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Happy Lesbian Visibility day! I figure now is a good time to say that I am writing a lilliemoon shipfic, called NIHILISM!

This fic is about an alternate timeline adventure, but still keeps the kiddos at 11-12 for a cute sweet kiddo romance that we all deserved ingame

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I love Matthew and he is my FAVORITE husband and Can't Help Falling in Love is my FAVORITE song. Thank you for making such a beautiful creation QuQ

Thank you, friend!! My heart cannot take the love you are dealing out right now!! 

As soon as I got the idea for Matthew to play the ukulele, I wanted to jump on it so bad, but I hesitated since I was worried I wouldn’t write him very well. So hearing that people are liking the fic, and getting compliments like these, mean the world to me!

The song is also very near and dear to my heart; a sweet song for a super sweet boy.

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my introduction

hi everyone!~ welcome to my tumblr myaya :)) first, i want to explain why i chose myaya as a username. i recently read some where on wattpad stating that aya is a japanese girl name meaning ‘color’. and i thought that was real neat, so basically my username is ‘my color’. second, my name is gabby and i’m 14 yrs. i’d love for you to follow me and show your support in what i post(: especially if you like the color blue!! Thank you lots ♡


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Hey, I just saw your gifpost about Lucas and the Matthews family and wasn't sure if you had seen this video someone made about Lucas and Cory? It's hilarious!! youtube[.]com/watch?v=ImO84xjXUkI

they literally have such a good relationship, i was amused for that entire 4 minute duration. we deserved more!!!

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Peter P knocks on your bedroom door one night, it's late but your parent(s) know Peter and they trust and respect your privacy together... You let him in and recognize the down expression on his face, and immediately turn to find one of your big sweatshirts and hand it to him as he sits on your bed... You close the door he puts it on. You crawl onto your bed and lay down and soon after Peter turns around to cuddle up to you, his head on your chest and a hand softky resting on your tummy... (1/2)

You card a hand through his hair and kiss his head every once in a while and gently ask what’s wrong and if he wants to talk about it… Some days he will and some days he won’t. Tonight he doesn’t want to and you respect his choice and wrap your free arm around his body, rubbing his back and you keep kissing his head… Peter feels comforted by your presence and loves how you take care of him. After a while he’ll tilt his head up and mumble a “thanks” to which you just smile and rub your nose with his, “of course”. Then you’ll share a soft kiss or two before you talk about your day and future plans, smiling whenever Peter makes his own comments… Later that night someone will knock on the door and after a few minutes of silence will crack it open to find you two sleeping peacefully, smiles across both of your faces. They’ll grab a blanket and cover you both then quietly leave to phone up Aunt May to let her know Peter is staying the night. 🙏🏽💙 


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Hi Maggie!!! I just finished the first episode of boy meets world and omg just need to ramble about Cory and traditions how he gets upset about loosing the one with Eric then the lesson of him choosing his friends over his dad with the football just reminded me of Girl meets Father and the first dance and I just wanna hear your throughts and you get on a lengthy pargraph about this!

hi camille!!!!!

the pilot of bmw is SO GOOD RIGHT??? its super solid for a premiere episode and definitely left me wanting more. i think you’re exactly right that the traditions thing with cory / eric / alan was paralleled to great effect in gmw – it’s kind of a role reversal for cory to then be the father who built traditions with his kids only for them to be growing up slowly and choosing friends over family. i think it was like… one parallel that mj actually did successfully lmao

i kind of wish mj HAD spent more time within the matthews family dynamic, as he did such a good job with them in boy meets world. all of the relationships within the amy and alan clan felt fleshed out and nuanced and had insiders + conflicts + development, which was so satisfying. and we still got enough of cory and his friends AND feeny at the same time, so i dont get why he couldn’t do the same balance in gmw

all im saying is if when tmw happens, imma do the same sort of balance that bmw had. the family is just as important and interesting as the teen friendships.

Fine (The Quiett)

Anonymous said: Hello! Could I request TQ angst? Like he had huge fight with his gf and that led to break up, but he cant deal with it in any way and is totally broken? Thank you in advance! ♡♡♡

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    Dong-gab looked back to see Sungbin standing in the door of his studio. The younger man visibly flinched when he saw Dong-gab’s gaunt and tired face, but he ignored it. “Yeah?”

    “Just wanted to check in on you, see how you’re doing…. Like, with your breakup and all that,” Sungbin said sympathetically.

    “Oh, I’m fine,” Dong-gab said dismissively. Too dismissively, too quickly. Sungbin knew him better than that.

    “You don’t have to pretend you’re-”

    “I’m fine,” Dong-gab cut in, though this time his voice was a little harsher. “I need to work. Please close the door on your way out.”


    The moment he heard the click of the door shutting Dong-gab slipped off his headphones, dropping his head into his shaking hands. Sungbin knew it, Joon-kyung knew it, even Dong-gab’s fucking cat knew it.

    He was not fine.

    He took a shuddering breath, your face flashing before his eyes again. He forced himself to focus on his work, but it was only half-successful and he ended up getting done hardly half of what he would in a normal day.

    He got home extraordinarily late and skipped dinner, instead collapsing on his bed, and then closed his eyes, trying to figure out how exactly things had gone so wrong.

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Thought i’d post a quick dump before my class today

I haven’t had much motivation for art but imma tryin LOL

Also @gabplayssplatoon Viper at the top tho :’D 

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Welp it's up, (it's an Ashton story because I miss him being active) and it sucks if you want to read the first part ;) thank you for the support Gabs ♥️

aha true. and ofc hunnie ♥️ xx