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Series Title: True Love Gave to Me

Chapter Title: Day 1 - Pie

Character: Patrick Sullivan from The Accidental Husband

Warnings: None, straight up fluff!

Photo/GIF credits go to the original maker/owner.


The doors to the elevator nearly shut as I neared it, but thankfully a handsome man pushed them back open for me.

“Thank you!” I said, juggling two pie boxes and a bag of gifts.

“Not a problem. What floor?” The man asked, his Brooklyn accent thick, but not overly so.

“Sixth floor please.”

“Hey, are you going to Robin’s party?”

“Yeah, I’m a friend of hers.” I smiled.

“Hey, whaddya know? I’m a friend of Chris’,” he stuck his hand out, pausing when realized that mine were full.

“Oh shit, here, let me help ya.” He said, grabbing the pies from me. “I’m Patrick by the way.” He then held out a hand.

I grasped his, not able to stop the blush rising to my cheeks, “I’m Y/N. Nice to meet you Patrick.”

He smiled, “These smell delicious! What are they?” He asked, lifting the boxes to his nose and taking a whiff.

“A blueberry crisp pie and an apple crisp pie.”

“Oh man, I love pie!”
The small party that Robin had thrown was quite the success. I spent most of my time talking and laughing with Patrick.

I was cutting the pies when Robin snuck up behind me, poking my side.

I jumped letting out a squeek, “The hell woman!?”

“I see you’re getting cozy with Patrick.” She said, wiggling her eyebrows.

I rolled my eyes, but smiled and continued to cut the pie, “I don’t know of the word is cozy.”

“Psftt, please! I’m telling you right now, Patrick just doesn’t touch and stand close to anyone. Trust me, cozy is the word.”

My insecurities were getting the best of me, “Yeah, but me of all people?”

Robin reached out and flicked my ear, “Don’t talk about yourself like that! You deserve to be happy, too ya know.”

“Ouch!” I rubbed my ear, “Fine, but don’t flick someone holding a knife.” I warned.

She shrugged, “Dually noted,”

“Hey! Is it time for pie yet?” Patrick asked, rubbing his hands together.

Robin and I laughed, “Yeah, plating it now.”

She took her and Chris a plate, while I carried two more plates to the table for the other guests.

Patrick waited in the kitchen, eyeballing the pies.

“Want a slice of each?” I asked him.

“Yes, please.”

I handed him his plate, forgoing my own. I didn’t want to indulge in front of him.

Taking a fork full of the apple, he promptly stuffed his mouth. Slapping his hand on the counter, he said, “This pie is fantastic!”

I laughed at his enthusiasm.

He chewed and swallowed, “Got any ice cream?”

“I do, actually.” I took out the half pint of vanilla and have him a hefty scoop.

He took a stab of blueberry and swooped it through some ice cream. Patrick moaned as he ate the bite, “So damn, delicious!”

The fork clinked on the plate as he took another stab of pie and ice cream. He held it up to me.

I shook my head, smiling, “No-”

“AH!” He admonished.


“AH!” Patrick refused to take no for an answer.

He put the fork up to my lips as I opened my mouth.

“Eh, see? Super duper, huh?” He asked, a big grin on his face.

I chewed, covering my mouth with my hand as I nodded.

I hopped up on the counter as he leaned near me. We finished off the slices of pie; Patrick taking a bite then feeding me one.

Once we were done, he put the plate in the sink, “So, Y/N. I was wondering if you’d go out with me Friday night?”

If I hadn’t been sitting, I would have fallen over. I looked at him incredulously, “Me?”

“Well yeah. I don’t see any other bombshell in here.”

I blushed, looking down at my fingers, “I- I’d love to.”

Patrick came up to me and offered his hand. He helped me down, putting his arm around my waist.

Giving me a warm smile, we went back to the living room.

The rest of the night, Patrick stayed by my side; his arm either around my shoulder or my waist, keeping me close to him.
I stood by the door as Patrick put his jacket and scarf on.

“I’ll see you Friday at six?” He asked.

I bit my lip, nodding, “Yeah. It’s a date.”

Patrick smiled, cupping my cheek; his hand warm and soft.

He leaned forward as he tipped my head, gently placing his lips on mine.

The kiss was slow, so slow in fact that I wanted to melt into a puddle on the floor.

He pulled back slightly, our noses touching, “See you Friday, Gorgeous.”

Patrick placed one last peck to my lips, then left.

I watched as he got on the elevator, waving at him just as the doors closed.

vampirevocalistyuli  asked:

"Special Valentine's delivery, ssu! Yuli and I got some gifts for you, little miss!" Ash then hands Horizon a box containing a pastel pink Alice band adorned with red ribbons surrounding a pink rose at one side and some small bags of obligatory heart-shaped milk chocolates and strawberry macarons.

The girl gasped excitedly at the sight of Ash, firstly greeting and running towards him as he was within her vicinity.

“Mister Ash!!! Hello!!” A wide smile was put on the girl’s face when she waved in Ash’s direction. “Oh thank you so much!!” Taking a peek or two within the gift bags before hopping forward to deliver the werewolf a tight hug. “Happy Valentines, Mr. Ash!” Then she paused realizing Yuli wasn’t around. “Mr. Ash?… Is it okay if I ask where Mr. Yuli is? He usually accompanies you on trips here…” Her tone changed to worry as she frowned when looking up at the other. boy was he tall.



31 August

School Supplies Mini Haul 📑✏

Bought some supplies today as usual and do you know how frickin hard it is to find the mildliners here at my state. I finally found it but there were only four colour availables *sigh* and I also bought some stationeries for my boyfriend and also a sketchbook to get him back into drawing 😂 He doesn’t know about this yet but let’s wait for the reaction hahaha

But anyways ,
the cute bag is a gift from @studiedbutstilllearning 💕💋 thank you again !

the universe has been treating me like shit so in response im being the nicest person possible. today i bought loads of gifts for my mother and sister for my birthday to thank them for stuff they’re gonna get me. i got them thank you cards and a gift bag worth of stuff each and wrapped it all so they can open it on my birthday

fuck you universe, you can treat me like shit but im still going to be a good person


Follower Appreciation Week Art showcase submissions are now…


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Please send me your art/fan fiction by the date of 4/3.


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  • Can be any genre or fandom.
  • Only 2 pieces per person.

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  • Whoever has the most votes wins!


  • $20 Steam giftcard.
  • A Jacksepticeye plushy “Sam".
  • A Markimoo T-Shirt. 
  • Indigo writing set  Illustrated by Lena Corwin 
  • Random Gift bag (Momma’s choice.)