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Gail and holly at the movies.

I couldn’t sleep last night. So many mosquito’s and there is this mouse that has been bothering me (I hate this time of year.) So this was me at 3:30 in the morning. Apologies anon. I seem to be getting worse at this. Errors errors everywhere.


Gail and Holly’s second meeting happened purely by chance, a result of a spontaneous decision on Holly’s part, and in the end, the best decision she would ever make.

The fortunate pair had literally been thrust together under the roof of an old single screen movie theater where Gail had been a regular patron on her days off. It didn’t matter what film was showing, she would always attend the earliest session possible to avoid the hordes of moviegoers. (That particular week it was some French film about lesbians with blue hair. Well, that was all Gail had taken away from the movie poster the week before. At any rate, Gail was always down for some lesbian loving.)

Most of the time this early morning strategy seemed to work for her, but lucky for Gail this was not to be the case on that fateful autumn morning.

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For that time I was having a rough morning but gailsimone was discussing Wolverine’s pubes on Twitter and tweeted “Pubearine” at me (yes, I screenshot & saved the moment forever), completely changing the course of my day, and for countless other moments where she has made me laugh, inspired, and added so much to the world of comics and beyond, I wish Gail the happiest of birthdays and thank her for being so damn awesome.

Super Gail

I kinda put these two together, hope you guys don’t mind. Thanks for the prompts!! (You guys are so nice) 

Gail liked to go around the Children’s Hospital, telling stories from the job, singing, making crafts, anything that the kids wanted to do really. It was the only thing that made her smile lately. Losing Sophie had really put her down and her friends were worried. She hardly ate, she never smiled, she only went to work and slept and spent one day of the week out. What they didn’t know was where she went on sunday’s and came back with a light in her eyes. 

There was one kid, Jake, that was particularly fond of the cop. He was the first and last one Gail saw, the poor kid had cancer and had been there for months. It was just him and his dad, who worked a lot to pay off all the bills. She normally wouldn’t go to the Hospital during the week but i she had a day off and it was the boy’s birthday. So Gail bought a bunch of cupcakes, -which band together to make the cookie monster- balloons and a present.

Marching into the Hospital she waved to the nurses who she’d now known by name and made her way down the hall, reaching room 283 she swung the door open shouting a happy birthday. The room was totally different, the same setup but it wasn’t filled with drawings and stuffed animals like usual. There also wasn’t the right boy lying in the bed. Instead there was a fair skinned, blue eyed blond boy in Jakes place. The boy, who looked to be about 7, and his mother were startled to say the least.

“Sorry is this not room 283?” Gail asked confused.

“Few doors over.” the mother said with a smirk. Gail looked the woman over, she was beautiful and it took her breath away. Her brown hair fell around her shoulders in waves, her eyes framed with dark rimmed glasses, her son was the total opposite of her. Which made Gail wonder if he really was hers.

“I’m sorry for the disturbance. Um, do you have a surgery or anything?” Gail looked to the boy. The pair pulled the same face of confusion, crushing any thought that this kid wasn’t hers. With a chuckle she elaborated, “are you allowed to eat is what I’m asking.”

“I had the surgery yesterday so I can eat today.” Explained the blond boy.

“Well if you’d like to join in a birthday celebration and get a couple of cupcakes just come next door. Jake wouldn’t mind new faces, he’s pretty used to it by now.” Gail offered looking to the brunette to see if it was ok to offer. She smiled, as did the boy.

“What do ya think Max? Feeling up to it?” the mom looked to the blond boy.

“And don’t lie about the pain kiddo. If you can’t it’s ok, I could bring in some food for you and maybe even the birthday boy himself.” Gail said, wanting to make sure she didn’t overstep any boundaries with his mom and that he didn’t hurt himself. Kids tended to underestimate their strength in turn to act brave. The brunette smiled again, this time directing it to Gail and mouthed a thank you.

