite color, you know?” He kneeled down, holding your tummy with both hands. “A cutie such as yourself should learn from your eomma at an early age what dresses to wear,”

“Aren’t you going to help her, too?” You raised your eyebrow, “Appa has to help (Baby’s/Name)~”

“Of course I’ll help my princess,” He placed a gentle kiss on your stomach, “Anything for the princess.”

“What about me?” You pouted, “I thought I was the princess.”

“Ah, yeobo~” He stood up, “This just means you’re the queen now.”

“That makes you the king, then?” You looked up at him.

“Precisely.” He poked your nose lightly, “And (Son’s/Name) is the prince.”

“That would explain why he’s so spoiled,” You giggled, wrapping your arms around him.

“If you think he’s spoiled,” He held your lower back, “Just watch how this little doll is going to be.”

“I can’t wait,” You said sarcastically, rolling your eyes as Jin left little kisses on your cheek.

“You always take the fun out of things, (Y/N).” He frowned, “This is why (S/N) likes me better.”

“I don’t take the fun out of things,” You looked up as his lips trailed down to your neck now, “I just know discipline, and I can actually enforce it—instead of some people who can’t say no to a classic puppy face.”

“You try saying no to that boy’s face,” He mumbled against your skin, “It’s impossible.”

“Have you not met me?” You breathed a laugh, “I always say no to him when it’s something extravagant.”

Jin gently pulled the strap to your dress down your shoulder and kissed your collar bone, “That’s you, dear. I don’t understand how you can do that,”

“I’m as hard as a rock—no face he pulls will make me cave.”

“You say no to me all the time,” He laughs, “He looks somewhat like me; practice beforehand.”

“Thank you for preparing me for your son,” You pat his head.

“I hope she doesn’t look like you..” He nipped at your skin.

“You know it won’t matter who she looks like, right? Either way, you’re sure as hell not going to say no to the princess.”

“I never say no to the queen,” He pecked your lips, fixing your dress. “I guess I just spoil my whole family.”

“I see no problem,” You kissed his lips, “Just that we need to discipline them at some point.”

“Am I a good father to you?” He randomly asked.

“Why do you question your parenting now?”

“Well,” He scratched the back of his head, “We are on our second child, and you say I spoil (S/N) too much. You’re the one who disciplines him, and her in a couple of months.”

“Maybe you should try?” You suggested, putting your earrings on.

“Try to be a little more strict with (S/N)?”

“Yes, Jin.” You lightly laughed, knowing he wouldn’t last.

“Appa! Eomma!” Your son was running down the hall to your room.

“Now’s your chance~” You smirked, turning around as the door swung open.

“When can I have a cupcake?!” He whined, jumping up and down.

“It seems like you’ve already had one, you cheater.” You held a laugh, licking your thumb and wiping the corner of his mouth.

“N-No..” He looked down.

“(S/N), there was pink frosting on the side of your mouth.” Jin took over, “Look,” He brushed his matching suit, “You got crumbs all over your nice new outfit.”

“Appa, I want a cupcake now.”

“You can’t have one just yet,”

“But I’m hungry~” He sang, rubbing his tummy. “Can you hear it? It’s speaking,”

“Is it?” Jin raised his eyebrow, “What is it saying?”

“Feed me cupcakes, (S/N)!” He said in a ghastly voice, “Do it before I eat you!”

“If it’s that hungry, I’m sure you want actual food instead of sweets. You’ll have to wait either way until we get to the banquet hall,”

“Appa..” He pouted, looking up at him with those big brown eyes that were just like Jin’s. His bottom lip stick out exactly like his as well, and it seemed like you were staring at a mini Jin. “Please?” He swayed lightly.

“Agh,” Jin hung his head, “Only one.”

“Yay!” He ran out the door again.

“What happened to being a stricter parent?” You walked over to him.

“Did you see that adorable face he pulled?” He put his hand on his forehead.

“You do realize he looks like a clone of you, right?”

