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All I’ve ever wanted was for the sdr2 kids to see how much Komaeda truly cared about them in his own way and for them to show that they cared about him too. And for Hinata to finally accept him for who he is. They could have just left him to rot in a perpetual dreamlike state so they wouldn’t have to deal with him. But they didn’t. They waited for him. They wanted him to wake up.

This OVA was a blessing. Thank you Kodaka.

bokuto is the type to roll up his sleeves and then strip in style with his fcking hair down in order to woo a certain vice cap, who pretends not to notice but is internally bleeding from the visual impact of  all. those. muscles.

- @ameleen128 

fluffthenugget  asked:

I've only been following you since like June but let me tell you it's been really fun watching your art change and improve over time. You are my favorite artist and I love you (I've tried sending asks like this before I'm just usually really shy sorryyy)

me: clutches my tiddy oh my gawd,,, thank you so much this is so sweet im ;-;

otayuri-the-life-ruiner  asked:

So just wanna say i absolutely adored FAWL and my best friend and i have decided to make the infamous "Team Kazakhstan" Sweatpants. I am absolutely putting #FAWL on there. This fic quickly became my life and i hope with all my heart that it becomes "THE" Yuri On Ice fic. As a writer....i fell it love with instantly. So thank you so much for literally creating all of my headcanons in one fic! <3

Oh my gawd thank you for such kind words!! Pls send me a pic of the pants when you are done!! I MUST see!

Dark Fate Ruki Maniac 03 Translation

Dark Master Post     Maniac Prologue     Maniac 01     Maniac 02     Maniac 03     Maniac 04     Maniac 05     Maniac 06     Maniac 07     Maniac 08     Maniac 09     Maniac 10     Maniac Epilogue     Heaven 02

-Scene: Sakamaki Castle Study-


Hey,Ruki-kun. Is this for chess?

Ruki:Hm? Yeah, it is. Chess happens to be that man’s hobby.

Yui: Chess, huh… …

Ruki: If you’re interested, would you like to play?

Yui: Would it be okay? Ah, but I don’t know the rules very well.

Ruki: No problem. I can teach you.

Yui: Really? Thank you! I won’t mind giving chess a try then.

Ruki: I’ll give you a description of the pieces for beginners.

Listen up. First off, there’s 16 pieces on each side. There’s different kinds too… …

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Dark Fate Yuma Dark 04 Translation

Mukami Prologue     Dark Prologue     Dark 01     Dark 02     Dark 03    Dark 04     Dark 05     Dark 06     Dark 07     Dark 08     Dark 09     Dark 10     Dark Epilogue     Heaven 01

-Scene: Castle Bedroom-

Yuma: Ahh, hell. I’m bored… …

Hey, you got any way we can kill time?

Yui: I haven’t had time to think about it… …

Yuma: Agh… …so booored… ..

*Yuma Leans Up Against Yui*

Yui: (Why’s he leaning against me!?)

Yu, Yuma-kun! You’re a bit close… …!

Yuma: Because there ain’t nothing to do. I’ll just use you to kill time.

*Yuma Starts Touching Yui*

Yui: Agh… …! I-It hurts!

Yuma: You’re a bit hard, but you’ll make due for a cushion… …

Yui: If you lean on me like that, I’ll get crushed… …!

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Group/Member: BTS/Taekook (Taehyung and Jungkook)

Genre: Drabble, Fluff

Word Count: 245 (hella short bc its 4 in the morning)

Summary: 110. “Quit stalling. Where’s your father?”

Requested: Yes! Anonymous said: “congrats on 1k followers guys! Could I have Taekook fluff with #110? Thank you!”

Author’s Note: Gawd I ship Taekook with all my heart, thank you for requesting this omg

-Admin Pastel

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Joshua: Black and White

anonymous asked: can i request a Jisoos scenario? the plot is what if in the school music room. Jisoo find a sleeping girl whos hiding behind the piano when he start playing guitar, shes awake. Since that day they become close Till.. one day she peek a song that Jisoos write, & ask him, does he wrote this song for a girl? hehe after that is up to you^^ thank you~

Summary: gawd it’s kinda long. a university au where joshua is a music major and you’re a science major who desperately wants to be a music major but didn’t get into the program (I didn’t exactly follow through completely with the request so if you want me to rewrite it let me know !!)

You didn’t realize that you had fallen asleep at the piano. You didn’t realize that you had fallen asleep at all. What woke you was the sound of someone playing the guitar and singing, their voice angelic and piercing your ears. Your hand slipped from it’s resting place as you woke, slamming a key. You heard the music stop abruptly.

“Who’s there?” You heard. Your heart started beating faster as you peeled your face off of the keys.

“Sorry, I must’ve fallen asleep.” You said as you stood up. You almost lost your composure when you saw who the other person in the room was. Joshua Hong; one of the most talented musicians at your school. Not to mention the only boy who had managed to catch your eye since you were a feeble first year university student.

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Reasons why I am having a great day:

First and foremost, my skin is so healthy and glowing. I looked like a stunning brown angel with minimal makeup. And thennn, I dropped amazing selfies on Insta, some of my greatest selfies (angles or whateva), and thennnnn finally my classmate decided to send me the answers to my exam review for tomorrows exam just because he felt like it. Gawd is good gawd is great. I’m so thankful omg lol.