“I think I’m ok for a little bit.” He stated after a moment of thinking.

“One condition though.” Gail stopped him as he started to sit up. “You have to stay in one of the really awesome and comfortable wheelchairs.”

He giggled an ok. She walked out of the the room -setting her stuff on a table- and back to the nurses station to grab a wheelchair.

“Took a second to find it but I did, this ones my favourite.” Gail stated showing the blond boy the chair she’d just wheeled in. It was a deep blue with flames running on the side, the wheels coloured with different shades of orange and red to imitate fire. His eyes lit up in awe.

“Awesome” he exclaimed more then excited to sit in the chair he started to get up. His mom stood to rush to his side.

“Whoa, Max you can’t move that fast remember. You have to take it slow baby.”

“Allow me to assist you Sir Max.” Gail spoke like she was in medieval times which made the boy giggle. Her heart fluttered at the sound.

The brunette stepped out of the way as Gail took her spot beside him and easily lifted the boy bridle style. Placing him in the wheelchair she bowed.

“Sir Max could you please ask your caregiver to assist you in your quest to the celebration as I have things I need to carry.” Gail asked still mid bow.

“Miss Holly could you push me to the celebration?” Max looked to his mother, he was over joyed with his new friend.

“But of course Sire.” Holly curtsied and stepped to hand Gail the things she came in with. “Thank you” she whispered to the blonde and walked past her without a reply.

The walk wasn’t long as Gail had only been a few doors off, stopping she knocked on the door. She heard a raised voice tell her come in and so she opened the door. Gail assessed the room before yelling, it was getting close to nap time and she didn’t want to wake him. But to her excitement Jake was awake. 

“Happy birthday!” She yelled as his face lit up in surprise

Gail stepped into the room and waved Holly to join. Jake tilted his head in question. 

“I made some friends accidentally. I walked into the wrong room so I thought I’d bring them for you to meet. They’re cool.” The blonde explained as she set the cupcakes on the dresser and the balloons at the end of his bed with another bouquet of balloons he had. He laughed at Gail’s mess up. 

Looking to the new faces Jake smiled, “hi, I’m Jake. You guys must be new.”

Max smiled back with a small wave, “I’m Max and this is my mom Holly.”

Gail pulled two chairs in the far corner of the room, facing Jakes bed. “Here Holly, sit.” She patted one of the chairs and walked over to Max and pushed him to sit on the other side of the bed. 

“Present time” She announced. Gail picked up the Spider-Man bag and set it beside the black haired boy. Sitting down she waved for him to open it, she was on the edge of her seat obviously excited. 

Holly smiled to herself, this woman was the most adorable person she’d ever met. She was also extraordinarily beautiful and obviously was good with kids. Holly hadn’t been paying attention -she was lost in starting at the blondes lips- to Jake opening his present so when squeals of joy run through the room it made her jump. If Gail noticed she didn’t show it, which Holly was thankful.

“I wanted to see these” the boy exclaimed.

“I know you did that’s why I got them, I thought we could make a day of it.” Gail smiled. “Open the other one.” She ordered, her blue eyes growing bigger with anticipation.

Ripping off the paper revealed a box with a car on it. “A remote control car” Jakes jaw dropped as he marvelled at it’s features. 

“It’s got a camera hold on it too so I brought my go-pro and you can use your iPod to see where you’re driving.” Gail was talking fast as she stood to get the camera from her backpack. 

“That is so awesome. I can’t believe you got me all this stuff, it must have cost you a fortune.” Jakes voice lowered at the end, starting to feel bad about Gail spending so much on him. 

“Hey hey hey, none of that. It’s your birthday. And besides I know you’ll share with the other kids, you’ll use your powers for good right?” Gail quickly reassured. 

He nodded. 

“And you can start by moving your butt over." 