“No way,” He shook his head, “Maybe a little, but not entirely. His smile is from you,”

“Mm,” You laughed, “Okay~” You began walking away.

“(Y/N)!” Jin whined, following you down the hall. “He doesn’t look that much like me, because he’s adorable like you.”

“He looks exactly like you, Seokjin.” You used his full name when you were being serious, or while you were upset.

“We’ll ask around at the baby shower,” He held your hand as you slowly went down the stairs, “The most votes is what I’ll believe.”

“Deal.” You put out your other hand.

“It’s on.” He shook your hand.

“Eomma,” (S/N) said, “When is (B/N) going to be born?” He licked his tiny fingers from the frosting.

“Soon, sweetie.” You answered, stepping into the kitchen. “She’s just a little way to go,”

“I’m not sure if you’ll enjoy having a younger sibling,”

“Jin help me with the cupcakes, please?” You picked the tin container.

“I got it, jagi.” He carried it. “Are you ready?” He asked both of you.

“Yes, appa.” You two said in unison, holding each other’s hands.

“Beautiful..” He breathed a laugh, walking to the front door. Jin decided it was best if you held the cupcakes on you lap as you sat in the passenger seat, just to prevent any poking of them from your son. “(S/N),” Jin sighed as he began driving, “We need to have a little talk.”

“About what, appa?” He asked, swinging his feet.

“About the baby,” He looked in the rearview mirror, “You know how eomma is pregnant, and the baby will be here soon—I don’t think I quite explained what things will change when she arrives, however.”

“Will you guys not love me anymore?” His voice quivered.

“No!” Jin shook his head, “Wait—Yes, we’ll love you still!”

“Promise?” He sniffled.

“I promise, (S/N). But what I wanted to say was that once the baby comes, things will be slightly different. The baby will be the center of attention in the family, we have to take care of the baby first before you, the baby requires more care, and we’ll ask you to get along with her—please? I also need to have a little man to man with you—father to son.” He reached behind him to pat his knee, “You’re going to be a big brother; they have responsibilities. Once she’s born, you’re officially a big brother. You have to protect her no matter how upset at her you are, or how silly you feel for doing so. You should be kind to her, and you help us out when we ask you to. You have to listen extra carefully when we tell you to do things. I know this is a lot, but you are going to be her role model. Do you think you can do it?”

“Mhm.” He gave a determined nod.

“Good.” A smile appeared on Jin’s face. It was a not very lengthy car ride which was filled with jokes, giggles, and discussions of the baby. You didn’t expect as many people carrying baskets, bags, and boxes containing gifts.

“Noona!” Jungkook ran to you, “You’re big!” He rubbed your stomach in awe. “A baby is in here..” He said in a whispery tone, “Hyung, you did a good job.”

“What?” Jin laughed, “What do you mean?”

“Two children already,” He pressed his ear to your stomach, “You did a good job.”

“Ah, Jungkook.” He shook his head, putting his hands in his pockets as he looked down at him.

“Noona~” His head shot up to you, “She kicked, she kicked!”

You giggled, “I know.”

“Hey, (Y/N).” Namjoon greeted, hugging you and kissing your head. “What’s Jungkook doing?”

“I’m feeling the baby, duh.”

“You can feel her?” He squatted down, placing one hand on the side of your stomach.

“She kicked just before you got here,” He touched every inch of your stomach.

“Yah, stop feeling up the pregnant lady!” Yoongi yelled.

“But the baby is kicking!” Jungkook whined.

“That’s weird..” He mumbled, going to hug you. “How’s everything going?”

“Just fine.” You smiled.

“How’s (S/N)?”

You pointed to him running around with his cousins already, “Jin explained how the house is going to be when the baby is born, and how things will change—he took it pretty well, so I guess alright.”

“So long as he understands.”

“Guess what I got?!” Hoseok sang, dancing over to you. “Surprise!” He held a bag out to you, “Open it now!”

You open the bag up and see onesies with every animal on them, “Thank you.” You hugged him.

