thank you gail for being awesome!

This is a bit of an old one, before I lost a bit more weight but I wanted to post it in Honor of Gail Simone who wrote the episode that we were re-enacting. 

“ You knew and you still help?”- Huntress
“….yes…” - Question
“ Why?”- Huntress
“…because.. I…”- Question
- From “DOUBLE DATE” Justice League Unlimited- written by Gail Simone

And of course me and Ollie are just totally grossed out by this.

Taken at NYCC 

For that time I was having a rough morning but gailsimone was discussing Wolverine’s pubes on Twitter and tweeted “Pubearine” at me (yes, I screenshot & saved the moment forever), completely changing the course of my day, and for countless other moments where she has made me laugh, inspired, and added so much to the world of comics and beyond, I wish Gail the happiest of birthdays and thank her for being so damn awesome.