Jake did as he was told and Gail stood by Max, “May I Sire?”
With a nod she lifted the boy onto the bed beside his new friend.
The four settled into their seats and watched one of the movies Jake got. It turned out Holly and Max had seen Frozen before but were still happy to watch as the blond boy thought Olaf was the funniest thing in the world. 

After the movie Gail paraded around the floor to gather as many people as she could into the playroom to sing happy birthday and eat cupcakes. 

When the cookie monster was no more they went back to Jake’s room to eat the pizza they ordered. After which Gail took Jake to each room that couldn’t make it for cupcakes and gave them a slice of pizza, not moving into the next room until they made the person smile. The two turned it into a game of who could make the person smile first, double points if you made them laugh.
Holly and Max stayed behind while they made their rounds. The blond haired boy was tired and needed to rest.

Jake’s dad arrived just as she finished tucking him into bed.

"Hi Gail,” he smiled surprised to see the blonde.

“Hey Tom, just in time.” She replied “we just got back from rounds.”

Tom chuckled and looked to his sleepy son. He didn’t get much time with him that morning, he had work to get to and he felt horrible about it. 

“Hey buddy, I’m sorry I took so long to get back. You know how stupid the guys can be.” He spoke softly as he sat beside Jake on the bed. Gail felt awkward standing at the foot of the bed. 

“It’s ok dad, Gail was here all day. She even got me a present and cupcakes and we had pizza.” He smiled at remembering the events of the day.
Tom smiled, feeling a little better at leaving. 

“Gail’s pretty awesome isn’t she? She’s like a superhero eh?” The bearded man smiled watching as his sons eyelids grow heavier and heavier. 

The boy nodded, “we should start calling her Super Gail.” his smile faded and he was out like a light. Tom turned to face Gail, tears brimming his eyes. 

“I can’t thank you enough for being here today. Every time you visit he goes to sleep with a smile and I can’t even begin to tell you how much I appreciate it. I don’t think I could live with myself not being here so often if you didn’t come and see him. So thank you Gail." 

The blonde was fighting back tears of her own now. She hadn’t really realized how big of an effect her visits had on the boy and his father.
"He’s a really great kid, all of them are. You don’t have to thank me for the visits, they brighten my day and you have no idea how much hanging out with Jake helps me. You are doing an amazing job with raising him, your wife would be proud." 

Gail spent a few more minutes talking with Jakes dad, then hugged him -something she normally didn’t do- and went to say bye to the Stewarts. 

Knocking on the door lightly as she opened it. Holly was lying on the bed  with her back to the door, Max curled into her, face to face. 

"I’ll back in the morning, I promise. You won’t even have your breakfast yet.” Holly murmurs as she stroked a lock of hair from his chubby cheek.

His voice was distraught, “but I don’t want you to go mommy.” Max wrapped his arms around Holly’s neck and pulled her closer as tears began to stream down his face. His hands tangled in the long waves of her hair. 

Opening his eyes he noticed Gail in the doorway and smiled. 

“I keep disturbing you guys, I’m sorry. I just wanted to say goodnight." 

Max let go of Holly and she sat up to face the blonde. “It’s fine.” she said with a reassuring smile. 

"Could I talk to you for a second Holly” Gail asked gesturing to the hallway behind her. The brunette nodded and stood, a little confused.

She closed the door and turned to Holly. 

“I couldn’t help but overhear. I know the first few nights are hard, especially when you can’t stay and wanted to let you know he’ll be ok. The nurses are really good at comforting them at night and you can call and stay on the phone all night and stuff. There’s also coats you can rent and stay but those things can be pricey. If you want I can rent it for you for a few nights, if you can stay. I’m sorry this is a lot and you don’t really know me and now I’m rambling. Which isn’t something I don’t normally do. Sorry” Gail found herself getting nervous under the brunette’s stare, making it hard to remember things like boundaries and words.

Holly’s face was unreadable and it was driving Gail insane. 

“I couldn’t ask you to do that, Gail. I couldn’t accept it.” She finally spoke.