“The frog one is my favorite—it comes with a hat, too!” He excitedly pulled it out. “Isn’t it cute?”

“Extremely.” You agreed.

“Um, you know there are two boys feeling your stomach—right?”

“We’re listening,”

“And trying to get the baby to kick,” Namjoon finished.

“Whoa, she’s kicking?” Hoseok quickly dropped to his knees.

“Yeah! It was great, hyung! Jin is so lucky,” Jungkook gushed.

“We still have two more to go,” Jin told you, putting his hand on your shoulder.

“I’ll go take that to the gift table,” Yoongi took the bag from you.

“Thanks.” You kissed his cheek.

“Omo, what’s going on over here?!” Jimin and Tae bounced.

“Why is everyone crowded around her tummy? Is the baby talking?” Tae asked, pushing his way in. “Hello, baby.” He poked your belly button, “You can hear me, right?”

“Yah!” You flinched, “Don’t poke my belly button, Tae.”

“Hello.” Jimin kissed your cheek.

“Agh..” You held his arm tightly while shutting your eyes.

“What’s wrong, jagi?” Jin quickly asked you, “Is she coming early?”

“No,” You held onto him instead, “She’s moving around and stretching..”

“That was awesome!” Jungkook clapped, “We can feel her moving!”

“I wanna feel!” Jimin went to the floor as well.

“Agh, Jin!” You groaned, digging your nails into his arm.

“Jagi what’s wrong?” He held you sternly, “Baby,” He worriedly said, dragging a chair behind you. “Sit down.”

“Ow,” You took a sharp breath in.

“What is it?” Jin asked again, pushing the boys away.

“My ribs..” You held them weakly.

“She’s getting in position..” He smiled like he couldn’t believe it, “She’s coming soon..” He rubbed your stomach. “Do you hear me, (B/N)? It’s me—appa. Just hold on there,”

“Please don’t be born now..” You squinted your eyes.

“Does it feel like contractions?” He held your hand.

“No, but anything can happen.” You had a strong grip on him, “Ow!”

“She’s just getting ready..” He cooed, petting your hair. “Don’t worry.”

“Do you need anything?” The boys asked, standing up.

“No—No, I’m fine.” You shook your head, “She’s just getting ready.” You repeated Jin’s words.

“Feel better—We’ll be over there.” Namjoon rubbed your back as they all walked to a table.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” Jin kissed your ear, while still holding your hand.

“It’ll pass.” You nodded, swallowing as you felt her elbow press against you.

“I’m here..” His thumb traced over yours, “I’m here, (Y/N).”

“I know..” You kept your other hand on your stomach.

“I’ll always be here,” He held your stomach as well.

“Eomma, what’s wrong?” Your son ran over to you worriedly, “I saw you.”

“The baby is just moving,” You sighed.

“Don’t come out yet, (B/N).” He rested his head on your stomach.

“Not just yet,” Jin traced tiny circles on your baby bump.

There you sat until your baby calmed down: playing with your son’s hair as your husband rubbed your tummy and you held hand.

“I love you.” You felt tears coming into your eyes.

“I love you, too.” Jin kissed you deeply.

"Spoil Me, Spoil You," a Yowamushi Pedal fanfiction

Pairing: Imaizumi Shunsuke/Onoda Sakamichi

Summary: Imaizumi dotes on Onoda. Onoda, unknowingly, does the same.

Extreme cheesiness and stupidity ahead. Spring break has finally begun for me which means more fanfic from yours truly so y'all better be ready for my brand of terrible writing. JUST SAYING.



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31 August

School Supplies Mini Haul 📑✏

Bought some supplies today as usual and do you know how frickin hard it is to find the mildliners here at my state. I finally found it but there were only four colour availables *sigh* and I also bought some stationeries for my boyfriend and also a sketchbook to get him back into drawing 😂 He doesn’t know about this yet but let’s wait for the reaction hahaha

But anyways ,
the cute bag is a gift from @studiedbutstilllearning 💕💋 thank you again !