“It’s no hassle and Max could use you tonight. It’s his first real night here and it can be scary. Please let me do this for you two." 

Holly struggled internally for a minute, “ok but you’ll have to let me take you out for food or something sometime.” 

Gail broke out into a smile, causing the brunette to do the same. “Deal.”

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I miss Holly. I miss Gail. I miss Golly together on my TV. I'm so thankful for the fanfiction writers keeping them alive in our minds and hearts.

Not only thank you to all those amazing fan fiction writers out there, but also to the people that keep the Golly fandom alive, by posting about them on their social media, by posting photos of them, or making gif sets, fan videos, drawings or any other kind of involvement in the fandom. You are awesome, thank you for still being in this fandom, and for keeping Golly alive, not only in your mind and heart, but also in those of others.

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Ok how about: Both are teachers at the same school and everyone in the entire school ships them, and students purposely keep trying to get them together but nothing seems to work until something stupid and simple happens .. I've seen some of these but never for Golly. So if you wouldn't mind writing one for Gail and Holly. Btw keep being awesome :)

Thank you! Since you call me awesome, I’ll leave this prompt open for more chapters if people send in scenarios they want to see in the Teachers AU. :) Story is below the cut.  Enjoy!

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Graphic Picks #43

Hi everyone! This week’s Graphic Pick is Batgirl from the New 52. I’d recommend this series to most readers age thirteen and up, since there is some violence, disturbing imagery, and adult themes. (Seriously, Batgirl faces some pretty unnerving villains here.)

After being shot by the Joker and confined to a wheelchair for several years, Barbara Gordon dons the cowl to become Batgirl once again. How she regained the use of her legs is shrouded in mystery, and at times, she struggles with how much her life has changed: as Barbara Gordon, she’s both grown closer and drifted apart from some of the most important people in her life. And as Batgirl, she has a whole new rogues’ gallery to worry about:

Now, you may be wondering: why am I talking about Batgirl when I said that I was going to focus on horror this month? Um, because of stuff like this:

Also this (though she wasn’t really a vampire):

Oh, and this guy was plenty creepy:

Then there was that time that Barbara found herself pitted against her own father after he shot her boyfriend:

Oh, and that rogues’ gallery I mentioned before? One of Batgirl’s toughest foes is Knightfall, a vigilante who wants to purge Gotham of criminals by any means necessary…including trapping car thieves in bear traps.

Also, Barbara’s brother is a serial killer. I forgot to mention that fun fact, didn’t I?

I’ve really enjoyed Gail Simone’s run on Batgirl, but apparently, not everyone has loved the rather dark tone of this series.

(I found this on Google with the caption “every issue of Batgirl!”) But it isn’t all doom and gloom in Barbara’s world. She and her roommate Alysia become close friends in spite of all the insanity in Barbara’s life, and the dangers Alysia is exposed to as a result.

Also, at this point it seems pretty clear that Jim Gordon must know who Batgirl really is. He stops Barbara from confessing, and he never actually looks at her face when she takes the cowl off, but it seems like that’s only so he can maintain some semblance of plausible deniability. I really enjoyed that dynamic in this series: though Commissioner Gordon can’t condone what any of the Bat Family does, he knows that he needs them, and he respects Barbara enough to know that being Batgirl is something she has to do.

Does it still sound like this series is too dark for you? Fear not, because Batgirl is getting a new creative team with issue #35–which comes out next week! Check out this awesome redesign:

Of course, this month is about scary stuff, so check out the first five volumes of this series if you’re looking for thrills, chills, and some very spooky villains. Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you again next week!

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Your my favorite writer ever.. I'm not going ask about me. Stewart. I'm going ask you about reunited I been following that story since you post it up. It's cute and adorable. Oh and another question are you going do part 2 of super Gail Anytime soon? I feel like I'm Gail from one your story of cheesepuff part 2 I'm your annoying anon :/

Every time I seen this I die -being someone’s favourite writer is the best compliment I could ever receive. I’m still working on Ms. Stewart and Reunited but I have a chapter two of Super Gail for you, how’s that? And you are never annoying to me, I absolutely love how enthusiastic you are with each fic I write. Thank you for being so awesome!!

Part One or read it on Ao3

Super Gail PT. 2  

Gail knocked on the door, suddenly nervous, her palms began to sweat. What was happening? Gail Peck does not get nervous because of beautiful women and she definitely does not get sweaty palms because of one either.

“Doors open!” came a small voice. Max she presumed.

Taking a deep breath she strolled into the room, smiling as bright as she could to the boy in the hospital bed. “Hey buddy. How’re you feeling today?”

“Not too bad. Better than yesterday. You?”

Gail stood by his bedside and shrugged. “Pretty great, also better than yesterday. Have you eaten yet?”

Max shook his head causing his eyes to be covered by blond hair, pushing it away he elaborated. “Lee said dinner was going to be good tonight so I’m gonna have that instead of mama getting me something.”

She nodded. Looking around she realized that the brunette was missing, she was the reason she was there, they were supposed to go out on a date. Was it a date? Gail hoped so, she meant it to be. “Not that I don’t like talking with you but where is your mom?”

Max smiled and pointed to the bathroom. “She’s been getting ready forever now.”

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Ms. Stewart Drabble 2

It was the end to a very much needed date night, one that almost didn’t happen. Again. Between Gail working, the twins out of school and the new baby, finding time for just the two of them had been hard. But that was behind them as they walked hand in hand in the park from their first date. Holding hands wasn’t something Gail would have done before Holly. Hell she didn’t even do it -out in public- until after they’d been together for six months and she realized she enjoyed it more than the stares made her uncomfortable. It wasn’t that she really cared that people stared and judged, Gail really couldn’t care less about it, but it was the amount of looks and attention that made her feel on display and it made her uncomfortable.

But after a handful of times she’d grown to ignore it and just focus on the cool hand in hers, the touch that still sent a rush of electricity through her body and left it tingling long after it left.

Gail felt a tap on her should and stopped their leisure walk and turned around aggressively, ready to snarl at whoever was there.

“I’m sorry to stop you guys like this” if you were so sorry then why’d you do it? Gail thought to herself. The girl seemed innocent enough that Gail wasn’t going to be too hard on her, and to be honest she reminded Gail of Izzy Shaw when she first met the blue haired girl.

“But I-uh just wanted to say thanks.” The girl stammered.

“For” Holly trailed off in a confused question. She’d never seen the teen before and by the look on Gail’s face neither had she.

The teen faced palmed herself and her cheeks grew red. “Sorry. I’m really nervous and I don’t do this, ever, but I saw you guys and it really means a lot so I thought I’d say thank you-”

Holly cut her off by holding her hand up.

“First off, breathe.” Holly smirked amusedly. The teen took a breath and the teacher continued. “Okay, now what are you thanking us for?”

“For holding hands out in public.” The teen gave a shy smile and glanced at their clasped hands.

Both women automatically looked between them at their hands and smiled. Gail was still a bit confused but Holly seemed to get it so she decided to wait to ask for an explanation.

The teen received one of Holly’s dazzling crooked smiles and a shared thank you before they parted ways.

Gail asked the question that’s been on her mind the rest of the walk when they climbed in the car.

Holly smiled at the blonde. “Not a ton of gay couples show affection in public for fear of hate and stuff. She was thanking us for being brave enough to not care. It’s a really awesome and comforting thing to see when you’re a gay teen.”

Gail nodded slowly as a rush of pride ran through her veins, she’d never thought of that.

Before bed that night Gail made a mental note to do that sort of thing more often out in public, all fear from before washed away with the thought of silently helping struggling kids by something so simple.